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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sorry for the confusion. My post is trying to deturmine a good offer price on a new 2012 hyundai sonata hybrid with the ultimate package. I was hoping for feedback from the forum on this before I try making my offer to a dealer. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  • Be aware if you take the $1500 holiday bonus rebate , payments do not start for 90 days, so you will pay interest on the 90 days, this will increase your payment. Tell the finance guy you do not need the90 days and start payments right away, if that works for you
  • lucas999lucas999 Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    So you do not get 90 days free interest, be careful the finance guy will play games with monthly payment to move you into extended warranty, DO NOT PAY EXTENDED 3rD PARTY WARANTY
  • I bought a 2012 2.0T with everything (Full power, performance, leather, etc) for $25K and change. this included tax and license and dealer $500 prep. The stidker price was $22,983. This was in Ocala Fl Dec. 3.

    I did quite a bit of shopping online. I found nothing near it in its class for the price. I am usually no fan of big plush cars but this one makes me see how folks could go for the BMW, Mercedes,Audy type freeway cruisers. All black with black tinted windows, it feels and behaves like a much more expensive car.
  • NO!!! Should be about 23K! Its also an additional $500 if you have military discount. There is an additional $1500 rebate for Dec.
  • After trying to deal on a 2012 Sonata Hybrid Ultimate package with no luck the salesperson offered me a price of $26,000 on a 2013 Hyundai Sonata 4dr Sdn 2.0T Auto Limited with Ultimate package. I am wondering if thats a good price. I would like to offer him $25,500 let me know if thats a good price or still too high. It will have 0% financing as well.

  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    We really can't answer that question without knowing the specific invoice and MSRP. Can you provide those numbers?
  • Msrp was around 31.5 Its the top model fully loaded with every single option. White with black double moon roof.
  • saz25saz25 Posts: 152
    What's the invoice for that specific car with options?
  • No clue how do I check
  • I am getting I am getting 29,386 dollars from the edmunds calculator
  • I was pretty sure I wanted o buy Sonata but with the new features on Altima and Accord I was getting confused.

    I test drove Sonata, Altima and Accord this morning.
    Altima and Sonata were both nice rides but I just felt comfortable in Sonata..
    Ride on Accord was horrible. I was literally jumping up and down when there were small bumps.
    I liked features like backup camera on Altima and Accord but comfort and low noise are my highest priority.
    Seems like Sonata comes out ahead overall.
    I will try and make offer on Sonata.
  • pegasus17pegasus17 Posts: 536
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    Which Accord did you drive? The Sport model has low profile tires and possibly a harsh ride. If you try an Accord LX, the ride might be better. Maybe the tires were over-inflated (common problem from the factory). It is too popular a car to have a harsh ride...Good Luck
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    "Popular" mostly with the Gear Head magazine testers who demand a "fun" sports car performance even in a family sedan... Wannabe racers also put up with Honda's classic hard riding, tire whapping noisy interiors.

    I sometimes drive for 600 miles a day for 3 days in a row, and the last thing I or my wife want's is to hear and feel is each little bump in the road hour in and hour out.

    Give me a nice quiet Toyota or Buick type ride any day.

    We can only drive the speed limits anyway as more and more Radar Traps and 'chase cars' are out there to raise cash for each county's budgets. (try speeding anywhere in Texas one day without getting a ticket.)

    I do drive a Honda Odyssey and a Honda Ridgeline for specific tasks but for a family highway cruiser..never a Honda.
  • I drove the LX. I knew the sport models are bumpier.
    I was kinda expecting bumpier ride but it was bad.
    I drive this road many times in my old camry and ride is much better.
    May be tires were overinflated. I cannot expect people to be buying a popular car if it is so bad.
  • This sounds a like a great deal.
    I will try to ask for the exact package.
    I think Hyundai is getting anxious and wants to sell more.

    I think Hyundai demand in November has increased 12% but that is nothing compared to accord (88) , camry (22).
    Compared to 2011 Sonata sales are flat (no increase) but Camry and accord are up ~35% and Altima is up 15%.

    Basically Hyundai is not getting enough of the increased sales.
    I am not sure if I have to guess the new models of Altima and Accord are getting shoppers.

