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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • piezonpiezon Posts: 23
    Can some people respond to the gas mileage they've been getting with their 2012 or 2013 Sonata 2.4??
    Also, did you notice an improvement in mpg after the car was broken in? Thanks
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,710


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Agree on your last point about the couple of hundred dollars. Your's is a great price still. My choice was a harbor gray metallic with black interior. The dealer is still locating the car and probably I will need to wait a week before I get the car. Really excited about the car. Good to know it's a dream.
  • piezonpiezon Posts: 23
    We waited 4 1/2 weeks for our car and it was worth every agonizing day. We LOVE the car. Ours is white with tan leather and the black pano roof. Looks & drives nicer than the Lexus ES 300 we traded in. The back-up camera is a great fature that I initially didn't think we needed. And anyone who says the turbo is the way to go hasn't really done a good test drive on the 2.4L model.
    I was cruising at 85 mph the other day and thought I was doing 70. I didn't even have the pedal pressed that far down. It's one peppy vehcile. Good luck and happy waiting.
  • qnguyen17qnguyen17 Posts: 10
    Hi everyone,

    One of the dealer has made a counter offer of $23,000 otd. MSRP was about $24,400 for a 2013 SE with push to start. 7% tax in GA. Is this a reasonable offer? I just feel like it could be less. (No other dealer is willing to match this price) My bf thinks that I am asking for too much and this a good offer. I am thinking about waiting until Black Friday or even Christmas to buy a car. Do you guys think prices will drop lower by then? I am in no rush to buy a car, but I would love to one as soon as possible. Please give me your opinions. Thank you!
  • yumyum103yumyum103 Posts: 3
    hi there! are you qualified for any rebates like the $500 eco trade, military or hyundai financing? i am looking to purchase an SE or Limited 2.4L this week and if i can get your $23K OTD for the SE i'd be very happy. i am only qualified for the $500 hyundai financing bonus. i am in nevada btw
  • qnguyen17qnguyen17 Posts: 10
    Hello! the quote includes $500 rebate for financing and $400 for college grad rebate. I'm trying to get a dealer to do $23,000 and then apply the rebates but so far no luck.
  • yumyum103yumyum103 Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    I just went and helped my dad get a 2013 2.4L Sonata SE OTD for $23,400 here in NV (8.1% tax) with a sticker price of $24,775. Selling price on the car with all the extras was about $21,600. He only qualified for the $500 bonus financing (which basically got wiped out by the $499 doc fee!!!). It included cargo mat, mud guards, wheel locks, all weather floor mats, rear bumper applique and auto dimming mirror w/ homelink plus limo tint, lifetime oil change and car wash. I think we did a pretty decent job. Only took less than 3 hours.
  • qnguyen17qnguyen17 Posts: 10
    Wow that's great! Mine came with alot less options. I think only floor mats, cargo net and something else. The extra options were about $300. I think i'm going to hold out. $23,000 sounds not so good after hearing your deal considering I qualify for an extra $400 rebate and my tax is less. Can you give me some tips? My first time buying a car and it doesn't help that i'm girl so they don't take me very seriously :(
  • You had to wait 4 1/2 weeks ? !! So did the dealer locate the car at another dealership for you or was it custom ordered from Hyundai? My dealer told me he could locate within 1-2 weeks and I took his word. Now I wonder if I would have to go through the pain of waiting.
  • yumyum103yumyum103 Posts: 3
    Since they already are giving it to you for $23k otd, just get some extras if they don't wanna budge on the price anymore. get other SE's with slightly higher sticker price and settle for the $23k. don't be afraid to walk out if you don't get what you want
  • qnguyen17qnguyen17 Posts: 10
    I have walked out on the dealer once so that's why he offered $23k. I've been communicating with him through email now. I guess I could try asking for extras but I Don't know if I should wait a couple of months and then try negotiating again. What do you think? I don't mind waiting if it can save me money. Only problem is my rebates expire end of July...thank you for your replies so far.
  • sonoma34sonoma34 Posts: 5
    Go to on the internet, price as low as 20,993.00. I printed specs on a 2013 GLS/pzev and went to a Connecticut dealer and said if they can match the price I would buy the car. Picked it up the next day. Do not be intimadated. Let them know if they can't do it you will travel to Florida or Maryland to make the deal.

