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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • stemkostemko Posts: 3
    You are correct. New august incentives now on Toyota website.
    Specialapr,special lease program and $1000.00 cash back on '09 Taco. acoma

    This is for mid atlantic region
  • Sweet baby jesus thank you!!!
  • $1500 again where Im at!
  • aint2aint2 Posts: 1
    Bought a Tacoma '09 access cab MT 4cyl, in order to qualify for the Cash for Clunkers rebate. Since it was the only 4cyl on the lot, I thought the salesman would demand MSRP. But I used the Costco Auto service to initiate contact with the dealer, and to my absolute amazement, he offered me dealer invoice price.

    Having gone to several dealers previously, and been treated like others have commented (MSRP or nothing, "we can sell this truck for full retail with cash for clunkers", "take it or leave it", etc.) I was speechless.

    Here are the numbers:
    Invoice: $19609 Taco '09 4cyl acc. cab MT, convenience pkg (not SR5 pkg,darnit)
    Less: 1000 Toyota rebate
    Less: 3500 cash for clunkers (had to be a 4cyl as I traded in a 6cyl Ranger)
    TTL: about $1500

    OTD: $16950

    In/out of the Dealer in 2hrs. Why can't they all act like this.
  • rorerore Posts: 13
    "The average MSRP for these trucks is $30,217 and due to the rarity of the vehicle and depleted inventories accross the region due to the CARS program, the MSRP will be our sale price."
  • agc409agc409 Posts: 5
    Nobody should expect MSRP for any vehicle at the current time. You should want to move vehicles, not profit extensively off of the consumer. Whatever dealer you work for should be boycotted.
  • agc409agc409 Posts: 5
    I say good for you. Dealers are in a frenzy to make money. They aren't moving cars so they are really pressuring the consumer. Be brave and get the deal you want.
  • OK, over the weekend I finally found the truck I wanted (inventory is low of the '09). Her eare the details:

    4X2 Silver Double Tacoma w/ Ext value Sport Package + JBL, bed mat, Daytime Lights, floor mats

    MSPR: 28683
    Invoice: 26128 w/ destination (800)
    Quote with 1500 rebate: 25183
    Cash for Clunker: 3500
    Total OTD with 8.75% taxes: 24270

    zip: 92591

    All right group what do you think?
  • The Edmunds TMV price shows pretty close to invoice for your zip code (actually a few dollars less). Your stealership is going to make a decent profit off of you, but then could be like some around me, taking advantage of tighter supply, knowing if you won't buy it at that price, someone else will. After your $1500 rebate, your quote should be about $555 lower to buy at invoice price.

    Last month, I was able to purchase mine at over $800 under invoice, then take another $6000 off for the rebate and clunker cash, but it took some bargaining using dealerships against each other. And you know they wouldn't have sold it at a loss to me. You need some ammo to get the price lower, though.

    You can try to use that price you've got and see if any other dealerships within 50 - 100 miles can beat that price in writing via quotes over the internet. Then, see if the one you want to buy it from can beat that price, or at least match it on exactly the same truck. It may take a couple extra days, but could be worth at least $500 more to you if you can get the price down to or close to at least invoice price before the Toyota rebate.

    Good luck.
  • Last August 8th. I was Tony Divino Toyota in Riverdale, UT and looking at new Tacoma. Most of 2009 sold out. I was looking for Double cab with TRD offroad/JBL/towing package. They have seven in stock red, black, white and gray, not my type and I want silver. So they order 2010 for me. MSRP Price and discount JBL, Bluetooth package. Total is 32,500. I got it for $30,500. I got good Trade in deal for my 2007 Trailblazer and 2006 subaru legacy. I even get discount on new parts from toyota. I order Tube steps, Door Sill, Alarm, Hood protector, wheel lock, and spare tire lock. Got new extend warranty from Toyota. Manager told me that it was new and cover everything else than the old one. So far I drive 300 miles and love it and like it better than Trailblazer. Miss my Subaru but I have to let it go because it hurt my back and shoulder.
  • enxagaenxaga Posts: 30
    I'm looking for a double cab tacoma BLACK in SOCAL. Now with the C4C gone I should be getting a deal under invoice right?

    Please help me out. Post prices so I can have an idea where to start from thanks. :confuse:
  • I purchased a 2009 white tacoma double cab long bed 4x2 TRD from Wesley Chapel in Florida. I paid $23,482.95 out the door. I think there was a 1,500 rebate and I had a cfc trade in that got me about 3600. I enjoy the truck but only have approx. 2000 miles on it so I can't give an in depth report. My mileage seems really low. I ran the truck to empty a few days ago and I had approx. 350 miles on that tank. That comes out to about 16.6 gallons to a mile. Most of those miles where highway miles without any load. My family loves the truck and most people to I know say it is very nice. We live back in the woods and recent storms have left a swampy mess. While I do not try to "mud" I have so far had positive experiences getting in and out of my swampy yard. I would recommend the truck to anyone. I also visited other dealers and though I think car dealers are on the same level as lawyers, I enjoyed wesley chapel for the most part. If you have questions about Lakeland Toyota PM me.

