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Toyota Tacoma Prices Paid



  • rorerore Posts: 13
    Deal? They don't have to deal..If they can't move inventory no worries, just wait for another round of bailouts or cash for clunkers. I've been offering pre-cash for clunker prices and they won't budge.
  • jrammjramm Posts: 8
    Looking for others thoughts, here is the best offer I have on a new Tacoma in SE Texas.

    Dbl Cab 4x2 with Sport Package, Deluxe Radio w/ CD Changer, Daytime Running Lights, Tow Package, Carmats, Vehicle Shield, and Window Tint.

    $25433.00 + tt&l
  • :shades: well I did it, on a Basic Base Taco. Out the door 27081. No bells or whistles. But I'am satisfied. Thanks for the all the comments and suggestions of research. :)
  • I'm trying to decide on either the Prerunner Access Cab, or a Regular cab 4x4. Anyone have better luck in the San Francisco area?

    Option 1
    2010 Prerunner access cab manual 4cyl
    P CF Carpet Floor Mats & Door Sill Protector

    F FE 50 State Emissions
    F SL SR5 Extra Value Package:
    P DK Preferred Owner's Portfolio

    Price $21551

    Option 2
    2010 Tacoma reg cab 4x4 manual
    P CF Carpet Floor Mats & Door Sill Protector

    F FE 50 State Emissions
    F HE Enhancement Extra Value Package:
    P DK Preferred Owner's Portfolio

    Price $20202
  • jrammjramm Posts: 8
    Looking for the current residual and money factor on 2010 Tacoma Dbl Cab Prerunner (standard bed, with Sport package, and towing) in TX?

    Are the values the same for a similarly equipped 4x4?
  • john4729john4729 Posts: 3
    I just purchased my 2010 Tacoma Sport Crew Cab last night, I spent a week calling, faxing and emailing different dealers. They all want to add in this delivery charge and processing fee after they give you their best price. MSRP sticker was $31,004,, I ended up paying $27,420 inclusive of all fees and they just added Tax and Tags. I thought it was a fair deal, the other lowest price I was offered $27,955 inclusive and this was at the dealership and they let me leave when I declined. :surprise:
  • manlymanly Posts: 14
    Hi John,

    I think you got a good deal. Could you tell me where you get it from??
    I like to purchase the same truck and been looking around socal, but they all greedy and want $1000 over invoice.

  • john4729john4729 Posts: 3
    Darcars here in Baltimore Maryland, it might be worth a flight here to the east to make the purchase. A grand over invoice is crazy!
  • pni13bpni13b Posts: 1
    I have a 4x4 Taco long bed. Im looking for the bed cover and the hood deflector to add on. Anyone know any good deals? :shades:
  • jldubbjldubb Posts: 3
    edited April 2010
    I paid cash for a 2010 4x2 Reg. Cab, Auto with A/C and sliding rear window for $15,582 + tax, title & doc fee. The sticker was $17,900, but I wanted to pay $16,400 out-the-door. I went to the dealership (only visited one) on the 15th of the month. They jerked me around and would only come down to $17,000, but that offer was not in writing. I said I would pay $16,400 (though I was prepared to pay $16,900), but they would not budge and I did not feel like they were being upfront with me. So I left (it is important to be able to walk away from the deal). They contacted me 2 days before the end of the month and said they would take my offer of $16,400 out-the-door. So they worked backward from $16,400 to make the price $15,582 + tax & fees. They did give me $2000 for my "trade-in", but it was worthless. I only traded it in so that I didn't have to deal with the hassle and expense of disposing of it.

    I am happy with the price and love the truck.

  • mtbsgltrkmtbsgltrk Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    Hi, Need some advice. I have done lots of research and most dealerships are pretty close in price. Would this be considered a good deal or not so much.

    I live in Arizona and this seems like the best deal?

    2010 Black Double Cab 4wd TRD Sport (PQ) package with the JBL Bluetooth & Satelite radio controls.
    Addtional accessories are: Front Skid plate, normal door dills & floor mats, Towing pkg which comes standard with the selection of the PQ package. Added at the dealership Tinted windows & door cups? (don't understand what that is)

    Anyways OTD including all fees would be $32250.50

    MSRP $31989
    Factory Invoice $29692.30

  • john4729john4729 Posts: 3
    Wait,, the Toyota MSRP price is 29,692.30? I can scan my sticker and send it to email you and you can compare my MRSP sticker was 31,004.00 and I paid 27,400.00 plus tax and tag. Sounds like you have the same things I have in my truck tow pkg, cuts thinging,, ect.. Your price could be a little high

    Where are you in the usa btw?
  • mtbsgltrkmtbsgltrk Posts: 2

    The MSRP is $31989 & I guess the dealer invoice was $29692. You know on the invoice it shows factory/dealer pricing.

