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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,183
    All of those charges are on the invoice, not the MSRP. Are you negotiating up from the invoice amount? If so, you get what you get...

    Do your research and get a price you are comfortable with, then insist on that price, with no add-ons except tax and license. Anytime you work with Invoice + $XXX, you are subject to whatever the dealer decides is the invoice.



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  • Bought a new 2007 Access Cab Automatic 4x4 with Off road package, 6CD changer, Tow package, Door sill/Carpeted mats. MSRP for my area was 29,210.00. I checked with three different dealers, and did the back and forth thing. Finally got it at 26,474 plus TTL, so I was 28,700 OTD. Not quite as good as I would have liked, but I'm still OK with it. Brought it home Nov. 18th. and I now have 280 miles on it. OH NO, next week I'm going to have to put gas in it, I'm down almost 3/4 of a tank.

    One size does not fit all!!
  • viper2viper2 Posts: 38

    I know this is a little last minute, but I am going to stop by the Toyota dealer tomorrow morning. I am going to be looking at a 2007 Tacoma Prerunner with V6 and auto. What is the money factor and residual for a 3yr/45,000 mile lease? And, is there a security deposit required?


  • I purchased my 2007 Tacoma and it is nice!! I've been wanting to get this truck for a while so I loading with all the options I could get/afford:
    - Dble CAB 4x4 L/B
    - Silver
    - 6 disc JBL sound
    - Curtain Airbags
    - Tow package
    - Exhaust Tip
    - Hood Protector
    - Skid plate
    - Sport pedals
    - Bed Extender
  • Just bought my 2007 PreRunner V6 auto Double Cab 2 weeks ago. Silver Streak (had to be that color), all-weather floor mats, TRD Sport Pkg#1 (comes with the awesome-looking but non-functional hood scoop, limited slip diff, power outlet, etc), towing pkg, and of course Toyoguard Plus, and the stainless steel tube steps for $25,500. I thought that was a pretty decent price all things considered. I love this truck so far, and have added the Toyota hood protector (bolts on in like 10 minutes) and a Lund Genesis tonneau cover. Truck looks really sweet, if I may say so myself, Can't hardly get the wife out from behind the wheel so that I can drive! 2 year-old son loves "his" new truck, as well as "his" new Sienna......
  • I recently purchased 2007 PreRunner V6 auto Double Cab with package E for 22,200$ plus a happy trade-in in Houston area. Hope this will help you to price down you purchase.
  • Just purchased my 4x4 Double Cab TRD Sport Pkg #1:
    All options expect for side airbags and running lights. The dealer had several Super White Tacomas he was willing to deal on. OTR $27,922.00
    Antwerpen Toyota
    Clarksville, MD
  • Can you guys tell us what your MSRP was and what your stated price includes (including fees)?
  • Recently bought my 2007 PreRunner V6 Double Cab 2wd and before TTL the deal was $23,470. That included the SR5 (SL), tow package, 16" alloy wheels and some cheap Tacoma floor mats. I'm more than happy with the purchase right now as my math tells me that's under invoice. :)

    I still need to figure out a way to mount my Sirius car kit or maybe replace the head unit with one that works with Sirius. In the past, i've made a custom fit mount that fits in one of the available cup holders...I will probably do the same here as the sound system sounds great to me with what it has already (plenty of bass for a stock unit & speakers) and I like having the option of taking it out from time to time. :shades:
  • I used this site to get some advice prior to looking and it helped out huge. I Ended up buying one and here are the details:

    Tampa FL Dealership Purchase In person
    Chrome Step Rails / tubes $500
    Curtain Airbags ($600)
    TRD sport package... (sport interior, hood scoop 17" alloy wheels etc... msrp was like 3k on it)
    6 disc jbl with amp and sub... the disc player and sub are good. the speakers in the doors are bad... will replace those. that was like 550$ msrp.
    All weather mats $(100)
    Tint on windshield and front windows etc... (msrp $150)
    Exhaust tip (the $50 clamp on)
    Daytime Running lamps (40$)
    Tie Downs ????
    Towing package (600 msrp)
    5 yr 60k mile Car Care plan (850$) Pays for oil changes and alignment, tire rotation balancing etc...
    Tires for life. Just ask for it. Demand it.
    100k bumper to bumper warranty. ($1000) prob didnt need it since its a tacoma but purchased it anyways.
    NO TOYOGUARD. They would not take it off the price so I had them find me one without it. I didnt want to pay 600 for it. 25% of tacomas come without it.

    the MSRP on all of this was Just over 30k not including the service plan and warranty.

