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Mazda6 Wagon



  • It is normal for the heated seats to cycle on and off. I am glad it does. I turn it off anyhow after awhile since it is too warm for me.
  • kmcgkmcg Posts: 14
    I'm thinking of buying a 2004 wagon because of the great incentives, but I'm having a hard time comparing it to the 2005 model when it comes to side airbags. I think the dealer told me no side airbag option on the 05 wagon, and that's what the printed brochure says (sedan only). The Mazda website says side airbags are standard on all the 05 wagons. The 04 had a side airbag option, but it was tied to Bose and Sport packages, which then gets pricey.

    So does anyone hear know the difference between 04 and 05 wagons in this regard? Is it really possible they're not available in the 05's?

    Thanks! Kathy
  • im trying to buy a 6 wagon from the dealership here in Hawaii, its almost march and these guys still want over 22k for an 04 wagon (sport package, racks). bunch of jokers! I offered 19500 out the door and they got extremly pissed off! lol I walked on them and should be expecting a phone call by the end of the month from them. You guys think I should drop it down to 18k out the door just for making me wait? Like you guys i'm not seeing very many 6 wagons on the road, tons of 3's and protoges' though.

  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    What's the market like there? Can you easily go to another dealership to cross shop or is there only one? If there is only one dealership you may not have much luck.
  • yes, there are several dealerships across the island. They all have a surplus of 6 wagons. I've staked them all out. Im thinking these guys im currently dealing with will be more plyable as they have about a dozen 04 models on their lot.

  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    I looked at both '04 and '05 wagons when I purchased my '04 in November. For '04, the side air bags and curtains only came installed in models with the moonroof and Bose stereo options installed. For '05, all wagons have the side air bags and curtains (actually, all but the base i sedan have them).

    The dealer probably should have said that the side and curtain airbags are standard rather than optional for '05, but the statement "no side airbag option" seems to have left you with the impression that they are not available at all, which isn't the case.
  • kmcgkmcg Posts: 14
    Thanks for clearing that up! The 04's are a great deal now, but if you don't want the moonroof and premium audio packages, you're in effect paying $2,000 for the side air bags. This should help me with my decision.
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    That's exactly what I thought when I bought my wagon, but at the time my dealer only had one '05 wagon which I liked, and they had so many '04's left they weren't really interested in haggling much over it. Combine that with the fact that Mazda had a $4K rebate on the wagons then, and I would have been stupid to not buy the cheaper '04 just because of the two extra options. I really just wanted the extra airbags, but the Bose stereo and the moonroof are nice and the rebate essentially paid for them anyway.

    Good luck.
  • bugsjrbugsjr Posts: 4
    Hey folks, i know this is a bit personnel, but I figured some of you could help me out on this one. Im still shopping for the wagon, Im using the invoice prices i found on Edmunds.Com and AutoTrader.Com. So far one dealership wont go below 21399 otd (out the door) for a 04 sqbu wagon w/auto trans and racks (thats it), and the other wont drop below 24344 otd for 04 sqbu wagon w/5speed manual trans, bose, sunroof (didnt see side airbags installed),clear taillights (to be removed for stock). Im trying to get both of them under 20k otd. Ive managed to fustrate every finance guy (including 1 woman) that I have haggled with, ive walked out on just about every dealership on the island (the ones that i didnt walk out on walked out on me lol). Im preapproved already so all I need is an out the door price. Im I insane and asking to low of a price, or is the dealership actually very worried about giving me a good price? What are some of the out the door prices have you all been paying? Any suggestions would be great. You can even email me direct at if you do not want to post any prices on this board.

  • ccwinslowccwinslow Posts: 29
    I paid $23.5K OTD last August for a squall blue wagon with:

    Luxury package (leather etc)
    5-spd manual
    Sports package
    Moonroof deflector

    Think that's it. As I recall the sticker price was $28K or so.

    C. C.
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 2,954
    You might have higher prices because of where you live. If no dealership is willing to consider your offer it may be too low. Look at it this way -- how much more are they asking for a new 05? Price one of those with similar options and you may get a better idea. I have the feeling that the prices we are paying in the lower 48 may not be good comparisons for you. What's Edmund's TMV for your area?
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  • cnybrocnybro Posts: 29
    I bought my 04 MZ6SW on Dec 31. It's Squall Blue, Sport + Lux packages, Auto, Bose, Sunroof, wheel locks, auto-dim mirror w/compass, roof racks, pin stripes for $21.5K plus TTL. I love this car! A stick would have been better, but what the heck. I've since tinted the windows which makes it look extra sharp. Still have not seen many on the road, which is good since I have a unique vehicle. The cargo tray is highly recommended.
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    I too have enjoyed the uniqueness of the wagon, having only seen 3 others in my area since last November when I bought mine! I also purchased the cargo tray, because the floor in my cargo area was marked up by a suitcase just two weeks after I purchased the car. I have the all weather floor mats as well, which have proven to be a worthwhile investment.
  • ebeneben Posts: 26
    As near as I can tell, the invoice on the 2004 wagon with a/t and roof rails is ~$22,000. According to Mazda's website there's a rebate of $3,250 for 2004 wagons, plus $1,000 if you finance through MAC. Unless the taxes where you are are really high, it seems to me you should be able to get to $20,000 otd.
  • sadlosadlo Posts: 6
    Has anybody seen the new Consumer Reports auto issue? They said they can no longer recommend the Mazda 6 due to reliability issues. Didn't want to hear that...I'm thinking about buying an 05 wagon.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    I wouldn't take the 6 off your short list yet, nor would I put too much faith into CR's reliability rating...

