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Toyota Truck Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • bosco3bosco3 Posts: 2
    I own a tundra 01 I purchase the truck new & change the oil myself using Red Line Oil. The
    problem is last summer notice the engine making a knocking or pinging sound when I first
    start the engine in the morining when it's cold. After about twenty to 30 sec. the sound goes away for the rest of the day. Anyway the sound never stopped so I took the truck into the
    dealer last week; and was told that both manifold's were cracked. The dealership went ahead
    and installed two new manifold's. But the noise problem when I first start in the morning
    hasn't gone away. The dealership people tell me that the pinging or knocking sound is now
    internal. Can anybody out there please give me some help? I'm on limited budget & cost for the
    manifold's were $ 1,200.00! Thank You. Tim My truck has 51,000 miles.
  • You should check out your wipers control handle on your control column. :confuse:
  • Check out the steel plate on the back of the front wheels, sometime that plate get bent after maintenance on wheel area and making a scrachy noise with the disc turning, never know, sometime stupid thing like this can drive you crazy for month. :)
  • If you or your father put a bigger fuse than required it would do it. say it called for a 10 amp you you put a 15 or 20 amp fues in it it would casue this problem. something in the efi system is shorting out causing the fuse to blow. once you get it sorted you need to check for bare wires in the system. needless to say you may have burned up some stuff. Not good.

    Good Luck

  • It needs to be taken back aprt and inspected something is not right, especially if it did not do that before the fix. take it aprt slowly and check for any thing loose or out of place.

  • Check for a dirty MAP or MAF sensor in the ari duct tubing could be dirty clean with a eletrical spray cleaner. be careful it is a small wire that goes across the gap and breaks easily.

  • graabgraab Posts: 1
    I recently purchased 2005 Tacoma, had serviced twice due to my concern about the engine RPM increasing or maintaining itself at a level on it's own and highly noticable between 4th and 5th gears at any RPM where the RPM's actually increase with the clutch in and even when applying the brake. Dealer stated that this was normal even when they tested and during applying the brake did not reduce the RPM's. Sounds fishy???? I am Looking for more information about this hazard.
  • Just came back from the dealer -- have a 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4x4. Dealer said front rotors had bad runout. Replacing the rotors (had to pay, what a drag) seems to ahve fixed *that* problem. Didn't help the vibration (shimmy) issue that started cropping up last week. Have them check the front rotors -- my truck was making a grinding / rubbing noise making right hand turns about 20 - 30 MPH into sidestreets, etc.
  • try checkinf for burnt wires on your o2 sensors,right by the cat convertor
  • My 2002 v8 Toyota Tundra makes what I call a harmonic warble noise from the time I start driving, but is much more noticeable at 60-70 mph. Any thoughts on what might be making this noise? When I first purchased the vehicle I did not have this noise. Tires replaced and the noise continued. Shocks replaced, noise continued.
  • Volvnatic, A friend of mine had a 22R that started getting water in the oil. I wish I could remember exactly what the problem was, but something on the front of the engine lost a bearing/bushing and caused the problem. Whatever it was that failed allowed a pulley or something to rub against a plate on the front of the motor eventually wearing a hole in it allowing the water and oil to mix. If my memory is correct it may have been a timing chain gear or idler. I remember him saying that this was a fairly common problem on 22Rs with 180K to 200K miles. I'll try to find out this week and get back to you.
  • I have a 2001 Tundra Limited and I am thinking of purchasing a 4.5" Tuff country lift kit, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to have that installed in Los Angeles?
  • Volvnatic, I talked to my friend today and he told me what happened to his 22R. The timing chain gets slack as it wears and begins to rub a plate that has water on the other side of it. Eventually the chain wears a small hole in the plate and allows water to leak into the cavity where the timing chain runs. This cavity is open to the oil pan on the lower side so water leaks into the oil pan. I don't know how oil would get into the water if this happened so this may not be your friends problem, but it's worth a look.
  • I have a 1984 Toyota that I just bought a few months ago, and it has quit working. It was running fine but as I was driving from work, it suddenly died. I had to let it sit for an hour before it would start again. This after removing the air filter. After driving for a few minutes, the same thing happened and I had to wait another hour. I went through the same procedure with the same results for a third time. When I finally got home after more than three hours, I went in and came out the next day and the truck started fine. I drove it to the post office and back home. Then I let it sit again for two days. Now it won't even start at all. I thought the problem might be bad gas, as I had been running on one tank of gas for three months as I only used the truck to take off the trash until I could get a tag for it. I tried some fuel treatment and changing the air filter. I wonder if it could be the fuel filter but I don't know where it is or what it looks like. Could someone please give me some advice?
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    " Could someone please give me some advice? "