    So I am pretty sure dealers want t get their numbers up before end of the year.
  • unlv_rebelsunlv_rebels Posts: 32
    edited December 2012
    Steve, thanks again for your prompt response.

    I went a dealer and obtained an pre-approval of HMF (3.9% for 72 months). I wanted to make sure that I do qualify for a car loan.

    I am looking at 2013 Sonata GLS with Popular Equipment Package (PEP). I have a Hyundai Elantra ($500 credit) and I will be graduating within 6 months ($400 credit). I am looking to finance through HMF ($1500 credit).

    I got the following information from a dealer:

    Dealer asking price:
    MSRP: $20,995
    GLS PEP: $725
    Others: $640 (Carpeted Floor Mats: $100, Cargo Mat: $95, Cargo Net: $50, Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror with HomeLink and Compass: $250, Mud Guards: $95 and Wheel Locks: $50)
    Total Rebates: - $2400 ($1500 HMF + $500 Owner + $400 Student)
    TOTAL AFTER $2400 REBATES: $19,960 plus $775 (Freight & Handling) plus $300 (Doc Fee) plus $1600 (Tax and Title).

    My analysis:
    Invoice: $20,105
    PEP Invoice: $650
    Others: $540 (Carpeted Floor Mats: $80, Cargo Mat: $76, Cargo Net: $41, Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror with HomeLink and Compass: $226, Mud Guards: $76 and Wheel Locks: $41)
    Dealer Holdback (-3%): -$603
    Manufacturer to Dealer Inc: -$2400 ($1500 HMF + $500 Owner + $400 Student)
    Offer price: $18292; No doc fee; PLUS TTL

    Here are my questions:
    - Does the offer price sound reasonable ?
    - Right now, I am planning to go through HMF. Once I graduate (around May 2013), I am thinking to refinance to my local credit union (2.24% for 72 months). I just want to make sure that there is no fee/penalty to do this later.
    - You mentioned earlier that the manufacturer gives the dealer about $2000 in the form of incentives ($1000 of which applies to financing) and the dealer decides how to divide them up. It appears that it has now increased to $2400 (HMF + Owner + Student).
    - Is it worth getting the items in the "other" category from the dealer or is there any option to buy elsewhere ?
    - It appears that getting extended warranty from the dealer is not economical and it is better to shop elsewhere.
  • Looks like you have done your homework.
    The offer seems right. You can even start with 18k.

    I am also looking for similar package.
    Did you make this offer?
  • passionapassiona Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    My friend/client just got this offer weeks ago in the LA/OC Ca area. Let me know if you want more details.

    1. 2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS
    MSRP: $22,325
    Invoice: $21,327
    Dealer Discount: $2820
    Black Friday Discount: $500
    Hyundai Finance Rebate: $1000
    Competitive Car Rebate: $500
    Net Cost: $17,505
    Percentage Below MSRP: 21.56%
    Amount Saved Below MSRP: $4,820
    Amount Saved Below Invoice: $3,822

    Cost with Tax and Registration: $19,005
    36months @ 0.9% = $436.66/month after down payment

    Since you are a student, you will get another $400 off. I believe you won't get both competitive and loyalty discounts so it evens out.
  • unlv_rebelsunlv_rebels Posts: 32
    edited December 2012
    Thanks for the information.

    Dealer name ? What color ? Did it come with Popular Equipment Package ? What other accessories did it come with ?

  • ruthg3ruthg3 Posts: 20
    Car man (or anyone else who may know ;-))

    Could you please confirm for me the residual value and money factor for a 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited basic? Is the residual 58% or 57%? the dealer said it went from 58% last month to 57% this month with the same money factor of .00136.

    Any info is appreciated! Looking to lease this month.

    Thank you!
  • mo614mo614 Posts: 4
    edited December 2012
    Guess I may have to buy a 2013 Sonata.
    I just saw this on Edmund's:
    Bonus $ Offer ..... Type ........... Start .................. End
    $5,000 ............... Conquest ......12/01/2012 ........01/02/2013

    Competitive Owner Bonus Cash is available towards leasing or retail purchases to current registered owners of an eligible competitive vehicle or an immediate family member residing in the same household.

