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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • I experienced the same. If you do choose to take it to the BBB, I can send you some example packets, as I have taken on Nissan twice; with two successful buy-backs. I can tell you Nissan won't act until you choose to go the BBB process, or other legal routes, then they will do everything to prevent buyback. These people that state that they would buy another Nissan, haven't experienced a problem vehicle, and had to deal with the 'true' Nissan experience. I will also tell you that the BBB is a very fair, professional organization, and truly saw right through the lies, and deception, and quickly enforced the ruling. Also unlike Nissan, the BBB is sincerely concerned about consumer safety. The process took less then 60 days, and got me out of my nightmare Nissan vehicles (2004 Quest/2004 Titan). Good luck.
  • jonazpelljonazpell Posts: 2
    I have a 04 frontier desert runner. Last week on a 250 mile trip I noticed a knocking noise like metal on metal underneath my hood. It now tends to come and go periodically, usually at higher speeds. I also have a squeaking noise coming from my suspension when I go over dips or humps in the road. Does anybody know what these problems might be?
  • sshriner1sshriner1 Posts: 1
    My 95 Nissan V6 just started blowing the meter fuse every time I turn her over. This is a problem as I use the truck on my farm to haul fertilizer and so am starting and stopping all day long. I have to fix this problem as I don't think there's enough fuses on the island (Big Island of Hawaii) to get me through the week.

    When I start the truck the AC is off and it's in 2WD.

    As there is a scarcity of mechanics in this area, I'm hoping someone can give me troubleshooting advice so I can DIY it. Where do I start?

    Aloha and Mahalo! Suzanne
  • jw54jw54 Posts: 1
    I have driven one for 5 years. Used it for occasional hauling and drive 50 miles a day on highway. The only problems I have had is check engine light that shows egr flow problem but after repacing all necessary components and cleaning out ports it still come on about every 500 miles. Also don't think the 4 cyl will save gas the best mileage I've gotten has been 24 mpg and is usaully around 19-20 I'ts been a good vehicle
  • pablopepablope Posts: 10
    You are not the only one. I have a bad experience with my 2001 Frontier. At 50,000 miles, the AC had problems every two weeks. I complained to Nissan to no avail. How could the AC fail on a truck with 50,000 miles and only 5 years old? At 83,000 miles, the catalytic converter (left side) failed too. Warranty on this is 80,000 miles. Not only this, some malfunction indicator lights also light on the dash. So my solution, I have had enough of nissans and I sold the truck and bought me a tacoma. I had experience with another Toyota and at 135,000 miles, the truck had no major problems line the Nissan and still runs great. Toyota even extended the warranty on the engine because of complaints of engine gunk. Did Nissan ever do anything like this? Like extend the warranty on the AC!!! No, nothing. So I would say, get rid of the your vehicle this early. It is not a keeper.
  • driver56driver56 Posts: 408
    Sounds like a complete reverse of my situation. I dumped my Toy and picked up an 07 Frontier. Great truck! My Toyota was fine until the warranty ran out, then bango! Brakes, electrical system, gunk, hardware, etc, etc. I may never buy a Toyota again. Good luck with yours though.
  • There are unwritten rules in life such as never lend money to a friend or relative. Another is avoid a new Windows operating system because you become the beta tester. For automobiles, never purchase a totally new or redesigned vehicle the first 2 years it comes out, no matter how snazzy or beautiful it looks. Examples:
    Corvair: handling and belt problems
    GM in 1980's: diesel engine disaster
    Vega: engine warpage and fender rust through
    Delorean: numerous problems
    Yugo: need I say more?
    Ford Pinto: exploding gas tank

