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Toyota Tundra Accessories and Modifications



  • fisher3fisher3 Posts: 1
    What can be done to increase the MPG on my 2004 V8 tundra ? Would buying one of the modules for $300 which you plug into the dianostic port really help ? I 've heard that they will increase your milage by 3 MPG .
  • haulin79haulin79 Posts: 7
    Last month a friend of mine put on an Outlaw Power intake system on his 2006 Tundra. He said he got a solid 1 mpg increase in mileage.

    His Tundra intake is this one:
  • sc_mikesc_mike Posts: 5
    I replaced the factory paper element in the air breather with a K&N filter, just the element, and got a 1 mpg inprovement. Later, I replaced the muffler with a FlowMaster 70 series, saw no mpg improvement but it has a slight rumble as I cruise not loud at all. I have been getting 17.5 mpg mixed driving and higher on the highway... my mileage isnt bad at all.
  • sc_mikesc_mike Posts: 5
    Mine is a 2006 double cab with the 4.7 running 89 octane with 17'' wheels... still 18.5 mpg at times on the highway with 11k miles average it 17.5
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 149
    Does Toyota make any DoubleCab Tundra's with front bench seat? The spec on Toyota's website indicate this as an available option, but I had dealers telling me it's not available. Can anyone help shed some light on this? I would love to get a Tundra but need to seat 6 every once in a while. Thanks.
  • Going to purchase a tundra with the xsp-3 package next tuesday Aug.8 The truck will be white 4x2 ordered with no bedliner(want spray on) Just wondering what anyone with the xsp-3 package has paid. The owner of the dealership is a friend of my fathers and but I still have done my homework and have the local other dealers down to 28,500 Out the door. How much less if any should I pay? Any ideas? Any response will be appreciated. You can e-mail me also at
  • I would buy the K & N filter, probably will not notice any real change. I would not buy a cold air induction kit they are a waste of money. Your stock filter box is insulated and pulls cold air from the fender well which is what you want. I have an 04 double cab with a K & N filter and am happy with it. I get around 17.5 mpg on both freeway and and intown driving. Hope this helps.
  • willom3willom3 Posts: 1
    Yes, Toyota does make a front bench seat for the DoubleCab. I have driven one. Unfortunately they are in 1 out of about 400 trucks, so they are hard to find. Depending on what area of the country you are in, that Port may not ever request any that way. So what your dealer may be telling you is that that region never gets any, but Yes Toyota makes them. Below is the dealership where I drove one. When searching, under Step 4 Accessories, choose 60/40 split cloth ...
  • dave242dave242 Posts: 1
    I don't know how many people feel the same way that I do, but I'd like to express my concern over Toyota's (and many other manufacturers) trend toward having expensive to replace and repair security features installed on new vehicles without offering buyers the option of NOT getting them. We recently purchased a new Camry that my wife wanted and found out at the dealership that it could not be purchased without the expensive "chip in a key" security system and that the system could not be removed or disabled after the purchase.

    I realize that there are some folks that like having the fancy (expensive) keys, security system and engine immobilizer but my conplaint is that they should be optional equipment and not STANDARD. I wonder how many other people fell that paying $90.00 (+ a visit to the dealership and their fees added) dollars is too much for a replacement car key. Likewise for the "fob" for remotely opening the door. It's nice that they offer it but for those of us that don't really have a problem with using a key to open the door, they should offer a standard key.

    The dealer said that this was being fostered by the insurance companies and that without it, the rates would be much higher, but my experience was that trading in a vehicle without a security system for one that did have one installed didn't make a noticable difference in the insurance rate so I say THAT is a bogus claim!

    So WHY Toyota, don't you offer such things as "optioal equipment" and allow those of us who don't want it or the associated expense buy a car or truck without a fancy electronic key?

    Don't get me wrong I have been a Toyota customer for several decades, but I am getting fed up with being forced to buy a car that has features that I don't want.

    So how about it... Is there anyone else out there that is tired of paying a lot of money for something they didn't want?
  • I do not know what kind of module you are talking about but you cannot buy a module or chip for a Tundra. Hypertech or Jet performance will reprogram your computer module for a fee of $400. I have an 04 double cab and I am getting 17.5 mpg based on a combination of city and hwy driving.
  • Anyone with experience with tundra and small truck camper on back? The issue seems to be payload and not towing. The 4x2 v8 access cab has about the most at 1800 lbs. Start with empty low profile camper 1300lbs, add fluids [water gas lp] for 200, people and small dogs [180,140, 30+20] for 370 and you are 70 lbs over without food, fishin/camping gear. The off road gives upgraded shocks but that is not rated. Are any extra shocks or leaves needed? thanks for thoughts and happy trails!
  • The other day I read that if you remove the bottom half or the breather box, cut the extended piece off the intake tube that goes into the fender it will enhance performance. I noticed better throttle response and better towing performance. This is with a K&N air filter and Flowmaster 70 series muffler. Anyone else had any experiences like this?
  • Hello,

