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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • ham7ham7 Posts: 5
    Well SHAME ON ME,,, The dealer wouldn't do the deal on 7-1 as he had told me. Not really a suprise. However the truck is tucked away with a sold sign and my name on it.
    The truck has been equipted as stated before. Now the dealer says that he will knock another $250 off my price when we do the paperwork...
    I am now in a holding pattern hoping my Caprice will last another week or two.
  • Zip 98366 (seattle-tacoma area)
    MSRP: $31,539
    Invoice: $29,378 (includes destination, TDA, holdback, and reserve)

    TRD Sport extra value package w/ JBL audio
    V6 towing package
    All weather mats

    Dealer offered (internet pricing): $29, 578 ($200 over invoice)
    Is this a good offer?
  • Please help me in my search for a bargain truck.
    2009 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner with 4dr access, 2WD, I-4 and 5spd MT
    Zip Code: 19711 (Newark, DE)
    Invoice: $18, low do you think the dealership will go?

  • dmbleserdmbleser Posts: 8
    In Orlando, Fl.
    2009 Double Cab Tacoma.
    6 disk
    back up camera
    Red/brown interior
    Sticker - $27,741
    Lease Price - $22,610. This $500 below Cars Direct price.
    $2500 down
    $314/month for 48 months

    I believe you can purchase a car doing everything via cell or email.Emailed 3 dealers in the Tampa area. Only one replied. Looked Saturday in Orlando. I went to one dealer, Toyota of Orlando, who refused to fax me invoice,sales price. Originally quoted me $389 for 48 months with $2500. The paper showed no other numbers even though I asked for more details. All of the Orlando dealers have few, if any, Tacoma"s on their lots. At most they had 3. I got this from Wesley Chapel Toyota which is 90 minutes from Orlando. In the time it took me to drive to Wesley Toyota we worked out a deal and they had the paperwork all prepared, truck cleaned ready when I arrived. I was in and out of the dealership in less than 1 hour. That's the way car buying should be done.

    Good deal?
  • kevin144kevin144 Posts: 8
    I was priced at $26000 for a 4x4 Double cab long bed gray metallica 2 months ago. I would aim for $25000 for your model. My sale rep at Longo was Henry Lawson.
  • Zip: 19711
    Truck: 2009 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner
    Access Cab
    Manual Trans
    I-4 engine
    Invoice for this truck is around $18,500. Can it be purchased for $18,500??
    I know a lot of other cars/trucks are going for around $1,000 under invoice, how about the Tacoma?
  • Anyone? :confuse: :surprise: :confuse:
  • ham7ham7 Posts: 5
    [1]Set up 2-3 Yahoo email accounts [very important step] !
    [2]Go to a dealer and get his lowest quote for what you want. Then tell them that you have found a deal $350 less but that you won't tell them whom or where. THEY WILL NOT ONLY MATCH IT BUT THEY WILL BEAT IT BY $200.00. GET THIS QUOTE IN WRITING and say I’ll think about it!

    Now you begin playing the game.

    [4]Call 4-6 dealers within a couple of hundreds miles and PLAY one against the other !
    [5] Spend time on the phone NEVER EVER give your real name OR ANY phone number!
    [6] ALWAYS cut the price that you were supposedly quoted by another dealer by $150-$300. After you get what you suspect that is the best that you can get them to send you a quote to one of the Yahoo Accounts
    [7] When you get to the point that dealers start saying that they aren’t able or willing to meet the price quote that you tell them that you have, then you know that you are close to the bottom.
    Then start all over again !
    I F YOU ARE PAITENT, you will be able to bump the prices even lower!
    I closed a deal for $2,479 lower than the best price that I started with on my 1st quote. $510 below invoice including all rebates!
    REMEMBER that dealers make $$$ when they claim that they aren't !
    I drove off the lot with a smile and the dealer still made money, they won’t admit it and will swear your stealing from them!
    I hit the home run and they only hit a single !
  • beernutzbeernutz Posts: 4
    I shopped today for a Tacoma 4x2 PreRunner Double Cab 4.0L 6 short bed with the
    TRD Sport Package Option /JBL ($3375 MSRP)
    Towing Package ($650 MSRP)
    Running Lights ($40 MSRP)
    Southeast Toyota Admin Fee ($705) which apparently everyone in NC, SC, GA, AL and FL pays
    The total MSRP of the truck with Destination was $28,365 and the invoice per Edmunds was $26,630.

    When the salesman asked what I wanted to pay I told him I had to check with Edmunds first. He turned his laptop around and said, "Want to use this?"

    So I did and Edmunds suggested a TMV price of $26,273. I turned the laptop around, showed the guy the price and said "I'll offer this". He started writing up the offer sheet and I think,"Wow that was too easy."

