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2002 Dodge 1500 crew cab



  • Shopped and investigated for three months for a new 1/2 ton to replace my Ford Lariat purchased in 1985. I studied and test drove Silverado, Tundra, Ford F150 and Dodge Quad Cab. The Dodge won even though I felt I had to give a little on power (4.7 vs the 5.3 Chevy engine). The Dodge was much larger inside (important to big people like me), larger outside (the Chevy and Tundra seemed like a size smaller by comparison), beefier, rode better and felt like a truck, not like an SUV. The Quad Cab is versatile with its rear seat that converts to a steel deck. It is well engineered to provide the driver with useful work space on top and inside in the center fold down armrest. A lot of little touches also like the four cleats in the box for tie downs. Did not seem to lack for road speed or climbing either when compared to other trucks I test drove. No annoying shortcomings or problems yet. Wait till I put on 5000 miles.
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