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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I see back in Post 179 that it's $850 to upgrade to 10/100,000 bumper-to-bumper ('bout what I expected, tad less). Anyone know how much the 6/75,000 goes for? I'm gonna guess $400-450.
  • Hey everyone - I just had a great experience buying a 2004 GLS with everything through Carsdirect and Doten Hyundai in Richmond, CA.

    I bought the GLS instead of the LX because I'm a vegetarian and didn't want leather seats, but I did want everything else. With all options including traction control, ABS, moonroof, I paid $19039 - I didn't use the $1500 rebate, which would've brought the price down to $17539 - because I used Hyundai's 0% financing option. They didn't even ask me for a downpayment, which was kind of strange, but who am I to complain?

    It was very easy using Carsdirect, and I just had to go into the dealership to sign the papers and give the car the once-over before I drove it off.
  • Asked for a quote online from a local dealer and here is what I got: Our current price is: $19,200 rebate applied.

    I spec'd out a 2004 Slate Gray Sonata LX with the 2.7L V6 4-Speed SHIFTRONIC Automatic and option 6.

    TMV Pricing report says others are paying $19,510 before rebate. ($1500) So after current rebate its $18,010.

    How realistic is this price? Dealers giving me a price of $19,200. Do you think I have any chance of getting it for $18,500? Plan on buying before the end of the month.

    Hasn't Hyundai been extending the rebates month after month? The current program runs until March 1st. Anyone know if it will continue after that?

    How's the loyalty rebate work? If I have a sister that buys a car at the same time can this qualify? I've seen where someone got the rebate because their mother recently bought an Elantra.

    I just checked out CarsDirect and they say Target Price is $19,080. Now I'm just plain confused....

    Thanks for your comments...

  • fivefive Posts: 2
    We wanted a base model w/ V-6 and no moonroof and found one we liked at the local dealer.

    Their inital offer was the sticker price of $18,624 (I think that was the price). I showed them all the printouts from my internet research--mainly from Edmunds. Their 2nd offer was $100 over invoice, which we accepted.

    2004 Hyundai Sonata
    Base model plus V-6
    Celadon Green w/ Beige interior

    $17,213 - BEFORE the $2K rebate - plus tax, tag, title, etc.

    They even beat my pre-approved credit union financing by 1 percentage point.

    We are very pleased. The salesman & business manager were a pleasure to work with.
  • dani24dani24 Posts: 9
    First of all, I spent months researching it to decide it was the car I wanted. I used sites like (which should be read front to back by everyone in the market to buy a car) and as well as Edmunds.

    I bought a 2004 Hyundai Sonata GLS with Option Package #5 and a trunk cargo net in Slate Gray. It only had 6 miles on it when I bought it!

    Here are the numbers:

    MSRP: $20,777
    Invoice: $19,389
    CarsDirect Price: $16,989 (incl. $2000 rebate)
    My Price: $16,658 (incl. $2000 rebate)

    Initially I was using CarsDirect as the highest price I'd pay. I put out for quotes from different sites like I was haggling with a guy at Bob Lewis Volkswagen (they sell Hyundai's too) in San Jose over the phone. He was very pushy and aggressive, and as slick as any car salesman - and he was in the internet department, so I figured he should be better. I wanted the Slate Gray, but the guy in San Jose only had black.

    Then the Internet Sales Director from Doten Hyundai in Richmond contacted me. I asked him for a quote, and he sent back an email with the price I paid above. Plus, he had the Slate Gray (and black, silver and blue) in the particular configuration I wanted. I immediately called the guy and asked what fees, etc. were going to be added on. He calculated out my out the door price which included only taxes, license, doc fees, and a $5 tire recycling fee.

    I put this price to the guy in San Jose, and he balked. He started getting mad at me, asking me "how do I know you aren't going to play a ping pong game of going back and forth between us until you get one of us to drop out?" I thought, so? Why shouldn't I be doing that? Then he said he'd see what he could do. He got back to me later that day with an email saying he could beat Doten's price. He didn't list the price, and even on the phone before he had been vague about numbers.

    What he doesn't realize (yet, because I'm thinking of writing a letter to the GM of his dealership) is that his pushiness and his attitude is what made up my mind. I never called him back to find out his price. I was more than happy to pay a couple hundred more (because based on our phone conversation, I'm guessing he only shaved off one or two hundred) to the Doten dealership because they were up front, courteous, not at all pushy or aggressive, and gave me a great experience.

    I would recommend their dealership to anyone (at least the internet/fleet department). They were even able to beat my E-Loan financing.

    And I love my new car! I was a nervous wreck, albeit a very happy one, driving home from Richmond to Hayward yesterday (in heavy traffic). But, this is my first new car, and I couldn't be happier with my choice, and my deal.
  • nonnocerenonnocere Posts: 1
    I got my slate grey sonata yesterday, with all the works, including the moonroof, traction control, homelink, and cargo net.