    Check out the posts in the "Mazda 6 sedan" forum for the past week to see what I mean.
  • hmm .. Pickig up my Mazda6 wagon tonight. It's the basic model with sport package and the 5 speed. sticker was 24335 I think and I got it for 16871 plus TT&L. Had to finance through MAC at 5.75%, which isn't a bad rate. If I can find a better rate by over 1.25% I may refinance in a month or so. I was at the dealership looking at a $5000 used Camry and saw about 7 Mazda6 wagons with these very good prices in the wondows. Test drove, and that was it. Had to have one. : )
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    Sounds like you got a very good deal. Congratulations, and enjoy it!
  • I smiled all the way home tonight. One thing of note though. Maybe I could get some opinions. IS it just me or is this clutch tricky to get it going in 1st from a stop. I haven't driven a stick in a long time and managed to kill it once. Do I just need to give it a little more gas and slip it a bit more? I hate to wear on the cluth, but it just doesn't seem to be very easy to take off? Any thoughts, or do I just need to get used to it? thanks

  • ccwinslowccwinslow Posts: 29
    It will take some getting used to. Besides the Mazda6 wagon I have a '96 Honda Accord 5-spd. Totally different feel. My new-driver daughter stalls out in the Mazda occasionally but not in the Honda. Plus, the engine in the Mazda is so quiet, if we have the radio/CD player on even at a relatively low volume, it's hard to hear when it's time to let the clutch out!
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    The throttle is electronic, so it may not always behave quite like you expect, and the engine isn't all that torquey. The engine speed also has a tendency to start bouncing up and down if you load it too quickly without sufficient throttle when engaging the clutch in 1st or reverse. I've been operating MT vehicles since before I even had a license to drive, but my wagon actually made me feel a bit like a novice during the first couple weeks after I purchased it.

    The MT Mazda6 is definitely not the easiest car to launch from a stop. I can get going with the engine at idle but it requires a rather slow clutch release which usually takes enough time to aggravate the people behind me. Throttling up just over 1000 RPM usually permits a reasonably quick start but slips the clutch a bit more than I like to on a regular basis. Starting the clutch release at idle and slowly throttling up more as it engages is a nice compromise between the two abovementioned techniques but it's tricky and you need to be reasonably well focused on what you're doing (well, at least I do) and really feather the throttle else you load the engine too quickly or over-rev it and slip the clutch excessively. You'll probably get much better at it with practice as I have. I think as long as you're not releasing the clutch while holding the engine speed at 1500+ RPM for every start and time the rest of your shifts properly it should hold up quite well.

    Have fun!
  • The advice is much appreciated. Good to know I'm not the only one to find this manual a littls tricky. I've owned a number of sticks over the years, but this ones been the trickiest. I just want to make sure I'm not over hard on the clutch. Once I get going, I have no problems. I just about have to turn the radio down so I can hear the engine to get it started though. It is certainly quiet. I do love the car though. The tilt/telescoping wheel and no moonroof meant it fit me well (I'm a touch over 6'4" and 250 pounds). Wish there was a little more room for my feet (god I'm an ogre), but other than that, I'm thrilled with the purchase. I need to talk my wife into trading our 2004 Dodge grand caravan on a 04 Mazda6 with moonroof/leather/auto/Bose. The local dealer has a few around 19 grand. : ) If they straight up traded, I'd probably do it. hehe.
  • uffdaoleuffdaole Posts: 37
    Recently completed 2217 mile trip. Minn south and return. 04 wagon, 9000k, cruise at approx 75mph mostly.gas usage 90.2 gal. figures to 24.5 mpg, 2 mpg better than old 98 subaru 4 banger. Car ran flawless and could not be happier with it. Great road car!
  • rhvrhv Posts: 9
    I ran across both a Sepang Green ('04) and Squall Blue ('05) wagon with 5-spd while recently searching for Wagons.

    I don't disagree that maybe the mazda build too didn't allow certain colors, but somehow there is/was inventory with those combinations. Perhaps your exterior color choice conflicted with the interior choice?

  • rhvrhv Posts: 9
    Got my new '04 MT wagon last Friday. Drove it back to MN from IA - about 260 miles. Filled up and realized I got just over 22mpg. Not the greatest. Then I filled up the tires and realized they had only been at 28-30 psi. Max psi is listed at 41 - what does everyone else like for pressure on theirs? I set mine to 39ish on all tires. We'll see how the mpg goes.

  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    Never go by the max pressure that's printed on the actual tire,always use as a reference the pressure listed on the drivers door jam. Also always check tires when they are cold. I keep mine between 32-34 psi checked cold. If you are carrying more weight in the car,such as people or luggage you can increase the psi a little bit.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    39 is on the high side, but it won't do any harm other than offer a slightly harder ride, and it will help your mpg. I usually go 35-36. Do check the tires when cold that is how they are supposed to be checked.

    The people who followed Ford's reccomendations on inflation with Firestones are the ones that had problems - underinflation causes more heat and makes the tire more likely to fall apart.
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    Actually, overinflation can cause harm, although I don't think a couple PSI would be significant. 39 PSI does seem rather high and I wouldn't do it with my tires.

    Overinflation can result in the center of the tread surface on the tires bulging out more than intended if the vehicle's weight does not put enough load on them to compensate for the excess pressure. This can reduce traction and tread life, and increase the chances of tire damage when impacting potholes.

    The max inflation pressure specifies what you can get the tires up to safely (on any vehicle) when it is standing still, but it doesn't mean you can operate your vehicle safely on the road that way.

    I recommend that you stay close to the manufacturer specifications. It's probably rare that they get it wrong, and I don't think you'll find more reliable information than theirs to base your decision on. It may not be wise to trade off some of your vehicle's traction and tire longevity just to get a small increase in mileage.
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