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Mazda6 Sedan



  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Good thing you do not own a 626 like I do - this forum is great compared to the 626 forum, which is boring at best.
  • otoluvaotoluva Posts: 158
    Let's see, almost 17000 posts on a car that's been out less than 2 years. I actually feel bad for someone starting out now to get some info on the car, good luck and read onnnnnnnnnn.
  • Do you think Mazda will keep its current incentives through the end of June?

    God Bless Our Veterans....
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    I spoke to a salesman on Monday evening. I was trying to find a 6s with a sunroof and was ready to buy, but he didn't have any on the lot. I asked about the incentives, and he said he did not see them going away anytime soon.

    In fact, he said the wagon now has a $1,500 rebate. I'm in Florida. The incentives might be different where you are.
  • hboydhboyd Posts: 98
    Does anybody know the current sales figures for the MZ6 sedan, hatch, and wagon? What is selling more? Are they reaching their sales goals?

    Just curious... Rich?

  • qddaveqddave Posts: 164
    I'd assume that the Miata and RX-8 have shift levers that go through the floor and have a direct linkage to the tranny. I know for a fact that the 6 shifter is mounted above the floor and connected to cables that then go through the floor to the tranny. If you wanted to get a shorter throw, you'd either have to take the shift knob off and cut the lever down (not a good idea) or take the shifter apart and fabricate your own lever (even worse of an idea). Or, if the brackets at the other end of the cables (on the tranny) are exposed, you could fabricate longer ones to give you an increased mechanical advantage. Otherwise, if the aftermarket comes out with a short throw shifter, it'll be an entire replacement shifter.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    "I'd assume that the Miata and RX-8 have shift levers that go through the floor and have a direct linkage to the tranny."

    They do, and that's why those shifters have better feel. Generally, any manual transmission RWD car has better shift feel than a manual transmission FWD car because the shifter goes directly into the tranny instead of going through a bunch of cables and/or linkages. I don't think this has anything to do with how long the throws are though. My Mustang 5.0L had long throws.

    "If you wanted to get a shorter throw, you'd either have to take the shift knob off and cut the lever down (not a good idea)"

    I'm curious, why is this a bad idea? I had a sawed-off ghetto short throw shifter in my Integra and never had any problems with it. I sawed it down a couple inches. My friend has it now and it's got over 180,000 miles on it. Original clutch too.
  • cop414cop414 Posts: 68
    I too am wondering why just taking a dremel tool, to the spot welded washer on the shaft (there to keep the boot at its present spot)and then just cutting the shaft down. I was thinking about doing this one myself, but am now wondering-why would it not be a good idea? What would it hurt??
    I would think that you'd have to be very careful about not messing the threads up, but other than that, why wouldn't it work.
    newcar31-how did this affect your integra as far as "feel"?
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I did it when I ordered a new shift knob. I figured, might as well saw it down while I have it off. The Integra still shifted the same, but the shifter didn't look like a pickup-truck shifter anymore. I did it more for looks than anything. Of course, the throws were shorter, but the shift quality was still Integra-excellent.

    On the Integra, there was also a washer to keep the boot up against the shift knob, but I sawed that off too. The shifter was tapered, so the boot fell down the shifter as far as it could until the taper held it up. Threads? I sawed most of those off. Because of this, you will probably need an aftermarket shift knob that doesn't need to be threaded on. An aftermarket knob similiar to the factory knob in the Mazda6 is gonna be spendy, but you might be able to leave enough threads on for the factory knob. I dunno.

    The only precautions I took was making sure the metal shavings didn't fall down where they shouldn't be and put the shifter in neutral. I just put part of a plastic garbage bag over the shifter when I was sawing it off to keep the shavings out of bad places.

    As far as the Mazda6 is concerned, the shifter doesn't look as truckish as my Integra's did, so I think I'm going to leave it alone for now. I also like the stock shift knob better than most of the aftermarket knobs. The Mazda6 has one of the nicest factory shift knobs of any car IMO.
  • cop414cop414 Posts: 68
    It looks like you could take off about an inch of the threaded portion and still have anough left to grip the factory knob. Also like I said the washer would have to go, because it keeps the boot up, which doesn't let the knob come down any further.
    I'm having the clutch repalced as soon as the parts come in (to rid my car of the dreaded clutch shudder), then I think I'll give it a try, unless in the meantime someone can give me a good reason not to.
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I hope I don't ever need a new clutch. I don't know if I could handle my brand new car having major surgery. I've had 7 manual transmission cars, some of them quite a bit past 100,000 miles, and none of them ever needed a clutch.

    Like I mentioned before, my Integra that I sold to a friend has over 180,000 miles on it now with the original clutch. I don't know if that's because Honda makes a good clutch, or if I'm easy on clutches, or both.
  • qddaveqddave Posts: 164
    I was making the assumption of cutting the threads off, which would require an aftermarket knob, unless the OEM is not threaded on.

    You guys are all correct though, it won't hurt to take a little off the top, just as long as you can get the knob back on. In my civic, I bought a Neuspeed short throw shift kit and to prevent the boot from falling down, I just took one of my wife's hair ties (fabric covered rubber band)and wrapped it around the lever a few times until it was tight. Then, when I installed the console on top, I just pulled the hair tie up against the underside of the boot and it holds it snug against the knob.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    Hard to believe how the posts here have dried up.

    Well, maybe some of you can help me. After about 18 months of indecision, I've finally decided to go with a Mazda 6. The decision now is the 4 or 6.

    For gas mileage (I do a lot of running around in town) I'd like to get the 4, but we often use my car as the family hauler which means four people and a lot of stuff. There, the 6 would come in handy.

