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Cadillac Catera



  • nogm4menogm4me Posts: 13
    I am responding to the " leveling " idiot light issues posted by " redheadshar ". I have
    posted before and am an owner of a 97 Cat with 165k miles on the odometer. I had the " rear " air ride shocks replaced in June of this yr. the factory units literally rotted into oblivion. My idiot light was on/off for well over a year. You are correct, do not load the trunk and drive over rough terrain. The IRS ( independent rear suspension ) could become damaged. Suggestions: make sure the leveling switch is operating correctly.
    If you have over 80-90k miles, replace the air ride shocks. No questions asked. Look for a reputable brand, the one starting with "M" is barely above factory quality. Go with the Japanese or German brand. approx. $150 each. ( only the rear are involved). As I mentioned I replaced the 2 units at 160k and the steering feel improved, handling in general and I get better fuel mileage. Why,..? the vehicle has returned to the proper rake angle in meeting the wind. You can hear the air pump run then stop after the switch determines proper ride height/load for the car. My new dilema was a steering box that began leaking profusely. They are not serviceable and require a good used unit in it's place, very labor intensive. Some estimates indicate that up to 80 % of vehicles on the road have substandard suspensions on them. Don't let yours be one of them. (see link )
  • Did you ever find out why the car will not start? my 2000 catera sport just started doing this yesterday shut of, came back to car, turn key, everything works except wont start.. nothing happens, no click, or even a try to start.. fliped key over, and after 6 tries it started.
    ran fine today then I went to leave again, same problem, after 10 tires I gave up and drove the other car..
    if you have anyinfo I would appreciate it..
    I have seen alternator, battery, coils and cam or crank sensor as possibles..
    thanks for your time.
  • Not your battery or alternator ... my 98 is in the shop as I send this with the same problem ... she will start up on her own if given enough time but sometimes she wont even try. The weirdest part is when she is being fussy she will start with a jump regardless (senseless!). I'll keep you posted.
  • What should I look for before considering purchasing this car, can someone advise me? An auto mechanic business owner is selling it. Looking forward to a response, thank you. :D
  • ooops! I forgot to mention, it uses premium gas. Does anyone know why premium and can it get away with regular or will it cause serious damage? :)
  • json1json1 Posts: 1
    Mine 2001 did the samething. It was the crank sensor.
  • dallasdude1dallasdude1 Posts: 1,151
    I need to sell a new (not a rebuilt) Catera Bosch alternator. I have noted that the Catera rebuilts don't last a year if lucky. I'm looking to get $150 plus shipping for it.
  • I have a 2001 Subaru Forester. Can anyone tell me WHY it has an engine oil coller for an automatic?
  • snootysnooty Posts: 2
    After my 1997 catera runs for awhile, it shuts down When I come to a stop. There is no engine light and it starts when I turn it back on. Without a code My mechanic is having a hard time finding the problem. Is there anyone else with this problem and what is the solution?
  • My wife has a 2001 catera 56,000 miles sounds good right? We bought it from a dealer in 2005 it had 25,000 miles at the time. She only puts 5,500 miles on the car per year. She loves how the car drives and the body and interior are in fantastic condtion. However I have had it in the shop at least a dozen times for all kinds of repairs. My most recent problem is I had this code come on up the computer for evaporative auto emission problem(check engine light) code P0440. The repair shop said I needed a new gas cap. NOW I can't fill my tank up without fuel backing up at the gas station when my tank is only 1/4 full. Also when I pump the gas I have to do it at 1/4 the normal speed otherwise I get gas all over the place backing to the gas pump. The car runs fine has anyone else had a similiar problem to this? Let me Know Thanks Thomas
  • lou89lou89 Posts: 27
    1998 Catera , 33,000 mi. This problem for years: drive errands make a stop, will not restart. Dash lites, no click. Call AAA, 15 +- min with hood up. Try, it starts. Go to Sears batt ck and ok.Wife car, afraid to drive, so I do; Prob 5 Cad dealers over past- haul in or go in. " need to bring whhen prob exist. Probb short lived to now. # 2 prob--radiator light. Now, about 50-75 mi lite on, resivor low from full. Refill with Preston The know me @ Walmart. Never let level below 1/2. Refil l freq has become shorter. Call me very frustrated.Car bought new. Dealers do not appear knowledgeable---"we don't know"
  • lou89lou89 Posts: 27
    Am very curious as to your history with the new found beauty. I have a '98, bought new for my wife. After being stranded several when it would not restart, she now drives my Lexus and I do not blame her : I do not let her. Dealers do not want to deal with this car's problems. Five dealers, on trips and home do not know how to remedy its undependability. I still have this '98 model and it now has 33, 000 miles. Had it State inspected last weel and I heard the Tech call another to come smell thiss '98 , it smell like a new car inside ; always garaged. I would not buy another Caddi--maybe not a GM---another Cimmaron. :lemon:
  • Hi Catera gang! I purchased this car it's actually a "Sport". I love it! It's in excellent condition drives beautifully looks beautiful silver color with black trimming, stone leather seats, multi cd changer in trunk and single cd player in auto....THIS CAR HAS IT ALL TOO MUCH TO MENTION!!! I always get compliments and people do look. I had since Dec. 2009 with no problems. Maybe all quirks got worked out b4 I got it, all I have to do is enjoy it. I bought it from a trusted auto rebuilder who runs a respectable business. I feel SO blessed! Praise God! Thank you Jesus! ;)
  • I've tried to use middle grade and everytime i do the check engine light comes on.
  • hey man,
    i have an 01 catera sport, but i wanted to know what kinds of mods i could do to it. this BMW killer caught my attention because my long time friend and i are BMW nuts. do you have any advice or suggestions, areas of diffuculty?

