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100 Worst Cars of All Time Posts: 9,975
edited September 2014 in General

image100 Worst Cars of All Time wades through the muck of the 100 worst cars ever made.

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  • That's actually a pretty terrible list. But what else would I expect from Edmunds?
  • That's actually a pretty terrible list. But what else would I expect from Edmunds?
  • Wait a second, this is the WORST CAR LIST EVER SOLD IN THE US...not ever
  • Where is the Dodge Omni? No doubt there are a lot of crapy cars here but the absence of a Dodge Omni is inexcusable. That is a big time sucky car.
  • Amazing to reflect on how much crap GM has put to market in the past 40 years.
  • Cadillac Catera should have been No. 2 because it was broken down within 30 days of purchase, every one of them.
  • what a ridiculous list. First of all, there is no such thing as a 1993 Ford Apire. Secondly, I have been driving my 1994 Ford Aspire 50 miles a day to and from work and with 170K miles on it, it still runs like new with 30-31 mpg with an automatic tranny to boot.
  • Awesome article John. I had tears with your witty descriptions and your #1 is dead on.
  • BTW Idaho4, just because your car works for you doesn't make the list illegitimate. I'm sure a there is quite a few of these stinkers still on the road.
  • Okay. I'm now officially a loser. I've had a Datsun B210, a Sterling 825, 2 Jaguar X Types, AMC Gremlin, Pacer, and Renault Alliance and Fuego. My wife had a Pinto. Those Jaguars were nice cars though. I disagree that they should be included. I've sold the Chevrolet Citation and Chevette, but fortunately, never had to misrepresent a Vega.
  • The BMW Isetta was not a "worst" car when viewed within the context of it's time and place: Mid 1950s Europe. This was post war Europe when many still traveled small villages and cities by bicycle or motorbike because they could not afford to buy an automobile and purchase gasoline which was expensive. And there were many small alley's and parking places.

    In that time and place people were delighted to have a chance at car ownership, and to have a car that was very fuel efficient. For them, it was a motorcycle that they could sit in and stay out of the rain and wind. Indeed, the first Isettas utilized motorbike engines; but that didn't bother these customers who were used to riding motorbikes. And they could park it in many of the same places they had parked their motorcycle because it was only 7 feet long...that's convenience!

    BMW was a smart operation in those days. They didn't fall into the Isetta by mistake. They saw the working version as originally built by ISO and saw a place for it in the market of those days. And BMW as right, ask them and their 170,000+ customers!
  • John, some of the funniest stuff I've ever read from you...pant peeing quality at times! Regardless of whether or not I agree with everything on the list, it's terrific fun and every car mentioned deserves the raspberry...perhaps it's the venue that makes some people just oblivious to the humor...

    I loved it! And I'm glad to find you writing here.
  • How is the Chevrolet HHR not included on this list?
  • Also I think this list is great, I believe the guys from Top Gear USA would completely agree with it.
  • Where are the Toyota's, Acura's and Honda's on this list. It seems that there is a bias about Japanese cars today. They aren't superior to American made cars today. When they first came to the US most folks wouldn't have them. Is there not one that would qualif for the top 100 worst?
  • I'm happy to report that we purchased a 1978 Chevy Chevette brand new and drove it until 1997, trading it in for a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis(which we still have). The Chevette was driven to California and back on one trip, to Florida and back once, and to Texas several times. It only had a little over 103,000 on the odometer after 19 years of mainly city driving. Once the floor(when it was 14 years)rusted through near the accelerator, but I promptly found a welding shop which remedied the situation, and drove it for 5 more years daily to work. We kept it maintained regularly, and in 19 years only changed the valve cover gasket once. Sometimes I actually wish we still had it for a backup vehicle. Some good memories with it.
  • Number 43, worst car of all time, the 300SD Mercedes. A five-cylinder turbo-diesel that would get 30 miles per gallon and an engine that would last 400,000 miles regularly. The Mercedes 300SD was put on this list because it had "too little horse-power" for a luxury car. At the time it was made, it was the safest, most reliable car in the world. It was also the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in the world. This car should have been somewhere on the 100 Greatest Cars of All Time list. But a car that can't burn rubber from a stop light is not thought of very highly by our Nascar buddies here at Edmunds.
  • I don't know if this would fit but in 1995 GM did a real bonehead thing they chose 5 vehicles and put a specially designed engine in them the only problem was if the engine went the only engine that would fir was one from one of those cars believe me it took me 2 months to find one and eventually it went also one was a Pontiac Bonneville so if anyone is considering making a purchase of one of these cars note that you have been warned
  • I don't know if this would fit but in 1995 GM did a real bonehead thing they chose 5 vehicles and put a specially designed engine in them the only problem was if the engine went the only engine that would fir was one from one of those cars believe me it took me 2 months to find one and eventually it went also one was a Pontiac Bonneville so if anyone is considering making a purchase of one of these cars note that you have been warned
  • headly66headly66 Posts: 1
    The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is one of the prettiest cars ever made, tons of power and a top speed of 199 mph.