    I'm sure many more examples are out there. The unfortunate truth is that vehicles are complex manufactured items designed to a certain standard and cost. Be smart or be a beta tester. I just bought a new 2007 Nissan Frontier and it is in its third year of production. I'm hoping all the "bugs" and fixes are all worked out.
  • Has anyone had problems with their clutch going out early? The service dept. says they have had four of them come in with the clutch out under 20,000 miles. I've always had standard transmissions, and never had a clutch go out before 125,000 miles. The service department insists the problem is mine and not covered by warranty. Any thoughts?
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I have only 9500 Miles on my '06 6-Speed and it shifts beautifully with no hint of clutch wear. I think I've read a few stories on forums, but they're usually attributable to smoking the clutch on wet boat ramps, tall offroad obstacles and new drivers not used to shifting. Time will tell with mine. I don't tow anything; mostly use mine for firewood, landscaping materials, plywood/lumber, furniture and family trips, so it's mot exposed to anything extreme. Best of luck with yours. Maybe you can negotiate some sort of a price break to ease the pain.
  • vtdogvtdog Posts: 163
    I am often in Canada where DRLs are required. I know Canadian models have DRLs standard. Does anyone know how (if?) a US model could be adapted to DRL, or if it is even possible without a ton of money being spent
  • Hey folks! Just joined here and I own a 1995 Nissan 4WD 4 cyl. p/u which is experiencing the same "earthquake syndrome" posted earlier. I just tuned mine up and I guess I need to spend the extra bucks for "genuine Nissan" plugs and wires. Oh, great! I'll do that and hope it goes away. By the way, if the one writer still can't find his fuel filter, mine happened to be WAY UP on the passenger side of my engine in never-never land! Just the right spot to cause me to twist my arm in 18 different directions and cover me with gasoline! :mad:
  • Hi all! has anyone had experience in replacing tran. oil in an 05 frontier? do i have to replace the filter as well? please share. How come nissan put a nut on a dipstick? No one is able to check for oil level unless one has to unscrew the nut. Thank you!
  • The solenoid is staying engaged. Replaced starter as I thought the solenoid was bad. I still have the same result. At the time of purchase of the starter I also purchased a starter relay. The one I was given does not match anything on my truck. It is a large blue relay with a place for 2 separate connectors. After doing a site search, it looks like it may be a start/inhibit relay. My truck is a Smyrna built truck with an automatic transmission, so I think this relay must be for a standard trans equipped truck. My question is, can the relay stick and cause the run on problem? And where is the relay located for this truck? Thanks in advance.
  • Hello,

    I know you posted this 2 years ago, but I'm hoping you'll come back and share what you ended up doing to get DRL on your Frontier. I've just received my '06 Frontier and am faced with the same issue in order to pass the federal inspection.

  • I just was told today (while getting my oil changed) that the transmission is a selaed system and that any attempts to removed the "nut" and unseal the system voids your warranty.

    I would contact your Nissan dealer to discuss thsi further but this is what an apparent seasoned mechanic told me today.
  • I have owned the vehicle in the title since it was new and now have about 18,500 miles on it.

    I am generally happy with the vehicle experiencing 17-19 MPG fuel economy, plenty of get up and go, nice stereo, very nice interior styling.

    What I am not so happy about is that it recently has started to behave as though it is much older than it is. It has lots of squeaks and other annoying noises. The most annoying item is that when you are at a stop light and are idling (but it it is in drive) it makes so much noise and rumbles so much that something really seems amiss. This behavior is not displayed every time you come to a stop but perhaps 10-20 percent of the time.

    I plan to take it to a dealer as it is still well within the warranty period but before I do, was wondering if others have had any similar experiences and have any advice or information to add to the discussion.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Does your engine idle speed vary and dip down below 800 when you notice the noisy rumble? Perhaps your throttle body is dirtied up, thus impeding a steady idle. Could be a tempermental injector too. If it's thrown a code, the dealer will pick it up.

    I've not had this issue, but I have only 10,500 Miles on mine.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    I just was told today (while getting my oil changed) that the transmission is a selaed system and that any attempts to removed the "nut" and unseal the system voids your warranty. ...

    I own the 6-Speed stick, so can't directly address this question, but I asked a knowledgable friend who owns the auto and he suggested that It's not sealed with a painted nut or in a way that Nissan would know if it were checked; he's checked his. It's easy to remove to bolt using a 10mm socket. The only way to void the warranty is to use the improper ATF -- be certain you use only what's recommended in your manual. The owner's manual states to have the fluid checked or replaced by the Nissan dealer but doesn't state any warranty issues if the owner checks it. You cannot cause any harm by merely checking the fluid unless you allow dirt or other contamination to enter the dipstick tube. The factory service manual is very specific on the point that only a lint-free rag is used to wipe the auto tranny dipstick and that it's fully inserted.

    I think Nissan's main concern is that an owner doesn't contaminate the system and that the correct fluid is used. Hope this helps.
  • vtdogvtdog Posts: 163
    It was about 2 monts ago, not 2 years.

    Short answer is no resolution to the question.

    I went to my local dealer-they had no answer; I emailed Nissan cust service and got no response; I emailed a Canadian dealer and was told "maybe", but it would require a re-wire plus a plug-in module. So, it appears that even if it is possible, it would be expensive. My solution is to just turn on the lights when I cross the border.
  • I brought a US Frontier to Canada. I just went out and bought an after market daytime running light kit (from ebay I think), and put it in. The kit wasn't too expensive -- maybe $45 US (I don't really remember) It's not too difficult to put in, or else a shop could do it for you -- any place that installs those auto start kits would be able to do it.