  • Los Angeles & Orange county area , do Tacoma 2010 stocked on dealer yet ?????
  • The access cab doesn't have a MRSP of $30,00................
  • I'm looking for agood deal in SOCAL. I got $1000 over invoice on a Off Road, I think that still to high. What are you getting? need help :confuse:
  • Use Costco autobuying program. I was offered invoice on a 2010 4x4 TRD double cab in Phoenix. Having it shipped to New Mexico which made it $30,370 with no state or city taxes.
  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    1995 Toyota Tacoma Reg Cab, 5sp, A/C, new tires, 93k miles . great condition, asking $3550.
    is that a fair price?
  • Traded in my POS 06 f150 w/ 20k miles that always had issues. Got a
    2010 Tacoma Pre DC TRD JBL Package, tow, shield package, tint

    7yr/75k extended warrant, IPOD, touch up paint, Sweatshirt

    Total out door $27100

    I love it!! :) :) ">
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You should take note that 1995-2000 Tacomas have an acknowledged frame-rust problem. Trucks in this group are subject to annual inspection by a dealer. If the frame of the Tacoma you're considering rusts through, the owner of the truck at the time the program was announced is entitled to the prevailing "excellent condition" price of Kelley Blue Book multiplied by 1.5. Subsequent owners (of which you would be) are only entitled to the refund of the purchase price... in your case, $3550.

    Read through the discussion here at Edmunds regarding this problem at Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • scrapscrap Posts: 8
    In the Twin Cities area, I've got cash in hand, no trade, and the dealer gives me the pricing song and dance of $500 above invoice on a 2010 Tacoma Crew Cab (Std box) w/TRD Sport Extra Value Package (MSRP - $30,669/Invoice $28,474.84 +$500 = $28,974.84)

    Any thoughts? I'm just not convinced the invoice number, I'm sure the dealer is holding back on Toyota incentives.
  • I got my 2010 taco trd jbl package for 27100 including 7/75k warranty all weather floor mats hood deflector and a iPod. The holiday months are the slowest especially in this economy.
  • scrapscrap Posts: 8
    4 x 4?
  • hawk8hawk8 Posts: 31
    Thanks Kcram.
  • I'm searching for a Double Cab Tacoma (2010). Would it be better to wait awhile into 2010 for a good deal? I'm new at this. I'm the kinda person that radiate "sucker-coming" as I pass through the Dealership doors. So any advice is well worth it. Thank you. :surprise:
  • Do your homework..get invoice prices for entire vehicle to include options. Send out numerous internet requests for quotes. Evaluate your trade. If during the process they dont give you what you want on the trade, as for a tax break difference to be applied toward vehicle. Prepare to negotiate. Dont let the sales person control the situation. Let them know of other prices and put the pressure on them. Know what you want your note to be and stick with it.
    Bottom line, if you want the truck and they want to sell you the truck, you will WIN. You may learn that you could had done better, and that they made money off of you...but they supposed to anyway.
  • "Do your homework.. get invoice prices for entire vehicle to include options. Send out numerous internet requests for quotes"
    Thats exactly what I did about a year ago. I started by finding Taco's for sale on the internet by doing a 100 mile radius search and emailed the internet sales office asking for the best price. The 09's were just coming out and were selling pretty good or they were not stocking a lot of them on there lots so I had limited luck on those. I found a brand new left over 08 Double cab TRD about 100 miles away and started emailing back and fourth with him for weeks until he finally accepted my offer of $5000.00 under sticker. Now that was before C4C and all the Obama help so at the time they were really slow. As it turns out it was even a better deal because Toyota has had some really bad issues to deal with on the 09s (transmission etc) I always talk out the door price because you will be surpprised at how low all there fees will get when you talk OTD plus they can not add any fees that the finance guy says "everyone knows about" once you go to pick up the truck and pay for it.
  • $27100... is that with a trade in? What dealership were you dealing with? Is that a 4x4? We are looking and need all the help we can get. That's an awesome deal!
  • As I turge through this and search for a 2010 Taco. My question: some dealerships have this "BEST PRICE" statement. I feel like thats what I have to pay when I approach the dealership. They don't seem to want to budge and deal. What do I do? :confuse:
  • Get a quote in writing with no trade. Take the quote & check other dealers in your area.
  • Here's how I did it, kind of like the long version of what thomasr1950 said, though I didn't plan it this way at all. I somehow hoped the first one I visited would meet the price I was looking for, but that just didn't happen.

    I did mine totally by the internet with nearby dealerships after an initial visit to the closest dealership to me (all initial contacts were via the dealership's web site). The closest gave me their best price and let me walk out because I told them I wanted to try to get down to or at least much closer to the TMV price. (They were about $500 above the TMV price. Some things never change as I was a salesman there in 1997 and even then, they let people walk out who wanted to offer less than the dealership wanted to make, but still could have sold one for.)

    After that, it was just a matter of finding a dealership within 75 miles (more if you think it's worth it...I probably would have tried a larger radius if I wasn't successful) willing to sell for the Edmunds TMV. I started asking three other dealerships for their best offer with the Edmunds TMV price stated I was looking for. The first offer I had back gave their best offer with the statement they would beat any better offer by $500 if I could somehow possibly even get a better one because theirs was so good. Then I got a better one via E-mail matching the Edmunds TMV price from a second dealership (the third was way too slow in responding). The one with the first offer did beat it as promised after I forwarded the quote I had received. I then let the dealership who had given the TMV offer the bad news that I'd gotten a better offer, and they said they'd beat whatever offer I had by another $300. I stopped playing the game at that point as I was able to purchase at $800 under the Edmunds TMV. And that didn't even include adding in the current at that time $1500 rebate from Toyota and the $4500 Cash for Clunkers clunker I was able to coax smoking down the road one last time, thankfully. I considered all that a once in a lifetime deal.

    Hopefully you can find a "hungry" dealership or two willing to play a game like that, and they won't all be like the first one I visited where they just have to make a certain amount of profit or they won't sell the vehicle. Some sales people and managers have egos so big they always want to win and won't allow themselves to be beaten, so take advantage of it if you can. When I was signing the paperwork on my deal, the internet salesperson asked me, "I'll bet the other one didn't like hearing they'd been beaten by a woman?" I had to tell her I hadn't told them that, but I'm sure she was proud of that fact.

    Good luck!!!
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