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DVD/Entertainment Systems



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I have a 12.1" Jensen unit that I bought at CircuitCity. It was an on-line special for $900 installed.

    Not sure about the resolution, to be honest. It's decent, not fantastic, but not bad.

    The DVD has never skipped, at least not yet. I've had it about 10 months now.

    It comes with a remote. The built-in games are sort of lame, but I didn't care for that feature anyway so I just ignore it.
  • fords6fords6 Posts: 1
    I know this post is 2 years old but if you still have those instructions I should could use them!!! Thanks!
  • Do any of you have a good recommendation of what DVD player to add to a 2008 Accord sedan? Seat back or roop mounted screen? Where would the DVD head unit be mounted? Suggestions?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I would think the seat back mounted screens would be your ONLY choice in a sedan like the Accord. A roof mounted one would be difficult for rear passengers to view and it would block rear visibility. You can probably mount the unit under one of the seats.
  • Guys, where do you buy your screen protectors for your gadgets?
  • v2c4v2c4 Posts: 3
    I have been using There is cheaper, plastic film to buy for your electronics, but they don’t compare to those that sells.
  • nesanesa Posts: 1
    I have just purchased a 2005 grand caravan with an overhead dvd player. When I load a disk in the player it spins inside the player, signals that the dvd player is loading , then opens and spits out the disk. What is happening?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Get a good DVD cleaning disc to clean the lens in the player. follow the instructions. Also get a cleaner to clean off the actual DVD disc.
  • You can visit www.[non-permissible content removed].com to buy the DVD player for your 08 Accord.
    [non-permissible content removed].com is the biggest oneline shop selling car DVD players in China.
  • I'm looking for advice from folks who've dealt with this before. I've got 3 kids (6,5,3) and some long trips coming up in our minivan. We've gotten to the point that the whining and fighting makes us dread trips over an hour to sedate them and make our trip less stressful, we will get a dvd player. There seems to be 3 options: portable dvd player, overhead dvd player, and headrest dvd players.

    We're considering getting a portable dvd player, but want one with 3 headphone jacks. Ideally, wireless headphones. This seems to be a problem -- most have 2. Perhaps we can get an adapter for headphones with wires, plus one wireless headphone. We don't want a junky brand (Insignia). We would like 10" screen or bigger so the back seat kid can see well. If we can't get 3 kids listening to one player, we'd probably get 2 portable players.

    Overhead players seem too pricey, but if there's a really good one out there I'd like to know. I had heard Jensen made good ones, but I can't find any! Best Buy had Alpine and Insignia. I heard Insignia would be a poor choice, not sure about Alpine ($700). Neither were on sale.

    Headrest dvd players are another option. We don't want to replace our actual headrests, maybe just get those flat screens that strap over them. But, I can't find many reviews. This is my personal favorite option, but I don't know anyone who has a headrest dvd player and don't know anything about the different brands. If we go this route, we'd probably get the two-screen player (one is a dummy screen and plays the same thing as the screen with the actual player).

    Any help is appreciated! To those of you with 3 kids (or more) -- do they fight over what movies to play or how to tilt screens or sound levels? Do headphones have individual sound control? I'm curious about things like that too.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I would go with the overhead unit for a minivan (yes I have 3 kids). You only need one screen and you can get the wireless head phones or play over the radio. It can be viewed from any seat in the 2 back rows. We did this when we bought our 2004 Nissan Quest. We added it after the purchase. Very clean installation. No problem with monitor or DVD unit. i wouldn't get hung up on the manufacturer unless it has to do with the ease of operation. DVD players have been around for quite a while now and there isn't much difference from brand to brand. Also try a local audio/visual shop, they may be able to beat Best Buy. here's a llink to best Buy website: these prices look better than what you had in your post.

    The headrests, IMHO, are a last resort and best used in cars because you don't have any other option. also I don't like the monitors that close to the kid's face and the viewing angle.

    Yes the overhead unit is a bit more expensive but I think you will be much happier. If money is truly a factor, just get the portable unit with two screens. This will be your cheapest option.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I got a 12" screen ceiling mounted for $900 installed from Circuit City. It came with only 2 wireless headsets but there is a headphone jack so there's your 3rd right there, built-in.

    Go for it. Try Best Buy or a competitor since CC is out of business.
  • We had this same problem. When we purchased our 01 DGC EX, I wanted the entertainment package. But it was well over $1000.00 from the dealer. A few years went by, and I thought to re-visit this problem. I looked into the over head unit, but wasn't impressed with them and didn't like the fact that they had to cut into the ceiling. Not to mention, that we have triple zone air/heat and the rear controls are where the DVD player would have to go and we would lose our rear overhead light. (If the unit didn't have one.) Plus they were just under a thousand or so. So, I thought to do some research about a portable DVD player. So what we did was buy a: 1) Sony "9" wide screen high resolution PDVD player from Best Buy for about $189. 2) Universal Car Mount PDVD player that mounts in between the front two seats without any tools for $29 at Best Buy. 3) We bought 4 sets of IR wireless head phones for all four of our kids. (They have volume control.) It comes with one transmitter and you can add up to as many head phones as you like. We paid a total of $90 and it came with a car 12V adaptor and other attachments so you can use it pretty much anywhere. We attached the transmitter to the plastic part of the rear air controls on the ceiling, using the velcro tape supplied. It only cost use around $309 for our complete entertainment package. Also, Everything stays in our van locked up and out of site, except the PDVD. We bought back seat organizers for the second and third row that keeps the head phones stored along with other personal items for our kids. (I think we paid around $15 for each. I hope this helps. I've included the links below. It's worked out beautifully.

