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Oldsmobile Aurora: Modifications



  • well I broke down and bought a HID conversion kit, took less then an hour to install and didn't have to modify any existing parts nor did it impede on any other electrical parts... pretty impressed w/ it, doesn't solve the flickering issue, but it makes the flickering A LOT less noticable. Not quite sure it was worth the $250 but the headlights are a lot brighter and the blue hue is pleasant on the eyes
    SO FAR, I would recommend this. other then the fact that it is an illegal in most cars, im not sure anyone will notice since the 01 has the projector headlamp. I guess it will be trial vs error
  • I had something like this happen before on my previous car (95 eagle vision) tried to re-solder and all that fun stuff, never did work, eventually I just went to a junk yard pulled the whole assembly out and replaced it... worked perfectly.
  • That's good that the hid kit worked well. I like the blue color of a lot of new caddy's etc. but what to do about the whit foglamps now? Would you also get newer "blue" bulbs for those to match or go the lexus route and get deep amber bulbs? I don't really think I could be down with white foggers and blue beams.
  • I haven't done it in my aurora but I did do it in my last car, had to basically peel the board out the back, if the aurora is the same way watch out so the carpet doesn't peel from the board otherwise you'll end up with a wadded mess that looks like crap, and if you bend and crack the board you'll end up with a nasty vibration rattle
  • I was thinking about the color difference, but then again my high-beams and fogs are sylvania silverstars , they are kind of yellowish looking compared to the HIDs... not quite sure what im gonna do, any advise?
  • cmcmanuscmcmanus Posts: 19
    I would say that if you're gonna redo the fog lites (which I would also do). If you can't get the same color in the fog lamps as you do in the HIDs then I would say to go with amber, so that your can have a clear contrast between the two sets of lights, and it won't appear that you just stopped half way thru the project.

    I seem to recall you were also going to do some stereo stuff, how has that worked out for you so far? I hav just tried to install a kenwood deck and it's insane how difficult it is to install. I will probably have to pay for a custom install or some crap like that. Let me know if you had a better time installing yours.
  • Supposedly there is a $150 wiring harness that you can use to tap into to keep your onstar and steering wheel buttons... but I'm sure you would have to buy a semi-compatible head unit. Which, I personally, am not going to mess with. I think what I'm going to do is just tap into the rear speakers for the mono sub woofer, but as of right now I'm not sure if my car's alternator will handle it. The alternator has already been replaced and my voltmeter is still jumping around like circus monkey on crack.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    According to the service manager at this former Oldsmobile dealership, the swap is definitely possible. However, it is not recommended. According to the service manager, puting in a 4.6L Northstar would tear up everything behind it (i.e. transmission) becuase of the increased power and torque on an older transmission and car. So if you did it, you would enjoy it, but not for long.

  • the harnes works and its less $150 as long as you dont buy it from a dealer ship. some what wierd to use srearing controls for the deck. only thing your headunite neads is to be compatable with a remote becouse the kit uses some wird infared system
  • Does anyone know of a GM AM/FM CD radio with RDS that will work in an Aurora Classic? I bought a 2001 Aurora radio thinking I would be able to find a hack to be able to use the newer theftlock; I'm not trying to do anything illegal as I bought a legitimate radio from a salvage yard.

    So far, no luck. The different physical connections can probably be overcome but it's a moot point if theftlock cannot be overcome. I looked at aftermarket, but found none that would allow me to continue to use my trunk-mounted CD changer and steering wheel controls (without a clunky add-on box).

    If there is such a radio, please reply with car model, year, RPO code, and part number if you know.

    '97 Aurora
  • javidoggjavidogg Posts: 366
    I'm a bit late on this. but I would be interesed in some pictures of this set up blackl01aurora.

    Also how does the factory projectors hold up aganst the 9006 HID bulbs?
  • zransomzransom Posts: 9
    Well I have read most if not all the posts I can find on both sway bars and struts for the classic but to no avail. I was planning to upgrade my rear sway bar with the 22 mm cadillac bar but I wasnt sure what the size on the 99 is because I am under the impression they are bigger than the previous models, at least in the front so I dont want to go through the trouble of swapping if they are the same size. I was also wondering if KYB makes a strut for the 99 because all I have found conscerns the 95-97. I have already installed the caddy strut brace but if anyone else has any suspension recomendations they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  • blk97aurorablk97aurora Posts: 573
    All Classics have the same 17mm, hollow, green rear anti-sway bar. You are correct about later years having larger front bars. '95 and '96 are 27mm while '97-'99 are 29mm.