    I settled for $26,500 Out the door. Then added on the Service plan, which you have to do anyways to keep the tires for life... and the warranty brought the whole thing to Around $28,300 or so. Gas mileage is around 19mpg. I love it. Very solid. Frontier is not even close.
  • I'm about to purchase a Tacoma. Went to to get invoice pricing on the truck and all the options. Dealer near my home agreed to sell the truck at $100 over invoice, and faxed me their invoice today. Their invoice pricing matches's pricing. Now, my questions (thanks in advance to anyone who can share their wisdom):

    1. The dealer has added $422 in labor for items they have to install: running boards, alarm system, hood protector, stainless exhaust tip. Can I likely negotiate this out?

    2. They've also added TDA ($250), Dealer Holdback ($456), and Wholesale Financial Reserve ($228). Can I likely negotiate all of these out as well?

    I live in Southern California. This offer came from Toyota of Rancho Santa Margarita.

    The package includes these items at these invoice prices:
    2007 Double Cab, 4x2, 6' bed ($20,017)
    TRD Sport Package #2 ($2686)
    JBL Stereo System ($420)
    Safety Airbag Curtain System ($559)
    Tow Package ($520)
    Daytime Running Lights ($32)
    Carpet Floor Mats ($126)
    Hood Protector ($77)
    Running Boards, Black ($259)
    Security System ($299)
    Exhaust, Stainless ($38)

    So, assuming I could negotiate out 100% of add-on costs in items 1 & 2 above, the sell price would be $25,033, plus $645 destination, plus tax, license, registration. Would that be a great deal?

    Also, can you recommend other dealers anywhere in Southern California that could offer rock bottom pricing and who operate with business integrity?

    Thanks very much for your advice.
  • I saved about 1800 on my tacoma 06 by just being a costco executive member. its worth looking into. it only costs 100 for the year membership. ask the dealership that your looking at if they do have that program available!!! :shades:(COSTCO AUTOBUYING PROGRAM)
  • Hi, I'm looking to buy a Toyota Tacoma Double cabin long bed with an SR5#2 package can you tell me what would be a good deal out the door.
    I am located on southern california, west Los Angeles county.
    Thanks in advance for your reply and please tell me if you can the dealer that was willing to negotiate.
  • you're the pink in less than a year and had been to the midwest 2x from so cal
  • check with carsdirect and then to carson toyota
  • jschmidtjschmidt Posts: 4
    I just Bought a 2007 Taco 4x2 Reg. cab 2.7 5sp. manual with a/c and styled steel wheels.
    Paid $14500.00 out the door.Tax ,transfer,everything included.I think I got a good deal.I would like to here from oyhers with same truck.First tank of gas 24.6 mpg.mix of city and hwy.
  • dannyboydannyboy Posts: 6
    That is a great price! Where did you but it?

    I am looking for a 2007 Tacoma Access cab, 4 cyl, automatic, with the pre-runner package.I received a quote from the fleet manager at Cavender Toyota(Gary H.) in San Antonio, Tx. for $21,011, tax and title included. No one has comeclose to this price yet. Anyone that has a better deal, let me know.
  • jschmidtjschmidt Posts: 4
    I bought my taco at Toyota of Melbourne in Melbourne Florida. the msrp was 15,980.00. basically I paid 13,500.00 plus tax, title,plates of 1,000.00 for a total of 14,500.00 otd.I just love this truck. 2nd tank of gas 24.3 mpg city/hwy mix. Installed xtang tuff tonneua (235.00) and tinted the glass(87.50) so far.I am going to put a lock on the tailgate (pop n lock) and a cargo divider (toyota) and then I,m done.
  • I am looking at the Access Cab Sport model 4x4 with the 4.0 liter v6. I am negotiating with a dealer and hev been going back and forth with them for a while. I got a good feel from this sales woman so I want to buy the truck from her. She is telling me the lowest they can go from the $29,500 MSRP is $300 below the the invoice price ($26,800) to the tune of $26,500, not including tax and licensing. OTD price would come to around $29,500. Is this a good deal or not? I have negotiated a few cars before but these people seem to be the stiffest. What are some prices that other people have gotten this same model at?

