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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    A dealer who wants your business is not reluctant to work with you on your terms. I found that some were way too pushy, and I wrote them off rather quickly. The dealer that got my business did just as I requested in my emails...*NO Sales Calls*. It's your money, you make the rules. I really recommend looking at the dealer's inventory online if you can. Narrow it down to which truck you like by stock/vin #'s. Just bluntly ask "What kind of deal can you give me on this truck?" That's it. Good luck!

  • How much below invoice did they go? I know it's not how much they got the car for, but we will never know that. The invoice seems to represent a number that they will bottom out on.

    The deal I'm working on now is $300 over invoice. The truck is loaded, but I still think that I should be able to get them to around $28k to $28,500 out the door.
  • jschmidtjschmidt Posts: 4
    Did you get an automatic? What did they charge for the cruise control?
  • 2007 Tacoma PreRunner v6 double cab(4.0L 6cyl)

    Trd Off-Road Package: Offroad Tuned Susp
    V6 Towing Package: 6,500 Lbs. Max Towing
    The Extra Mile Option Package B
    Vehicle Shield Package
    Am/Fm/Cd W/6 Disc Changer, 6 Speakers

    MSRP was $28330 Agreeded $25000 plus TTL if it includes running boards at no additional
    cost. Is the vehicle shield package worth the price? Is this a good deal?
  • 2007 Tacoma 4x4 Double Cab
    Off-rd package
    with towing and automatic

    I'm looking around $26000 for it.
    The problem is, the truck is in a big demand!
  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    I think they tried to sell me something like that. Is that the protection for the paint, and the carpet scotchgard stuff? I didn't get it because I always kept my previous truck (Dodge Ram) clean and waxed and it did fine. I did however buy the extended warranty 7 year/100,000 mile with oil change package for $1850. Either way they make some of that money back from giving you a deal on the truck. These are pure profit for them.
  • I think the vehicle shield is what they like to call the "clear coat protection" or the fancy term for cheap WAX. Either way that sounds like a good deal.

    So I have talked the dealer down to $29k even OTD for the 2007 4x4 automatic Access Cab Sport. The truck IS in high demand, so is this a good deal or should I try to get more out of it? I'm just tired of haggling with these car sales people.
  • cawwiecawwie Posts: 15
    Sounds like a good deal to me. Anyone else? ;)
  • I think its a pretty good deal. I might go get it this weekend and just get it over with. I'm anxious to get into my new Taco!!
  • Hey bud
    toyota dealer is trying to rape you on that, You DONT need that clear coat! Its all BS!!! Dont' even put that stuff on!! I knew a guy that work there once long time ago. It doesn't do anything but to make some money! I hate it when dealer trying to bullsh&t us! They think we are stupid!
  • Oh I'm not gonna let anyone put the clearcoat "protectant" on. All it is is cheap wax. They tried to charge a buddy of mine $450 for tint on a new Tacoma that my buddy bought last month at the dealer. He called me and I told him to not let them touch it!! What's with those jerks trying to make an extra buck after they just made thousands off of the car?

    I know it's a capitalist society and they are in business to make money, but come on. This is a joke. They say they only make a couple hundred off the car, but how in the world do they have these huge, beautiful dealerships and afford to pay all of those slime balls to work? They make way more than we can even imagine on those cars and then turn around and try to pocket a few extra bucks by chraging 200-300% on basic items. I don't mind paying for what I get but these guys really do try to SCAM the customer.

  • My thoughts are dealers are a bunch of scam artist! I dont know how they get away with it. but they do. They dont have laws on how much profit the ymake on cars.

    an co-worker got a Hyhundai Santa Fe. man, if you dont know what you are doing, they will scam you. He had a finance calcutator. So when the time on how much he put down and the monthly payments he had to pay. It went over what he calculated. The dealership changing he charges, and it kept touring out wrong on the monthly payment. So a manager came out shouting. (OK WHO HAS THE CALCULATOR!!!) and the manager looked at the calculator, saying my co-worker was right on the math!
    Them Bastards!
    Before he went into the dealer, he already gotten the qoute from the dealer in the e-mail. So he went in the sales person and they gave him another qoute way higher! then he shows him of the print out. the sales person was like pissed off!! haha
  • Yeah I have heard horror stories much like the one you told. They will do anything to try and sneak in more money.

