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  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    16 Hyundais would have to be a record! The dealership is a multiline outfit that happens to carry the various brands that met our needs over the years.


    And you just keep shopping the way that works for you. What works for me is not for everyone, as my Dad was an auto broker at the time we first dealt with this dealership. So, first car we bought from them we established that I could go out of town and buy the car at cost, real cost, but that I was willing for them to make a reasonable profit so that they would stay in business to handle any warranty type issues. I do most all of my own maintenance and repairs.


    Here where I live there is a dirth of really good dealers, and a lot of screamer ad, no credit, no problem, outfits that feed on the guppies coming out of U.T. You would not believe some of the horror stories I have heard from the youngsters coming into the work force.


    But, today is Christmas. We have had a wonderful morning with the kids, will be sharing Christmas dinner with good friends, and I had time and opportunity to visit here with a long time contributor. Life is good.


    The very best to you and all the cohorts here on the board.


  • Maybe Cdallen will just go on over to the Porsche dealer and "git 'er done"
  • "...and the bit you post on all the boards here about your success.."


    In the words of Donald Trump, "If you don't tell people about your success, they probably wont know about it."


    (Trump, How to Get Rich: Big deals from the star of The Apprentice)
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    trump should write a book on how to run a business into bankruptcy multiple times while suckering the banks to give him millions to keep it all aloat...that takes alot more talent than doing it the wharton way.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,607
    Yeah.. but, he is still stuck with that hair..


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  • jglackinjglackin Posts: 164
    Problem is, people here come here for one reason. Cars. You'll never hear those of us in the business talk about what a great month we had, or how rich we are. Leave it out. Cars.


    My greater point is...You seem, from your writing style only, to be mature. Let your maturity stand on its own when shopping for a car, whether it be a $2000 used car, or an $80000 new one. I know that I would consider a buyer of ANY age more serious if they presented themselves in a mature manner than if they came into the showroom touting their success.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,607
    A lot of personal advice there...


    For a website devoted to cars, I mean.. lol


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • You're absolutely right. I only included the Trump statement as a joke...Sorry if I have seemed to be bragging about my business.


    Anyways, I have had some horrible experiences with car dealers, and mostly because of the small town where I grew up and the no-name dealerships in it.


    I am absolutely sure that upscale, more reputable dealers like Park Place, Boardwalk, or Millennium Motors would never treat anyone in that manner no matter how young or old they were.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Don't count your chickens......


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  • steine13steine13 Posts: 2,562
    "I am absolutely sure that upscale, more reputable dealers like Park Place, Boardwalk, or Millennium Motors would never treat anyone in that manner no matter how young or old they were."


    Oh man... and just when the "Inconsiderate Salespeople" thread has been closed...


    This ought to be good.


  • About 8 or 9 years ago, I was at Rahal Toyota/Lexus/Mercedes with my grandfather. We were there to pick up a couple of Tacomas for Dealer Exchange. While grandpa was in the office dealing with the papers I was on the floor looking at a beautiful SL600 convertible, black on black. An older gentle man came up to me an said I could have it for 90K cash OTD, sticker was 120K plus. His attitude was quite pleasant and had no assuming aire to it. We talked a few minutes, and he found that I knew what the car was and such.


     I asked him why he even gave me the time of day, his this day and age with kids(remember he was of the silver hair generation) being pop stars or tv/movies, you never know when one of them may be in your dealership looking at your cars. Said those that don't recognize that won't make the sales.


    I guess he made those sales. He saw the change coming, and when they "moved his cheese", he adapted and overcame.


    Just my own 2 pfennigs worth
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Hope everyone has a safe and fun night tonight.


    Happy New Year!!!!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    That's a lot of writing for a post that's going to be quickly deleted!
  • Just wondering how you can predict the longevity of a post...
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    Although, when you write a lenghty post without breaking it into paragraphs it makes it very difficult to read.


    It's against the rules to post names of salespeople in these forums and you have done that seveal times. That will get your posts deleted.
  • Ed Morse Cadillac in Tampa FL.


    I have bought 3 (all used - I can't afford a new Cadillac) cars from the same salesman. He's a patient chap and the entire dealership is not into the pressure cooker atmoshpere that a lot of the import dealers are. They do have their pricing in mind, but so did I all three times. Who I also liked was the sales manager(s). They were both down to earth, ran carfax reports on cars for me as well as GM vehicle histories and summaries - for many cars, several of which were not even on their lot!!!


    1st car (5 yrs ago - a 1995 Fleetwood Brougham with 70,000 miles) I had been looking for either a Fleetwood or a Roadmaster, had seen a few but hadn't found "the one". Finally two showed up at Ed Morse at the same time. One had a "fake convertible top" (on a car that had a factory padded roof - what WERE they thinking?), and some "vouge" wheels It was the same color as my LeSabre though, so I considered it. For about 10 seconds until I saw the black one, with factory chrome wheels and no fake top (it had the factory padded top, which is fine by me).


