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Nissan Pickups Maintenance and Repair



  • My 2001 4X4 3.3 liter Frontier has started just downshifting for 4 or 5 seconds while I am doing about 65 on a level freeway. The Tach just goes from 2300 to 3500 and back again for no apparent reason at all. Any ideas on this?
  • Bought my car in May of 2010. Within a month or 3,000 miles later car stalled on the way to California from Phoenix. The engine just shut down right in the middle of the freeway, really scary as I had my whole family in there. Towed the car to the nearest dealer and they replaced a bad crank sensor. 7,000 miles and five months later - same thing. Car stalls, tow to dealer - again - bad crank sensor. I have been scared to drive it ever since - just short trips around town. The dealer just shrugged shoulders - just a couple of bad sensor in the row? This is bull. A brand new car and POS has a recurrent catastrophic failure. This is my first and the last Nissan. Should have bought a Toyota Tacoma instead. I am seriously thinking about taking a small hit and trading the car. I would appreciate any input. Thanks. Bart.
  • asaasa Posts: 359
    About the stalling, you may want to ask them if your Frontier is subject to the new (12/2010) recall on the 'ECM Relay'. The relay is actually on the Intelligent Power Distribution Module and a defective relay will cause the engine to imtermittently quit. Your truck has the classic symtoms of the problem, but I do not know if 2010's are included in the recall. If your Dealer is a rubberhead, you can check with Nissan at 800-867-7669. Good luck -- these things are indeed a pain. :sick:
  • titan8titan8 Posts: 41
    I have a 2004 titan crew cab, outstanding truck,has 98,500 miles on it, bought it brand new, now the climate control modules not works, making the air deflector only work in one position,cost to repair is 3000.00, has anyone also had this problem? Truck was at Nissan dealership trying to get it fixed,and not at any back yard garage. Any input would be a great help.Thanks
  • burkinburkin Posts: 2
    I'm shopping for a Frontier extended cab with 4 doors and only looks like 2. Not a crew cab. Wondering what the SPECIFIC title or name of the hard to find cab that has access doors without handles? I realize there is a crew cab version with 4 handles. I'm looking for the Frontier "King Cab" version. It seems there are lots of "King Cab" versions out there without 4 doors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm out of steam looking....Thanks Much!
  • burkinburkin Posts: 2
    Me again. Obsessing about finding the package or model of an older Frontier that has an extended cab, often referred to as a "King Cab". This truck style appears to have 2 doors, but actually has 4 because the 2 access door handles are hidden. This type of arrangement is called "suicide" doors. Do any of you happen to know the particular model of this Frontier?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You may be mistaken. I check back to 2001 and all the extended or "King cab" version of the Frontier came with an extended cab with only 2 doors. The Titan king cab has 4 doors but not the Frontier.
  • My 98 extended cab Frontier, has had a leaking roof for over a year now & getting worse. I bought is in 99 with 13K and it now has nearly 165k on it. Water drips on the steering wheel, only after driven 20/30 feet with turning or braking. Both floor matts catch dripping water and the driver's seat gets very wet. I checked the tail light at the edge of the roof and it's dry behind it. The only thing left... I think is possibly those vinyl strips at the edge of the top/roof just behind the tops of the 2 doors. Vinyl strips appear to be snug. Are there roof leak problems anyone has heard of on these trucks. I've had a windshield installer reseal the wind shield but to no avail, and he does not know where the water is coming in. I could sure use some good advice right about now, actually, some bad advice would beat a sharp stick in the eye. Please contact me at

  • My 98 Frontier has problem with gears lightly scraping from time to time. Sometimes they are pretty bad then gets better for a while then back & forth. Does this usually stay this way a long time if not abused or will it continue to get worse quickly? The truck has been an absolute jewell but it seems there have been several things pop up suddenly. Would any of you opt to have it repaired or replaced with a quality rebuilt unit? Truck has 165,000 miles, uses no oil between changes and has had the usual, altonator, wiper motor, shocks, master cllinder, brakes... etc. So far a great truck. I had hoped to drive it to 300,000 miles and still would like for to try.

  • Does this Frontier have a roof rack or a sunroof ? You didn't mention these points either way.

    If it has a roof rack, was it the factory - installed kind ?
  • How old is the clutch? I know the clutch is self-adjusting, but you may be at the end of the road if the clutch can't adjust itself due to wear.

    That would mean that the clutch would no longer be able to stop the gears from moving when shifting .
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