    Yes I figured the price was a little high but for some reason dealers in AZ, NV & CO think they are gold. The Dealership I was going to buy from was Earnhardt Toyota in Mesa AZ. Needless to say I didn't buy anything yet. It would be nice to see your invoice, where in the US did you buy it from?
  • I found a black toyota tacoma V6 pre runner, TRD sports, I haggle them down to 25K+Tax+licensing fee. Will be paying cash. I am also eligible for graduate rebate. Do you think this a good price. Or should I wait till summer?
  • jlewistxjlewistx Posts: 7
    Has anyone else seen the advertisement for the Tacoma PreRunner Crew Cab for $199/Mo that shows up on the Edmunds site. There is a little box with advertisements to the right of the forums that has had that ad several times. I click on it and it takes me to a toyota web page for $319/ Mo lease.... interesting.
  • quickreplyquickreply Posts: 43
    I didn't purchase a new Tacoma yet, but I accidently ran across a great price from a dealer in the Virginia area. (I was searching for Springlfied, OR Toyota). It's posted on their website and confirmed in stock.

    Springfield, VA Toyota has the following truck in stock for $26,906.

    New 2010 Toyota Tacoma (white)
    Double Cab
    4x4 Auto
    TRD Off road
    MSRP: $31,460
    Sale: $26,906

    About $4500 off MSRP.

    Best deal I've encountered by a long shot. Good shopping to ya.

  • rexanrexan Posts: 1
    That seems like a good deal - a little better than mine - I just bought a 2010 in NJ:

    New 2010 Toyota Tacoma (Red/Graphite interior)
    Double Cab (4 door)
    4x4 auto V6
    SR5 Package + alloys + 6 disc cd + tow
    MSRP: $30,400
    Final cost (including destination) $26,496 + tax and tags

    But of course, everything costs hella more in NJ! :)
  • nasincalinasincali Posts: 15
    Been reading the deals people are talking about.
    Well heres the deal we got from a dealer in san diego area
    27900 + fees -its the tacoma trd sport -4x4 4 door
    has the jbl 6 disk changer-rear camera-blue tooth-tow
    The only thing is they talked us into a 8 year 120000
    mile warranty for 2000 .Gave me 3.25 % interest
    4100 down which made the payment 450-for 72 months
    So tell me if thats a deal or did we get ripped.
    Without warranty it was 3.9% interest @430 a month 72 months
    4000 down
  • nasincalinasincali Posts: 15
    whats the payments ? came with all that for 26496?
    we couldnt get lower than 27900. Now I feel ripped .

    was it the trd sport with rear camera ?
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Why would you feel ripped? If some guy in some region ran into an overstock or dealer desperate to meet quota that month thats the way it is.

    You'll probably put $20,000-$40,000 of gas and insurance into the truck the next 5 years anyway. Sooooooo....


    whats the payments ? came with all that for 26496?
    we couldnt get lower than 27900. Now I feel ripped .

    was it the trd sport with rear camera ?
  • nasincalinasincali Posts: 15
    I feel ripped because I paid 1500 more than I needed to.
    I better not pay 20-40000 in gas and insurance.
    That would suck!
  • alanmilleralanmiller Posts: 10
    edited July 2010
    Thanks to everyone who has posted prices. I learned a lot from this and hope that I can contribute by posting my experience.

    Read the forums, and my goal was to get about $4k off MSRP to be happy. I wanted:
    2010 Tacoma, 4x4, double cab, SR5 package, Tow, running boards, 16 wheels, *leather*

    MSRP $30300 (or something very similar) + $1800 leather dealer added = $32,100

    I had a trade of a 05 Sonata. Blue book said $7400 trade value, black book said $5700 trade value. I personally feel the trade value was $6000 (blue book was too high) after my research of what they were doing locally.

    So basically I wanted $32k - $4k off MSRP - $6000 = $22k + 10% tax/title/fees = $24,000 OTD.

    Went to the dealer, told him what I wanted and why. They gave me 82 reasons why I was unreasonable.

    The moral of this story is this: THE MOST POWER YOU HAVE IS TO WALK AWAY.

    The first time I went to the dealer, my intention was to GO AND WALK AWAY and show them I was serious. Didn't call them back.

    24 hours later, I received a call offering $26,800. Said no.

    48 hours later I received a call offering $25,700. Said no.

    Now we were talking. 72 hours later I received a call offering $24,000 OTD. I asked - with the leather? No, they "forgot" about that. They said $24,900.

    I said $24,200 and they went for it.

    I closed down the dealership that night and as the manager was leaving I asked how I did since the deal was done. He said he never would have done the deal but another guy set it up. He "claimed" they lost $1k or so on my sale.