    I looked for years for KYB struts for my '97. Are you sure KYB lists them now?

    I still have an STS strut brace that I have not installed because the holes do not line up both side-to-side and front-to-back. I could file larger holes but that would not leave much metal. Did you have that problem with your '99?

  • zransomzransom Posts: 9
    After a little massaging my strut brace went into place. I'm sorry KYB makes a strut for 95-96 but nothing for the later years. I dont think the structure or dimensions changed so I don't know if they would work for our later models or not.
  • zransomzransom Posts: 9
    I was just wondering what the difference is between the FE0 FE1 and FE3 options on the cadillac rear sway bar. I believe the FE3 is what is normally used on the aurora but will the others work? Thanks.
  • magickkmagickk Posts: 2
    :D well i have a pearl white aurora and best buy just put in a pioneer navi/gps in mines it slid right in where the old deck was and with it i dont need on star the remote cost $24 but the deck was $949 so it was worth it to me i love it it has so many features its crazy gps,bluetooth,navi,ipod,conection and more i lost my audible tones in my carwhen it got in stalled but its cool
  • OK i have a 1996 aurora,what corsa do i order to custom install my ride? 1999 to 2004 seville is what i get from this forum,but some members say for sts so please help me just to order the one that fits the closes to my classic and ill join the corsa gang lol !! please some one email me pics and answer to my question,greg you have installed the corsa please guide me yoda. :-)
  • rjs200240rjs200240 Posts: 1,277
    The reason they say "STS" is because back when they said it, the STS was a trim level of the FWD Seville. Now of course the "STS" is a different model. You want the exhaust system for the FWD Seville platform, but be aware you will need to have it modified a bit to fit.
  • Thanks i will order the 99 to 2004 seville set and modify it to fit .More toys for my aurora lol.My girl think i love the car more then her ! Maybe :shades: does anybody know which front stabilizer bar I should get for my 96? I understand for a 2000 seville but there are two types... blue and tan bars both 22mm..which one is the correct one?
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I'm contemplating buying a new set of wheels for my classic. They are 18s but what I am really interested in is what you guys think about the tites. They are 225/40/18 Lexani. I know this is a bit narrower than stock with a smaller sidewall. Will this end up being a problem with handling, tranny, or speedo? Any input will be greatly appreciated. By the way I will be selling the stock chromies that I am replacing. They are in flawless condition if you guys are interested.
  • I would not ride in an Aurora rolling on those tires!

    First -- I checked TireRack for load index for 225/40-18 tires; the range was 88 to 92. Load index for stock 235/60-16 tires is 100, meaning your proposed tires are seriously under size for Aurora's weight.

    Second -- outer diameter of 225/40-18 tires is 7.1% smaller than stock tires. The usual guideline is to keep difference in replacement tires less than 1%. The effect would be speedo reading ~64 mph when the car is actually going 60 mph. I do not know if the 7% difference can be detected by the PCM or anti-lock brakes; I suspect no.

    A much better choice would be 255/45-18, which will give you diameter within 0.2% of stock and load index of 99 to 103.

    Hope this helps.

  • gitchgitch Posts: 1
    Jim I recently had a stereo installed at a shop and my air conditioning controls still work on the wheel but the volume does not because i did not want to buy the adapter.

    I cant answer your question on how to fix it, but it is possible.

    How did you get the radio out, i am trying to take out mine.

    i have a 2002 aurora 3.5
  • johnnyo4johnnyo4 Posts: 1
    Has anyone had the problem of noise from the blower and also vibration in the gas peddle when turned to more then half way up? If so how did you fix it???
  • pscheidpscheid Posts: 190
    johnnyo4......this is the Modifications thread. You might have better luck posting your issue in the Maintenace and Repair thread. You may also want to do a Forum search on the words "blower motor", etc. Lots of folks have posted problems/solutions on the heating and air conditioning fans/blowers. Try "climate control" also.
  • greasmunkygreasmunky Posts: 5
    Have you considered just converting to a passive system? The compressors and air ride systems altogether are very poorly designed systems. They work great WHEN they work, then can be pretty expensive to repair. offers a conversion kit that custom built to fit the car. Its all made in America and comes with a lifetime warranty. its a much more reliable system than the air ride and is DESIGNED to last the lifetime of the vehicle. The steel is not shipped from China or reheated and reshaped to fit the need. Its definately more of a permanent fix if that is the direction you were wanting to go.
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