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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • I bought a 4x4 v6 access cab yesterday with the following options EV, OC, TO, and CF. Sticker was 30,764. After using my Costco membership to get my price down to 550 below invoice price which was 27690, then the 1k for the current rebate to 26690. I then negociated the price of my 1993 Camry SE V6 from 400 to 1500 so I would do the deal. My final price with deal fees was 25744.

    After tax, title, licence, adding the 7yr 100k warranty for 1395, 395 for the plastic paint cover they put on the front of the car, and another 395 for the security system I was out the door at 30175. Which I think was a pretty smoking deal.
  • I just bought a tacoma for the first time, I purchased a DB-CAB Long bed Pre-runner V6 Auto for $22,000.00, MSRP was $25,384.00. I got a lot lower pricing on my 2008 Sequoia but they were not selling, I understand that tacomas hold their value very well. Anyway, I did buy it at 13.33% below MSRP and invoice is $21,994.00.
  • is this way out of line:

    4x4 v6 access SR5 for 23,500
    4x4 v6 TRD Sport for 25,500

  • might be able to answer your question better if you gave us an idea of what each vehicle lists at. i know approx how much of a spread their is between msrp and invoice w/o even looking, but w/o knowing a full retail price that includes all the options, i can't tell you whether those prices are good or not. let me know, and i'd be glad to give you my opinion.
  • kirby78kirby78 Posts: 2
    Would the below offer be reasonable? I have been trying to do some research but the best offer I have received on this vehicle so far is around 26746.02

    2009 Tacoma access cab /speedway blue/ automatic/ 4wd/ with SR5 package
    MSRP =$25,475.00
    Invoice =$23,626.00

    SR5 package

    Destination Charge (From above, used here to match MSRP sticker only) + $745.00
    Factory Holdback (Paid To Dealer By Factory After Car Is Sold) - $550.70
    Factory To Dealer Incentives (Bonus to dealer from factory) - $1,000.00

    Negotiated Selling Price Of Vehicle = $24,421.22
  • There is a spread of ~$1900 on that vehicle (+/- depending on regional ad fee). I need to know your zip to know what incentives are being offered in your area.
    Where are you getting that Holdback figure? Toyota (except in the Southeast) has a HB of 2% of the base MSRP (less destination) + another 1% which they call wholesale financial reserve. Again, if you're in the SET region, I may not be able to help you much as they beat to a different drum. Plus, if i try to pull an invoice from that region, it won't list all their fees.

    If your region has a manufacturer-to-dealer incentive, you have to negotiate to get that money as it's not an automatic like a cash rebate. Tacoma's are invoice or near invoice trucks on most days, but again, lots of things can change based on things like timing, inventory, supply/demand, competition, etc...

    If you're not in the SET, get me a VIN and I'll see if I can get you a copy of the factory invoice.
  • kirby78kirby78 Posts: 2
    ZIP code is 78251. I got the holdback by taking the MSRP times 2%.
  • Without the VIN, I don't know what their regional ad fee is, but it's on the factory invoice and will usually add about $230-$300 on top of what Edmunds invoice states: Therefore,your truck with an MSRP of $27,535.00, shows an Edmunds Invoice of $25,554.00. Assume the dealer's invoice is ~$25,800.00.

    There is a $1000 factory rebate on that truck. That money is guaranteed to go to you, and will be factored in like a down payment after tax is added in to the cash/selling price.

    Just think of Toyota's holdback as 3% of the total MSRP (less destination). It will be itemized in two separate categories: Holdback & Wholseale Financial Reserve. The holdback is $536 (2%) and the WFR is $268 (1%). You can try and use this money to bargain, but dealer's can get a but stingy. Again, it's all about timing.

    if they sell you the truck at or near factory invoice + the rebate you've got a great deal. If you wanna' try ans suck a few more dollars, then use your knowledge of their holdback to get you a better price.

    I will note though: in some cases, you may see a dealer sell a vehicle for less than all the money he's suppose to have in the vehicle. This is when timing comes into play as it's most-likely that he needs to move a vehicle in order to hit a goal. His bonus usually always outweighs his profit on the vehicle.

    Try contacting someone in fleet/Internet and have them quote you on a vehicle you know they have in stock. Some dealers like to quote, other's really like to play games and just get you in. Either way, you know the numbers, so you should be able to get a reasonable deal.
    Good luck my man!
  • mi7mi7 Posts: 31
    Internet Quote

    2009 Toyota Tacoma 2wd Double Cab

    Options/ Packages: FAL16" Alloy Wheels w/P245/75R16 Tires
    FSNSR5 Extra Value Pkg. w/JBL Satellite
    FTOV6 Towing Package: 6,500 lbs.