    I know this question has been asked before, but are you 4 cylinder owners satisfied with the performance of that powerplant, or should I go ahead and get the 6?
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Auto or manual?

    I have a manual 6i and it's plenty for me. To keep things in perspective, a manual 6i is about equal in acceleration to the last generation Accord and Camry V6 automatics and the Mazda6s automatic.

    Around town, I get 24-26 mpg and on the highway (constant 80-85 mph) I get 31-32 mpg.

    I drove the V6 and decided I couldn't live with sub 20 mpg tanks. 20/20 hindsight tells me that was probably a good decision.
  • I was planning on buying a 6s hatck manual at the end of june, but NO ONE has them in inventory. I wanted to get it at the end of june so that i could get inventory rollover deals, but I need the car first. Why cant they make more manuals?
  • livaudaislivaudais Posts: 55
    once you drive the 6s w/ manual it's hard to accept any other combination. It's so smooth, revs so well and sounds so good... do wish the mileage were better, though.

    What more can be said about this car, I wonder? Many of its competitors' boards are filled with complaints about quality control and a variety of problems. For me, at this stage in the 6's life cycle, no news is good news.

  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I went for a ride in the first 6 at one of the local dealers here, it was a silver with the sport package, 5sp manual V6. After the dealers started to get some inventory, I drove the V6 manual 2 different times from 2 different dealers. They didn't have a manual 6i to try out, but it didn't matter because I was hooked on the 6s for the same reasons that livaudais cites.

    When the incentives were too good to pass up (June 03), I headed to Mazda dealer. They had a couple 6i manuals and I figured I should at least try it. The 4 cyl is also smooth, revs well, and sounds really nice for a 4 cyl. The V6 is sweet, but I really think people should try the 4 cyl too if you're getting a manual. I think my experience with a gas guzzling Mustang makes me appreciate fuel efficiency more than usual.
  • rampedramped Posts: 358
    I've got to go with the automatic. I drove the stick and it is sweet, but I spend too much time idling in elementary school parking lots to mess with the clutch. The auto-stick works fine for me. I happened to speak to my brother this evening and he said he rented a 6 on a business trip in the D.C. area. Said it handled well but the ride was a bit stiff, and it was pretty good on gas mileage.

    Sweet16: Haven't seen any i hatch sticks around here (Orlando) either, although there is a very nice s hatch with manual, leather and side curtains on the lot at my local dealer. Sticker is just over 27K. For that kind of money I would be looking at an Acura TSX...
  • baggs32baggs32 Posts: 3,229
    Here's my opinion and the reason I ended up with a 6s. Take it with a grain of salt. :)

    I originally drove an '03 6i MTX due to the lack of MTX 6s' in our area last Fall. Great car! Plenty of power in most situations, sounds great, a bit more tossable than the 6s, and very smooth. However, the weather had not changed when I drove it and it was a pretty hot day. Think high eighties/low nineties. We had the A/C on and three adults on board (including me as the driver).

    Now I live in an area with a lot of steep hills and always make sure to test drive vehicles up and down some of them. The 6i did struggle somewhat on a lot of the hills which made the driving experience a little annoying due to the constant shifting. Since I have to climb large hills all the time, and the family has grown to three (add extra weight for all the baby gear in the huge trunk too) the V6 MTX became a necessity (I drove a 6s ATX too but didn't want to settle for that tranny so I waited for the '04s).

    So IMO it would be wise to consider what I've said above, or at least take a really thorough test drive of both before pulling the trigger. The extra $$ I spend for gas is worth it so long as I'm not frustrated by the driving experience. I'm definitely 100% satisfied with my choice. :)
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I'd definitely get the V6 if you need an automatic, especially with the new 6sp auto that the 2005s will have.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I have a 04 and was wondering what changes there are for 05 on the 6s. How do you know there will be a 6sp trans. for 05?
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    I heard about it on the other Mazda6 message board.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    here are some of the MZ6 changes for 2005

    there will be 3 versions of the 'i' model
    -grand touring

    's' model
    -grand touring

    There will be a 6 speed auto trans that will be available on some versions, but I'm not clear on the mix yet.

    ABS and traction will be standard on the 'i'

    Tire pressure montoring system will be available on all versions..std on some.

    all get pass. side weight sensor airbag.

    side airbags/curtains optional on base 'i' std on sport and GT. Std on 's' models

    sport grill std on all sport models

    sirius compatible audio std on all models

    delete gray interior with blazing copper

    For 2004 there are 108 different build combo's...2005 will reduce the number to 57 different build combo's.

    The first 2005 allocation runs 6/17 for Aug. production cars and september/october delivery
  • Anyone have ne idea on price differences for the 05's? Is it worth to wait for them to come out or should I get the 04 and save a little?
  • groovypippingroovypippin Posts: 264
    You must mean exterior. A blazing copper interior? whow...
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    ABS and Traction control standard. That is very nice to see. Now it should be easy to find manual tranny ABS non sport. Any word if the wagon will get the 4-cylinder engine?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Wagon will remain V6 only
  • taddisontaddison Posts: 99
    Hi Rich, I personlly think the new build levels and option packages make a lot of sense.

    Any word on when the 5-door will change over to 2005? Same time as the sedan or later?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    same time frame.
  • jeanniejeannie Posts: 2
    I test drove the 6s twice before buying & was very satisfied. Now that I own one, am I crazy that my new car (with 18 mi. at delivery)seems to hesitate a bit & seems to have a "drag" or slight vibration from underneath that the testers didn't? Had the tire pressure & balance checked already-helped a little, but not significant.
    Just break-in? Thanks!
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