    Whether what he told me is the truth is almost irrelevant as I feel I got a good deal and am happy with it. I believe what the manager told me and had a positive experience with them, hopefully there is some kickback somewhere that they get, but I'm not too concerned as they wouldn't have agreed to the deal if it didn't benefit them as a whole.

    I was definitely happy. Purchased at Arlington Toyota in Jacksonville, FL. Definitely a positive experience. Not supposed to post salesman names on here, but PM me for the name of the salesman, he was worth dealing with again.
  • Got this deal over the weekend in Columbia, MO - took possesion of the truck today.

    2010 Tacoma, Double Cab, 4x4 w/ TRD Sport Extra Value Pkg - Black Sand Pearl
    Tow Pkg
    CD Changer
    Floor Mats/Sill protectors
    Daytime Run Lights
    Running Boards
    Front Skid Plate
    (No JBL, no Bluetooth)

    MSRP on sticker was ~$31,686. Got them down to $28,700 - then also got the $750 cash back incentive with 4.9% for 48 months - so final price paid was $27,950 (including all fees and temporary tags). Put about $10,500 down and will have payments of ~$402/mo for 48 months.

    From info off Edmunds I calculated invoice + destination charge of ~$28,750 - so my out the door price was about $800 under invoice. Was going to wait to buy until Jan/Feb 2011 - but when I started talking to the guy and realized what I could get the truck for now - I pulled the trigger - figured I'd pay at least $1000-$1200 more for a 2011 between Oct'10-Feb'11. Dealership was really easy to work with too - no pressure, not much haggling - I was only there about 90 minutes and spent most of that time test driving a truck and looking at/sitting in others on the lot. Also - they had to go get the thing for me - wanted black or magnetic gray - they didn't have one - so got one from Topeka, KS - didn't charge me a dime to go get it either. Made the deal on Saturday afternoon - picked up the truck on Tuesday night. I love the thing - glad they found me a black one instead of the dark gray - the black truck with the hood scoop and 17" wheels looks killer. I only put about 8000-9000 miles per year on my primary vehicle - so I plan to drive this thing FOREVER.
  • alanmiller -

    Just wanted to thank you. Used your advice and purchased a very similar truck from Arlington Toyota based off your post. Drove 1 hour to make the deal but it was worth it. Nice deal, easy to deal with. Didn't have to walk away but bargained hard and got a similar deal on a Tacoma from them. Very happy!

    Thanks and I'm now the proud owner of a Tacoma!
  • mwp88mwp88 Posts: 1
    New to forum, so i hope this is the right thread to ask. Owned tacoma in early 90's---sold when 3rd kid arrived. Finally talked my wife into letting me get another one. Which dealership in st louis metro can i get the best deal on a new tacoma? appreciate any input.
  • Curious if anyone has any experience on 2011 Tacoma Lease deals. Went to dealer today for a 36 month lease, 12K miles/yr, TRD w/JBL pkg, 4x2, Double-cab, Gray metallic, dealer had indicated they want $384 + tax with $2K down. Based on these boards that seems high. MSRP $29,300 but there is an $1100 addenda for tint and some sort of paint sealer (extra fluff if you ask me) bringing the vehicle to $30,400. They indicated they will give $3000 off sticker making it $27,300 (off the inflated price). I am in Phoenix, AZ...... any thoughts on a comparably equipped 2011 Tacoma out there with the packages above?
  • Seems like you could buy it for a few more dollars a month . Lease you will never own and Toyotas hold their value .If you wanted to sell down the road you could get some of your cash back. Lease you dont ever get your money back.Its like rent.
  • Actually purchasing would increase my monthly payment to about $550/month which is out of my budget at this point. I have seen some good lease rates on this board and trying to figure out what might be causing the rate to be higher here in AZ vs other markets. The one thing i am not sure of is how much control I have over money factor. I have great credit....
  • have you looked and frontiers? If we could do it again we would purchase a Nissan Frontier. They got better deals and every Nissan we have owned they have been great about problems. Our Tacoma is a lemon .Its been to the shop 3 times and Toyota has yet to fix or replace the truck. They just want us to keep testing it . To me its unsafe and we dont even drive it now . Toyotas customer service is really bad .Toyota Chula Vista Service Center is the worst place I have ever been for repairs and they cant say if they fixed it but they want us to take it because they think they fixed it. So Im suppose to test it with my family .I dont think so . Shop other vehicles. Tacoma and Toyota are going down hill fast. Look into a ridgeline or frontier .Tacomas have a shifting problem too . Look at the other reviews .Toyotas SUCK and so does their customer service.
  • Can anyone share what they paid recently for this truck?

    I've been debating between the 4X4 and the 4X2 (which I could get in 2010 for less) but I'm pretty sure the 4X4 is the way to go. Any comments on 4X4 vs. 4X2 would be appreciated too!
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