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Toyota Truck Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • Been multiple Toyota owner for 20yrs and
    2003 Tacoma 2dr 2wd stnd cab is the First
    Real Complaint I've had with Toyota Quality.
    Bought it NEW Oct 2003, here's my complaints:
    1) Dash creaking sound
    2) leaf springs sqeek
    3) bed liner coming away from tail gate (glue?)
    4) windows loose/rattle 2 in. play (regulators?)
    5) paint bubbled up along both side doors along
     the whole length of the door about when the door
    curves with the rest of the body (6 in from btm)
    (noticed this is the first own I've bought that
    was built in TENN not in Japan and imported)
    SO, being under warranty, took back to dealer
    for issues 1-4 and didnt get resolved.
    issue #5 goes back to dealer mngr next week.
  • lbow55lbow55 Posts: 3
    I bought a 2002 2WD 4 cyl auto Pre-Runner reason being that I thought I would be better gas mileage with the 4 cyl. Ever since I bought it in overdrive and out, I get 13/14 mpg. I could not believe it! I have taken it to two dealers and they check and said everything was normal and that on the open road I would get 26mpg! Computer checked out ok. I went to the Regional Toyota office and filed a complaint and they sent me to a regional tech support guy that was at one of the dealers I went to and basically he said he could do nothing. Very disgusted....
    Does any one else have a similar prolbem with the Tacoma? I also don't drive it in overdrive because there is a jerking motion like it is not getting enough gas. My recourse is to write a letter to Toyota higher ups and trade it in for something else. If someone has a better idea, I am really open to it. Thanks for the advance in advance.
  • newellnewell Posts: 15
    I have 2004 double cab Tundra with that SQEAK!!!!!!!! I complained to national office Toyota USA; and have an appointment for a dealer "fiX" which they claim to have researched. Will let you know next week.
                    Mark/Cape Cod
  • I have the same squeak in my rear suspension as well. It seems to come from the right rear, but it is hard to be sure from the driver's seat. PLEASE let me know if the 'fix' works.

  • newellnewell Posts: 15
    Went to the Dealer on Tuesday; they wanted to remove, clean, and lube upper rear shock mounts. Then they decided to replace them which were NOT in stock. Another appointment scheduled in three weeks-3rd visit. The saga continues.
                     Mark/Cape Cod
  • tomdmetomdme Posts: 2
    I have a 00 Tundra Limited with 46K miles. Just told BOTH exhaust manifolds are cracked. Toyota says it is my problem. Seems to be a real quality issue here.
  • ucscucsc Posts: 48

    I bought a Tundra 2D regular cab V6 2WD on Aug. 11, and I live in Philadelphia area. My truck is still under 1000-mile break-in period.

    Yesterday I started my Tundra in my garage, and during the warm-up, I found water dripping down from the exhaust pipe. Sometimes I see white smoke coming out too during warm-up. Is this a serious problem?


  • herbie1herbie1 Posts: 8
    I have a similar sound from my 03 Tundra 4wd Access Cab. The squeak only happens on medium to small bumps and is very short. It sounds as much like a chirp as it does a squeak. It appears to be coming from my passenger side rear wheel. I have not been able to find out what causes, but it is driving me nuts!
  • That is exactly what my '04 Double Cab sounds like. Not on all bumps, sounds like a sparrow is making a nest in the right rear fender well, and, let me guess, when it is wet it doesn't make a sound. I took mine to the dealer yesterday, they tried to tell me that I had dirty leaf springs, I told them to check again, they checked if any TSBs were written up on the problem and found that a rusty washer on the rear shock mount was the culprit. They proceeded to unbolt my shock, clean and lube the washer for the fix. It chirped all the way home. Needless to say, it is going back. Other forums suggest this issue has something to do with the shocks, once replaced, it supposedly goes away.
  • msibillemsibille Posts: 275
    Most likely the white smoke is condensing water vapor. (equivalent of "contrails" from jet aircraft)

    The combustion of hydrocarbon fuels results in water vapor (steam), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and numerous other gases and particulates in smaller fractions.