    We test drove it - I went with the salesman, my wife was still at work. We nearly ran it out of gas on a back road but we made to a gas station. Fortunately I didn't burn out the fuel pump. I liked it (it reminded me of my old black 1970 Fleetwood Brougham). So I went to work with them on price. It took about 2 days, which they needed to fix what "grandpa" (the 1st owner) did to the right side when he must have nearly torn the mirror off coming out of his garage. I worked about 2800 off with trade and the car price itself (my LeSabre was 8 years old with 175,000 miles on it). The F&I guy sold me a GMPP, not a bad thing, but the car didn't start acting up until it had about 120,000 miles - I guess I should be happy about that!


    The salesman went to another Cadillac dealership, where I ran into him because our car club meets there. I told him THREE YEARS AGO that I was looking for a late model 1999 or later ElDorado with a convertible top conversion (a real convertible).


    It took three years, but this past August, (he was back at Ed Morse now) he finally got one in on trade (for an $$$XLR) and he called me. He probably could have called a half dozen others but he didn't, even though, he knew that I would be going over the car with a fine tooth comb. I knew that the dealership could have sold that car in three days without doing ANY additional repairs or servicing which this guy knew that I would demand. So I thank him for that.


    And man were there some service items that needed taking care of! First, my wife didn't like the vouge wheels & tires, and neither did I. The sales mgr agreed to switch them out for brand new factory chrome wheels for the correct year along with 4 new michelins (with whitewalls!). I agreed, the vouges probably cost more but were 4 years old, while the vouge tires were nearly new, but were just too unnappealing to us. I also noticed the remote trunk release was not working, they troubleshot that for me. When we opened the trunk, it was VERY dank, bad trunk seal, they ended up replacing the entire trunk lining and spare tire jack kit, etc. The car didn't have the Bose stereo, so the salesman got me the 12 disk trunk CD changer installed for a mere $30.00 (that was the only cash I laid out on this car). I got the parts guy to sell me the changer for over two hundred less than "retail". They replaced the battery with a new ACDELCO unit and had the inside door panel inserts replaced (they were loose).


    This all had an impact on the price (i.e., I was not able to squeeze it as low as I could have otherwise), but they could have sold this car to anyone for more than what I ended up paying for it without doing any of the above. The F&I guy tried to sucker me on rates, quoting too high then coming down in 2 minutes when I told him I had that rate beat, so I called USAA and beat his "new better" rate by another 0.5%, but he wasn't unpleasant about it. I was just not in to mood to use dealer financing when USAA came up with better rates anyway. I ended up rejecting a toilet paper quality non-GM "warranty".


    Then after my wife CRASHES the Eldorado (with a motorcycle, no structural damage, but $11,000.00 in new hood, bumper, fender, airbags, windshield, etc., etc., etc.) later, SHE WON'T DRIVE THE CAR! She's driving my Fleetwood (into the ground 60-80 miles per day), so I say "sweetie, lets get you another car, say a late model DeVille or maybe a Seville". "Too big" she says, so we look for a Catera, not a good idea the parts and service folks tell me, but I'm not listening; she "fits" a Catera better than a CTS (we test drove both) but I give up after 2 months being unable to find one with the options I wanted and the right color, not to mention some ludicrisly priced "internet" vehicles.


    So we decide maybe a CTS would be OK. Good choice. Now back to the search. Finally find a few; more reports, carfaxes, test drives, the salesman is patient. New years eve, I had him and the sales mgr there until 7:30pm, when we all agreed, that none of the cars we were looking at that night really fit our needs. Three days later, I finally settle on 1 of 3 choices 1 with an 2 without NAV system all with 3K-9K miles.


    We were originally NOT wanting the NAV system, but then the salesman tells me the new 2005s can play DVD movies. I told him (while sitting in the saales mgr's office negotioaing over a car without NAV) to tell that to my wife (who was out sitting in our Eldorado). She agrees on the one with NAV system, which I price down, in 30 seconds, almost 2,000 LOWER than the one without the NAV system (about 6,000 more miles on this one, but still less than 10K miles on it.). End of deal, I already had the bank financing wrapped up. I told them, it didn't need any work except for a front plate bracket, and that I'd be back in the morning to sign.


    Signing took about 5 minutes the next day and my wife has one of the baddest rides around with a effective 5.5 year, 91,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. My only misgiving was I didn't want another black car, and if I did, then I would have opted for the two tone grey interior, not the silly "lt neutral", but then again the "used car factory" didn't have one in stock, and she's ok with the black color and prefers the silly neutral interior. I'm not going to clean it for her!


    So kudos to the relaxed folks at Ed Morse Cadillac in Tampa for being real people.


