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Mazda6 Sedan



  • kannonkannon Posts: 18
    Seaf - you bring up a good point. What if we did get a buyout and we could not get our same vehicle configured the way we want because of Mazda's unusual options configuration. I know my answer who would pay the extra cost. Hey - this could be a goldmine - I may finally get the leather seats I always wanted but lost out to kitchen countertops for my wife :)
  • darmc96darmc96 Posts: 21
    Wouldn't surprise me in this situation that if it is a situation where a buyout is offered, they will also offer you a 2004 model of the same configuration. Can't compare this to the RX-8 situation which was not a curable defect that a brand new car would fix. May have to order to get what you want, but why would Mazda not offer this? Dodge offered it when they had to offer a buyback on the 98 pickups that were not painted the proper thickness....
  • kannonkannon Posts: 18
    Seaf - you bring up a good point. What if we did get a buyout and we could not get our same vehicle configured the way we want because of Mazda's unusual options configuration. I know my answer who would pay the extra cost. Hey - this could be a goldmine - I may finally get the leather seats I always wanted but lost out to kitchen countertops for my wife :)
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    I hate to burst everyone's bubble, but I'd view it as a one-in-a-million chance that Mazda is going to buy back cars.

    Even the most severe defects in the car business are addressed with repairs and an extended warranty. Perhaps some freebies in addition, like discounts on new cars or accessories. I can't recall a single instance where there has been a buy back of a mass-produced, widely distributed car - ever.

    - Mark
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    The more I think about the more it seems probable that Mazda will propose an exchange. The rust on the inside of the frames has to be pretty bad for the surface rust to spread that quickly to the outside. Don't think that can be fixed without replacing the doors and all the costs incurred with that.

    I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. I forget all about the hatch. Now I hope Mazda takes it's time resolving this so that's it's timed with the debut of the hatch. This could be a blessing in disguise. I'm already starting to feel better.

    Is there anyway to find out on the internet what models, if any, had a buyback or exchange program for a defect before I get my bubbles burst? Was it the Dodge Daytona that had the buybacks?
  • It is true that the chance of a buy-back option is pretty slim. However, Mazda has done it twice in the past 3 years... the 2004 RX-8 was supposed to produce 247 hp but only produced 238 (automatics: 207 advertised, 197 reality). The 2001 Miata was supposed to produce 155 hp, but only produced 142. They offered buy-backs on both vehicles.
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    Both the RX-8 and Miata buybacks were based on false advertising(maybe easier to sue) rather than defects so maybe that's not a good example. Also there were alot less of those bought compared to the 6 but you never know, maybe Mazda is buyback happy.
  • buggywhipbuggywhip Posts: 188
    I think a buyback is eminently possible, esp. in aromas's case. His whole car is basically rusting out from within. Repainting won't solve it nor will replacing the doors. Sure, corporations rarely do buybacks, at least none you hear about. But here, Mazda's goof is so egregious, so utterly careless, that a buyback will be the only way to go.
  • fowler3fowler3 Posts: 1,919
    jstandefer said: "Obviously, my car was built on a Monday morning or Friday evening."

    This is something I have never heard of, what is the difference? Aren't cars mostly assembled by robots? Do robots come to work with hangovers? Do robots think about leaving early on Fridays?

    kannon said: "Hey - this could be a goldmine - I may finally get the leather seats I always wanted but lost out to kitchen countertops for my wife :)"

    kannon, would you believe formica seats?

    Possibly Mazda may offer buybacks on the worst models with rust. They would then make the repairs to those cars and sell them to fleet buyers. Another good reason NOT to buy from fleets. Mazda will lose money but they can recover some of it.

  • I have not found any rust. But then I'm not 100% sure that I'm looking in all the right places, either. :-S
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    At this point, I would not count on any buybacks.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    cars like Aromas', I'd like to see what they will do about it.

    At the rate some of these cars are rusting, it won't be long before they are rolling billboards for rust.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    It took over 11 Minnesota winters for any rust to be visible on my parents silver 92' Camry. A friend has it now and it's just starting to rust.

    My car has visible rust and it's 4 months old.

    What will it look like in 11 years?
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    that a buyback would not be offered as the first choice. At the most replacing doors and extended warranty with a couple of freebies. For parts that cannot be replaced, they might offer to pay for the best bodyshop in town in addition.

    To get a buyback, I am sure you would have to spend some time corresponding back and forth with the Dealer, Mazda Rep and MNAO. And it would be case to case basis.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    It might actually be cheaper for Mazda to just give you a whole new car instead of paying the "best body shop in town" to get rid of all of the rust and paint the entire car.

    The paint job on my buddy's brother's 63' Corvette was almost as much money as I paid for my entire car.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    that Ford Focus had door rust problems in Europe and Ford Europe replaced the doors, not the car.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I don't like that idea.

    Like I've said before, my car has 4000 miles on it and now somebody might have to replace my doors, repaint the sides of my car, take the windows and interior door pieces off of my old doors and put them on the new ones? Ish.

    So much for that new car smell. Now it'll smell like a body shop.
  • Don't worry. We'll get rid of our rust in exchange for orange peel and overspray. Try explaining that when you go to trade it in... those are both typical signs that a vehicle has been through an accident. There goes the resale value...

    fowler3: Most of the vehicle's body components are assembled and painted by robots. But, interior and mechanical components are generally mounted by hand.
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    The Focus didn't have rust problems in the trunk gutter as well. I have several spots there as well,not as bad as the doors but give it time, can't really tell whats under the molding because it's hard to lift it to take a good look. God knows what condition it is there. I'm certain the "series" of cars affected will see the gutter rust sooner rather than later.

