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Subaru Legacy/Outback Wagons Maintenance & Repair



  • stevenm1stevenm1 Posts: 25
    To ensure long clutch life, it is important to keep the clutch properly adjusted. Two of our Subaru's (95 Impreza and 98 Legacy) have manual transmissions; the Impreza had its clutch replaced at 110,000 miles and the Legacy at 140,000 miles. I've noticed for both of them that the clutch fork adjustment needs to be checked frequently. It is easy to check, even if you are not mechanically inclined. If the clutch fork does not have the clearance it needs, the clutch may be dragging constantly and it's life will be drastically shortened.
  • Here's a couple shots of my hitch...

    Subaru OEM Hitch

    Subaru OEM Hitch

    The second shot shows the Thule Lock attached to the threaded pin.

    By the way - what do you use to display your images?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Wow, that is very different. I doubt it's even the same manufacturer.

    I guess you could apply heat and bend that bracket back a bit. Too bad it doesn't flare upward.

    As a Community Host I am helping Edmunds test a few features, but I think they ended up adopting other ideas.

  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,775
    The Subi hitch on my '02 OBW is structured much like the one on Juice's.

    I have a Yakima rack, and the lock cylinder is considerably narrower. You might want to see if it is thread compatible with the nut in the bikerack tube. A $20 expense, but less grief than changing the hitch. Other longshot - consider 'trimming' the overhanging tab on the hitch.

  • Yes, that would have been a brilliant design - to have it bend upward. I wish that you worked for Subaru. This design severely limits the use of the hitch.

    Well, it would be nice if there was a simpler method of adding images. Something that would take larger images, create a thumbnail size image, and set up the html to display it. I'm just lazy - LOL.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I use ImageStation some times, but you have to be registered to see the pics.

    I've also heard people talk about PhotoBucket.

    Edmunds has a new space for members but I forget what it's called, anyone?

  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    "Edmunds has a new space for members but I forget what it's called, anyone? " here at Edmunds.

  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    This past weekend I took my 06 3.0 Outback Wagon on a long trip. About 2/3's of the way to my destination, I noticed the TPMS light blinking on the dash. When I checked the pressure, all the tires were at 40. I had started out with all 4 still at my wiinter setting of 36.

    I know the light is supposed to come on when the tire pressure is below 29 psi, but my question is does it come on when the pressure is too high?

    Once at my destiantion I did drop the pressure to 34psi all around and had no problems coming home.

  • goosegoggoosegog Posts: 206
    I have been told by those who should know (dealer), that the clutch is not adjustable on my 2000 model. I do tow a light trailer at times, but always go easy on the clutch to avoid the probably toxic fumes it produces.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,910
    I would find that shocking, if true. Any system that experiences wear needs to have a method of adjustment. No wonder the clutch goes out so frequently. :sick:
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • jfljfl Posts: 1,385
    Edmunds has a new space for members but I forget what it's called

    That's just great, juice! :P

    I'll bet Edmunds spent lots of time and possibly money coming up with a catchy and memorable name...and you forget!

    Edmunds, you should ask for a refund.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Refund? They never paid me.

    Hey, wait a sec, maybe I should ask them to. :D

  • gldnhrtgldnhrt Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Brighton wagon. I have to trickle the gas in at a slow pace to keep the pum[p running. Tried putting hose clamps on the EVAC canister (read it here) and no help. Anyone out there with the answer? Filling up is really a pain, it takes 30 mins.
  • markk1markk1 Posts: 30
    Update I had the problem again and took it to the dealer who indicated that the TCU indicated some sort of air / vacum leak but when they troubleshot that they found it was an issue with the TCU computer itself we needs to be replaced costing $345 for the part-(

    The tranny was replaced at about 70k it would occaisionly not engage, the shop told me a pump likely failed in the tranny. Subaru picked up the cost of the rebuilt tranny -) and I only had to pay labor
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,910
    That was nice of them, except that the labor is typically the expensive part. Maybe not for a transmission, though!
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • lfdallfdal Posts: 679

    Labor was a comparitive bargain on 03 OBW - tranmission $4200, labor $600. I'm still a fan of Subies overall, but we're getting rid of the 03 right before her 6 year - 80000 mi extended warranty expires.

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,910
    I think that is a good move, Larry! Overall, I still like Subaru as well, but had I just a little more resolve I would have dumped mine a month after I purchased it. There are always bad apples in the bushel.

    On a side note, I spotted a Gold Opal limited the other day at Home Depot and pointed it out to my wife saying, "that is the car Wesley and I test drove." She said, "that one? Wow, that is beautiful! I would really like that." Oh... um.... uh.... I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. :blush:
    2014 Audi Q7 TDI, 2008 and 2013 Subaru Forester(s), 1969 Chevrolet C20 Pickup, 1969 Ford Econoline 100, 1976 Ford F250 Pickup
  • jfljfl Posts: 1,385
    juice, I meant Edmunds should get a refund from the company they hired to come up with the catchy name...that you didn't remember. :surprise:

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    No, it's my memory, not the marketing.