    MSRP including freight and handling was $22072
    Purchase Price was $20795 not including the $2000 rebate (which is applied after taxes).

    I think it was a good deal. The dealership in manhattan was actually very positive. Not pushy. I got the car a week after I made the deal because I had to go to chicago. During my trip, USA Today had a feature on Hyundai and how it's quality and reputation have improved, then the JD Power Rankings on initial quality surveyr came out with the sonata as best entry mid-size. When I went to pick up my car, it seemed that their showroom was cleared out of cars... i was surprised. I'd go to these guys again (for a Santa Fe likely).
  • Looking to buy an '04 GLS w/sun roof and ABS. Sticker at the dealer I went to was just under $22k, best price I got was 18,900 before the $2k rebate.

    I'm not sure this was the best price, and I plan on visiting some other dealers, anyone else paying around 18k total for a GLS with these options?
  • trebartrebar Posts: 1
    I went to Texoma Hyundai yesterday to check out their stock. After researching about 5 different packages I found a salesman. Started neg. on a V4 (going for economy with 87 oct. at $1.89 localy) base automatic at 17339. White with tan interior.

    They offered 2000 below msrp (which was rebate). I flipped out their advert (which was blue with tan int. car...didn't look good) and Edmunds. TMV $13,948. After a bit of wrangling and about to leave $13,900 because the advert beat that price by $50. Had a base '00 F-150 that I traded in for $6000. That was between fair and good KellyBB. I think it is fair considering front tires worn, 7" crack in front windshield, a few dings and blemishes and I'm avoiding about $500 in sundry maint.

    Final cost will be $8600 after TT&L.

    Couldn't close the deal though because this is a new location for dealership and they didn't have all the docs/phone connections yet. They did hand over the vehicle so I guess I'm commited. Heh! Going back today.
  • dani24dani24 Posts: 9
    Doubledown, if you read a few posts above yours, you'll see mine. I'm assuming you're talking about the GLS with option package 5. I purchased the same thing for $18,600. If you get anything near that price, that's a very good deal.

    From my months of research, $18,900 is a stellar price. You may get less than that if you shop that price around to a few other dealers. It may be worth a shot.
  • hyundaiman3hyundaiman3 Posts: 12
    After some research I went to a local dealer and told them I'd be willing to pay 17,000 for a fully-loaded Sonata LX - with package 7 (moonroof, ABS/Traction Control, etc.) There is nothing missing from this car - even has the electrochromatic rearview). Sales Manager offered 17,500 - I said I'd think about it and return the next day - told me if I bought on the spot he'd offer it for 16,680. Sold.
    The 16,680 is after the 2000 rebate and the 1000 Hyundai owner rebate.
  • brandonbrandon Posts: 1
    I am going to start looking for a new or used Sonata this week.... I'm hoping the $2000 rebate is continued (supposed to expire today).

    Anyway, not sure if I want to go new or buy a year old 2003. I would rather go new for the obvious reasons (it's new, better warranty) but am curious what kind of savings I could get on a used model.

    Hertz lists '03 Sonata GLS's for about $11.5. A nearby Hyundai dealership has several base models with less than 15K mi. with auto transmission and the moonroof package w/o ABS with a list price of around $11,998.

    Is cutting a couple thousand off ($9,998) a realistic offer for a used '03?

    If it turns out I'm good enough for low or 0% APR I would definitely go new, but if I'm looking at APR closer to 10% I might consider used. Not sure. Thanks. P.S. All I'm really interested in is the auto transmission... sunroof, V6, ABS, etc. is nice but not a deal breaker.
  • jmaxwell_jmaxwell_ Posts: 1
    I just purchased a new Sonata LX with option package #2 (ABS)

    MSRP: $20899
    Price Negotiated: $16350 (including $2000 factory rebate)

    tax, dmv stuff: about 10% extra.

    The thing I noticed at the dealerships (I visited three) was that it was a no hassle, no BS buying experience - the salespeople were not pushy at all. I think Hyundai is doing an incredible job with what they expect from the dealers.

    Next step:
    Purchase 1) K&N air filter
             2) Kspec chrome grill
             3) CAI (not sure which brand)
  • mediadimediadi Posts: 1

    What do you think about $16,900 -out the door- for a 2004 Sonata GLS with 2300 miles on it?

  • monstermonster Posts: 4
    Depends a little on your tax rate, but you should be able to do that or better on a new vehicle, not a demo.
  • pzevpzev Posts: 807
    That doesn't sound too good. You can get GLS Sonatas from Fitzmall (no haggle) for $15,300, $15,800, etc. depending on options. Those prices have freight included already as well.
  • parimiparimi Posts: 1
    I just got my sonata this week for 16,200. It is a Lx with ABS(Option PKG 2). Love the ride.
  • golonygolony Posts: 2
    I spoke with a representative of Huyndai Manhattan. He said there are no manual transmission on the sonata.