    On startup, your exhaust manifold, exhaust piping, catalytic converter, muffler, etc. are all "cold" (ambient air temp) The steam portion of the exhaust gas is readily cooled upon contact w/ this cold metal, eventually heating the exhaust system, but initially condensing water on the inside surfaces. Some of this condensate will accumulate sufficiently to run out from the tail pipe onto the ground. As the exhaust gases leave the piping, some of the steam is condensed as very fine droplets, making "white smoke"-like emissions. Eventually, the exhaust system heats up enough that it no longer condenses water from the exhaust stream, and the liquid that has accumulated will evaporate and exit in the exhaust stream. This is why carbon steel exhaust systems rust out so very quickly on low-mileage cars driven on very short trips, when compared to high-mileage cars driven on trips no less than 10 mi each way. The water accumulates, combines with other elements in the exhaust and forms acids.

    The other possibility is a cooling system leak, maybe thru intake manifold or exhaust manifold passages. However, you should see a drop in coolant reservoir level (check several days in a row, but either always when cold, or always after driving far enough to have the system well warmed up). If a cooling system leak, the water and "white smoke" would be excess water entrained into the exhaust.

    But, in the absence of any other problems, like dropping coolant levels over the period of just a few days, I'd guess it is just normal combustion product (water).
  • ucscucsc Posts: 48
    Hi msibille,

    Thanks a lot for your advice! I will go back and check the coolant level.

  • toyboy1toyboy1 Posts: 3
    Yes, fiberglass.... surprised me too. I think you might be hard pressed to break this piece. Super thick and ribbed. It will not dent, as metal would. The fiberglass strands seems to be long and coarse.
  • toyboy1toyboy1 Posts: 3
    My buddy who owns a 2000 Tundra... says Toyota will refund $'s spent on replacing O2 sensors. Seems they had a serious problem, as I have replaced two O2 sensors on my 2000 Tundra ((2) O2 sensors closest to the engine block). Call your local Toyota dealer for details.... remember, 2000 models only.
  • lionslions Posts: 20
    hello first time post here give me your advise 04 or 05 the 04 we know and the 05 gets a more powerful engine(282 hp) and 10,lb torque and a 5 speed automatic and better gas mileage,the 05 are value priced toyota says. Haven't talked numbers yet so any help would be helpful. Thanks Lions
    PS pricing didn't go much about 282.00 from toyota
  • I suppose that I probably won't get Toyota to pay for new shocks. FYI: I don't have any of the
    TRD packages, in other words, they are the stock shocks. I will crawl under there and silicone spray my shocks and mounts -- maybe that will help. I will keep you posted. Also, I don't think it makes this noise when I drive in the rain. It has been a long time since I drove in the rain, so I will have to double check this.
    Also, I removed the spare tire in hope that this was the problem -- it was not. Please post an update if you find anything. Thanks.
  • I am looking at a 2000 Tundra 2WD, SR5 with the v8. It has 93000 miles but appears in good shape.
    And specfic things I should look for before making the purchase. Asking price is $13200.
  • You're welcome. I hope it helps.

    Let us know what you find.

  • After reading your posts, it sounds like your talking about My 03' limited step side. I have taken it to the dealer on two different occasions, on the first try the answer was the technician did not hear a squeak, so I did a test drive with a different tech and he heard the noise. I waited a full day at the dealer and after the spare tire well was insulated and some bolts were retorqued I left for home. I don't have to tell you I was squeaking before I got to my door. I now have the truck back at the dealership as of this post, yesterday I called the dealership back in the PM and was told the tech did not hear a squeak. I was not happy and didn't hold back, the service advisor told me to come in and take another test drive today with the tech, I told him I would be in at 5PM. At 8Am today the service advisor called me and said another tech took the truck for a test drive today and heard the squeak. I was told that the springs, shackle and bushing are being replaced in an attempt to fix the squeak. I will let you know how it turns out.
  • I took my truck (03 access cab 4wd, driven 1Yr 12,000 mi.) in for alignment issues and also had them address the squeak. They heard it with no problem. They said that it was coming from the leaf spring area. They said that they removed the leaf springs, lubricated and greased the shocks and bed bolts, lubed pivot bushings on front spring and adjusted axle position.

