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Toyota Truck Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • If you drive over to an Auto Zone, they can test out both your battery and alternator and it's free.

    That way, you'll know for sure. (My bet is the alternator is going bad but I've seen alternators mess up when the battery is going the check will let you know.)

    Good Luck!

  • I would look into a restricted exhaust system. Anyway you could detach the exhaust pipe from the exhaust manifold and drive? Maybe in someone's field? It will be loud as heck, but if it runs fine you will know there is blockage in the exhaust system. (Don't burn yourself). Good luck!
  • rexrex Posts: 3
    I also have a 05 taco with black holes---How'd you make out?
  • Thanks buddy,
    My son-in-law volunteered to do it since my foot is injured, and will take it to get it tested.
  • ucscucsc Posts: 48
    Hi Sonnyboy,
    I have a 2004 Tundra V6, and I bought the anti-freeze from the Toyota dealer. The color of my anti-freeze is PINK (long time & anti-corrosion type), $17/gallon.
  • had a problem like with a 2.7L ran great cold but lost power when it reached norm operating temp. it would start cutting out and sometimes die! did all the stuff you did (sensors,filters,ect.) finally was told by toyota my fuel was bad. i quit going to the same ol gas station problem solved! was also told to pour some injector cleaner in the tank on my next fill up.
  • cotacota Posts: 1
    I also noticed same noise with same truck the first day I got it. Mentioned to dealer and they are checking with Toyota to see what is going on.If Toyota is aware we should find out( I hope) eventually. Please reply if you have any info.
  • Hi there... I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma V6 with 21k on it, and I have noticed a noise coming from the engine; it only seems to happen when the car is good and warmed up (after driving 20 miles or so)... it is a rapid "clicking" sound that becomes audible at around 2k RPMs, and gets louder (but not faster) when I press the gas. The "clicking" sounds like metal-on-metal... I'm thinking valves, maybe? It is still under warranty... is this something I should have checked out? I don't want to be a "hypochondriac car owner" or anything, and start bringing the thing at any strange noise, but... any advice and/or possible diagnosis would be great! Thanks
  • My 2004 DC 4X4 Limited has around 10K miles on it now. I am on the second set of front tires, which were replaced at 3500 by the dealer after extreme wear was found. The front end has been aligned three times, and it is still not correct. It still pulls to the right, and the tires have wear on the outside edges. Has anyone else seen this problem, and what was the solution?
  • xsactaxsacta Posts: 26
    It's your vehicle, so I'm sure that you know when a new engine noise is present. It wouldn't appear that it's normal, but don't be shocked if that's what Toyota will tell you. They will resist addressing any engine issue short of complete or partial failure. If something bad is developing, they hope that it'll happen after your warranty is up so you'll have to shoulder the burden alone. Sounds a bit paranoid but its true.
    Hopefully you have had scheduled work done on time with documentation and ideally by a Toyota service department. Toyota, like most manufacturers, will promptly blow you off if work was performed somewhere else when a warranty issue arises. Good luck and please post Toyota's response.
  • Flytundra: I only have 13000KM (6800 mi) on my 2004 Tundra and have the same concerns about front tire wear. At this point do not have a solution as I am still trying to get the dealer to acknowledge that a problem may exist. Would also welcome any replies from others if they hed a problem and the solution.
  • i have just bought a new 2005 tacoma access cab and i have been unable to find a tool box.Also i was wondering if and when i do find a box how to mount it with the new bed.Has anyone had this problem...
  • my 2003 v-6 get about 18 local and 21 highway.
    I live in New England and travel rural roads.
  • mort1983mort1983 Posts: 2
    We have a 2004 Tacoma that the engine hydrolocked on. Toyota is refusing to replace the engine under warranty, because water is an outside source. They say the water got in the heads thru the intake. Does anyone have any history of this happening or do you have any suggestions?
  • xszivexszive Posts: 1
  • mistib1dmistib1d Posts: 2
    We purchased our truck last May to use in our tree planting contract. The truck now has 55,000 kms on it. It has been fairly good so far but we have had up to 450,000 kms on Chevy's and our Honda Accord under similar applications. Time will tell how this toyota fairs in the long term. We have had to replace tranys and motors on the Chevys of course but their bodies have held out very good. Driving conditions are bad where we are. The average persons idea of off-roading is a daily reality for us up here. We are in northern Manitoba. Stock tires on any brand last at most 20,000 kms. Dust conditions are horrible.

