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Mazda6 Wagon



  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    If they won't give you your car, then that is theft. Call the cops!
  • msumlinmsumlin Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2004 Steel Gray wagon in January 2005, just turned 6k miles. No problems to date, this is our 2nd Mazda, purchased a 2004 5-door in March of 2004. Made a few minor adjustments to the car so far.

    Added Eibach lowering springs, ASA AR-1 18x 7.5 wheels, Yokohama AVS ES100 225/45/18 tires, the Webasto 524 Hollandia Panoramic Sunroof and a Magnaflow cat-back exhaust system. The horsepower and torque gain is very noticeable, the handling is even better with the new springs and tires!

    Looking forward to the upcoming chats!
  • Hi,
    Ramsey Auto Group, route 17.....Manhattan Mazda, 11th Avenue, nYC.....
    Try East Coast in Fort Lee or Route 23 Mazda....I had a good experience with east Coast when I purchased my 626. I was living closer to them at the time, wish I had purchased it there.

    I finally got my car back saturday, made a trip to Manhattan on a day off, inconveinenced my wife to take me in to Manhattan.....not one person from the dealership said they were sorry for all the nonsense. They did me a big favor selling me this car the way they act. Bottom line was the car took 12 days to be repaired from the day I left it with the dealer.......
  • BTW, I should mention that the 6 wagon itself is a great car.The car has very good pickup and handles really well. It's a shame sucha good vehicle is backed by such lousy customer service.
  • yustasyustas Posts: 31
    Thank you for the names. Fortunately, those two are just too far from me ;) Also, I am glad, that you have gotten your car back. Happy motoring! :)
  • evila1nycevila1nyc Posts: 1
    I work for a large rent a car company, we had a lot of Mazda 6 wagons purchased. They rented them for a few months and are now seeling them.
  • robs6wagonrobs6wagon Posts: 68
    Just a warning to all in the Northeast.....the service dept at Gallo Mazda is one of the worst on the planet. Didnt address ANY of my requests. The windshield is bolted to the frame of the car (2004 M6 Wagon V6), and it was rattling.....rattling because one of the brackets were broken (nice job at the factory!)...spoiler was leaking from the corners of the inside trim. They didnt even put a hose on it! I fixed it myself! I finally brought the car to Morande Mazda in Manchester, CT. They ordered a brand new windshield, replaced the bracket, and were done in one day! I still have reservations about the Mazda quality, but the car is fun to drive! Thanks for hearing me out! -Rob
  • robs6wagonrobs6wagon Posts: 68
    BTW, has anyone had and fixed the creaking and rattling coming from the radio panel?? How does it come off without damage? Thanks again -Rob
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Glad you had a good experience at my dealership....thank you.

    next time your in...track me down and say hello..
  • nj_ednj_ed Posts: 1
    Guys, I bought my car at sansone mazda. In the 1st week I owned it, the dealer had it for 5 days and added 200 miles to it. I called Mazda customer service but all they told me was that it's really upto the dealer. I am left on my own.

    Anyone out there have any advice?

    The problem I had was that the car veers to the right on ANY road. The guys at the dealership blame it on uneven road surface, which I think is a lot of BS. It still does it after 6 months.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Easy test: drive down a straight road and a) check if the steering wheel stays more or less straight and b) let go of the steering wheel for a few seconds to check if the car starts to veer to one side more than the other.

    Many highways are designed with various angles to assist in high speed driving. Many roads are not perfect especially after a winter thaw and your car may have hit a pothole which affected its drive; you may want to do a visual check of your tires and suspension to see if anything looks odd.

    Tip: If you don't like the service in one dealership try another.
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    Good thing it's the longest day of the year. That will leave us plenty of chat time for tonight's Mazda Mania chat! :)

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  • sschribersschriber Posts: 89
    I've identified The Mazda 6 Wagon and the new Mazda 5 as top contenders in the family mover segment, yet they only come with huge 17 inch 50 series tires. What is the reasoning for this migration to the big tires? Sure, they are supposed to handle better, but heck, a 15 inch 60 series provides more than enough handling capability. I consider the main drawbacks to these big tires are:
    1- Cost - Try buying replacements for less than $100.
    2- Milage - Fat tires create more road resistance
    3 - Winter Driving - Forget driving these in snow. Pony up another $600 for winter tires.