    Now I'm done car buying for I hope at least 6 years - unless the used car factory comes up with a 1992 Brougham with the 5.7 litre engine, leather seats, d'Elegance package and factory CD player (and guess what - I saw one in the club's monthly mag today oh oh)...
  • BTW, I know about the "no person's names rule" but I thought that I saw other posts with names allowed in this forum. It must have been one of the other forums, and not this one. Anyway I reposted with no names, a few extra paragraph breaks and some grammatical corrections.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    is Ed Morse an AutoNation store?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    They get shills here once in awhile promoting themselves by telling the world got great their salesperson was.
  • And I'm not a shill, just an American who can appreciate good technical engineering over the years when I see it.


    And Ed Morse isn't perfect either, their $500 doc fee is somthing that takes patience and a firm resolve to deal with and their service labor rates are sky high. (I guess they think all their customers have money growing on trees.) Their salesman however was and is a regular guy (who's wife is recovering from cancer btw) who has the patience to put up with an "engineer type" (as per your own description) like me who is pretty exacting and not overly tolerant of illogical behaviour in others.


    And lastly, I don't work for Cadillac, GM or any part of the auto industry. I could tell you about my work, but that's TOP SECRET and (you know the rest of that punch line...)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let me make a note to help clarify a couple of things I just read ...


    Yeah, you might see salesfolks names posted in some places - usually that means that the host just hasn't seen that message yet.


    If you read the "Rules of the Road" linked at the top of these pages, you'll see exactly what is allowed and not allowed when posting about dealerships - posting names of salespersons is off-limits. It doesn't matter what forum you are in; this is true in all of our forums.


    If you have reason to think a host has missed an inappropriate message - which is always possible, we have a lot to read in a short period of time - just drop the host an email and it will be handled very quickly.
  • The Ballad of the Lonely Car Buyer

    Some would say
    Price Doesn’t Matter.
    You really like the car
    Then cut out the chatter.

    On the other hand, I
    Think it’s quite fair
    To get the best price
    The market will bear.

    After all, our host (Edmunds)
    Exists to Provide Cost
    Without its help, we might
    All be lost.

    So, get the best deal,
    Wherever you go,
    And don’t be ashamed to
    Show them you know.

    The difference between invoice
    And Manufacturers Price.
    Don’t worry at all if they
    Think you’re not nice.

    All’s fair in love and car buying
    If you don’t watch your wallet,
    You may end up crying.

    Cause you had to rush over
    To draw from your bank.
    And now you lack money
    To fill up your tank.
  • boomchekboomchek Vancouver, BC, CanadaPosts: 5,314
    hi everyone, after a 4 month absence i'm back. good to see some familiar names in here

    2007 BMW 328i Sports Pkg

  • Just wanted to let prospective Honda buyers know that Brewster Honda in Brewster New York was committed to making my 05 Honda CR-V SE purchase a pleasant experience.... and the internet salesman was very accomodating, coming in on his day off to close the deal personally. The car was in perfect condition and the salesman and the rest of the Brewster Honda staff were friendly and professional.

    Kudos to Brewster Honda :) for making my CR-V purchase experience so pleasant!!

    Jeers to Lia Honda in Albany :mad: for a horrible customer service experience... you need refresher training on how to treat a customer properly....

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Welcome back, boomchek. Glad to see you here too.

    gr8smile1966, congratulations, and glad you had a great experience. Thanks for also sharing details in our CR-V pricing discussion. Hopefully some of our other members who are Honda shopping will benefit.


    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

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  • purplebugpurplebug Posts: 24
    I did it, I orderd my purple baby!!!! Had to have a cigarette and a smoke afterwards, but it was well worth it. Didn't do much negotiation as the final OTD was well withing my range. There were a few riduclous charges in the contract, but hey, let them have cake and ice cream. This also may be a pipe dream as we did not talk financing. I said that I would do it through Chrysler, so I got some nice rebates. Do not know if financing will be this easy,(did the ordering after banks were closed). But I am real comfortable around financing contracts so am not worried. Worse comes to worse, do it through somebody else.

    I think that I was a nice customer, asked questions, he (saelsperson) was waiting for me to sign, I replied "still reading". He laughed, but was patient with me. Nice guy. Big up to Bigelow Motors in Belleville, NJ.

    You guys had me so worried, I didn't see any of those weird charges that you all mentioned. Maybe it will be different from the financing, but I already checked with NJ DMV on fees and found that they did not screw me. Now the true wait begins.

    Thank you all for the advice!!!
  • bryanbryan Northern VAPosts: 217
    Cigarette and a smoke afterwards--that must have been something to see! ;) Congrats on your new ride--hope you enjoy many many happy miles.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    People had you scared about mysterious fees that only one in a hundred dealers actually charge. It sounds like you found a good reputable dealership with honest personnel. That is the norm in this business, even though most people will tell you otherwise. Congratulations and I hope you like your car as much as you should.
  • Hello ladypilot, this is Geri Sweet and I want to thank you for the compliment! However, I have no idea who you are and am dying of curiosity to figure it out! Keep in touch with me if you can!
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You are replying to a post from 2002, so it is likely that you won't get a response.
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