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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vr18vr18 Posts: 4
    i ended up pulling the trigger on this car today.

    I negotiated the payment down to $365.00 incl taxes. I also made them give me a 3 year prepaid service contract for free and made them throw in some hyundai keychains :P

    I paid absolutely nothing out of pocket today, just signed and drove away. My first bill will come in the mail a month from today. I'm happy.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    Hyundai and affiliate Kia on Sunday said U.S. sales of the hybrid versions of their Sonata and K5 mid-sized passenger cars hit records in May.

    Hyundai sold 2,129 Sonata hybrids and Kia 1,206 K5 hybrids there last month. The two automakers rolled out their first hybrid passenger cars in 2011.

    Hyundai said combined sales of hybrid vehicles in May were up 44 percent from the same period last year, while their cumulative combined sales in the first five months of this year rose 30.7-percent on-year.

    Combined monthly sales have surpassed 3,000 cars since March, Hyundai said in a press release.

    The U.S. car market slump and high oil prices triggered demand for fuel-efficient models. Overall sales of hybrid cars in 2012 rose 62.5 percent from the previous year.

    link title
  • usfarbuo1usfarbuo1 Posts: 35
    i have a 2011 azera and went into a kia dealership. i didn't like the price quoted me (22,000) which included my trade in. the kia cadenza which i looked at had a msrp of 39,500. he tried to talk me into a lease and finally came down to 241. a month for three years ( no down payment) and 12,000 miles a year. he would buy my car afor 10,000 Much too low-only have 17,000 miles on it. i will probably go back and get a much lower quote for leasing and a higher figure for my car. this is my second azera ( loved them both) but i do like that cadenza.
    bottom line you could probably do much better for a lease.
  • suri_vsuri_v Posts: 7
    edited July 2013
    Sorry for the wrong thread .. too many edmunds windows opened :(

    Hi guys ..

    I came to know about this site a few days ago from my friend as I was mulling to buy a new car and have been hooked to it ever since. Thanks a lot for the amazing insight on the car sales process. I hope I can get some help as well.

    I have asked for some online price quotes for 2013 Honda Accord EX-L V6. Some of them replied with the simple MSRP numbers asking me to call. I havent yet but i went down to a dealership today and got the following numbers. Lemme know if they are alright.

    Price: 27k (includes destination & handling)
    Doc fee & DMV: 360 + 400
    Sales tax: 7% NJ

    Comes to a total of 29650. No other bonuses offered. I am graduating in Dec but the honda site says we should graduate in the next four months to be eligible for the 500$ rebate :(

    Can you please comment on these numbers and if I shud counter with something?

  • ricovanianricovanian Posts: 14
    so bummed- have been looking at a 2013 gls sonata with preferred package, but on Long Island, best I could do b4 tax was $19,800- which is $1500 more than my target-and that was with Hyundai Circle pricing
    oh well, I guess I'll see what happens after '14's come out. :cry:
  • erica112erica112 Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    I ended up going for it. Can someone tell me if I got a good deal?

    Exact model:
    2013 Hyundai Sonata Limited
    Premium package (with nav touch screen, panoramic sunroof, Infinity speakers, etc)
    Silver exterior + black interior
    No additional add-ons

    MSRP: $29,544
    - 2,000 Hyundai Bonus Cash (for using 2.9% financing thru credit union)
    - 2,000 Dealership discount
    - 1,370 Dealership "Weekend Sale"
    = 24,174.00 final price

    + sales tax ($2486.53 ---- WA @ 9.2%)
    + doc fees ($150.00)
    + license/reg ($188.75)

    = $26999.29 out the door

    The one catch with this car is that it was "supposed" to be a loaner car (for other Hyundai owner's getting their vehicles serviced) but never ended up getting used by anyone. Unfortunately this knocks 10 months off my warranty because it was activated in Oct 2012.

    All things considered, is this a good deal? The dealer claimed it was invoice price minus holdback + dealer cash. He should me the paperwork proving the holdback (somewhere around 800 if I remember correctly but only gave verbal confirmation of the dealer cash - which he claimed was 1000) Should I have negotiated it further considering the warranty aspect?

    So far my customer service with them (after the purchase) has been very good. I'm a worrier though and want to make sure I got the best deal...
  • roadrageeroadragee CaliforniaPosts: 120
    You are getting a $29,544 car for $24,174, which represents 18.2% off MSRP.

    I think that's great deal. Get it.
  • Bought a 2013 Sonata Limited with Premium Package
    and some small options included (mats, cargo net, etc.)

    Black Exterior and Black Interior

    MSRP: $29,970

    With the $2000 rebate plus dealer discounts

    Sales Price: $24,100

    Out the door: $26,580 (including TTL, 8% Sales Tax in Orange County CA)
  • pdrhodespdrhodes Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    Ok here it is August. I am looking at purchasing a 2013 Sonata GLS, complete with the popular equipment package, cargo net, carpeted floor mats, and Homelink mirror. Here are the details:

    MSRP: $23,150
    Invoice: $22,125
    Internet Price: $20,225
    Edmunds TMV: $21,949

    Rebates Available: $1500 Bonus Cash

    Alright, so I am a bit confused. How is the internet price already lower than invoice-rebates? From what I have read on here, the rebates and incentives available earlier in the year on this car led to out the door prices under $20,000. Does that look possible here?