    So, two questions:
    What competitive vehicles are eligible?
    Also, is that $5000 a misprint?
  • Could this also be combined with the Bonus $ Offer Incentive 1 of $1,500 Holiday Bonus Cash?

    How do the incentives work? Is there negotiating for a price lower than the incentives, or is this it?
  • ruthg3ruthg3 Posts: 20
    Think it is a misprint. KBB site says $500 Competitor Conquest cash which would be much more in line since Loyalty Rebate is $500. Believe it can be combined with $1500 Holiday cash incentive.
  • I made an offer for 2013 Sonata GLS with PEP and standard options (carpeted floor mats, cargo mat, cargo net, auto-dimming rearview mirror with HomeLink and compass, mud guards and wheel locks) to few dealers near my place.

    Based upon the information obtained in this thread, it appears that getting this car between $18k & $18.5k (before tax) seems to be highly possible, especially with $1500 HMF cash, $500 owner rebate and $400 student rebate.

    However, I have seen two cases (post # 8651 and 8624) where this car was purchased for about 17.5k before tax.

    Good luck !
  • unlv_rebelsunlv_rebels Posts: 32
    edited December 2012
    $1500 HMF bonus cash can be combined with $500 loyal owner coupon and also with $400 student rebate. I got this info from HMF when I got pre-approval from HMF.

    About a two or three weeks ago, I had no idea about how to get this car for a great price. I read this thread (few pages starting from year 2012) and got a fair idea of the price that people have paid for this car. I also asked few questions and got it answered by the helpful people over here.

    Based upon the information obtained in this thread, it appears that getting this car between $18k & $18.5k (before tax) seems to be highly possible, especially with $1500 HMF cash, $500 competitive/loyal owner rebate and $400 student rebate. However, I have seen two cases (post # 8651 and 8624) where this car was purchased for about 17.5k before tax.

    Now, with the amount of information that I obtained from this thread, I am confident that I can get this car at a great price. I have made an offer to several dealers and I will post the price, once the deal is confirmed.
  • 2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited with Premium Package(not the turbo) with car mats and cargo net for $24000 including everything except for taxes, title, and tags.
  • First, thanks to all for the posts on Sonata pricing. It helped a great deal in our recent purchase.

    Got a 2013 Hyundai Sonata with pop equip pkg and mats, net, cargo mat, mud guards last week. The MSRP was 22,735 and we qualified for $2500 in rebates (1500 holiday, 500 competition, 500 vet). We paid 18,540 plus $33.50 for tags/title plus 6.5% sales tax. It's not the best deal that I've read about, but was pleased to get this locally and with minimal hassle. This was in Ohio and was about $1000 lower than what a neighbor recently paid at another dealer for an identical model. After the contract was signed, I asked the salesperson what incentives they were getting to sell this model below invoice and holdback. She replied that they were getting "advertising cash" on the Sonata due to the recent rollout of the Accord and Altima. Thanks again for all the posts!
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,877
    edited December 2012
    The Sonata is selling very well. It's gone from being almost an asterisk ten years ago to being the #4 selling midsize car. The reason they don't sell more is that Hyundai's huge factory in Alabama is at capacity. They've had so much demand, in that, that they've just hired another full shift and are now running the factory almost around the clock to make more. Right now the Sonata is beating out the Fusion, Malibu, Passat, etc.

    sales thru Nov. 2012
    Toyota Camry 373,479
    Honda Accord 302,444
    Nissan Altima 278,968
    Hyundai Sonata 209,779
  • Yes, sonata is selling well but not as much as last year.
    Year over year other cars are killing Sonata. Camry and Accord are back on top now in market share.

    I visited dealer today to pick out a car.
    I was going for white until I noticed how the chrome and the tail lights pop on black and red. On white the chrome just blends in.
    Ruby Red looks good in the showroom especially with the tinted glass.
    I test drove GLS model but refused to talk about "numbers".

    Overall I see salesman wanting to make a deal.
    I am just not sure how to tell them my number.
    I am planning to write down all the features I want on a paper next t price I want to pay. I have not done this before so it is hard to do this verbally.

    Any quick tips on exterior colors and interior colors??
    Right now I am leaning toward Ruby red with Black interior.
    I wanted grey interior but red does not come with grey.
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