    It still squeaks. I think it is a little better, but not much.

    They were very polite and appeared to be concerned and diligent about this problem. They told me to return in a few thousand miles if the problem persists. Then the will get some sort of regional engineer to look at it.

    Given all that I have heard from other postings, I am not surprised that they didn't find it. I think they gave it a good try.

    I still haven't had a chance to get under there to spray silicone lube to see if I can find the problem.

    I will keep you posted.
  • Addition to earlier post of need to replace both exhaust manifolds on a '00 Tundra at 46K miles. Toyota (dealer or company unknown) did absorb slightly less than half the repair cost.
  • Today 9/18/04 I picked My truck up from the dealer. Service replaced the rear springs, rear spring assy, two hackle kits R/R and associated bushing. My ride home was squeak free. I hope it stays this way. Not having the truck for the 9 days was not easy. My faith has been restored in the Service Department. One thing the Technician said was that some of the 03 springs had problems. the actual listed cause on the service order was "Abnormal Noise Deformed 480011 Rear Spring Assy One Side" I hope this helps with your squeak, regards John...
  • Thanks for the post! I'm experiencing the same thing with my 01' Tacoma. I love this truck but every time I have to fill up, I think about selling it! It takes forever to fill it and if I'm not careful, gas will backup and spill out on the truck, the ground, or me!
  • Definitely get the 05 given the price difference is only about $280. Why would you even think of getting the 04 which probably has been sitting on the dealer lot for months.
  • That sounds great. I'm glad you have fixed your squeak problem.

    Thanks for passing along your solution. I appreciate it.

    Since my last post, I think my squeak is just as bad as it was originally, or possibly worse.
    This squeak is the worst complaint I have about this truck. It drives me nuts. Otherwise it is a great (but a bit bland) truck.
  • Returned to dealer this past Tuesday. They replaced rear shocks which the stated were also "leaking" with 9K miles. Squeak/chirp now GONE. Let's see how long it lasts. I hope it's fixed!
  • majvmajv Posts: 1
    I have an '86 4x4 with 225,000 miles on it and have driven every day since March 1988 and twice to Cali. and back with absolutely no problems and am considering finally replacing it with a either 2003,04 or just waiting for the 05 Tundra. For all those who own '03 or '04 Tundras would any of you suggest waiting till the '05 debuts?
  • The 2005 Tundra (V8) has about 40 more horsepower than the previous versions, and supposedly better gas mileage. I believe the addition of variable valve timing and other enhancements accounts for this.
    Otherwise I don't believe there is much difference.
    Personally, I would prefer the 05, if the price is not outrageously higher than the 04.
  • pathy04pathy04 Posts: 27
    I am driving my new 04 SR5 TRD Tundra for about a month

    On one rainy day when i made a left turn @ a light the vehicle started skidding, i made almost two 100 degree turns before coming to a stop. Luckily there was no vehicles on either side of the road.
    It was so weird, as my wheels are fully wet and i had fully stopped on RED before the signal turned Green after about 2-3 minutes
    i could have not gone beyond 25 mph or so. My Tundra has a LSD (not an Auto-LSD with a switch)

    Are there problems with Tundra breaks or possible LSD issues

    Not gone to the dealer yet. Any input is much appreciated

  • Don't discount road conditions in the spot that you skidded. One time I hit an large oil patch on my motorcycle. The oil layer was very thin and not noticeable. Luckily I was going only about 10mph through this turn. I barely kept the back wheel from sliding out from under me. There was a car right behind me.

    I have an 03 Tundra Access Cab, 4wd, LSD and no TRD. I have not noticed any spinout problems that are any different from any other pickup or van that I have driven. But I also don't push it very hard.
    If you are inclined to do so, you may try to repeat this problem in a safe parking lot somewhere.

    Good Luck.
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