    Anyway here is what we found on our Tundra after 55,000 kms and 9 months.
    the toyota handles as well as the chevy on gravel roads.( better at higher speeds). The new fords with the ifs are too light and tend to bounce all over. the 4x4's are much better. I notice on Toyotas that they have that bounce in the first couple of inches of travel, it almost feels uneasy at first, but handles much better with a load. My sister has a t100 and it feels the same way. We have the off road package, shocks are good (even now) but tires might make good psuedo off-roaders.

    Tires were replaced at 15,000 kms for Yokohama Geolanders 10 ply rating. There is hardly any wear on them yet, but it is still winter up and tires tend to last longer. Most miles I ever put on were on Yokes at 100,000 in same conditions.

    The Toy developed a squeak in the driveline and found it was a hanger bearing. I had a local garage look at the problem, call the dealer and promptly order a new replacementunder warranty.The mechanic said one of the ball bearings fell out and told me to use until the part came in. Four months and some 20,000 kms later I am still traveling with a hanger bearing with one ball missing because I had forgotten about the replacement bearing. It took so long. I just found out two weeks ago that it did come in but i hav'nt had a chance to get it installed. I am 5 hours from the garage.

    The Toy does not start as well in sub zero temperatures. the Fords and Chevys are good in this department. My Toy struggles at starting without it being plugged in at -30 degree C. Heat in cab is good but distribution to the back is to be desired. The thermometer only works to -30C by the way. We traveled in -40 weather and the temp told us in was only -30.(t-shirt weather, i quess they don't see those temps in Texas where this Toy came out of)

    The box in the Tundra is too small but we knew this at the start. We wanted the cab space which is way better then the other guys. The box however is too small and I find the material used is too soft. After a season of treeplanting the box is all dented up and pushed against the cab causing an annoying sqeak. I have had to pull it away from the cab. I will have to get it reinforced if I am to continue using it as I have.

    Gas mileage is somewhat disappointing. We get about 18-20 miles per gal.(our gallons are bigger up here), granted I may be spoiled from my old 6.2 diesel. I suppose i can drive slower and see better numbers, but hey, up here you gotta drive 3-4 hours to see the next town. I use premium synthetic oil at slightly extended intervals from recommended. (10k vs 6k).

    Just last night I had the power steering hose let loose but I suspect I may have overloaded the truck. I had about thirty cases of pop and water and get this, eight teenagers in the truck from the local arena. Sort of epitomizes the Indian reserve truck. (note: i am not inviting slurs of any kind, i am proud Cree.) The hose is the low pressure one and basically just slipped off.

    Needless to say I am happy with the truck so far, I hope it retains its' guality feeling after 400-500,000 kms on our roads. We tend to keep our vehicles till they drop. Oh my dealer is a days drive away and I hav'nt seen them once since i purchased the truck. I bought the extended warranty to 200,000 kms and the reason i bought was our concern for major breakdowns like tranny or motor although my sisters toy is ten years old (6 cyl), 300,000 and still gets clear oil at changes. I hope to see ours that way although those extra valves tend to have more of that valve train noise. I noticed that from day one. It is reminiscent of the Honda Accord sound.

    Someone mentioned in one of the threads that braking was loud. I find the ABS very loud and sounds like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh when he bounces. I hear alot of that noise because we are virtually on ice 80% of the time. this place is a good testing ground for ABS systems.