    Don't mean to harp, but why can't Mazda have an entry model with more "sensible" tires? "Zoom Zoom" is cool, but there are a lot of folks that just want to get to work and back and take maybe a couple of trips a year.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    I like the bigger tires, they handle excellent and really look better on the car. If they were an option I would have got them anyway. Mazda probably should have set it up this way but tires are getting bigger across the board. It was not long ago that 13" was standard for a car in this class. Peoples tastes are changing.

    Yes they do cost more to replace but what are we talking , maybe another $150 over 40,000 miles. I'll take that for the added traction traveling some of the back roads I take on my commute.

    I do agree with you on the snow driving, but even if I had the 16" tires I would probably get snow tires anyway.
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    "Don't mean to harp, but why can't Mazda have an entry model with more "sensible" tires?"

    Probably for the same reason many mid-size cars have to offer a 200+ HP V6 these days, because it's what many people want. Of course many of them would be quite happy with much less than that, as they probably have no idea how much they really need, but I'm sure adding power sells more cars. I for one think it's really interesting how many car advertisements announce the model being advertised right off the bat like so: "introducing the xxx horsepower make model". It's as if HP is the most important decision when buying a car, and due to the marketing hype, many people probably believe that it is.

    The larger wheels and lower profile tires do add value in the Mazda6 if you're into tossing your car around more than the average driver. If not, the sedan and 5-door Mazda6 do have 16" steel and alloy wheels available, not sure what the tires are but you could look into getting some of those for the wagon and selling the 17's on e-bay or something. You're right about snow, my wagon didn't really perform up to it's potential last winter, so I will probably be purchasing 205/60-16 snows and steel wheels for them this fall (although I'm tempted to get 215/50-17's).
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    ...not sure what the tires are...

    The tires are 205/60-16 Michelin Energy All-Seasons. I will probably be purchasing 205/60-16 snows and steel wheels for them this fall (although I'm tempted to get 215/50-17's).

    Stick with the 16"s!
    - They are narrower than the 17s, which helps the tire to carve through the snow for better traction.
    - The sidewall is taller, also better snow traction.
    - Savings of $50-$75 PER WHEEL!!

    If you're worried about dry traction with snow tires, may I recommend Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2s. They're genuine snow/ice tires with an H-speed rating. They're about 99% as good as Bridgestone Blizzaks, without the squirmy, mushy feel on dry pavement that Blizzaks give. I bought them last year, and love them. Better wet traction than the OEM 17" Michelins too!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    I agree - it would be nice to have sensible standard tire. The cars don't really take advantage of the extreme rubber that is put on them these days. They are mostly a fashion statement like spoilers and ground effects.

    One of my favorite handling cars was a 1980 VW Scirocco with KYB gas adjust shocks and 175/70 13 tires. Handled like a dream - better than my Integra.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    I recommend Michelin Pilot Alpin PA2s

    I am looking to get snow tires for this winter. Are you using these on your 17' wheels or did you get a dedicated 16" set ? Also, how much were they and where did you get them ?

    I know its only July , but you never know when a freak snow storm will come up.

  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230

    I bought the 16" size, and I got them through The total price (including steel wheels, tires and shipping) was about $550. Yeah, it sounds steep, but they already come mounted and balanced, and a decent shop will not charge you to switch out your regular tires for snow tires. You could even do it yourself if you want...

    Start checking out tirerack in October, because they ran out of the Michelins before the end of November! As a matter of fact, I was told that they had to ship my wheels/tires from two different warehouses, and I got the last 2 tires in each one! And this was before Thanksgiving. I recommend the Michelins, but if you don't care for them, Bridgestone Blizzaks are also good, as well as Dunlop Graspics.

    The size you want are 205/60-16s, the same size as the lower-model 6i's with the 4-cyl. I also recommend getting the dedicated wheel/tire combo, rather than getting the 17" tires. Not only are the 16" tires cheaper (by far) over the 17" tires, but despite the fact you're paying for the wheels, you're saving unnecessary wear and tear with mounting and unmounting every spring and fall on the OEM rims. Not to mention the fact you'll have to pay from $50-$100 each time. Besides, you can get some great-looking aftermarket rims for the snow tires if you don't want the steel wheels!