    I'm a new guy here with a question. I'm looking for step-by-step procedure how to install the auto-dimming rear-view mirror with compass and temperature on 2005 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. Thanks in advance.
  • Does anybody know what is involved in adding overfenders to a truck that doesn't have them? Do you have to drill holes in the sheet metal or is it just attached inside the wheel well. Thanks.
  • I cannot locate a set of towing mirrors. I really want a nice set of mirrors. I would like to see better to the rear.
  • You can try searching for accessories on the Toyota website. Any specification on exactly what kind of towing mirror you need?

    2005 Toyota Tundra Accesorios - Tundra 4x2 06 Catalog by Toyota Motors
  • teach45teach45 Posts: 4
    I just imported a 2005 Toyota Tundra 4WD W/O DRL's into Saskatchewan, Canada. DRL's are mandatory and I am trying to find the easiest method to install them to pass our Federal Inspection for imported vehicles. Does anyone know of a supplier that mkes a DRL conversion module? Another method is to obtain a wiring schematic for this truck and wire it myself( I am some what of a do-it-yourself guy) but can't get the diagram w/o paying some online company $$$ and then not sure if it's the right diagram. Any assistance is welcome. Thanks
  • dmorrelldmorrell Posts: 2
    Has anyone found a dash kit for a 2007 Tundra to replace the factory stereo?

    Also, I am looking for a camper tie down kit. Anyone had any luck finding any?
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    Just fyi, yes the insurance on the vehicle will be less, but not in the way that it was explained to you, so the guy was only partially correct in how he explained it.
    One of the components in establishing insurance rates is to determine the type of and number of instances of vehicle accidents, damages, theft, etc.
    If a particular model of car is stolen frequently, the "overall" insurance rate for that vehicle is considerably higher. You are correct to say that the difference between one car with and one without is small -- that is a result of there being a small component of that "mix" being attributed to individual vehicles.
    But there is no doubt that you would be paying considerably more for your vehicle if this system was not in place. It just isn't reflected entirely in the difference on individual models as it is mostly on the entire model lineup itself.
    I hope that sufficiently explained it for you!
  • dssnuffydssnuffy Posts: 39
    Anti theft alarm system is an option on all but the Limited model. It is not available on the V6 Regular Cab and Standard on any Limited edition.

    If you don't want the expensive key in the 07 Tundra, you can opt out.

    Hope that helps,

    David "Snuffy" Smith
  • cacoucacou Posts: 2
    I'm in the same situation with two cars I imported from the US. Canadian Tire sells a kit for $25. I thought it looked cheap and not so easy to install, but after searching around for something better, this kit doesn't look so bad.
    Please let me know if you find anything else better.
  • teach45teach45 Posts: 4
    I had my 2005 Toyota Tundra done on Monday,Mar 26, the $25 kit didn't have a resistor to reduce the voltage to the headlights(reduces glare)and wasn't recommended for Toyota vehicles so CT got a more expensive DRL(DRL-1) kit from a parts supplier($75) made by Standard; a much more durable looking kit then the cheap one. Install was easy even tho Toyota vehicles are switched on the ground side rather than the supply side like most GM,Ford and Chrysler/Dailmer vehicles.
    It took about 1.5 hrs(1rst time mech had installed this unit)Cost $125.00 but seems to work fine(truck passed the Fed Inspect and SK safety inspection with flying colors!
  • Go to hids4u web site, they have the best converstion kit and it is bi-xenon and is guaranteed for 2 yrs. Have not had experience but I am sure it will work fine. Hope this helps, Gary
  • joejxijoejxi Posts: 5
    Try I have not used them, but plan to order a drl module for my Chrysler Jxi from them.
    Good luck.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    You could try this:

    Homemade Side Mirror Extensions

    Steve, visiting host
  • To: Teach45/
    I am in a similar situation as you....the $25 DRL Kit at CT did not work on the Tundra...pls advise as to the CT you had this done and who "Standard" is....I can give this to my CT Service Manager to make contact. Thanks
  • For God's sake don't let CT touch the DRL's. I got Toyota to do it. Have heard bad stories of CT screwing up this. Toyota dealer told me that they caused $9000. electrical damage to a Prius and Toyota had to fix it although CT did pay the shot. They also screwed up my buddies Sienna Van and DRL don't work now. Cost might be over $150 though but done right. Regards
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