    that's my two cents in case you guys were interested...
  • idahoronidahoron Posts: 18
    I am glad to hear from a real off roader. I got my 05 DC for chukar hunting. It won't be pulling big loads or have big loads in the bed, but the rough and muddy roads are the torture. I was wondering. Do you use tire chains? I understand that we can't put chains on the front. Have you ever tried? How is yours in deep snow and mud? Thanks Ron
  • mistib1dmistib1d Posts: 2
    i have driven the toy in fresh snow up to the doors with no chains, hauling firewood. Sure pulls nice. It is a different story in "mature' snow, you get hung up right away. Mud driving is clay driving around here. the clay clings so bad it literally tore the mud flaps (the inner ones)right off the fenders. Not many people including self do it for sport around here because it means a long walk home.
  • arcpassarcpass Posts: 53
    My God, I can't even imagine why someone would want to live in those extreme weather conditions. I live in Southern California where it rarely gets below 40 degrees, even in the middle of winter. Doesn't that weather just make getting around difficult if not impossible? I applaude you for being so tough & rugged.
  • gowdagowda Posts: 1
    I have had a noise in my front diff as well, 2003 Tundra. They replaced it at 50,000. And at 60,000 the noise is back...The noise in mine comes and goes and is at no stecific speed..Any sugestions...
  • idahoronidahoron Posts: 18
    The area I go into in the winter is 80 miles from the nearsest house. That county has 8000 square miles and only 8000 people. I go for days and never see another person.
    I have had to chain up all four tires on my 88 toy xtracab just to move.
    Some of the roads are very side hilly and at times I need chains so this is starting to worry me a little. Ron
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    Thanks for your two cents, mistib1d.
    I very much enjoyed reading about a lifestyle way up North that is so different from mine.

    May your Toyota serve you well for a long time.

  • mikes.mikes. Posts: 336
    I have a 97 Tacoma extended cab V-6 with factory cruise. I've noticed the 2 or 3 times that when I set the cruise at a speed it won't hold it but will accelerate. Saturday evening while on the freeway after noticing it happening I turned off the cruise for a minute, turned it back on and set my speed at 55mph. In a few minutes I was doing 70 and still climbing. I tapped the brake to cancel cruise and reset at 60. It started climbing again.

    Has anyone else seen this problem before? Any ideas or solutions?

  • I have 2004 Tundra, bought late 2003. It has been a great truck so far,knock on wood. However, tonight the horn decided to go off and continue sounding until I could disconnect the battery. It sat a while disconnected , after re connection, an hour later it started again, so I disconnected the battery again . Bet my neighbors love me tonight.I thought it may be the alarm but that didn't help when I disarmed it, the horn kept on going. Anyone have any problems like this?
  • My '05 Tacoma alarm is eratic. It went off 4 times in 4 hours this morning. I have to leave the cab unlocked to stop it. However, I locked it 3 hours ago and it is now 9:30 pm and not a peep. I plan to take this to the dealer on Monday and have the gremlins flushed out.

    I did find that you have to hit the disarm button on the remote AND open and close a door to shut it down completely.

    And if you think it would help, I can post what the dealer has to say about it for you.

  • philg87philg87 Posts: 74
    Yes please post what the dealers says about what kind of gremlins he found and why they were there.
  • My 2002 Tundra (4x4, access cab, TRD, SR5) has had the same noise since I bought it new. I put-off taking it to the dealer out of laziness. I finally took it in and the dealer was able to duplicate the "vibration/grind" and began to try and locate the problem. They called to say that they had rotated the tires and were going to drive it again. I could have told them that the noise was present even after rotation but I didn't. They later called and told me that the differential needed replacement. Thank God it is still under warranty! I thought that I had missed my opportunity but the drive train is warranted for 5 years and ??? miles. I asked the service tech if this was an issue with the Tundras and he said "not that I know of". From the messages that I am reading, seems my truck is not unique. I have not written-off Toyotas, they can all have issues. Consumer reports still recommends the 2002 Tundra as a used truck to purchase so it must not be that widespread????
    Good luck to all.
  • I have a 2004 tacoma, v6, 4x4, TRD with almost 13,000 miles on it. Ive noticed that when i really put the pedal down that i get this awful vibration from the motor. Almost like im giving it more fuel than it knows what to do with.

    Any thoughts?
  • bpfromncbpfromnc Posts: 1
    It's a rattling sound only heard during application of accelerator. Not heard while idling or coasting. Checked exhaust manifolds and heat shields for cracked weld or loose bolts, but found nothing. Could it be a baffle in the muffler that's come loose or something related to the exhaust system (ie: catalytic?).
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