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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey Guys,

    How is $18600 out the door for a 2002 GLS V6, with sunroof and ABS?

  • Just bought an 02 base with an (excuse my language) automatic transmission. My dear wife sez she just wants to "put it in D & go" She sez she isn't coordinated enough to simply step on a clutch pedal and move a gear shift lever a few inches. Oh well, at least it has the shiftronic, so I can shift it myself. It's amazing how smooth & quiet the car is at 70 mph & the 4 banger has plenty of power. Paid $14,999 at Norm Reeves in Temecula Cal.
  • I wanted a 02 Sonata LX with ABS and traction and have been waiting for months. Finally found one but paid $19,975, not including tax and reg.
    It appears that there are more LX's becoming available but be prepared to pay close to MSRP for them. Local dealer is even charging $995 "added value (??) which I refused to pay so had to drive 30 miles further to get mine. Wanted ruby red but had to settle for brilliant silver..oh well
  • Hi, Which city are you in? I am looking for a Sonata GLS V6 myself but have problems trying to find one in the color I want.
  • This may not be the best deal ever but I am in the process of purchasing a GLS v/6 NO Moon roof or ABS but with fake Wood trim and alloy wheels for $16,869 bottom line sticker was 18,251. Haven't taken delivery yet because it had just come off the truck and wasn't on the lot yet
  • I believe you should be able to get the car you want for around 16.3k, if you look around a bit more. Try getting online quotes.

    good luck
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    Rte2 Hyundai in Leominster Mass has a bunch of Sonata's, if any one was looking in New England.
  • 2002 Sonata (Base) Ruby Red. With Moonroof deflector, shiftronic, mats, mud guards, keyless entry/alarm, power everthing else and the cd:
    Sticker was $17200
    3 hours of intense negotiating, threatened to walk out once,
    Drive out with TT&L $15750 give or take a little
    $3200 down
    $2500 trade in (on a 1990 Nissan Sentra)
    Financed through my F.C.U:
    $10050 and some change for 5 years at 5.90%
    Ended up with $225 a month.
    Car was bought in a little town called Port Arthur Texas. Drove all the way from Houston to get a better deal. I bought their only Sonata. And it was worth it.
  • emmaleeemmalee Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a used 97 Sonata. It has 44,000 miles and is loaded. I am just not sure on the price. They are asking 8,995.00 and all my research shows the true Market Value going for 7,800.00. I love the car. I cant afford to buy new at this point. They want to give me an "allowance" of 1400.00 rather than a trade in of 400.00 and a bumper to bumper(100,000) warranty for 1500.00. Do these numbers add up? Am I getting a good deal or being taken. I would appreciate any input. Thanks
  • dadscardadscar Posts: 3
    Just signed the deal last night for this car at Burns Hyundai in Marlton, NJ. Invoice was base + destination + advertising + floormats + mudguards + cargo net = $16954. Ended up paying $17100 for which dealer also will add pinstripes, doorguards, and 1st, 3rd, 6th, etc free oil changes. Total out the door with tax, title, registration, and paperwork = $18395. The only bad thing is that I have to wait for it to come in. I've got the VIN, so hopefully that means it's on its way. I'll write my review in the other forum once I've gotten it and driven it.

    I drove the 4 cylinder base model Sonata a week ago. I can figure how the GLS with 16" tires and a V-6 will be different. Dealers seem to have some base models, but not GLSs. The GLSs seem to be going quick.

    From the start Burns said it was invoice + $200. Turnersville Hyundai was up front and said invoice + $199. Hyundai City (Burlington, NJ) really annoyed me. I called up and talked to a sales rep. I said I was interested in the GlS. She asks, "Do you want the V-6 with that?" Later I ask if they do anything extra like pinstipes. She puts me on hold for a full minute. She comes back and tells me, "It has the woodgrain trim." The next day I talked to the sales manager who justified it by saying she's just trying to get you to come in so you can see how great our deals are. Anyway Burns is local and they didn't annoy me. What good would free oil changes be if the dealer isn't conveniently located.

  • nfv343nfv343 Posts: 3
    I really wanted the Elantra GT (!), but my wife thought it was too small, too sporty (too RED!), and didn't think our daughter (16 this coming Sunday, July 7th) could learn to drive a stick!!! (Yeah right, the kid can play trumpet, piano, baritone horn and is a volleyball setter...I think she can handle a stick...)
    So, I looked longingly at the GTs, but the sales manager said "Drive a Sonata; I KNOW you'll want this car after you drive it."
    I thought, "Yeah, right: I've owned three Mazdas (78 GLC, 82 GLC, 88 929) and a 1993 Camry: NO WAY can a Hyundai compare to those."
    He said, "Take it home with you, drive it, and you'll love it." This was Thursday afternoon; I told him I wouldn't even be able to bring it back until Monday, and I needed to drive 3-400 miles over the weekend. He said, No problem, do it. (The car had around 22,500 miles on it when I took it.)
    I was very surprised! The Sonata was right up there with my 93 Camry (it had the 4 cyl., the Sonata has the 2.5 V-6). The seat and driving position were great, the steering was solid, and I was passing semi's on I-80 (who were spitting rocks at my windshield!) going 90-95 mph without the car losing it's cool or even breaking a was cruising like silk down the interstate!
    It's Ruby Red, basic GLS V-6 (no sunroof), and I now have 30,500 miles on it. I paid $13,700 in late January and got 7.0% interest, monthly payments of $277. I also got the remainder of the 5 year/60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty (otherwise I wouldn't have bought it).
    So far my wife and I are very happy with it; it's a fun car to really "drive" (even though it's an automatic);
    ...but someday...there will be an Elantra GT in my side of the garage (by then maybe they'll be shipping the bright yellow ones to the USA like they have "down under" in Australia)!
  • timseantimsean Posts: 3
    2002 Sonata LX