    As for just turning your lights on, it ain't gonna work. It's not the crossing the border that's a problem, it's getting the vehicle registered and licenced in Canada that's the issue. (If all you are doing is driving about up here, don't worry about it, there's no law that says you have to have DRL to operate a vehicle here, just to licence it.) The vehicle has to pass a federal and provincial inspection to get licenced. The feds check for DRL. As far as I know, any kit works. They just check to see that the headlights are on when the ignition is on.
  • I've had this problem intermittently for about 4 months. You get in, press the brake pedal, and the shifter just doesn't move. Brought it to the dealer and he said "you must have just gotten something in it, it just needs a good cleaning out". Yeah, right. That didn't work, brought it back again and he said I need a whole new shifter assembly to the tune of $550. I just have this strange feeling it's like a $20 part and I don't need a whole new shift assembly. I've read about the ASCD brake switch. Could that be it and if so, how do I go about replacing. Cruise control seems to work fine and the three brake lights all come on when brake is depressed. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Hi everyone! Where are the spark plugs on a 2000 frontier. 4 cylinder. :confuse:
  • I have a 90 nissan pickup. It was missing really bad, and we changed the spark plugs and wires. It is running some smoother, but it is still idleing rough.

    Any suggestions where to go from here would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Julie
  • tholthol Posts: 5
    There are some salt deposits and corrosion around the battery of my ’98 Nissan Frontier 4WD. I sparyed the area with a solution of baking soda and rinsed well. I assume that the battery is deteriorating so I will soon change it.

    But just to be sure I did not have an overvoltage problem I measured the voltage at the battery posts:
    Engine off: 13.1 V (OK)
    Engine idling: 14.90V
    Engine at 1500rpm: 14.92V

    Are the 14.90 and 14.92V readings too high?

    My shop manual says on pg. EL-30 (Trouble Diagnoses) that battery voltage at 1500rpm should be less than 15.5V which it is. However on page EL-32 the specifications say that regulated output voltage is 14.1 to 14.7V. I’m at 14.9. Is that a problem? Of course I used a cheap digital voltmeter but my experience has been that they are nonetheless fairly accurate.

    The charge warning light does not indicate any malfunction. I read in the manual (pg EL-30) that the light is designed to detect overvoltage and will light up (which it does not).

    Any suggestions on the 14.9V readings possibly being too high?
  • Hello, I have a 1998 Nissan Frontier and lately the instrumentaion works intermittenly, and when the ignition is turned off the, the temp gauge goes hot/cold and the speedometer reads 99999999 and stays lit up. This is also causing a power draw. Could this be a computer problem or a short. You help is appreciated.
  • We bought the above vehicle for our 16 year old son for Christmas (I can already hear the criticism).
    He backed into a concrete light pole at the local Kroger. The pole has a few flecks of black paint on it.
    Nationwide insurance has totaled it due to the extent of damage to the frame (the cab was fine).
    The adjustor is questioning why the damage is so severe b/c it doesn't appear that there was room for him to get the car up to enough speed to do the damage that it did! He was driving in reverse showing off his lousy turning radius. The damage is stunning. Most of you are guys. How was this possilbe? Does Nissan have some structure integrity issues or did my son do something incredibly stupid and flukey?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    If he is, the Nissan did it's job engineering the structure of the truck.
    Frontier is SOLID. Nissan went above and beyond what is required and needed when they engineered the 2005 Frontier. The frame is fully boxed and based off of the frame used in the Titan full sized truck.

    Does Nissan have structural integrity issues? No. Vehicles are designed to "total" the vehicle, not the humans when they are crashed.

    Critcism won't change a decision already made.

    All I can say is that I had to earn every penny used to purchase my vehicles and every penny to insure them and it is my belief that doing so improved my values, however, if someone would have given me a new vehicle when I was 16 I certainly would have been happy to drive it.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    Gotta agree with moparbad on the structural integrity of the new Gen Frontiers. Crawl under one and you'll see a very stout frame; it is indeed borrowed from Titan's specifications. If the frame was severely bent, something more than a light pole could also have truck paint on it. ;)
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Yo mommy, returning for an answer? Bottom line what you describe is impossible with either the Frontier or the Titan. Backing up into a pole will not cause the truck to be totaled unless of course the pole fell on the truck. Somethings fishy here and its not with the truck. :shades:
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