  • gillumgillum Posts: 5
    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to post my deal for others to reference. I got an 07 Prerunner Double Cab with the TRD off road, tow package and mats for 23,300. I'm in TN so it was 25,100 OTD. It is a demo with 4300 miles on it. I was quoted 24,000 before it was known to be a demo. In retrospect, I probably should have been able to get a few hundred more off the price but I'm still happy with the deal. I got them to throw in first service, 2 bike mounts and the 7-4 pin adapter. Thoughts?
  • soamsoam Posts: 1
    Just got mine last week, absolutely love it.

    2007 Tacoma
    Access Cab
    SR5 #2

    This was from a dealer in OKC - I paid $24,200 out the door.

    All done via internet sales, this dealer was one of the few who understand that it's a sales tool and not just a way to get you in the dealership to sell you the traditional way.
  • gillumgillum Posts: 5
    Nice deal Soam; what was the pre TTL price?
  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    I paid the said invoice price of $22,995 at Elk Grove Toyota (Northern California)

    The stunning Indigo Ink Pearl truck has
    *16" alloy wheels
    *door sill protectors
    *towing package
    *SR5 pkg #2
    *fog lights
    *Limited Slip Differential
    *carpeted floor mats

    I added an alarm $670, and the finance guy gave me the 72 month/100,000 mile warranty/oil change package for $1895.

    Out the door, I paid $27,720 (Uncle Sam got $1837)and the rest was licensing fees, etc.

    I love my truck, but have an ongoing problem with the passenger access door. It gets stuck off and on. I only have about 2,200 miles on this truck. The door has been a problem since I purchased it in Dec 2006. It has been in for service 4 or 5 times for this problem, and they still can't figure it out. I am hopeful they can fix it soon. It's hard for them to diagnose it because it's not stuck all the time.

    I am still happy with my Toyota so far. I owned a '98 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Sport 5.9 V8 for 8 years before the Tacoma. My new truck is a little less thirsty at the pump. ; )
    I must say the stereo in the Dodge was far superior to the one in my Taco, but I guess you can't have everything.
  • 1lap2go1lap2go Posts: 2
    I am looking at a Tacoma access cab, 4x4,V6 with maybe the auto trans. The dealer in Des Moines appears to have a very good thing going as he sells them as fast as they come in so I'm getting the impression he doesn't care about getting close to invoice. I asked about getting one that had been turned from a lease. He said if they come in, they don't stay on the lot more then 2 days. He had few to look. As a COSTCO member, I will have to start looking into that real serious like.
  • I am looking at the 4x4 access or crew cab sport. These dealers in AZ are not going below $29k and change out the door. What are some things I can do to get them to lower the price. I want it out the door for no more than $28k.
  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    was Internet Sales.

    Start emailing a few different dealers. Check their inventory online, and find a truck that fits your specifications. This will take a few days to a couple weeks. Get a feel for which dealer really wants your business. Ask in the email what kind of deal they can give you on the truck in question. Don't be shy. Then you play the dealers against each other. Email dealer 2 that dealer 1 will give a Tacoma with X options for whatever $$$$.

    I stated in my emails that I didn't want any phone calls. You really get to see which dealers pressure you, and which ones respect your wishes. When you are ready to buy, see who wants to be there.

    That's my $.02

  • Yeah I sent in a request for quotes on and all I got were a bunch of solicitation calls. I will try to do it that way and see what I can do. What was the original MSRP on your vehicle and were they reluctant to deal with prices via the internet? Right now I have one dealer to about $300 over the invoice not including tax and licensing. Again, I'd like to get the car for about $28,500 OTD, but your deal would be the best case scenario.
  • jorikijoriki Posts: 1
    I just bought my father-in-law a new 2007 Tacoma for $16000 OTD at Fred Anderson Toyota in Durham, NC. This included a $1000 incentive to get to that price. The only options added were all-weather floormats, air conditioning, and they installed cruise control. The dealership said this addition is covered by the 3/36000 warranty since they installed it. According to Edmunds, this is several hundred dollars below invoice and TMV without even adding the cruise control, so I'm happy. I only had 48 hours to make the deal since his last car was totaled. In all, I think I got a decent deal, and I would do business with this dealership again.
  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    Year: 2007
    Make: Toyota
    Model: Tacoma
    Style: PreRunner V6 4dr Access Cab SB (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
    Exterior Color: INDIGO INK
    Interior Color:
    Price: $25,114.00
    Stock Number: xxxxx
    VIN: xxxxx

    They sold it for $23,995 before tax, and license.
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