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Mazda6 Sedan



  • I am also not sure about the ford engine in the 6. Is it really a ford/mazda engine and the 4 is only a mazda engine?

    The Duratec V6 is essentially a Ford engine, but Mazda made a few changes, notably different cylinder heads and variable valve timing. Actually, the V6 has some development from both Cosworth and Porsche, and the motor had been used in the Contour, Probe and Taurus, with minimal problems. In fact, a lot of 6 owners with V6 are former Contour and Probe owners, and still love the engine.

    The 4-cyl is essentially a Mazda engine, but Ford is using it in their Fusion/Milan models as well.
  • I think the 3.0 is also in the Lincoln LS.
  • Does anybody know of any side impact crash testing for the 6 with side curtain airbags?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    There was a european test. IIRC, this uses a lower impact height than IIHS does, but higher than the US gov't test.
  • What is the gas mileage on your Mazda 6 cylinder? Please let me know if you have a 4 or 6 cylinder and the gas mileage. I am really looking for people who have 6 cylinders and their gas mileage.

  • I just bought the 2006 Mazda 6 6 cylinder about a month far my gas mileage for city is 18 mpg...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    This discussion may be helpful: Mazda6: MPG-Real World Numbers.
  • Do any of the Mazda 6's (USA) have trip computers? I am looking at a Mazda 3 and a Mazda 6. I see the Mazda 3 S Grand Touring has the trip computer, but, I can't find it listed on any line of the Mazda 6's.
  • I am searching for a 2005 mazda6 manual. It is somewhat difficult to find in the northeast. Has anyone come across one.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    did you try autotrader?
  • My 2006 Mazda6 Grand Sport Sedan has an A and a B Trip computers, along with the odometer.
  • Hello everyone! Need some assistance please.

    I am purchasing a brand New 2006 MAZADA6 s Sport 4dr Sedan 3.0L 6cly w/6 speeed Auto and Rear Wing Spoiler. I have been offered $21,000 OTD but, must finance through Mazada dealership in Honolulu, HI. I have been told by them that I can finance the minimum of $5,000 for 3 months at 10% and pay the rest in cash which includes $3,000 on Credit Card. I have offered $21,500 OTD and I will pay in full. I have all the money needed in cash.

    When you do the math on the financing, I will pay $1,694.52 per month with a total amount to $5,083.56. That means I pay only $83 on interest for a total of $21,083 OTD car price. Why would the dealership not just take the $21,500 OTD price? Where is the catch?

    Thank you,

    I think I see why but, correct me if I am wrong. By financing through the Dealership/Mazda American Credit the dealership will get some sort of reimbursement/kickback for the financing. Thus the $21,000 OTD with financing offer as opposed to just taking my $21,500 OTD price. Am I correct in assuming this?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Yes Mazda credit is giving a rebate if you take their financing. I think it is an extra $1000, but might vary by location. Also, at least in my area it is consumer rebate not cash to dealer...not that it really matters much.

    You can find the rebate info, including cash to dealer right here on, btw. The consumer rebate info, but not cash to dealer, can also be found at
  • Thanks, jeff.

    Here's what I got for a 2006 MAZADA6 s Sport 4dr sedan (3.0 L 6cyl 5M):

    Automatic Trans ($920) and Rear Wing Spoiler ($260)

    MSRP: $25,670
    Invoice: $23,663 (Including Automatic Transmission $827 and Rear Wing Spoiler $200)
    Holdback: $478 ($23,910 MSRP * 2%)
    Rebate: $3,500 ($2,500 incentive/$1,000 financing)
    True Invoice: $19,642
    T/T: $1,818
    Lowball: $19,500
    Target Price: $20,838
    Edmunds TMV: $21,380 (Including $3,500)

    Will pay off $7,000 @ 10% after 3 months.

    $21,000 OTD minus $3,000 (max allowed by dealer) on Credit Card 2x points.

    It is true that I can pay off the loan after 90 days with no penalty and only pay interest for 3 months? Just want to be sure.:)

    $7,000 @ 10% for 3 months

    2372.330 per month
    $7117 total paid
  • I have posted a few times on here in the last few months about the mazda 6. I am still debating about the 4 cylinder automatic versus the 6 cylinder automatic. I may get a hatchback. My only concern with the 4 cylinder is engine noise. I thought the 4 cylinder engine was kind of loud. I also drove the 6 cylinder and it drove very nice. I am just unimpressed w /the gas mileage. ANyway, I know there are only a few 06's left. I just need some help sorting this out. Did anyone else think the 4 cylinder automatic was noisy? Does yours have enough get up and go? Thanks!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    It is true that I can pay off the loan after 90 days with no penalty and only pay interest for 3 months? Just want to be sure.

    I have no direct knowledge regarding this, but everything I have read indicates either you can pay off right away or that you can pay off after 3 months and it will not impact the financing rebate.
  • Redsfan1,

    I also had a tough time deciding between the 4 cylinder and V6 (though I was looking at the manual versions). I thought the V6 was the quietest between the two, but still thought the 4 cylinder was relatively quiet, and had very good acceleration. I was coming from a 2000 Sentra SE, which in comparison was more noisy than either of the Mazda6 models.