    1) 226~.html?sid=0cn28deccswq3ao

    2) 079
  • Also, you asked if kids fight over what to watch. Ours doesn't. (Even though their ages are 6, 11, 13 and 15) We have a big DVD collection at home, thanks to DVDR's. So the kids pick the movies that are appropriate, with our approval of course, and they can chose to watch and listen if they like. Using a 140-Watt DC 12V inverter to plug our video game in, we can hook it up to the PDVD. (This keeps the kids really entertained.) Since we have two vechicles, having the ability to transport the equipment from one vechicle to the other is a big plus. You can see the screen very well in both the second and third row. Make sure to by a PDVD that comes with the car accessories and a remote control. If you burn your own DVD's, make sure the PDVD player plays them. (Not all PDVD players play all formats). One last thing, you can play the movies through the car stereo by using a two ended male audio cord. (The cord used with ipod and MP3 players.) or if you have a tape deck like us, they have the thing you insert into the tap deck. (Not sure of the name.)

    1) - 598
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Neat solution, and very inexpensive for good quality stuff.

    The only catch is it blocks the pass-through to the rear seats. That probably doesn't matter once the kids are past toddler age, though.

    Is that mount easy to remove?
  • Yes, it does block the pass through. We have a center console that blocks the pass through as well. (We just move it when we have to go to the back.) So even if we did have the overhead DVD player, we would still have to move the center console. The mount is secure and is easy to mount and remove. only takes a few second and there are no parts to keep up with. Ours mount is stored under the drivers seat out of view when not in use. The only draw back with our set up is that it takes a few more minutes longer to take the mount, PDVD player, and wireless transmitter for the head phones down to store it. (Compared to just flipping the screen up, on the over head DVD player, and turning off the ignition switch.)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    2 more questions...

    Do you leave it in the car, or remove it each time?

    And do the front seats have to be lined up with each other? Shouldn't matter too much as vans have plenty of legroom for everyone.
  • We leave everything else in the van except the PDVD. (It goes in the house, since we really don't use it that much.) One can leave it in the vechicle out of sight, if they choose. The front seats don't need to be at the same position. (Of course, you can't have one all the way reclined and expect the screen to be leveled.)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds cool, thanks for sharing the details.

    I just got one of those visor mounted DVD holders to remind us to use ours more often. Before they were in the door, and we had to fish for them.
  • I recently purchased a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country Touring edition (no sunroof). I am trying to figure out which factory DVD system I should purchase. There are 4 types mopar sells. 2 have the DVD player in the overhead unit and the other 2 have the player in the dash. I would like to have the player in the dash. the car also came with rear seat climate controls that are placed right where the overhead unit goes. Anyone out there know what one to buy?
  • I need help finding the wiring diagram for my pathfinder (with Bose System). I want to install a double DIN DVD player and flipdown monitor. It is a 2006 model.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,591
    The only suggestion I can think of that, unless someone can pull an internet link out of the hat, is to go to a good car audio shop--they will often sell you a wiring diagram for a couple bucks.

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  • I have just purchased a 2006 grand caravan with option code RF8 which is the low end DVD system. I was wondering if I do the upgrade kit can I still listen to the radio as currently my dvd turns off when I switch to radio or CD. I dont want to spend a bunch of money only to be told it still doesnt work. I see everyone is saying it works but wondering if my problem is a little unique as nobody has mentioned the same issues that I'm experiencing.
  • Whenever you're choosing a DVD entertainment system for your minivan, there are a number of things that you will need to consider. This article will look at some of the areas you should be interested in when considering the different DVD systems available.
    Build Quality
    Twin Screens
    All in One Systems
    Screen Size
    I think a headrest car DVD will be suitable for kids, it can effectively end your kids complaining about how old your choice of music is. Unless you want to listen to everything your passengers watch (which can be very distracting), you'll need to check out your audio options. Some in-car DVD players play the audio through the car's stereo system, subjecting everyone to the same sounds. Others allow passengers to plug headphones into jacks near their seats to select the audio they choose. In this scenario, the audio the driver selects is played over the car's stereo. Still others have wireless headphones that allow passengers to choose their audio. :lemon:
  • We have an 01 DGC EX and have 4 kids. The type of system we have, is a portable Sony 9” HD DVD player with a remote and a swivel screen. We use a DVD dock that hooks and sits in between the front row head rest. For sound, we have a set of 4 Bebe Sounds TV-777 TV Listener, wireless head phones. They have its own volume control, to which the transmitter is placed on the ceiling using velcro tape. Total cost was under $400. The only draw backs are, everybody has to watch the same thing and it takes about 10 min. to get everything set up. You can hook up a video game to it and passengers in the third row can see very good too. We use the head phone in the house too, since it came with two transmitters, when the kids are watching tv up late and don't want them to disturb anybody. I use the portable DVD player on plane flights and we can switch everything from on e vechicle to the next. So, not only do you save money, but you have multiple options of use as well.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A journalist would like to speak with a consumer who has recently installed an aftermarket GPS unit, rear entertainment unit, remote key entry, or back up camera. If interested, please send an email by Thursday, Sept 30, including the item you purchased/installed, your name, and phone number to

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  • flaco1190flaco1190 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    i need a dvd system only, i have screen and other parts please some body have one let me know.remember venture 458- 1746 :cry:
  • what is the difference between a land rover a jeep and a range rover? what kind of cars are here they called? they all seems to look the same. what are they usually use for? or all of them post a difference purpose?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Jeep is an American off roader.

    Land Rover is a British off roader.

    Range Rover is an expensive British off roader.

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