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Nissan 350Z



  • Hey Jaquino,

    When you get your new Z, enjoy it, and don't worry too much about the SUVs. :)

    Good luck!
  • Thanks pisceanz350!

    The car is supposed to arrive any day now, I am so excited! Had to wait 3 months for my order, I can't wait to take that baby home. :)
  • uksuks Posts: 5
    I own a 350Z convertible touring, 3 months old, with about 2800 miles on it. The amount of rattle noises and squeaks had been on the rise since about 500 miles, and at present it reminds me of the 2002 Eclipse Convertible I used to have. In fact, the rattles on the Z are a lot more than the Eclipse. I wanted to know if the other owners experienced it too, and if it can/should be fixed?
    Thanks for your input.
    Btw, nothing against the car's performance. It still is a great car. This car replaced my 2003 350Z coupe, and the driving pleasure is almost the same except the rattles (yes, almost... I still believe the coupe is a better car with less weight and better construction).
  • I'm very interested in the Z and I'm trying to decide between that and a bimmer. I go to the Nissan dealer today and the guy gives me an attitude saying you can't test drive a Z. He says he'd be surprised if I found anyone to let me test drive them cuz owners don't wany any miles on the car when they buy them. I walked away pretty insulted. But is this true? If so, how can I figure out if the Z is the real deal and worth my hard earned $$$ ?
  • We have five in my area, three allow test drives, two don't. Guess who sells the most Z's? This is a sales tactic to try and keep the miles low but most (at least in my area) dealers will let you test drive a z. You may not get to drive the specific one your interested in (now I want to try the red one, LOL) but you should be able to get a test drive at a dealer in your area.

    How many dealers do you have to choose from?
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    I test drove five at four different dealers before I decided against getting the Z. JW
  • Hey guys I've read almost this entire thread about the Z and I need some help. Well during the summer I was all set to buy a 97 BMW M3 but when I test drove it all I could think about was how if anything broke how expensive it would be. Needless to say that killed it for me cause I wouldn't enjoy the car because I would be afraid of repair bills. Well then I was set to get a 2004 WRX w/ premium packaging (heated seats, heated mirrors, sunroof, and spoiler) for about 24,500 OTD but then I saw a 350z and thought it was one of the hottest looking cars ever. So I do some research and start learning about the honda s2000 as well because the two are compared alot. I also started to read about the new RX-8 but all of the problems that mazda is having with the car really turned me off. So my choices turn to an enthusiast 350z, a 02 s2000, or a 2004 WRX. Each has their own pros and cons for me. The 350z needs to have leather seats and a sunroof which I think can be done aftermarket right? The s2000 seems great just no torque and I've never really entertained the idea of a roadster. The WRX's problem is its very plain looking. I look at it now and it just kills me. Now I live in Connecticut where it does snow but I have access to a toyota tacoma if need be and actually right now I have a 96 Civic cx with summer tires that I have a blast with driving in snow.I'm 22 and live at home with my parents going to college for nursing. I checked out the insurance on the cars and for a year its 2188 wrx 1940 for 350z and 1880 for s2000. WHat do you think?
  • sphinx99sphinx99 Posts: 776
    Why an '02 S2000, by the way?

    I'd drive all three and make a decision based on your experiences. Keep in mind the decreasing utility on these cars. The WRX has lots of room and space, it's the "it makes sense" car in this group. The S2000 is at the opposite end of the spectrum, you're pretty much sacrificing all utility for the fun factor. The 350Z seems like a decent compromise in between.

    The S2000 is my kind of car b/c I like the flexiblity to drop the top, I think it has the best overall combination of performance components(engine+brake+steering+suspension+chassis) and I think it has the best looks, especially when the top is down. And, it's much less common. However, there's no real room or trunk, it's not much fun with the top up, it's no fun at all in the snow (unless you like to risk your life) and it's definitely the theft and vandalism target of this bunch.

    The drawbacks didn't matter to me but you really should think about the key differentiators here (rear seat room, luggage room, engine type) and decide what you want. Drive all three.
  • The reason for the 02 s2000 was because it has the rear glass window and a couple of other upgrades on it that make it more livable.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    ... and then some:

    utility = Sube
    performance = S2k
    cruising & style = 350Z

    Now, I realize a lot of people (especially here) will disagree with me, but that's what I came up with. If you drive, as suggested, you'll come up with your own list. I needed utility less, so dropped the Sube from my list. I wanted both performance and style, so I dropped the other two and moved on.

    Best for your search, JW
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    I initially went shopping for a Z in January; I really felt like it would be a classic and I wanted one in my garage. After a brief test drive, I decided the Z was not for me. But, I still believe it's a great car, and a bargain considering what you get for the money.

    I've always been a WRX fan, so I test drove that next (03 with the bug eyes). Not as slick feeling as the Z and it is certainly not a looker, but it's a total blast to drive. In addition, the flat-4 engine and AWD are a really sweet combination. Handling was fantastic, on par with the Z, and I give it the edge because AWD makes it more usable.

    Performance-wise, you can't go wrong with either car. They both have unique traits and strengths in handling and power. They are not an even comaprison, but rather, each has it's own great aspects.

    I ended up with a WRX, and have been really happy. I think the moment of Zen was when driving back from the dealer with the new car. I took some back roads that had ocassional snow drifts and wet patches from a recent winter storm. I would have been very nervous and tentative driving those roads in a Z, and may have looked for a different route or driven like a granny. With the WRX, I just drove it like a sports car and had a lot of fun. It really is a great sports car for all conditions. If you want to have a lot of fun driving in the snow (safely, of course) I think the WRX is the only way to go.