    I just purchased an Ardor Blue Sonota LX with moonroof and ABS for 18,221.27 in the Chicago area. I did all my price shopping via the internet and email. What a difference. The times I walked in to a dealership, I got the full-on Glengary Glen Ross treatment, and the prices they quoted were unreasonably high. If you are shopping, do yourself a favor and use websites (such as or consumer reports to find the true prices, and get quotes via the websites (either a third party or the dealer's website). Many dealers have a "special sales" or "internet sales" department, which spares you from getting (excremented) on by salespeople.

    So far, so good. I have about 200 miles on it, and I like everything except the cabin noise at highway speeds. But since it's a "value priced" car, I'm not suprised.
  • hjr2hjr2 Posts: 105
    10 years aog, people were mad because cars had loud mufflers,engine noises protruding into the cabins of alot of makers vehicles. Now we have wind and tire noises...just turn on the radio ;-)
    Hyundais 1`20 watt stereo is not good(for me), made me half deaf!
    I noticed something, when people rdie my bumper and i crank up the music, they back off, fast!!
    (my mother in law said you can hear the stereo for 1/2 mile away!).
    If they don't respect the Hyundai name/Sonata(gls- v6,99) they learn about the stereo(most people like country here, I play Hendrix,Smash Mouth, Alice Cooper,White Stripes,etc..annoys them alot).
    Works 98% of the time.
    One kid got a Hyudnai elantra(used, 2000 model) when he saw my car....his next car? Sonata.
    He quizzes me about it alot every time I see him.

    I hooked "one of the "USA" only crowd, finally, someone is listening,( and not just only to my stereo!).

    Wish my relatives would listen, also.

    |One "convert" is better than none ;-)
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    Hi there:

    Just picked up a 2002 Ardor Blue Sonata LX with 5 miles on it for $18,249 before tax & title. Installed options were ABS, Power Moonroof, Traction Control, Sunroof deflector, mud guards, floor mats and pinstriping. The dealer had a demo LX with $3,500 miles on it with ABS, power moonroof and traction control for $17,700 (ebony black) -- we opted for the blue one with the additional options. So far, we love it! We had to call a lot of dealers to find an LX with all the features we wanted!
  • Hello
    I just purchased a 2002 Slate Grey Sonata LX with ABS/Traction Control and moonroof in the San Francisco Bay area. Negotiated price was $18,444 plus tax and license. Dealer offered $800 less than invoice.

    I used an internet sales manager I found through, and there was no haggling, no hassles. Everything was arranged through email, and the dealer found the car with the options and color I wanted wihtin 3 hours.

    We love this car. Good luck
  • jim3039jim3039 Posts: 28
    I'm shopping for an Elantra from my Mother In-Law. I have noticed on the TMV pricing that a basic 2002 Sonata (not GLS or LX) with ABS and moonroof is less than a 2003 Elantra with ABS, $15,539 vs. $16,081. Can this be true? Or, am just missing something in the equation. Please advise. Thanks.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    I guess it depends on how valuable the extra size, different styling, etc. on the Sonata (I prefer the Sonata styling) versus the extra features you'll get on the Elantra are worth. For us, we wanted the additional room and Sonata styling. Plus we wanted a car with ABS and Traction Control -- we went with a 2002 Sonata and love it! For a couple thousand more (over the life of the car), we figured it wasn't that much more to pay, relatively.
  • I just purchased my 2nd Sonata. I had a 2001, sold it and just purchased a 2002 LX Sonata with all the bells and whistles. I purchased it from the same dealer and delt directly with the manager. He remembered me because he purchased the car I traded in for the 01 sonata for his neice I believe. My car is the merlot color, off white leather interior/heated leather seats, all the standard features I assume ABS/moon roof. Anyway I went in from asking for price on internet and they were asking $20,800 and I got it for $17,800. I only put 500 down and got a good interest rate. I can't get over the price for what I got. I was really excited. The dealer I used is so non hassle and I was in and out of there in no time. It is nice as a woman to get things the way you want and not be hassled. I told them the payment I wanted and no hassles of can you do this or that.....right the first time.
  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    Lori: Congrats on your latest Sonata purchase. Are you sure you got heated seats on your Sonata? I didn't think that was an option (unless it was aftermarket). Can you let me know? Thanks.
  • I am in the market for a 2003 Sonata LX. What area do you reside that you received such a wonderful deal??
  • What does everyone think about $16242 (off the lot price) for a base Sonata 4AT, with sunroof, ABS & traction control?

