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  • Just picked up my 2005 Titan CC last week, it was a Texas Titan only avaiable in Texas. Got big tow package (I love them big mirrors) plus a few other options.
  • mondomondo Posts: 6
    PLease give my info on the live chats, I'm not on much but when I am I love to talk to others about the related topics.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    At this time, we do not have any chats specific to Nissan, but you might enjoy the All Member chat. Here is the schedule:

    # Weekly Mazda Mania Chat
    Tuesdays, 6-7pm PT/9-10pm ET

    # Weekly Subaru Crew Chat
    Thursdays, 6-7pm PT/9-10pm ET

    # Monthly Forums Member Chat
    3rd Wednesdays, 6-7pm PT/9-10pm ET

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  • diko617diko617 Posts: 3
    I just traded my 04 Nissan Frontier KC XE to a 05 Nissan FRONTIER CC LE. I test drive the Ridgeline, Tacoma, and Dakota. You know what guys nothing come close to a Frontier when it comes to power of the engine. I even like the quiet interior it got, im driving at 80 mph and all i here is the whistle that comes from the roof rack. I dont want to make any comment about the Tacoma & ridgeline, see it for yourselves. Believe me after you tried to the test drive the Trucks ive mentioned, you will agree with me that I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE in choosing a NISSAN FRONTIER! :)
  • I replaced my 98 frontier clutch plate and release bearing. When depressing the clutch I hear a whining noise, so I replaced the release bearing again, with assistance from a ase cert mech. i still have the problem , what is going on??? I trust the mech, he is my brother in law and did not charge me either time for the work.
  • badnessbadness Posts: 242
    buy the wind gard for the sunroof, and the whistle in no more,it works great up thier.
    hope this helps you.
    ps this truck is so much fun to drive!
  • I own the 2005 nismo and really have had a great time with it for the past 5 months. Have checked all other pickups and found nothing that compares with the interior design or the exterior lines. I get nothing but good comments. I hope there is a solution for cutting the outside air. Normally in my other vehicles the reciculate button cuts the outside air off and there is no outside coming in. Dealer told me that there is allways air coming in on the small vents by the window for defogging but I notice it from the other vents when I turn up the fan. I would like to cut all outside air when in high traffic due to excessive emissions from other vehicles. Nissan puts a cabin air filter in the truck but it just collects larger particles only. Anyone have any ideas or solutions?
  • mick14mick14 Posts: 30
    Hello baseballfanz, Mick here. G'Day mate!!!! :)
  • The titan is a beautiful truck. A month ago I picked up a Silver 05 XE KING CAB with 19kmi, with power windows, with an A.R.E. hard toneau cover(color matching), factory drop in bed liner, excellent condition for $16,500 (with tax, registration and fees came to $18,227) which included a 7yr/100kmi extended warranty.
    I was originally shopping for a Frontier 05 or better but after test driving a few titans. I fell in love.
    I like everything about the truck except for gas mileage and engine noise. If anyone knows of any mods which would mitigate both I would appreciate some advise.

    I didn't do much research, I went with my gut and reputation of the NISSAN brand; then I found out it was US built. I still love the tuck but I gave up on US built vehicles long ago.

    Hopping for the best
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    My wife and I just returned from a month long trip into the American Southwest. It was our first long road trip with the new truck, enjoyed it immensely. We had no issues, changed the oil/filter once, and had a good time exploring the back roads.
    While we were driving on some rough single track primitive roads, I noticed a sound
    (like a castanet) coming from the rear. I swear it was coming from the box (not the interior of the box) and all our gear was secure. I'm wondering if this should be considered normal, or is there something that can remedy this. I checked under the carriage and all appears to be tight. Anyone?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I had a mysterious metallic rattle (not a castanet sound) coming from behind the rear seat in my '06 SE Crew that I could not diagnose, but through the help of a friend finally fixed it. If yours is a Crew, check the alignment of the rear door striker with the slot in the door where the striker enters. In my case the alignment was terrible and when I'd hit a heavy bump, the rattle would be created. I aligned the striker and the noise is 90% gone.

    Not sure if this is the source of your noise (usually it's the jack, tools, spare tire or the seat belt), but maybe this suggestion might help.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Thanks for the reply asa. I will check the rear doors. The jack was tight, also the tools, spare tire, and seat belts. I even hopped onto the top of my tonneau cover while my wife drove (don't try this kids) on a particularly rough (wash board) trail, and that sound really seemed to be emanating from the cargo box (adjacent to the cab). This is something I could live with, but I'd rather remedy it. This is one solid truck otherwise.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    You might try too to be sure the licsense plate is tight (yep, one guy found his rattle was his rear plate), that any Utili-Track accessories and rails are snug and that pebbles haven't landed in the suspension or brakes. Also if you look underneath the truck under the leading edge of the bed, you'll see a piece of C-Channel running across the width of the bed along the headwall. The first time I hauled a load of landscaping pinestraw, sand sifted out into the C-Channel below. It's a cinch to wash out or blow out. This is a log shot, but I'm trying to think of what might cause a castanet sound. (You may want to be sure there's not a small Calypso band under your tonneau. :) )

    Yes, with the exception of the rattle (fixed), my Frontier has been very solid. My wife is amazed at how quiet and comfortable it is at speed, plus she handles my 6-Speed stick like a pro. I have only 10,000 Miles on mine. It's become our preferred family vacation vehicle because it's a cinch to load and an easy ride.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Thanks again asa! I'm going in January for a regular service to my local Nissan dealer, they're very good, so I'll get them to take a boo (or a listen) and see what they think. Again, this is one fine truck, and I could live with it regardless. Everything I've been able to check is aligned and/or taut. The tonneau is as well, so we'll see. I'll post again in the future.
  • hello everyone, my name is jeffw, i am the proud owner of a 2009 titan crew-cab pro4x model, what a truck, have not had a chance to off road too much but i did find a few large deep mud holes to test out the 4 wheel drive switches, i look forward to sharing some stories in this forum-thanks
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