    Yes, I'm unimpressed with the gas mileage of the V6, after having driven nothing but 4 cylinder cars. But I justified it two ways. First, the low selling price of the Mazda6 V6. For example, it was 4 grand less than a Camry 4 cylinder (a car I had also considered). Sure, the Camry would get better gas mileage, but not enough to make up the 4 grand difference. You've got to look at the entire cost of ownership. Basically, the great prices on the 2006 Mazda6 V6 allowed me to overlook the gas mileage penalty. Secondly, I enjoyed the power of the V6 so much that, for me, it was worth paying higher gas prices. Simple as that.

    You can make these kind of rationalizations till you're blue in the face, but that was my thought process. My cousin bought a Mazda6 4 cylinder automatic two weeks after I got mine because he was so impressed with the car. But he drives a lot and therefore is more sensitive to gas prices, which is why he went with the 4 cylinder. Guess you have to figure out which model you'll be happiest with - it's tough to go wrong with this car. :)
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I have no direct knowledge regarding this, but everything I have read indicates either you can pay off right away or that you can pay off after 3 months and it will not impact the financing rebate.

    The rebate police won't show up at your house but the dealer gets charged back if the loan is paid before 3 if you payoff before 3 months you might not be very popular at the dealership.
  • I just bought a Mazda6s. I received the $1000 rebate through MAC financing. I was told I can refinance after making my first three regularly scheduled payments. Which I interpret will allow me to pay off the loan on my fourth payment without the penalizing the rebate. I had to sign a piece of paper to that affect.

  • I already called MAC. One can pay off the loan instantly. I signed no contract to hold the lease for 3 months. Finance officer tried to play games with me so I have no loyalty towards the dealership. I will pay it off in 10 days with a finance charge of about $40.

    Thanks everyone!:)
  • I see that, for 2007, the Mazda6 is Edmunds Most Wanted Sedan Under $25,000. Naturally. :shades: I find myself in complete agreement. :)
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Whew, glad I did not get a 2006...since it was not picked last year :) . Interesting that they picked this 5 year old design in its last year.

    I am planning to get one, while remaining in the under $20,000 category...I don't know if that counts ;) .
  • zzzoom6zzzoom6 Posts: 425
    I've had my 6 for almost a year now, and I geuss I'm not surprised that it was rated the most wanted sedan under 25k; it's a great combination of fun driving traits (great brakes and steering, good handling), good looks, reliability, and with the current incentives it's an excellent value. Add this award to the long list of awards the 6 has earned. well done Mazda!
  • I am thinking about getting the mazda 6 hatch. I heard the car may be more noisy w/ the hatch versus the sedan. Have any of you found this to be true?

    Also, if you own a 4 cylinder mazda 6, have you found the car to be noisy during acceleration in the 4 cylinder?? I found this to be true when I test drove. Does this bother you at all or do you just get used to it?

  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    So you're still on the fence about this?

    Have you tried test-driving both the V6 and 4-cyl versions of the 5-door and Sedan, just to find out firsthand? This is the best way to determine what's too loud for you and your needs.
  • Yeah, I am just having a hard time deciding if I want the 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder. I thnk I like the drive of the 6 better but I think the gas mileage is horrible w/the 6 cylinder and I travel around a lot. I think 20/27 is horrible. I am also looking at a 4 cylinder camry for the reliabiilty and quietness. Truth is, I love the mazda 6 style. Just dont know if a 4 cylinder will annoy me with noise and not give me the get up and go with the automatic. But I know the 6 cylinder would but it seems like a gas hog. Even consumer reports said the 6 was thirsty!

    Any thoughts?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    What do you drive now? What kind of acceleration numbers does that have? Does it seem adequate to you? How do its acceleration numbers compare to the 6i?

    I am not an owner. I have only test driven, but to me the 4 cylinder was only noisy when I stomped on the gas. Otherwise it seemed very quiet. The sound when accelerating will not bother me.

    Note that when you get owners opinions you should be aware that the 2005 (and I assume earlier models) were much noisier than the 2006 (and I assume 2007).
  • Last December I bought a 2006 Grand Sport sedan with the V6 automatic and my fuel economy experience has been much better than the EPA ratings. My commute is 38 miles and mostly highway, but it has 22 traffic lights and two stop signs. During the summer, with the A/C going full bore because I live in Phoenix, I was averaging 28 mpg. After the daily high temps here fell below 100F, mileage rose to 30 and has stayed there. I fill up every week, and each fillup calculation has been right around 30 mpg on Shell or Chevron 87 octane. If it seems exceptionally good, it is probably because my conditions are good: smooth roads, moderate weather, no short trips, well broken-in engine (15K miles). Plus I am very gentle on the accelerator, no tailgating, revs always below 3K, and the OEM Pirellis are at 45 psi. I have proven the V6/Auto can give good fuel economy in the real world, it just seems to do poorly on the EPA cycle.
  • I didn't know there was a difference in sound levels between the 2005 and 2006 models. What accounts for the difference?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I don't know, I assume they added more sound insulation. In the 4 cyl automatic another factor is the 5 speed trans vs. 4 speed in the 2005. But there was a lot more road noise, not just engine noise.

    I had a 2005 as a loaner for a week when my wife's VW was being repaired last spring. I really liked everything about it, except it was too noisy and the seats were too hard. So I was really happy when I decided to check out the 2006 to see if either of those things improved and both did.
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