    I also requested four quotes from and only one dealership returned a real quote. The others said it was necessary to schedule a meeting and come in and speak with them about a quote. I told all three of them to give me a quote or don't bother trying to earn my business. One dealership had a sales rep who thought he could be a smartass and try to get me in there by telling me I didn't know what I wanted. Needless to say the GM found out about the situation and I will never buy or let anyone I know buy a car from there ever again. They just don't know customer service. I know I am only one customer and am a miniscule percentage of the business out there, but I don't think those dealerships lived up to their promises of delivering a quote...NOT THAT HARD TO DO!!!

    Bottom line, they are sneaky and sly and will stop at nothing to squeeze pennies out of the consumer. It's the nature of the business, so we as consumers should stop at nothing to get the best deal we can. It's all supply and demand and if they have an abundance of trucks on their lot, they WILL deal.
  • the problem with Tacoma is, the demand is high. Even with high cost gas and some competitions! they fly right off the lot and they hold their value so well!!!

    I want to get the truck, 4x4 with automatice transmission crew cab, with tow package
    I went to tacoma world to see other people's posts.
    Some people having some problems with, some minor stuff. I hope when i get my, I dont have those issues.

    I am also looking at nissan frontier, but they aren't as cool looking as a tacoma. but nissan is cheaper!!

    I send some e-mails on quick qoutes, some send me back with info
    others want me to come in for an appt!!! F-that! I haven't even start test driving one yet!why do we have to go through pain in the asses to get a vehicle!!!??
  • That's what I'm saying. they want you to come in there and listen to their BS speal. It's rediculous!

    Yeah, the problem with wheeling and dealing with the Tacoma is that they ARE a very popular truck and somebody will be right behind you buying it if you don't. That's the thing that's tricky...getting a good deal with exploiting your tactics and getting the dealer to discredit you as a buyer.

    I have a dealership down to $29K out the door and I think that's a screaming deal for this truck. Fully loaded 4x4 auto with th sport package...I am going to jump all over it as soon as I get rid of my car. I can't wait!!
  • akw52akw52 Posts: 5
    2007 Silver Streak Mica Tacoma Access Cab V6 Automatic with TRD Off-Road, 6CD Changer, Tow package, Floor mats...Dealer Retail $29,600. Edmunds Invoice $26,348. Edmunds FMV $27,159. PAID $25,215.

    Emailed 35 dealers within 200 mile radius of my home and got a bidding war started between the huge volume-pushing dealerships. The key is to be willing to say no to 34 of the 35 bidders. Ended up driving an hour to take delivery, well worth it to save the 4,400.
  • I guess when I want to get the 4x4 crew cab with trd off-rd along with automatic and tow package, i think $26000 would be a great deal for it! Plus, when i get it later of the yr, I think I should able to get it around $25000? what do you guys think?
  • Wow!! That's a screamin' deal! I will have to do that. Was that the first bid that someone gave you or did you have to negotiate with each one of them? Was it a 2007 or what?

    I like the sounds of that deal. I think I might try and do that. I have done it with about 5 dealers, but 3 of them have backed out saying they couldn't beat under $29k. I think it's rediculous.

    What oither tips do you have?
  • Sorry, you stated what year it was in the fault. Was that $25k price the out the door price or the price before TTL? That would be an extra $1000 off of the pruice that I am getting.
  • akw52akw52 Posts: 5
    25,215 plus tags and title. OTD was still under invoice.