    However when he showed me the offer sheet there was a line item below where he'd written in my offer with
    Documentary and Retail Delivery $499
    so my offer was really the total of both this plus the TMV price which equaled $26,772. This price is before TTL and before the $1,500 manufacturer's rebate.

    When I questioned the $499 I was told "Everybody pays this, blah, blah, blah" and then the Sales Manager came in and refused to budge and after a while I said I was sorry I couldn't do business with them today, shook hands and left.

    As I reflect on this later, the irony is that if they had just looked at my offer and said we can't do that but we can do $26,772 I might have said ok let's do this or made a counter offer. However, I just didn't like the way they tried to slip that extra $499 onto my offer without much of an explanation so I walked when they wouldn't budge (which is their right).

    I was already ticked off with the web inventory system used by all the Southeast Toyota dealers as there were trucks shown to be on site at this dealer which weren't there and apparently had never been there. Also the truck I liked that the web site indicated would be delivered to this dealer on Friday of this week was in fact headed to South Carolina instead.

    Another irritant was that the Sales Manager spoke as if he was doing *me* a huge favor by seeing if this truck could be sent to his dealership instead of SC. Gee thanks! Remind me, which one of us pays the other one?

    This is my first post and I created my account to make it but I hope I haven't violated forum etiquette by describing an experience that didn't end in a sale.
  • I'd shop around some more. If you find the truck you want call the dealer & make sure it's in stock. I saw the other day where Toyota had a $900.00 discount on one of their pkgs. I checked Gulf States Toyota just now but did not see if. Ask a dealer about it. Hang in there, you should be able to find what you want. Good luck, you will love you Taco when you get it.
  • dmbleserdmbleser Posts: 8
    I had the same this past weekend in Orlando. I test drove a red quad cab with brown interior. Loved it but couldn't wait around for numbers because I had two little boys with me. Long story short I didn't like the way Toyota of Orlando handled the process over the next 12 hours. I "found" the same truck except with silver interior at another dealer. We "agreed" on a number and I started driving to the dealership. Turns out the truck wasn't site. It take about a week to get it. Wrong answer, guys! I think there should be some "warning" on the respective dealership websites that state what vehicles are physically at the location.
  • galvdudegalvdude Posts: 7
    Kinda similar story. I'm purchasing for $18590 plus $339 for tax and tags with about 800 miles on it since dealership here in SC had to trade with one in AL and drive it here to get the color I wanted. This price includes this month's $1500 rebate in it. Stickered at $22492 which included the dealership's $328 admin fee, plus would be another $339 for tax and tags to compare prices for. Has manual and 4 cyl engine with SR-5 package option and carpeted floor mats retailing for $199. On top of that, two days after settling on price and making a deposit, I discovered Obama's cash for clunkers program and getting the $4500 voucher if my 95 Grand Cherokee makes it the final 60 or so miles to the dealership Saturday. Minus the floor mats, Edmund's retail price shows MSRP of $22015, Invoice of $21044, and True Market Value of $20740 (note: lower than invoice), less the $1500 rebate for a TMV price of $19240.

    How did I do it? Like ham7, I ended up unintentionally at first playing nearby dealers against each other but didn't use false names and alternate E-mails. Alternate E-mails seem like a good idea in hindsight, because I became worried that perhaps the dealerships might talk to each other and blow me out of the water.

    It started with going into the closest dealership. They let me walk out after getting to just under $500 over the TMV plus tax and tags after the rebate and for this and all subsequent negotiations, I allowed a generous $150 as the price I would pay for the floor mats.

    I got a similar response via internet inquiry and phone conversation with another local dealership and an E-mailed price of just over $500 above the TMV plus tax and tags, but with the note that if any dealership could possibly meet or beat this fantastic price in writing, they'd beat it by $300.

    At the same time, I was trying to find other nearby < 100 mile radius dealerships who might match the TMV price. One of two I tried was very slow to respond through this whole negotiation process, but Toyota of Orangeburg came through with the TMV price I was looking for in an E-mail to me.

    I was thankful and then used that offer, with the dealership fully disclosed, to send to the closer one who stated they would beat the offer by $300. They replied via E-mail that they would do that.

    When I told Toyota of Orangeburg another significantly better offer had just come in, they said they'd beat that if it was in writing by $500. I had to wonder at this point how much below invoice can they actually afford to go? I then fully disclosed that I had used their price against another dealership, thinking the other dealership wouldn't actually do it, so I would not hold them to the $500 lower price. They said bring it in in writing and we had a deal at the $500 lower price.