    I'd like to know how they will fix my gutter without replacing my whole back end(suggestions anyone?). The gutter is a perfect example of how sloppily Mazda put together this car. My door frames have basically one long crimson stripe all across every door.

    I think it all depends how big a jerk you wanna be if you want a buyback. I plan on being a big one. If you start seeing rust in that gutter begin planning on the next car you want because Mazda won't have much of a case in saying no. To those who aren't crazy about getting doors replaced, start praying it gets to your gutter.(newcar,jstandefer, only time I hope you find some)
  • The trunk gutters are easily repairable... remove trunk and hinges, sand, clean, prep, prime, and paint. The problem with the doors is that you can't get to the source of the problem without removing the weatherstripping channels from the door frame, fixing, painting, and then welding the channels back on. Plus, we are not even sure if they are welded or part of the frame... hard to tell without really tearing everything apart.
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    I think we all agree that doors will need to be replaced. So basically they have to replace 4 doors and repaint entire car(we'll omit the trunk work for now as it less common) What's the total cost of that? Just want to compare the repair cost to buying back. I really have no clue but it's gotta be between 5K and 10K, probably closer to 10K. The paint job alone has to be a couple of thousand.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,372
    If Mazda needs to do a large scale replacement of the doors, wouldn't it make sense for them to ship them in already painted? After all, they have the right paint already, and should finally know how to do it.

    Easiest thing seems to be to swap in complete door assemblies, but I guess that would be more expensive (though quicker) than dismantelling the door components.

    On a selfish note, my inability to make a decision and putt the trigger seems to have paid off for once, since I really liked the 6 when it first came out, but couldn't make up my mind to get one.

    At least the hatch and wagon (that really intrique me) should benefit from the new and improved production process.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Even if Mazda shipped painted doors it would not guarantee that the doors would match the rest of the car, especially on a silver car like mine. Different batches of paint can be slightly different shades of the same color.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I wouldn't be so quick to call the trunk gutters an easy fix.

    It depends on how they are rusting.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    If they decided to replace doors, I suspect they would ship the door skins unpainted to dealers and the dealer would paint, swap the glass, pwr controls, interior panel etc....but thinking this far in advance is putting the cart in front of the horse...I think its more important to pinpoint the cause of the problem first.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    ...and I would not be happy with that solution if that's what Mazda decided to do.

    I try to keep my car away from the dealer as much as I can because any time I bring in any of my cars, they might fix the problem that I brought it in for, but they screw something else up in the process.

    Imagine the potential for mistakes when disassembling all 4 doors and then re-assembling them. Imagine having a brand new car that has been almost entirely re-painted. I don't even want to think about that.
  • From what I have seen so far, I don't think the trunk gutters are really rusting. I have a big spot in mine, but I scraped off a bit of it and it appears something metallic landed in there, adhered to the paint, and started rusting. The pics I have seen appear to be "rail dust" or other metallic debris that are rusting on top of the paint. We'll have to wait and see, though. Plenty of people have complained about it that I haven't seen pics of. I'll have to scrape off the rest of mine to see the condition of the paint underneath.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    "From what I have seen so far, I don't think the trunk gutters are really rusting. I have a big spot in mine, but I scraped off a bit of it and it appears something metallic landed in there, adhered to the paint, and started rusting."

    That would be great. That is really heart warming news. I hope there isn't a problem with the trunk gutters. I kinda feel a little bit better now.
  • So I'm making a quick trip up to the corner store, look down at my speedometer, and it's pegged on zero while I'm doing about 50! The ABS light, Brake light, and check engine light were all lit. I dropped it off with the dealer at 7:00 Wednesday to check it out and have the two recalls (brake reservoir and EMC module [I think that was it...don't have the paper work with me]. They called that afternoon and said the ABS module was faulty and they were overnighting the part to be fixed today and they gave me a base 6i as a loaner. I called today and they had the part installed, but it wasn't operating properly and they were still working on it by the time I was ready to leave work at 3:00. So, I'm hoping to pick it up Friday morning.

    I searched the board for ABS module, but no hits. Has anyone else had or heard about this problem?

    I did do a quick check of my doors and trunk about a week ago and saw no rust (6S, Lapis Blue, don't remember the build date, but bought in January 2003 and gone through a Michigan winter). When I get it back tomorrow, I'm going to do a more thorough check.

    I did ask the service guy how many 6 owners had reported rust problems and he just looked at me and said "Rust problem? What rust problem?" I said "Quite a few 6 owners are reporting that their new cars are rusting around the doors and trunk." "Hmm...nope, haven't seen that," he replied. Guess their first defense is deny, deny, deny. Hopefully, I won't have any first hand proof to show him next week on my blue baby.
  • aromasaromas Posts: 314
    The spots on my gutter show the paint to be very thin in those areas. They are isolated spots so they are not coming from the molding, just like the spots that I see on other cars' hinges. It's just a crappy paint job.

    Do you think there's a chance Steve Bartman works for Mazda? That could explain alot of things.

    BTW Mazda seems to have a soapy solution to this rust problem. Check out the problems board if you want a good laugh. I had to check if it was April 1st after I read it. If it's true than it's gonna be a long winter.
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