    Good luck with your purchase. BTW, it's a good thing to consider snow tires and wheels in July, it just shows that you plan ahead and want the best for you and your 6. There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! :)
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    Thanks for the advice, I was leaning toward 16's anyway because of the lower price. I'll look into the Pilot Alpin's for sure, they sound more like a better compromise between handling/traction which is what I'm looking for.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    Thanks mz6greyghost, I'll definitely be getting the 16' snows. I'll probably also shop around for some Mazda6 16" original rims. I should be able to find someone moving up to 17's or 18's selling them used.

    Call me shallow but for 4 months out of the year I still need alloy wheels.

    I think $550 is reasonable , if I can get 4 winters out of them , thats only $125 per winter. Cheap insurance for sure.
  • The Sales Manager there Brent Reed promised me a check to reimburse me for a ticket I received when the Mazda 6 Wagon that was three days old broke down in route to Manhattan.He filed out paper work in front of me to generate the check..guess what? Two months later no check. He also will not cancel my gap insurance. I've taken this up with Mazda credit. Stay far way from this dealer.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Isn't that comment kinda skirting the limits of the Member Agreement?
  • why should some other well intentioned buyer be taken advantage of?
    It's more important to know where to buy your car .........and Ramsey Mazda ain't it.
  • boatsboats Posts: 19
    It's getting to crunch time and I'm trying to decide about the M6 wagon... got the big dog (love the space/love the car), but commute a hundred miles a day... I need comfort and good gas mileage. What are you folks getting for gas mileage in your 2005 automatics on the highway? How are your seats for distance? Thanks!
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,006
    I have a 2004 wagon with 9000 miles. So far, positives are
    1) space -- I have 2 dogs and it's a great dog car
    2) comfort -- seats are really nice and long distance drives have been terrific
    3) reliability -- no problems so far
    4) handling -- love to drive it. It's even ok in snow so far.

    The negative, and it's a big one if you have to drive 100 miles each day, is gas mileage. I have gotten 25 mpg on highway drives, but more generally in mixed driving, I'm lucky to average 20 mpg and in the winter, 17-18 mpg. I'm very disappointed in the mpg. I have a Nissan Maxima, also V6, that gets much better gas mileage (rarely under 23 mpg in all town driving). If your commute is mostly highway, though, it might not be so noticeable. I'm not sure what would be better though at this time given the above positives. Maybe a hybrid in a few years.
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  • boatsboats Posts: 19
    Seems like 25 mpg highway is pretty typical for the wagon... I just love this little car, but gas mileage is something of a deal breaker... I think I could fit my life into the 3 hatchback (only have the 1 small pony-sized dog), but I'm getting a little old and my back isn't what it used to be (the reason I have to sell my beautiful Miata :cry: )... Anybody familiar with the M6 drive the M3 for any distance? unfortunately, I can't tell how comfortable it will be from a test drive... The seats seem good in the M3 and I wouldn't expect a "Miata ride" out of it (less stiff), but without driving it for a couple hundred miles, it's just too hard too tell... Comments?
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    I'm 6-1 and weigh 180 pounds. I'm definitely a "big 'n tall" guy -- with more emphasis on the "big" unfortunately. (46-inch waist, size 13 shoe.)

    I've owned my 2005 Mazda3 hatch (5-door, wagon, whatever) for 6,100 miles now. I've been on several 3-hour + trips in it and have enjoyed the seats and the room. And I can even put the front seat where I like it and still get in the seat behind it without eating my knees.

    Average mileage I've observed, mostly commuting from the 'burbs to work downtown, is around 27. On my one big trip to the mountains (which included all hilly backroads and not one mile of interstate), I got about 31. Of course, I have the 5-speed -- I wouldn't dare zoom any other way.


  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    I'm getting 24-26 MPG driving my wagon locally (mostly rural/suburban roads, very little highway), but when I go on trips which are mostly highway driving I get 26+ MPG, my highest was 27.8 MPG for a three tank trip. I have the # of gallons and mileage saved in my computer for EVERY fuel stop I've made since I bought the car last November, and I only got worse than 24 MPG a handful of times during the first 3 months in cold weather.

    The Mazda6 is certainly not the best for mileage in it's class, but you're really trading off some mileage for more driving excitement in my opinion.

    Sorry, I only test drove the M3 once so I can't really say how it would be on long trips.
  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    Forgot to add that I have the MT in my wagon.
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