    It wasn't the first bid. It took about a week of emails and phone calls with many dealers to get to the right price, but well worth it.
  • akw52akw52 Posts: 5
    Also, at the beginning, make sure they know that you're talking with other dealers. This will force them into giving realistic quotes from the start rather than prancing around ridiculously high quotes. I told all the dealers at the start that if they wanted to earn my business that they better get serious and give me good quotes, beacuse I am dealing wtih 35 other salesmen that want my business just as bad. i made it clear that they knew I would purchase a vehicle within 7 days, so they didnt mess around and delay with non-competitive prices. By telling them that I was dealing with other dealerships, by telling them to get serious with me, and by telling them that I would buy a vehicle within a certain amount of days, it forced the dealers to get realistic and give me competitive offers.
  • Wow! That's a screamin deal! Yeah once I am ready to get a Tacoma, I think I am going to try your theory. It seems like it worked pretty well for you. Any other suggestions? Did any dealers tell you to screw off because you were price shopping? I know some dealers get very sensative and want to call the dealer that you are wanting them to match their quote with.
  • I am planning to buy a prerunner regular cab w/ SR5 Package #1 in the next month or two. I've never bought a new car before, so I've been doing my research.

    I am not going to negotiate at the dealership (I will email or fax).
    I am going to pay cash (I have a check from my insurance company).
    Ignoring Sales tax, I want to know how low I can go without the dealer becoming vindictive. (I am going try to not take up a lot of his time, so it should be relatively painless for both of us).

    The price I am going to offer will be O.T.D., defined as "including all dealer fees, destination charges, title, license, or any other charges required for me to drive away with this car today." (No sales tax for the purposes of this posting)

    Prices of prerun reg cab taco w/ SR5 & destination charges:
    MSRP (Edmunds, Nada, Kelly, Yahoo, Carsdirect): $17,555,
    Invoice (Edmunds, Nada, Kelly, Yahoo): $16,080,

    Suggested prices:
    Edmunds TMV: $17,512
    Carsdirect Price: $16,668

    So, clearly, my O.T.D. is going to be no higher that $16,667.
    I am thinking invoice. Would anybody recommend an offer below invoice for an 2007 model? (It is only april.)
  • akw52akw52 Posts: 5
    The dealers all knew that I was price shopping, but I didn't release the identities of the other dealers who were underbidding each other. That way, a mad dealer couldn't make a call to the lower bidding dealer. Yes some dropped out early, but more because they couldn't compete with the price (smaller dealerships who don't push as much volume can't take as much of a loss on a sale as a big dealer). No one told me to screw off, if anything they said good luck with the other dealer and to enjoy my new Toyota.
  • akw52akw52 Posts: 5
    I would definitely suggest to go below invoice. I just got a 2007 a couple weeks ago for a sale price of $1200 under invoice. OTD was still $200 below invoice.
  • jcarxjcarx Posts: 2
    ">Here in Phoenix AZ dealers say invoice is $25,063 for Tacoma double cab Prerunner sport package
    Today a local dealer
    Dealer wants $25,063 “invoice”
    + Doc fee $369

    Any hints on how much I should offer?
  • hey Jcarx, I'm sure u can get it for $23,000
    But then again, I haven't any research on the prerunner version.
    I'm looking at the crew can 4x4 with automatic and with trd-off-rd. The msrp wants $30000, If i get it for $26000, that would be a great price for me because since the truck is hot in demand!! You have to shop around, but you think you around enough! You have to find more cause a lot of dealers would deal with you, if you are serious on the buy!
  • jcarxjcarx Posts: 2
    Thanks linkfeeney!
    The MSRP on that truck is $27,614
    Dealer "invoice" $25,063
    So you think I can get it for $23,000?
  • Not sure if its a great deal or not:

    2007 Access Tacoma Black grey interior
    TRD Offroad Package
    Towing Package
    Side Rails


    Havent decided on the extended warranty for 1575....They will give me a lower interest rate 5.75 vs 5.79 if I go with it. Worth it? I will be keeping this vehicle forever.....Thanks, Chris
  • h00kupzh00kupz Posts: 1
    I'm pretty sure this is a really good deal:

    2007 Prerunner Regular Cab 2.7L 4 cylinder
    Graphite interior
    SR5 Package

    Sticker: 17,500.00
    Invoice: 16,775.00
    O.T.D. : 15,775.00

    I saw a previous post about $16,778.00 - might want to ask for the extra $1000 off. Also got special financing since yesterday was the last day of the month! 36 months - 1.9APR - total financing charge was only $301!
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