    thanks for your time
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095

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  • have a '98 Cadillac Catera;bought 2 years ago and it has served me well; but have always had a problem with her getting hot and she finally blew the head gasket, I think; is it worth the money to repair her or just junk her? please help
  • Problem Having trouble getting the key out the ignition when im done driving. i just put it in gear then in park 3-3 time and it would advance to the off position to take key out. Today after about 10 -15 times i used hand force to turn to off position and took key out.Put key back in and turned to start position and nothing happens. car now useless. is this kind of the same problem? I just got laid off yesterday and well u can imagine.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Unless you can get a replacement engine cheaply from an auto wreckers, I would dump the Caddy. Caddy's are sink holes for money. Your problems would continue in the future even after replacing the engine. Good luck.
  • I just got my 2000 Cadillac Catera about 4 months ago, it had 91,800 miles on it, i paid 5,800 for my Cadillac Catera, in very good condition, ok... first 3 months no problems... them the timing belt broke... 96,000 miles... i had it towed to the dealership cost 278.00 4 days later the coolant light came on... back to the dealership, they told me that my hose had a leak to the coolant jug, had it fixed 53.00, I wonder what will be next, i really enjoy driving the car, I did get an extended warranty for 100.000 miles are 5 years when i brought the used Catera, but i do half to pay 100.00 deductible for any brake downs... plus i get road side tow & rent a car on the warranty in case of a brake down for only 122.50 a month for 18 months... i plan to keep the car for at lease 2 to 3 years, maybe longer it all depends on the car, after reading some of the bad stories about the car, I'm afraid to drive it long term!...
  • Up date, I had to get rid of the caddy, every 2 weeks their was something wrong this car, the dealership told me that they was going to get me another car... never didn't happen, the only thing they did was give me the run around... but they did let me out of the contract, so I gave the caddy back... I would say that I lost a round 3000.000 dollars trying to fix this car, so I just cut my lost, an move on, you win some, you lose some, never buy a Cadillac catera, run for you life!...
  • lou89lou89 Posts: 27
    what year was your, if you will pardon the expression, Catera? The milage? I presume you bought from a Caddilac dealer, and the loss you took was from repairsor discounted refund of you payment.
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