    Don't wait until November.
  • atsekhanatsekhan Posts: 1
    Could you indicate which connecticut dealership you talked to, please? I am also looking for a Huyndai, and CT dealerships can be hard to negotiate with.
  • sonoma34sonoma34 Posts: 5
    I spoke with three dealerships in CT. Last one whose pricing in 2010 for an elantra was out in left field, met the Fitzmall price on the 2013 Sonata. It is in Meriden. Ask to speak with Mike R. tell him David sent you to give him more gray hair.
  • ajlorealajloreal Posts: 3
    edited July 2012
    Hi can anyone please let me know the best price for a 2013 sonata 2.4L w/nav in NJ area. Appreciate your help.
  • jetblacjetblac Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    Here I am, 52 months after I purchased my 2008 Sonata GLS, and 3 after it got totaled. It is shocking to see how high the prices have gotten since then. $3000 average. I got mine for $17500 OTD. (and that was high). Hyundai has come a long way. I commend them on the prices they are now able to command, but Depreciation Still Sucks. Hopefully you guys are fixing that as we speak.
  • piezonpiezon Posts: 23
    are you talking the Limited with leather & pano roof??
    Either way, go on Muller Hyundai's website in Philipsburg, NJ and check out their inventory. While navigating, you shoudl get a pop up screen from the internet mgr. asking if he can help you. Simply respond with the model you want with all the options and he'll get back to you with a great price. It was better than any price i got in PA but I finally got my local dealership to match it.
  • ajlorealajloreal Posts: 3
    Thank you for your prompt reply. I recieved the following quote. The vehicle has sunroof and leather seated. Is this a good price? Also what options can i ask while i am there (free-oil changes. weather mats...)

    MSRP: $29,810
    INVOICE: $28,118
    -$3,313 (Global Discount)
    -$1,000 ($500 HMFC Rebate, $500 Eco-Trade Bonus)
    -$500 (loyalty if qualified)

    SALE PRICE: $24,997

    Appreciate your help.
  • piezonpiezon Posts: 23
    That sounds like a pretty good price to me. I didn't qualify for 2 of those $500 rebates (just the Hyundai Finance $500 rebate). My MSRP was $30, 150 and my final sales price, after the one rebate, was $25, 750.
    As for the "best" price, I don't know if there is such a thing. If they let you drive the car off the lot at an agreed upon price, then they made "something" on the transaction, but how much we'll never know. The bottom line is if you love the car, just go with the deal you feel good about.
    I looked at other makes before deciding on a Hyundai and the discounts I was seeing didn't even come close to the deal I got on my Sonata so I'm happy with my decision and my purchase price. Good luck & enjoy the ride. It really is a very nice car and we love ours.
  • cktelnetcktelnet Posts: 3
    I bought a 2013 Hyundai Sonata limited 2.4L at a price of $23250 OTD in Northern VA area. I think this is a good price however I am a first time Hyundai buyer and just hope that it is a good experience with Hyundai and I have made a good decision in buying Sonata. I considered Nissan Altima 2012 (as 2013 model was very expensive with no incentives), Honda Accord but could not wait for the 2013 model same with Ford Fusion. I do not like Toyota Camry as it looks way too dull compared to the designs of other cars, heard good things about VW Passat but did not get time to check it out, so finally bought this one. Any good/bad experiences/tips/concerns for first time Hyundai owners and for this specific model will be appreciated. I am yet to explore the car and its features completely.
  • Hello. I'm looking to buy a 2013 Sonata SE (auto) with an MSRP of $24,120. I've been quoted by several dealers in my area.. the lowest was $20,060, which seems very low. The average quote was $21,000. They said this includes the $500 eco (which I qualify for) a $500 coupon, and $500 hyundai finance. What do I do if I want to pay in cash? How do I get a finalized sales price (without the hyundai finance rebate) without revealing that I will be paying in cash? I don't want them to pull one over on me because I'm not going to be making the loan department any money. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • 23250 OTD for a Limited 2.4L? This seems to be an unbelievable price. Considering 5% sales tax in VA (?), the sale price has to be less than 21800. For a limited, this is an awesome price. Enjoy the ride!!
  • cktelnetcktelnet Posts: 3
    I heard that if they give a good price below invoice they usually earn some through their financing. And there is also $500 rebate if you go with their financing. So getting the same price with cash would be a little difficult to convince them. Why don't you go with their lowest APR 0.9% for 36mos and then pay off everything in few months if you have cash in hand. If you are reluctant to go with financing because of your credit, you can tell them that you will only buy if you get the lowest APR advertised and they might give it to you in spite of your average credit history.
  • cktelnetcktelnet Posts: 3
    Tax in Virginia is 3% so the sale price is somewhere in the 22K range. They just calculated the total price and gave me a rebate of $1400 to come with a price of $23250 OTD.
  • Congratulations on your new car!! I am getting mine tomorrow. Got the same car for 25300 OTD here in NJ. I didn't trade-in and also had my own finance through DCU. So, didn't qualify for their rebates. Considering that I believe I have a good deal.
    Now it's the time to enjoy the ride!
  • Congratulations sonataltd2013. I am trying to buy one. can you help me with the below ?s please...
    what dealer did you get it from?
    Does it have Nav/Pan view?
  • I got mine from Rockland Hyundai, Nanuet. I live in North Jersey and for some reason the Costco auto program gave me this dealer in NY. I went back and forth between 3 dealers before finalizing a deal with Rockland. Wayne also gave me almost the same deal.
    My car does not have Nav and Pan sunroof. That included would have cost me 27500+ OTD I believe.
    Try to get a truecar certificate rebate first and then ask the internet manager on the OTD. Try to get that in writing so you can use that to negotiate at other dealers.
  • What model did you get and can you tell me what the OTD price was for you? I'm in North Jersey as well. Thank you.
  • I got the Sonata Limited without Nav and Pan roof. I got it out the door at 25400
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