    I did not have the heart to use that price against the one who said they'd beat anything by $300, because at this point I was overly pleased with the price and I didn't want to deal with an outfit who would not give me their absolute best price up front or at least what I thought I should try to pay. If they had matched the TMV price initially, I probably would be buying from them. At least Toyota of Orangeburg matched what I asked for initially and did not tease me with the offer of beating that price if could get a better one. Plus, even though the vehicle has been ready to deliver, they were willing to wait until after the finalization of the clunkers program (see to allow me to save lots more.
  • beernutzbeernutz Posts: 4
    Does anyone have an idea what might be in store for August when the current $1500 Tacoma rebate expires at the end of the month ?

    I suspect that the rebates will be extended but does anyone think they might be increased to more than $1500?
  • ham7ham7 Posts: 5
    After receiving a call 7-23 PM to come on down on Fri 7-24 to do the deal…I hit the lot at 9:30 this am.
    The dealer was so confused that there were 4-5 people at a time on the Internet looking at the CARS web site trying to figure out all the details.
    Before I left home this morning I had read the &#147;Final Rules&#148; posted at 8: am that pertained to my situation and knew that pg. 35 and pg. 70 of the pdf was where to look. Thank GOD I had read the rules.
    I guided them through the stuff and waited while they debated whether my car was a v6 or v8 [v6 1989 Caprice dose not qualify] After about 15 minutes of KASOS I walked up to the General Manager and said &#148; Do a VIN # SEARCH or JUST GO COUNT THE SPARK PLUGS DUAH !!!!!!!!&#148; Once that sunk in they raised the hood and counted the plugs [no joke] They could have saved all that time by researching the VIN #. But these guys weren&#146;t into simple things.

    I signed all the paperwork paid my $$ and drove off the lot at 11:55 AM today 7-24.
    I drove the truck for a couple of hours came home and played on the Internet. Just for kicks I went to
    and read that the NHTSA had called a halt to the trades until MONDAY 7-27[posted at 12:05 PM] 10 minutes after I drove off the dealers lot !!!!!
    ANYWAY I consider myself lucky for doing my homework and hitting the lot EARLY !
    NOW I WONDER if they will call me back to resign the paperwork Monday 7-27. HUM ??? That ought to be worth another $300.00 of so, don&#146;t you think ????
  • bnbuellbnbuell Posts: 1
    Hey Nutz-
    I had a similar experience buying a Taco- and since I'm in your neighborhood, thought I would share-
    The truck I liked was in stock!- with the "packs" of tint, mats and wax that they added, the sticker was $29K.Without the $1700 of that crap that did not load in as accessories in Edmunds, the TMV was $25463- before the $1500 rebate.
    I bought the truck for $26587 OTD inc a doc fee of 599.50 (!)
    Of course, the facility is SWEET- (E.S.T.) but as you can see- you pay for it. Or, at least I did.
  • lembowskilembowski Posts: 5
    Hey guys I stopped by the dealer yesterday thru the Costco program here in San Diego CA. I'm looking at a:

    2009 Tacoma/Auto MSRP $28,564.00
    Magnetic Gray
    Double Cab
    Short Bed
    TRD Sport package
    Floor Mats

    After talking with the sales person and getting the Costco Price they came back and showed me thru Costco the price is invoice ($0). This price after the $470 hold back and marketing and a few other items came up to $26,318.32, this is before the current $1500 incentive. This brings the total OTD cost to $27,516.

    I'm still 1-2 months out from my purchase so I'm following the cash incentive very closely hoping it continues after the 8/3/09. The sales rep told me he thinks it will continue not because of the sales they are seeing, but because of promotions other manufactures having these incentives also.

    Is this a good deal, how much wiggle room do I have on this? Since this was a Costco price they wouldn't let me keep the quote to go compare at other dealers. Let me know guys!
  • adenzenoadenzeno Posts: 1
    In Austin TX-Want a White, ext cab(access??), 4 cyl, Auto,AC and radio-nothing more. Basic truck-what should I pay?
  • imzeppyimzeppy Posts: 7
    I'm in San Diego as well. I'm getting quotes on same specs around $27K but w/o Costco program. I suspect you have a bit more wiggle room, though. I might want to use the Costco program myself (never have before). What dealer did you go to?
  • galvdudegalvdude Posts: 7
    Looking up on Edmund's, TMV for a 2009 truck like that in Austin is $100 over invoice, and they are showing only a $500 rebate as of today on So, that price would be $19557, less the rebate, giving you a price of $19,057. That assumes one can be found equipped exactly that way.

    Like I did (see my previous post) and others have suggested, you can use the internet to get quotes from all nearby dealers, letting them know up front you want the Edmund's TMV price or better. I would suggest you use different E-mail addresses to E-mail each one, but in my case, that wasn't necessary. When I got 2 dealerships stating they would beat a price I had in writing, I was able to purchase for $800 under the TMV, then another $1500 off for the July rebate.

