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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    I have no Idea of the taxes in your state but unless they are 8-10% that doesn't seem like a great deal.

    The prices on trucks on in the dumper. Look up a used 07 version of your tacoma on with avg miles. Add about 20% to the trade in price for the price (+ taxes and tags extra) for a new 08 one. This target price may be on the high side, but toyota dealers are good at working this truck for $$$ People are buying 27000 nissan crew cab 4wd se's auto loaded for 20000 or less (+ttl).

    A SE nissan king cab v6 2wd auto with hitch, abs, 2 wheel limited slip may set you back 16500+- with tax/ttl additional and is 2x the truck you are looking at with alloys, best in class towing, luxury interior (compared to example) etc and comparable mpg. With the deals out there and comparable full size v8 silverado "strippers" going for 12000 or less, The concept of paying this for a little steel wheeled vinyl floored 4cyl manual reg cab tacoma doesn't seem very appealing.

    Good luck

    Thought I'd run this by you guys as it's my first brand new purchase. I'm getting a completely basic Tacoma, with the only option being air conditioning.

    Their listed invoice price is $15174, which includes the air conditioning package, silly floormats/spare lock and destination/TDA/holdback/holding fees. I was told I could get this for $15000 even, so with other random fees (dock fee, electronic vehicle registration) and tax/tags I'm at $16720. Then they will apply $1000 cash back, and a $400 recent college graduate rebate making the final out the door price $15320.

    Sound like a good deal?
  • zzyzxzzyzx Posts: 7
    Hi All,

    I'm in the market for a:
    2009 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab 4X2

    CP - Convenience Pkg
    RL - Daytime Running Lights
    WT - Window Tint
    CF - Carpet Mat Set w / Door Sill Protectors
    BM - Ball Mount

    The MSRP on this is: $22,402.00
    Dealer Discount : $858.78

    Sale Price $21,543.22

    There are no rebates for a 2009 Tacoma. I'm in the central Texas market.

    Do I have some more wiggle room for negotiating? It sure looked like lot was full of vehicles :)

  • if you still see the 08 laying around,
    they want to get rid of these bad boys!!!

    $30500K, you should able to get it like $255000

    the 09s are pricey thou... but if you price the truck MSRP like $30800
    [non-permissible content removed] at them until like $26500
  • Two things:

    1) It's an '09 and not yet "distressed" inventory.

    2) It's probably a 4-cyl and because of fuel prices, they are selling very well.

    In SoCal where there are like 60 dealers who all compete, there aren't even any rebates on the remaining '08 4-cyl! Probably because they're all gone. Pop for a V6 and bam! $1500 rebate.

    There's not a large spread between invoice and msrp on the base ac's.

    I would shoot for invoice - $500 over on that particular vehicle.

    Just my opinion.
  • I am looking to do my first lease and I am still a little unsure how to know if I am negotiating a good deal;

    I am between a '08 Tundra and '08 Tacoma;

    I am located in Milwaukee, WI 53227, Tax rate 5.6%, and fall into a Tier 1 credit rating

    The 2008 Tacoma I am looking at is as follows;
    DoubleCab 4x4, Short Bed, TRD Sport Package
    MSRP: $30,375 w/ delivery

    Can anyone tell me what money factor and residual will be on this truck; I'm looking at doing a 3 year/36K mile lease and hoping to walk away with just 1st month, taxes, and registration.

    Let me know what you think the best possible deal I can walk with this truck is. The dealer said they have a $1000 rebate through August and an additional $1500 if I can register it under my business name.

  • My husband and I are looking at the 2008 Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 Automatic. We are in Southern California. What good quotes are people getting in Southern California?
  • cal4cal4 Posts: 14
    I turn my 98 toy in next Friday and Im trying to get into a 2009 Prerunner Access cab 2WD, 4Cy, manual.

    Can any one define the terms used here:

    hold back
    cash back

    My local dealer said he would sell me one at $300 over invoice but it sounds like you can skinned in 4 directions by toyota.


  • FYI....How to buy your next truck/car

    1. Go to Follow the instructions for the vehicle you want. The cost that they show is approximately the cost to the dealer (minus any dealer incentives, holdbacks, etc)

    2. Go to Go to the vehicle you want. The dealer maked-up costs are shown side-by-side with the actual cost to the dealer (minus any dealer incentives, holdbacks, etc).

    3. You could also purchase a new vehicle report from Consumer Reports. It will show the maked-up dealer costs as well as the actual cost to the dealer. This report will also show you the dealer holdbacks and any known dealer incentives.

    I tried all three to see how close they were to the vehicle I'm looking at. Surprisingly they all were within a couple hundred dollars of one another.