    MSRP: $28,100

    dealer wants to sell to me for trying to get it lowered to 22.5k
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    2009 Tacoma Double cab 2 weel drive SR5 + running lights + all weather matts. $22,800 + tax + fees. is this a good deal? Sticker was $25,954.00
  • chomama1chomama1 Posts: 15
    Does anyone know anything about the 6 speed Tacoma?? I was amazed to see one on the lot, a 4wd x-cab. I thought it would most likely get great gas milage, but no, the EPA rating was 14/18.
    What's up with that? I think the 6 speed would be cool, but why is the gas mileage less than a 5 speed????
  • The X-Runner has a 4 liter, 6 cylinder, high performance
  • inundatedinundated Posts: 2
    Zip Code: 93003

    2009 Tacoma Double Cab in Magnetic Gray w/options listed below, with a window sticker of $28,724, I can offer this Tacoma to you at the "special internet" price of $25,288 including the $1,500 rebate (Valid until 5/4)

    P CF Carpet Floor Mats & Door Sill Protector
    F OF TRD Offroad Extra Value Pkg. w/JBL
    F TO V6 Towing Package: 6,500 lbs.
  • finnskifinnski Posts: 1
    Edmunds says the TMV on this would be $25013. so it is a pretty good deal. However the invoice is $24563(with 1500 rebate) and they also get a 2% holdback($470) plus sometimes a wholesale rebate of 1%(235) so potentially there bottom line price is
    24563-470-235=$23853 so in theory they would make about $1435 Now while they need a profit I would offer them invoice (24563) and let them still make their money on the holdbacks.
    I assume you have no trade which definitely messes up the dealing.
    P.S. I just bought this exact same truck only in 4WD version and got a similar deal
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    I just bought a left over new 2008 Tacoma Double cab TRD for $22400 OTD. I worked the dealer hard and it took about 3 weeks but they gave it to me for the price I wanted. It stickered for 27,200.00 so I got a heck of a deal. :blush:
  • inundatedinundated Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice. I offered them the $24,600, they countered with $25K, we settled on 24,700 which I am comfortable with.

    Thanks for the advice, deal done
  • breasettebreasette Posts: 1
    Please help. My zip code is 23322. I am trying to buy 2009 Tacoma DBL cab, 4x4, manual transmission; 6 cyl with off road pkg. One internet sales person has said the firm price is 28769 minus the $1000 rebate. I had offered $26500. The other sales person at another dealership quoted me $27850. I thought since I was looking for a manual I could get a good deal. This is my first post and I am ignorant as far as this is concerned. Could someone please give me advice. Thx
  • Looking at a 2009 Double Cab 4WD Super White. It has the PY TRD Sports Package, DZ stereo option, Daytime Running Lights, V6 Towing Pack and CF Carpet Mats & Door Sill Protector.

    VIN is 3TMLU42N89M030973 and zip code 65202. The MSRP is $30,814. They will add an XM receiver and sell it for $27,500 ($1000 rebate included). Worth the money?
  • jrpoolejrpoole Posts: 6
    what dealership & state?
  • No one is replying to any of the recent posts?
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Posts: 315
    It is a small dealer in Ohio it was the last 08 he had. The truck was built in 10/07 so it sat for a long time. The key is find a dealer that still has a 08 on there lot. Look at auto trader. When you find one shoot them emails with offers. They accepted my offer on the last day of the month.
  • manlymanly Posts: 14

    I live in 93003 and looking for the Tacoma that you mentioned.
    Could you sell me one like described in your message [email protected]

  • manlymanly Posts: 14
    Could you post the dealer name that you purchased in 93003???

    Thanks for the hints.
  • Hi guys,
    I just have a quick question since i'm about to buy a 2009 Tacoma
    Can anyone tell me the Factory to Dealership incentive right now for this model?
    i want to know so i can better negotiated with the dealer
    I live in southern california if different region has different incentive
    Thank you!
  • luketluket Posts: 3
    -Silver Streak Mica

    -MSRP $28,779

    Included Options

    Was offered $27,922.55 ODT with $1500 rebate at Longo Toyota in Los Angeles.
    Is this reasonable?anybody got a better number in southern Cal please let me know. Thank You.
  • Is the rebate after the OTD price? I think you can do better. It won't be long they will be closing out the 09's. You may want to wait a little longer. Try & get quotes over the internet, have them email a copy of the dealer invoice. Also check for dealer cost. Good luck.
  • luketluket Posts: 3
    yes it is. Thanks thmasr1950. I ''ll shop around some more.
  • 2009 V6 SR5 Tacoma Double Cab Short Bed

    MSRP: $25894 + TTL
    DZ 6 Disc Changer
    RL Running Lamps
    SL SR5 Extra value pckg

    Dealer quoted: $23,368 +TTL

    This is my first time buying a new car, ive bought a couple used locally. Need some car buying help.

    My zip is 77505 for people willing to help. I see there is a $1500 rebate on

    When do the 2010's come out to see bigger rebates on 2009's?
  • luketluket Posts: 3
    Ended up getting $27,000 including $1500 rebate with all options below:

  • ham7ham7 Posts: 5
    My 1 owner 1989 worn out Caprice just became worth $3500. I worked a deal 6/25/09 for a 2009 taco reg cab, automatic, with cruse, drop hitch receiver, floor mats, bed mat, and running lights.
    Drive off the lot price [including taxes title and tag] $12,109.
    If you READ the law, the program goes into effect July 1st. I have made arrangements to sign the paperwork and pick it up that morning... but we'll see.
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