    They say 2 things happen as you age, 1 is you start to lose your memory, the other I forget.


  • rangnerrangner Posts: 336
    Whenever I apply the brakes the first couple of times after I start up when I'm going forward my 00 OBW clinks like maybe the cv joints are dry or maybe caliper bolts need retorqueing? After a few brake applications, it's quiet. Thoughts?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Have the brakes checked out. Calipers can seize up if they weren't lubed up properly at the last service.

    Or it could be surface rust binding some of the surfaces together.

    I'd check the brakes soon.

  • rwwdjwrwwdjw Posts: 8
    we have a 2002 vdc wagon which we thought could tow a boat since the posted limit was 2000 lbs. but it couldn't due to class 0ne hitch and brakes really meant for 1000 load.
    the new wagons are advertised as having 3000 lb. capacity for the 6 cyl. and 2700 lb. for the 4 cyl. however, the car still comes w a class one hitch. class one hitch by definition is limited to 200 lb. tongue wt. and 2000 lb load.
    does anyone know if it would be safe to tow a boat/trailer w a wt. of about 2400 lb w the new wagon (either model) given it only has a class one hitch?
  • stevenm1stevenm1 Posts: 25
    Last year, I installed a Class 2 receiver hitch on my 1998 Legacy wagon. The only problem with it is that the ground clearance in the back is reduced; the car doesn't have much ground clearance to begin with. I use it to tow a Lund 16' skiff, which amounts to about a 1800 lb load. The car does fine except it doesn't pass slower vehicles well when going up hills. I don't remember the brand; however, I do know that Curt Manufacturing makes a Class 2 hitch for the Subaru.
  • rwwdjwrwwdjw Posts: 8
    thanks- i'll check it out
  • sfsundaysfsunday Posts: 1
    Hi, sorry, does anyone know about Justys? I have a no spark situation and tested the pickup coil's two wires and found they were open, I assumed it was a PM generator, got the new one and it's open between the prongs too. I only see two wires but the bolt holes are lined with copper so I'm getting suspicious. Again, I couldn't find a justy chat. Sash
  • ncctncct Posts: 2
    Hi everyone,

    I would like some suggestions to the following things I want to do to my legacy wagon 06:

    add an arm extension
    tint the windows
    add a trailer hitch
    stop the roof rack from making so much noise

    thanks, ctnc
  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    For the armrest extension, the consensus on here has been to go with the JDM version. It has an extra storage area in the top. I believe a link is here on the board some place -try doing a search.

    Tinting- Go for it, it makes the wagon look a lot better. Depending on your car color go with either 30% or 20% tint.

    Trailer hitch - It's a Class II hitch. If you are going to do it yourself, check out -they are even having a sale this weekend. Otherwise, check out UHaul. For around $290 you will have the hitch installed, wired and lifetime warranty.

    Roof rack -not sure. I've read on the boards here that if you adjust the position of the crossbars, it will affect how noisy they are.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No spark? I'd change the plugs, then the wires, then the ignition coil (or was it a distributor cap+rotor back then?), in that order.

    Tint - I have SolarGard dyed film on mine. People said it would fade but 8 years later it has not. I like it. Mine is a 35% tint. 20% is very dark, 5% is limo tint. I would not go too dark or you'll have trouble parking in a dark parking lot.

    I added the OE hitch myself, it came with the harness and all, for my '98 Forester. Yours will be different, though.

    Roof rack - the cross bars should be like the wings of an airplane, round surface pointing forward, pointy end facing back. Many times we've seen this reversed.

    Remember you can even take them off completely when not using them.

  • Good news. I have a 2005 OBXT MT and it has always been plagued by mid-throttle acceleration hesitation and surging and holes in power delivery. Many people have posted these same problems in this forum. Early on I visited the dealer about it and was told to "buy better gas". Yeah, what a gas alright. I have been pestering the dealer about it and today their lead technician revealed that within a few weeks Subaru will be releasing an ECU upgrade and the necessary hardware/tools to enable this upgrade to be done at the dealer (about 1 hour). I'm optimistic and will post the results when my upgrade is installed. Have faith.
  • subarujonsubarujon Posts: 13
    I just installed a Subaru hitch on my 2003 LL Bean Outback wagon; that was easy. I am having trouble finding the wiring harness inside the vehicle into which the trailer wiring plugs. It is supposed to be on the passenger side coming down from the wheel well. There are some wires there but I cannot grasp any loose connector. I have already pulled a tube loose when I was feeling around...I hope it was not for the rear windshield washer....I will test tomorrow...I justed stopped tonight before I got into more trouble. Thanks for the help.

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