    The methods above are all great ways to understand approximately what the dealer pays for the vehicle, and make sure your getting a reasonable deal.

    Good Luck, and have fun with it.
  • I just purchased a new '08 Tacoma yesterday. Raventoes's advice is on target but I would add a few things:

    1) Know what the vehicle you want is worth. I used the TMV from Edmunds as my reference, as it appears to be an attempt to determine the market price rather than the sticker price, but I cross-checked that value against Kelly Blue Book.

    2) Decide whether you're in love with the car or determined to pay a fair price. If you're in love with the car, pay the sticker price and save yourself time and hassle. If you're determined to pay a fair price, get a couple of quotes then stand your ground. Especially in today's environment, the dealer wants to make a sale at least as much as you want to buy. Be prepared to walk out and do so if the dealer refuses to meet you, or at least get pretty close. In our case, I was ready to split a $400 difference but then the "manager refused". At that point, it was my price or no deal. When they finally realized we were serious about getting our price rather than theirs, they blinked.

    3) A fair price is likely to be closer to the invoice price than to the sticker, depending on the model. If it's a slow selling model or a year-end close-out, you may be able to do a little better. If the economy is strong or the car is hot, be prepared to pay more. If your objective is to get a vehicle for well under the invoice price, it's my opinion you're probably wasting your time. Generally speaking, the dealer has to do better than break even and it is highly doubtful they will sell below their real cost.

    4) Read link title to understand the dealer's thought process and the game you'll have to play once inside the dealership. Remember that the sales teams job is to make the largest possible profit for their employer (the dealer). Your job is to limit the dealer's profit to a reasonable level

    5) Remember point number 2. If you're really in love with the car, they win. We knew what we wanted and had a very satisfactory, low mileage, used vehicle lined up to see two blocks away, so we were not bluffing when we walked out. We essentially paid the invoice price less a nice cash-back incentive on a brand new vehicle. Other than the color, which I mostly could care less about, we're very pleased with our purchase, too.

    6) Also, be calm and polite but firm. No sense getting an ulcer or a heart attack. They probably hear people scream and shout all the time. They're used to rejection. Just keep telling them over and over again that you've done your research and the price you've offered is a price you think is fair.
  • robtacorobtaco Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2008 Dbl Cab Long Bed Taco, Blue, SR5#2, two weeks ago. I live north of Boston. I bought at IRA manchester..

    I negotiated over the web entirely until I found the right price/deal.
    Invoice from Edmunds is $25575, with the clearance cash back my final price was
    $24468, plus TTL and their dam doc fee ($290).

    I feel like it was a good deal and the time was right. There were very, very few DblCab Long beds left and most dealers didn't have any, so a bit of searching on my part and finding the ones that were left dictated the dealers to call/email. Oddly, I did find a DblCab/Longbed without the sr5#2 (totally base!), but the dealer thought they were sitting on a gold mine, so I bought the sr5 instead for about $400 more than what they wanted for the base model.

    I did buy the 100k mile warranty for $1400 so they may have got some of my savings back. I was a bit peeved over that because I got the hard sell and wasn't prepared for it. I thought to myself... 'why do I need to see the business manager, we've already got a deal???'. Anyways, perhaps I could have saved a few hundred on that, but I don't feel I got totally sharked.

    ps a few weeks before the absolute best deal I could find was $26k...
  • cal4cal4 Posts: 14
    TTL is the tax/title and licence so wha tis the doc fee?
  • robtacorobtaco Posts: 2
    well... i'm not sure its legitimate, but most dealers do it. Maybe its a northeast thing?
    its fluff basically. I think by law they have to retain documentation for so many years, so its just another way to get a few bucks...
  • a doc fee is nothing more than pure profit. some states are capped at what they can charge, and others are not. if it's relatively small, like in ca ($55 cap), nobody argues with that, especially when you get them to sell you a vehicle at or below invoice. however, anything more than about $75 is absurd and should be negotiated. some states, aahhemm... florida.... aahhhemm, are known for their outrageous doc/process fees, sometimes in excess of $600!

    best advice: just take into account how much it is in the grand spectrum of your entire deal. if you were able to negotiate a price well below invoice in which they dipped well into their holdback, then maybe letting them make $100 in the form of a doc fee would be alright.
  • If you recently purchased a Tacoma, please post the trim and options, MSRP price, the sale price and the drive out price.

    It's incredible that there are so few posts on tacomas considering they are very popular. I've used the edmunds price paid forums to get a great deal on my wife's 2008 accord and just wish I could do the same for a new tacoma. If I buy a tacoma, I'll post my sale price to hopefully help others negociate better.
  • I just totaled my 2003 Taco (171k miles), so I am i the market for a new '08 or '09. I live in NJ, and plan to buy within the next week or so.