    Also has sunroof deflector, mats, and mud guards.

    They have it in stock.

    p.s. How can a base unit have Traction control? The shiny brochure says "N/A".

  • Karl:
    To see if the car you are looking at has traction control, look on the window sticker and see if it is listed. Also, when you turn the car on, the TCS light will come on briefly, and the car should have a TCS button on the dash to the left of the steering wheel, next to the Cruise button. But, I don't think TCS is an option on the base model (I think you can get ABS only).

    As for the deal you got, what did you get for your 2001? Quoting a price for your 02 LX may be misleading (they could give you a great price on the new car, but screw you on the trade to compensate). And why did you specify the payment that you wanted? I've found that it is always better to negotiate sales price rather than monthly payments, so you can be absolutely sure what you are paying. If you start with a monthly payment, they can get you to pay more for the car, or a higher interest rate without you realizing it. Just suggestions for people to be aware of.
  • I went down this morning (cashier's check in hand) and checked out their base Sonata with TC.
    Sure enough, no TC button. The salesman acted
    surprised. We had talked about TC many times.

    Now get this, they won't lower the price. They
    quoted me a price for a feature that the car doesn't have but say the best they can do is to give me one free oil change.

    Boy am I glad I didn't buy it and find out later.

    thanks, ktrans (aka karl7777)
  • Black base model with 4 wheel disc brakes and a moonroof and v-6 for $15,000. Had 799 miles on it but was brand new. They would only com down to $15,995 so I told them later, Of course they chased me down and agreed. Out the door for $16,700
  • Have spent two very full days and two very full nights car shopping. Went with an '03 Sonata GLS (ruby red) w/sunroof and automatic for $17,600 in Houston (nearly $2,400 off sticker). Have admired this model for past two years. Owned an '86 Excel hatchback (stick) for 10 years, and felt just fine with Hyundai.

    Only put 100 miles on it so far, but the ride is fantastic, and I think it looks GREAT, inside and out. Acid test: my 17 year old son thinks it's the best looking car of all we looked at, which included Passat, Mazda6, Altima, Solara, Camry, Honda, et al, and agrees the performance, ride and handling are excellent.

    I've owned two Buicks, a Subaru, a GMC van conversion, the Excel, and two Saturns. This one finally got me excited about driving again!
  • Just got a silver 2003 GLS with automatic and sunroof for $17,500 in Virginia Beach. Also got better than Edmunds' value on our trade (2000 Honda Civic) despite having a dent in the front fender. While it wasn't as spectacular as some deals posted here, any time you can beat Edmunds TMV on the car and the trade, and get good financing as well, you have to feel good about the purchase.
  • have noticed Potakim Hyundai on Red Rd in Miami is
    tacking on a $2000 (upward) "market adjustment"
    on their Sonata's & Santa Fe's. The adjustment is
    on the window next to the Manufacturer's this going on anywhere else here in
    good ol'wacky SoFlo or anywhere else?
  • Well I just picked up my new 2003 Black Gls with ABS. I really do like the way it looks. I believe a got a fair price but then who really knows for sure. The posting's I have read really have helped in making an informed decision. As long as its not in the shop as often as my Acura TL was.... (Over and over for the first 6 months) I will be happy.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hey i thought acuras were supposed to be very reliable cars. i had a brand new 92 integra which i kept for 8 years and 125,000 miles only gas, oil, and tires and right before i wrecked it a timeing belt but thats it. it was a great reliable car. steve
  • Just picked up my new '03 GLS last night. Options include Package 5 (moonroof, ABS, and traction control), moonroof wind deflector, mud guards, and the trunk cargo net. All total, my sticker price was $19,519. According to sources, the invoice price was $17,680. My price was $17,157. With the manufacturer-to-dealer incentive of $500 plus the dealer holdback of about $350, I figure the dealership made about $327 on the deal. I think I did pretty well with this price. Most dealers in my area (Northeastern MD / Northern DE) couldn't even touch that price. They all wanted to sell the car for invoice plus at least $200.
    For those interested in my process, here's what I did to get this price: I started by contacting my local dealer and talking to the internet manager. These guys are usually much easier to deal with than the regular salesmen. After deciding on the exact model and options that I wanted, I started requesting quotes through the web site. This was tedious as I had to go through the whole build-your-own process for each dealer I wanted to submit a request for. After receiving requests from several dealers, I chose the lowest one (which was actually about an hour+ drive) and started playing that card against some of the other dealers. Most said they could not touch that price, so I eliminated them from the running. But one dealer (Colonial Hyundai in Downingtown, PA) really wanted my business, and they undercut my best quote price by over $300. That's the deal I chose, although they were still about 40 miles away. It was worth the extra drive to save several hundred dollars. And the dealership staff were very friendly and helpful. They offered me a fair value for my trade, and the deal was very easy to complete.
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