    I looking to buy for a manual transmission car Sonata. If the model 2004 does not have manual transmission, I will consider a 2003 manual V6 or base model. But mileage must be under 20000
  • ray hray h Posts: 120
    V6 Sonatas haven't been available with manual trannies for several years. I wasn't aware that the I4s are now unavailable with manual trannies, though. I'd check with another dealer.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    golony... I have about 57,000 miles on my '00 Sonata GLS V6 5-speed manual. I have never seen another one. Mine was an early build MY2000 (built in CY1999). Very, very few came over to begin with. Not sure any made it in MY2001. Never heard about V6 manual in MY2002-2004.

    I had to do a dealer locate. At time I found mine, believe there was one other one. Mine came from Illinois dealer. Other one was in Arkansas. I live near Omaha, Nebraska.
  • I just purchased an 04 sonata gls with no options.
    I paid 16,887.25, taxes license everything out the door.
  • riezriez Posts: 2,361
    basshnter1... Too late to worry now.

    Hard to know. What was the MSRP? Invoice? Was this a cash purchase? Did you finance and get special finance deal? Did you trade in a car? What did you get for trade?

    Based on what I see on boards and in newspapers, seems like that price was a bit high for a no-option Sonata GLS. Pulled today's newspaper ads. One local Hyundai dealer selling "2004 Sonata" for $11,865 but that includes every conceivable discount (military, Hyundai loyalty, college grad). This dealer indictes there is a $2,000 factory rebate and he'll discount the car $2,255 off MSRP. Other local Hyundai dealer also touting the $2,000 rebate plus $1800 dealer discount off MSRP.
  • ray hray h Posts: 120
    Besides all that, come mid-September, it'll be worth about $2,000.00 less, anyhow. Like riez said, don't worry about it now. Presumably you did buy a Hyundai because of its liberal warranties, right? And you plan to keep it long enough to drive its value out of it? Obsessing over deal "coulda-beens" just makes your psychiatrist wealthier - even if he squeaked by at the bottom of his board certification exams.
  • whzrdwhzrd Posts: 39
    is that when the newe amantis' arrive.

    Is there any way to confirm when.
  • ray hray h Posts: 120
    No, I was just referring to the annual model "changeover" - even if there's no actual change to the Sonata model until the completely revamped 2006 is released in the U.S. (When that happens, we 2000-2004 Sonata owners will really see our cars' value head to the cellar.) since the Amantis debuted as a totally new line in 2004, I don't see any changes for several years unless someone else has information to the contrary. What I do see happening, is use of the Amanti platform for the next generation XG350. I thought I read that KIA would get first dibs on the new platform to help the marque establish a serious name for itself before it was released for use by Hyundai's own big kahuna line. Hyundai dealers weren't happy with Corporate's marketing decision since the current XG350 is getting a little long in the tooth.
  • Dealer gave me that price when I contacted the internet manager. Is that a good price? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.
  • Hi there

    I went for my first Sonata test drive this past Saturday after initial mid-week contact through an internet sales site.

    I'll be going back tonight to drive the Elantra GT (dealer only had the base model on Saturday) but am leaning very seriously towards the Sonata.

    Anyone out there have any idea whether or not I might still be eligible for the rebate since I began looking while the offer was in effect?

    Also, if anyone has had any experiences with buying in Austin, I'd appreciate any feedback.

    And, if anyone has recent experience with purchasing an LX with package 7, I'd love to find out what you paid.

  • smith20smith20 Posts: 256
    An available rebate is applied when you sign the contract to purchase the car. When you start looking doesn't making eligible because there's not guarantee to the car company that you are going to purchase a car from them. I would expect Hyundai to offer rebates in September that are similar to August. They usually take a few days into the new month to post the new ones. They have rebates "end" each month to create a better-get-the-deal-while-it's-available environment to induce you to sign a contract to purchase a car.
  • Hi all
    We are trying to buy hyundai sonata LX with option 6 or 7 with all the options and Doten Hyundai in Richmond is offering the car for 17700 after rebate before tax. Does this sound fine or should we negotiate further? This price is given by the internet dept and it seems they are not ready to negotiate.
    Please let me know
  • ray hray h Posts: 120
    The dealer will be more inclined to seriously negotiate as new model introductions draw closer. Never forget that 1> you're the person with the checkbook (which puts YOU in control if you're smart enough and patient enough to exercise it) and 2> dealers need to sell end of year 2004s more than you need to rush to buy one. (Sounds like the turkey's playing head games with you.) You're in further control if you can pay cash or arrange your own financing. Are there other Hyundai dealers within reasonable distance? (Don't be afraid to play 'em off against each other - competition's a grand thing...) Remember, too, that you won't get any dealer's best offer off the internet. You'll need to do a sit-down for that. Also, the selling dealer is not your only source for warranty service and the service departments are under seperate management from the sales departments - shop for your best price and take the car to the closest dealer for warranty work.
  • Thanks a lot for your reply Ray. After considering the depreciation in one year model, we are getting inclined towards buying a 2005 model. Any inputs on prices for that?

    thanks in advance
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