    Of course, I have since added larger wheels and summer tires to the WRX, and would not be cruising down snow-laced roads without first switching back to the stock wheels and all-season tires (RE-92).

    By the way, utility wasn't an issue with me, my other car is a station wagon!

  • Hey fab5hill33, I'm also doing the exact same comparison. I just got done driving a '03 350Z Track and a '03 325Ci, both manual. The 350Z's power was intoxicating...I would love to have that power every day. But the drive in the 325Ci was much more refined, although acceleration and power was nothing compared to the Z. The Z has no back seat, and my wife and I will eventually start having kids, so I just don't know. We have a Pathfinder, so that could accomodate the kids, but do we want to have only one vehicle in which we can drive them or friends around in?

    I still don't know what I'm going to do, because I just can't get the power of the Z out of my head...argh!
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    The answer to your plight might be real simple: try the G35 coupe! Many people like it better than both the Z and the 3-series, obviously a matter of taste but really worth a look. JW
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    If you'r mainly into the power, keep looking around. There are a ton of cars with close to Z-like acceleration these days, some with more practical layouts. G35-coupe is an excellent example. The G35 4-dr is also a real sweetie.

  • so no one has answered my question! Is the 350Z convertible Roadster a limited edition or not?
  • j_75j_75 Posts: 2
    I doubt it's a limited edition, unless it's one of those pure marketing gimicks.

    Mass produced sports car, with a limited edition convertible? Not unless your name is Ferrari.
  • scantyscanty Posts: 171
    That they have sold something like 4000 roadsters so far. That's more than the entire production of 300ZX convertibles from '93-'96. I know in the adverts they say "limited availability," so is there a chance that someone misinterpreted that to mean limited edition?

    I had the good fortune to find a great Nissan salesman who I've been chatting with over the last few months, and he was kind enough to let me take the first roadster they got out for a spin. Wonderful to drive, even if was an automatic. The power top is amazing. top down, it looks great, but with the top up, it looks like it has a bigger butt than J Lo.
  • boikoboiko Posts: 82
    I can not believe that no one has mentioned this..!

  • scantyscanty Posts: 171
    They've made some running changes with the '04s, IIRC there have been some improvements made to the interior (knee bolsters and a new cover for the dash opening), and most importantly, re-calibrated suspension settings that were developed for the European market that have been adopted for all markets. It's supposed to be a significant improvement in ride comfort, while maintaining the handling capabilities.
  • I just purchased a 350z roadster for my husband for Christmas. He has no clue I have done this. Now I am getting cold feet. I'm afraid he is going to kill me! I was wondering what most of you guys out there would think if your wife had done this without consulting you. Please give me your thoughts. I am really starting to panic.
  • Well, tell us a little about him, age, what he's driving now, how much does he drive in what kind of weather, for starters.

    Then of course, what model did you get, with which options, and in what color combinations?

    Seriously, if my wife did that, I'd be thrilled!
  • He just turned 50. He has been talking about getting a sports car for awhile now. He said something about the Eclipse Spyder. I looked at it and thought it looked like a wanna-be sports car. He has owned a 240z in the past. He said he had always wanted a 300z so I thought a 350z would even be better.
    This car is just for fun. It would not be driven back and forth to work. We live in Georgia so the weather is really not a big issue.
    I got the Touring model, Chrome Silver, Charcoal Interior, splash guards. Did not get the gps system or the 18" wheels.
  • scantyscanty Posts: 171
    What a wonderful Christmas gift! He's a lucky man to have a wife like you. You did great.

    Come back after Christmas and tell us how it went!
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    Well if wanted a sports car, and I could afford the 350z, and the only reason I hadn't already bought a sports was because I was a practical kind a guy (me practical... HAHAHA yeah right!) and a sports car is a superfluous kind of purchase... then HELL YEAH I would be super psyched!

    That's like you saying, "here is something that neither of us need, and you would never buy for yourself, but it will make you really happy and that is worth it too me." Superfluous gifts are the best. This is very sweet (sniff)... I am feeling a little ferklempt... talk amongst yourselves...
  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    Oh yeah and smart choice getting the Z over the Eclipse. The Eclipse is looking so outclassed these days it's a wonder Mitsubishi doesn't update it sooner.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    this past year I leased an new Altima, now my mom has the car and I'm back in the market again for a car. most of the time it is just me and maybe a friend. I've been thinking about getting a 2D car maybe the 350Z or the G35, (also considering the 4D AWD G35 and the Jag Xtype) I live in ohio and as you know we can get some bad winter days here. I'm in college and really don't do that much driving so I'll be going into a lease again (yeah I know college and not driving much is an oximoron, but I don't) anyways I was looking into the new convertable Z and couldn't help but wonder what the Z cars have been like in the snow.. I'll be getting the car @ the end of march or around then so the winter here will be dying out so I'll have a chance to get some snow tires as well... any comments
  • zzz350zzz350 Posts: 44
    Yes, Nissan has stated that the Roadster will be limited to the number of customers willing to pay for one. they are hoping that they will be limited to 100 to 200 thousand of them.
  • LadyCobra,

    I'll echo the sentiments of others here who responded to your inquiry. You done good for your hubby!!!

    I'm personally not into ragtops, but I recently traded in my 2000 Eclipse GT as part of the deal for my new 2004 350Z Tourer.

    No comparison between the two. I found the Eclipse was a pleasant vehicle, but Mitsubishi ruined it as a sports car back in 2000 when they totally redesigned it, and among other things, eliminated the turbo. Also with the softer suspension, the Eclipse became a wannabe sports car and a wanna be luxury vehicle...and fully accomplished neither. The styling is attractive, but it's beginning to become dated looking, and the huge turning circle is something you might expect in a large SUV and NOT in any type of sporty car.

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