    I would like some advice on what a good price range would be to pay for this car (not including TTL). Should I offer $1500 less than the internet price? $1500 less than the TMV price? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  • with the pop package, numbers on long island are between 19 and 20k
  • I recently bought a GLS with PEP, shimmering white exterior and bunch other stuffs came with the car (carpeted floor mats, cargo mat, cargo net, auto-dimming rearview mirror with HomeLink, mud guards, and wheel locks) for $19000 before TTL and after rebate. It is in the San Jose, CA area.
  • hwlimhwlim Posts: 1
    edited August 2013
    I decided to buy Sonata Limited 2.4L with Navi, Shimmering white

    Internet Discount..................$4,000
    Adj. Sales Price...................$26,180
    8.5% Sales Tax...................$2,225.30
    Doc Fee..............................$150
    License Fee.........................$185 (Estimated RTA Zone)
    Hyundai Bonus Cash............$2,000
    Out The Door Cost..............$26,740.30

    I live in King county, WA, which has a higher tax rate than other counties in WA. I have to drive for 1 hour to pick up this car. I found a better deal but I decide to take this deal since he actually has a car in his stock. I am a little reluctant to ask a dealer to deliver a car from another dealer.

    What do you think about the deal?
  • ricovanianricovanian Posts: 14
    edited August 2013
    Hyundai 2013 Sonata Gls w/ Pref Package - $19,500 plus tax (about $1700) and tags (about $300) - financing 1/2 at 1.9%-
    I wanted $19,000- but couldn't get it at that price - I could have save a couple of hundred dollars by going to another dealer, but I wanted to use my local guy and tie in the service department-
    however, dealer upgraded car to include spoiler (cool)- and carpeted mats and cargo net (don't care)-
    also free service and maintenance for a year.
    I drive about 20,000 miles a year so I hope the car holds up!!!!!

    I am on Long Island NY
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,033
    edited August 2013
    The great thing about these Hyundai are the warranty. 5 yrs 100k right at your 5th year you could trade in or roll the dice and run it to the ground.

    these cars aren't worth much down the road but they sure are making better vehicles than alot of other companies.

    good luck

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • ellobo1ellobo1 Posts: 4
    edited September 2013
    I was looking at the prices of these and at a dealership near me in Texas they have a
    ePrice of 23,492 which is 8000 off the MSRP. Almost sounds to good to be true. What is everyone elses experience?
  • 30095.00 was the invoice.

    With a trade in of my beat up 2002 nissan maxima w/140k miles I was able to get it down to
    26400.00 OTT.

    Title taxes etc are atleast 2200 (NJ) so for the car after trade in and rebates I paid about 24k.

    Good deal?
  • Hi. I just bought a 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 4dr Sdn Limited (no sunroof pkg) in SF bay area.

    MSRP : $31,630

    Dealer discount : $4,320

    Selling price : $27,310

    Hyundai Rebate : $2,000

    Hyundai Loyalty(or competitive) Rebate : $1,000

    Price paid : $24,310

    + tax and fee of ~$2,500

    I'm happy overall with my new car and the price paid.... Frankly speaking, I wanted to buy a Camry Hybrid while I missed a good price and color I wanted. ;)

    I could see a little bigger discount in the Capitol Hyundai in San Jose while they accept that price on a couple of models - probably display model for the end of month special.

    Hope this would help someone in the market.
  • Sounds good except for the $2,500. Fee-what's up with that?
  • I meant tax plus fees are $2,500 where the most part of it is use tax - 8.xx% of the purchase price in CA. The fees seemed to be reasonably charged - I was very careful not to be ripped off. ^.^
  • to jacob kim:

    i understand now. i live in massachusetts and we call it a sales tax which is 6.25% here on the purchase price. no matter what it is called it is a tax.
    good luck with the sonata. i have had two azeras one a 2006 and the current one is a 2011-no problems whatsoever. wife has an 2010 accent with no problems.

  • rjc5rjc5 Posts: 11


    What would be a good price for CPO 2011 Sonata GLS Auto Gray/Gray with 35000 miles. Also
    2011 CPO Blue/Beige with 19000 miles(6 speed manual). This is in the SFO Bay area. Base models. Thinking of getting one on the 2nd of JAN 14

    Thanks for the help!!

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 86,489

    You might try asking that question in the Real World Trade-In Values discussion, here:

    I realize that you are buying, not trading in, but someone can give you a good idea of the value.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • repomannwprepomannwp Posts: 2
    edited January 2014

    I tried to close a deal tonight (1/4/14) on a 2013 Sonata GLS, PEP, Sparkling Ruby paint, with the floor mats, fancy mirror, cargo net, and dealer installed window tint ($394). Numbers looked like this:

    MSRP $23100

    Invoice: $22,357

    Truecar price: $20707 (before TTL, doc)

    Discounts: -1500 rebate, plus $1650 from the dealer

    Final Cost before TTL, Doc: $19207

    OTD Cost: $21,600

    This car has been sitting on the lot 6+ months, had a dead battery when we asked for a test drive, and they still wouldn't budge off this $21,600 figure, which was their first pitch to me. I asked for $19,500 and we just stalemated. This is a really useful forum, really helped me to know this deal was ok, but not a great deal and to walk away.

    One last interesting thing, before I even saw an invoice, they wanted me to fill out a credit application. I told them I was already pre-approved at my bank, and they said they probably can't beat the credit unions APR... stupid me, I still filled it out when asked. In hindsight, that was a mistake, I should have insisted on getting an invoice first and working the price of the car before divulging anything about my personal finances. Live and learn.

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,033

    Has anyone seen the 2015 Sonata. Seen some spy shots cant get a real clear look at the lines from the back. The newer remodel is not as sloped. I think that alone is a improvement in the looks dept..

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • radar007radar007 OhioPosts: 24

    Is $19,000 + TTL good for a 2013 GLS with PEP? Can I do better?

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