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Toyota Truck Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • I actually have 67k miles on it now. I work in the automotive dealership business and used to work for a toyota dealership her in florida. Thats actually where I purchased my tundra used with 29k. When I purchased the tundra it had brand new pads, but knowing about the front brake campaign that was going on I had them perform the new caliper swap and new rear drums replacement. I had the trans flushed at 45k, plugs, throttle body service, injector flush, just pretty much the 30k mile service I performed myself. I just installed a hitch about 6 months ago, but that was a just in case thing. I've towed my brothers jetski once and my friends 8X10 enclosed trailer with two dirtbikes in it for about a 50 mile round trip, but that was it. Every other weekend I would haul two dirtbikes with a round trip of 120 highway miles, but never constantly towing trailers. Still, its a truck thats what its meant for. I still haven't got my tranny fixed. My brother is a senior technician and actually works for a dealership that owns a toyota franchise. So I'm going to run my tranny to the ground then just get my brother's employee discount on a reman and hope that one lasts awhile. Goodluck with yours Steve.
  • Just picked up my new '06 Tacoma Double Cab V6 4x4 truck yesterday and I've been noticing that there is a ticking sound (I believe someone else referred to it as a "sewing-machine" type sound) when I accelerate but mainly at lower speeds. Anyone know if that's common with all of the newer model trucks or is it a problem that needs fixed. I had an early model V6 Tacoma for a few years and that engine sounded nothing like this one.

    Thanks in advance for your input!
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