    I will be looking for a 4wd, 6cyl, access cab with the SR5 package. Color is important, with Pyrite Mica being my first choice and Black being the second.

    Couple of Questions:
    1. Would it make sense to wait until after 09/30 to see what new offers Toyota puts out for the Tacomas (currently only specials on the '09 DC and the '08 models (if any are left))

    2. Do you think there is any inventory of 08's left? I am really interested in the Pyrite Mica color, but something tells me it will be difficult to find. I would settle for Black if the Pyrite Mica is not an option, but again, not sure what the 08 selection is like in Central Jersey.

    3. What should I expect to pay for an '09? Are the trucks selling so well that the dealers are not backing down? I see the TMV for my area is $26,401, while the MSRP is $26,655. $200 below MSRP is not a good deal. FYI, the invoice is listed at $24,491. Again, are these selling so well that I can really expect to pay almost MSRP?

  • cal4cal4 Posts: 14
    i would wait untill the new incentives come out Oct. 1+-. I have cast around Ohio and Indiana the past month for a 09 and ever dealer I conatacted would except a $300 over invoice offer.
    Wish you were closer to me. I need a few parts off a Tacoma going to the crusher/junk yard that would never be missed.
  • Thanks for the response, Cal4. I hope you are right and what you heard ($300 over invoice) is more accurate than the Edmunds TMV price.. Any idea as to the '08 inventory, or were you just looking for an '09? I think I will take your advice and wait until 10/1.

    Thanks again!
  • I'm looking at an '08 Tacoma double cab, 2wd. sticker was $26749.00.
    It's marked down to $24002.00. Now with $2500 cash back that would be a good price at $21502.00 plus doc fees, tax and title.
    I'm still thinking about waiting to order an '09 double cab LWB. I like some of the new options and colors.
    I'm in Georgia.
  • mtrialsmmtrialsm Posts: 159
    Retail price $27184.00
    sale price $25000.00
    minus $1000.00 rebate.
    plus tax and fees.
  • Was wondering where you purchased your '08 Tacoma in Syracuse, New York.....thanks alot!
  • I heard dealer cost is 5% off invoice. Does anyone know if that is accurate?
  • October 25, 2008, I purchased a base model 09 Tacoma 4 cyl. access cab, automatic. Sticker was over $22,000. I paid around $18,800, then with fees and taxes, total was right around $20,000. Does anyone know if this was a good deal?
  • You state $1000.00 rebate on an 09 Tacoma. I assume this is from Toyota, all i've seen is $500.00 rebate. What pkg. did you get on your Tacoma? I'm looking at an 09 dlb cab swb, SR5 pkg. 2 (JBL), alum, wheels, tow pkg & day running lights. I've been quoted $24,4000.00 from my ins. co.
  • mtrialsmmtrialsm Posts: 159
    Looks like I got lucky on my '09 Tacoma. In Oct the rebate was $1000.00.
    I think it's lower now.
  • I just purchased a 2009 Tacoma 2wd 4cyl Access Cab with the SR5 package.

    MSRP was about 22,500.

    I paid 19,400 with the 2.9 percent financing from Toyota.

    The price was 18,900 without the financing.
  • Left-over '08, stripper truck with no options. No Financing and no trade in.

    Indigo Ink/Gray.

    $18,402 plus tax and tags. Sticker was about $23,500

    Gotta love Fitzmall!
  • I have a deal pending on an 06 Toyota Tacoma DBL cab SR5 Prerunner that was a lease return with 33000 miles. Priced at 16,500 plus TTL. It appears to be in real good shape and has new tires and a few extras. Does this sound like a good deal??? My first venture into the Toyota market so I am not exactly sure of true value .. especially in this market. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
    PS Why would this vehicle have brand new tires at 33K miles do you think? How long do the original tires usually last?
  • I'm looking at a 09 tacoma dbl cab reg bed SR5 prerunner w/JBL audio system My local dealer in the Gulf States area tells me the JBL is only available w/TRD pkg. Toyota & other web sites says i can get it w/out the TRD. Does anyone know for sure?
  • Your dealer is misleading you regarding JBL audio. I just bought a 09 Tacoma 4X2 (short Bed) with SR5 Package #2 with JBL audio (CD changer with 6 speakers, Bluetooth, backup camera), daylight running light, Towing package for $25790 (out the door). I am around Los Angeles area.
  • Dave, try the internet department at Cavender Toyota in San Antonio. I have purchased 4 Toyotas from them and they always had the best price in Central TX.
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