    Buy a newer car? Just kidding, my guess would be fuel filter
  • woofwoof Posts: 27
    Just waiting for my '06 PreRunner, so I stopped by the dealer to look one over. Opened the tailgate: seems VERY flimsy. Wonder if it will hold up to real world use? Looked under the hood and was surprised to see a belt-driven fan--why not an electric fan that doesn't waste engine power and MPG? These things seem out of place for an otherwise excellent, new design. Would be great if Toyota offered upgrades for these items. Lastly, seems that gas mileage should be better for the V6 models from what I'm seeing on another board here. My old T100 got 25 MPG highway from its 3.4L V6 in a larger (wider) truck--with a strong tailgate! Chevy has been using electric fans in their trucks, probably one factor for my V8 'big boy' Silverado getting 21 MPG. (Silverado has a super strong tailgate!)
  • I have a 2001 toyota tacoma 3.4l, with 215,000 miles, the check engine light came on, had it checked at a nearby firestone,$99.00, was told that it was a code p0420. called the dealer he said that could be many different things. the truck has not changed in it's running. Dealer said it could be 1 of 2 cataytic converters. Any suggestions.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Try a google or Yahoo search on "toyota p0420" and see if it's something common or maybe the likely cause is an easy fix. You should have taken it to a local auto parts store like Auto Zone or Advance Discount instead of Firestone. They will read the code for nothing and then print out likely causes. Did that with my 98 Mustang and only had to change one O2 sensor.
  • ted77ted77 Posts: 3
    I have a 91 Toy Pick Up, a very annoying vibration and sound develops when I accelerate above 30mph and does not go away even on freeway. Sound goes away when I slow down to under 30mph. The sound cuts in and out but for the most part is very consistent. The pitch flucuates from a low grumbly sound to a high pitch. The sound has been driving me nuts for about 4 months now, I am scared to take it to a shop and have them suggest fixing/replacing parts that don't need to be. There was a period of about 3 weeks a month or so ago where it did not make the sound at all, then it came back and I think it is angry. If anyone has experienced this before and knows what is causing this please let me know.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    That rig got U-joints?
    If so, have you checked them out?
  • ted77ted77 Posts: 3
    It does have ujoints in the front, could it be the wheel barings as well or is it more likely to be the u-joints?
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    I'm no doctor, but...

    I'd see if there is play in the U-joint. Grip tight and twist things, see if there is any play at all (there shouldn't be). And if there is a grease nipple, shoot some grease into it, and see if that affects things.

    My experience is that wheel bearing problems show up first at low speeds, especially while turning. Yours doesn't do that, if I read you right. And once they show up, it isn't long before things seize up.
  • prookprook Posts: 1
    I have a tacoma 96' v6 4x4. My light came on also and the truck ran fine. I also have a friend that works at Firestone as a mechanic. He checked it and said it was probably the O2 sensor and reset my computer on the truck. I have not fixed it yet but my engine light came back on after a short time. Hope that helped. Sorry it wasn't more information for you. Let me know what you did. Phil
  • Fuel filter location and removal hints:
    Look in the back passenger side wheel well.
    It's often just behind the frame in a small bracket.
    Pull it up out of the bracket and toward the wheel well to the full length of the tubing to get a working space.
    Once you loosen the screw clamps rotate the tubes a little on the nibble with a pair of pliers because the tend to stick.
    The tube should pop out, without using the pliers.
  • Truck: 85 Toyota Pickup 4cylinder 2WD manual. Runs great, and still has original A/C.

    Tinking noise near front of engine at mid RPMS. Quiet at stop and crusing speeds.

    Replaced Fan clutch. Felt a little loose and was crossing fingers. Didn't fix noise. Fan works great.

    Hypothesis: Crossing fingers, might be water pump or it's pulley. If not it's probably the timing chain. 230,000 miles, don't know if it has ever been changed.

    On 84 Nissan Pickup the timing chain can be replaced without removing head. Haynes Toyota manual procedure says that head comes off first. Why? From the one picture in the manual it doesn't look like there are pins between the head and the timing chain cover plate.

    Entertaining Background:
    Pulling head adds significant complexity (i.e. fear). I did the timing on the Nissan by myself from the Haynes manual in the yard having never opened the engine block before. (i.e. I've done oil, plugs, distributor, ...) Turning key on my only vehicle after my first look into it's inards was a fearfull thing. I knew enough about the engine to realize that if I screwed something up on this one there would be a great grinding of metal and alot of walking in my future.
  • I have a 1999 Tacoma, 2.7L 5 speed 4x4 that has developed a loud squeal from the right rear upon deceleration. It does not happen all the time. This is was has me perplexed. I have removed my aluminum toolbox and bedliner, but the noise is still there. I have used almost three bottles of WD-40 under the truck. Any other suggestions?????
  • I have a 2003 Tundra with the 6cd stereo. Does anyone know if there is a Aux output on the back of the radio so I can hook the Sirius radio directly into it?
  • I have an 03 Prerunner auto. 4x2 with 30k that had the same problem. When I came to a stop and put on the brake it would clunk. When I let off the brake it would clunk. It ended up being the slip yoke at the rear of the drive shaft. I have it serviced at the dealer and they never greased it. They changed the drive shaft and it is like a new truck. I do have a shifting problem when it is cold it won't shift from 3rd. at 24mph like it should until it hits 36mph. After the first series it shifts perfect. Anyone have a similar problem? BILL
  • Hi Fellows,all of a sudden my Idoit lites do not lite up!

    I checked my fuse"s all are OK,where do I go from here?????

    Thanks COS 289 :
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