    If your state allows documentation fees, I was able to have those be included in matching the TMV price. Here in SC, they still put it on the bill of sale, but it is taken into account in the actual price so the bottom line works out to the TMV price.

    It takes time and ammo to get them to come down, but at the time I bought a couple weeks ago, they provided the ammo to get me to purchase from them for under the TMV.

    Good Luck!
  • What's the point of the multiple e-mail addresses? Posing pretty much as someone else or what?
  • stemkostemko Posts: 3
    Applied for cash for clunkers program at toyota dealer 7/29 and am waiting for truck to arrive at dealer(tacoma).I got a price quote which included a 750.00 rebate from toyota.Now august incentives come out and no rebate.Will toyota still honor the 750.00 rebate because i started the process before the 7/31 rebate deadline or will i lose that rebate.I will have to wait until monday before i can contact dealer.I absoluteley will not buy that vehicle without the rebate.
  • I'm not seeing the new August incentives any where. Where did you see that they are not continuing the incentives? Please provide a link......
  • stemkostemko Posts: 3
    Up to and including yesterday the toyota website showed a 750.00 rebate for tacoma expiring 7/31. Today it shows only 400.00 military rebate and 1000.00 college grad rebate and cars program lease special.The 750.00 rebate is gone. I completed the clunkers process and handed over title to dealer on 7/29,but no other paperwork has yet been completed as the truck is being brought from another location.I was quoted 18490.00 which includes a 750.00 rebate.I feel that rebate should be honored because the dealership had to delay everything waiting on final rules from the govt.
  • It seems like peoples OTD price is quite differing so I feel slightly lost. Im heading in tomorrow to look at a Tacoma that I have been considering purchasing for a few weeks:

    2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 Off-Road
    (OC) Off-Road Package (no JBL)
    (DZ) Deluxe Audio
    (TO) Towing Package
    (Z1) Floor Mats?
    (RL) Daytime RLights

    The dealership is a "Best Price" dealership and they are asking $28.2k. MSRP is $31,334. Ive never negotiated with a "Best Price" dealer.

    I dont have a VIN, but the vehicle is in MN. Any suggestions about what I should aim for in pricing would be greatly appreciated! Ive done the TMV thing, but it seems lately many people are doing even better than that! Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  • Well...walked into my local dealer today (Best price dealer...been test driving, etc. already) Double checked and test drove the exact Tacoma I wanted to buy, sat down and got everything out on the table, showed them the Edmunds TMV report and got out my checkbook and gave them the "here is what Ive found to be a fair price, Im ready to drive away in that truck right now."...and got scoffed at.

    "We have never heard of Edmunds."
    "How do we know its credible?"
    "Its wrong."
    "Nobody gets those kinds of prices."
    "You wont find that anywhere."
    "We would be losing money on the vehicle."
    "If you can get that price somewhere else, let me know so I can get one!"
    "Nobody negotiates like this, but we can help you."

    Every line in the book.
    My favorite?

    "Do some more research and education and let me know what you find."

    Do you know how many hours Ive put into websites like this? This isnt the first car Ive purchased. I was insulted. So I walked. I thought for sure they would stop me...but they didnt. Bum deal. Local dealer that I really would like to support, but I may be forced to go to a competitor away from home and give them my business for a fair price.

    What did I miss lol?
  • Wanna get screwed... buy a car at DCH Brunswick Toyota in New Brunswick, NJ.
  • ham7ham7 Posts: 5
    Well for [1] you can play several dealers against themselves,[2] read and forget the constant e-mail requests for dealership invites to test drive[3] make FALSE competitive bids on your behalf. .
    USE YOUR IMAGINATION.... FOR EXAMPLE I played 1 dealer e-mailing several [3] salesmen within the same building and saved over $450 on the final offer. FOR ME $450 is alot of cash for a little spare time. I never looked back. THE GAME IS ...They already know how low they can go, It's up to you to get them as near to it as possible. If not then some salesman is eating steak dinners that you paid for ! MULTI E MAIL ADDRESSES IS ONLY A TOOL, and if used right will save you $$$$ UNETHICAL>>> I THINK NOT !
  • Well no promotions will carry over into August on the Tacoma........

    This sucks, the buyer for my car will have their loan monies this Friday, I was hoping there would be alittle cash available.
  • Hang tight...for some reason last month I remember the new rebates werent released until a few short days into the month for some reason. There were a few days there where I though the local $1500 was gone, and then poof there it was again. Not sure if this is normal, but I would think they would keep some incentives out to help move the 09s...that is if the 10s are on their way soon.

    Who knows. Im in the same boat...determined to buy, but will be waiting now until more incentives hit.
  • Exactly, I work 3 blocks from work so I could walk or ride my bike in the meantime. If there isn't a promotion in August I will wait it out to September to see if anything shakes free.
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