    Who ever wrote this is a fool who most likely never drove one.
  • hatetrixhatetrix Posts: 1
    This so called list is hilarious! Seems that it was written by someone who has no passion for the road. But lets see Edmunds response to this :P
  • There's a problem with your number 1 pick, the Aztek. It can't be "undeniable that the Aztek's utter hideousness drove the biggest and last nails into Pontiac's heavily side-clad, plastic coffin," since even on your own list, the underpowered primitive 2006 Pontiac Solstice, which was still on the drawing board when the last Azteks rolled off the line, came later, especially since you note that the Solstice, which, again, came later, also helped kill the company.

    Also, while the GMT-250 was far from a great crossover, it was a pretty decent short wheelbase minivan for the era, as evidenced by sales and reliability figures for the much less-unattractive Buick Rendezvous, which was the other vehicle to share that platform with the Aztek. I'm not saying that the Aztek doesn't belong on this list, but it simply can't be bad enough to top the other vehicles on here, all of which were less reliable and in some cases (the Robin Reliant, the Renault Fuego, and of course, the Ford Pinto) downright suicidal.

    Heck, the Aztek isn't even the most uninspired design choice on this very list (see also the Lincoln Versailles, the AMC Gremlin, and of course, the extremely cynical Cadillac Cimarron), and far from the ugliest (see also the AMC Pacer).

    I'd put it down around the Toyota Echo.
  • i could not help look at your top 100 cars you picked and i would agree on many but no way.sorry many british cars are good.snd not ugly i can say with truth alot if many of cars today i would not lower myself to drive and when it comes to ugly cars there are many around today.
  • Sad to see the 79 280zx on here (may as well include 79-83).

    Yeah they were made heavier, but were more of a cruiser instead of a racer.

    Totally disagree with the universally unloved today comment.

    These cars still have a big following and hold values well.
  • mawguimawgui Posts: 0
    If there were to be a 100 Worst Lists list, count on it that this would be at the top. One wonders if the John Pearley (really?) actually knew anything about half the cars he presumed to criticize. That Rover sold forever in Europe: watch any cop show of the 80's of 90's and you'll see one with a cherry on top. Corvair a lousy car? That is lack of experience talking. I could go on and on but why bother. I've already put more thought into this comment than was invested in the entirety of that list!
  • who wrote this ? i find some of these cars in autions all over the USA and going for alot of money. So ,who ever wrote this better go do there homework again
  • osman2osman2 Posts: 1
    I've noticed in the past that Edmunds has been a Chrysler basher mainly because they were used a lot for daily rentals. I'm 83 years old and have had most makes of cars in my day, but I have found Chrysler products the most cost efficient car. & I guess that's why they were used for daily rentals. the interior doesn't crack up like Cadillac & foreign cars. so really, John I don't put much faith in your choices. from experience I have a better opinion. Your remarks of the Chrysler T.C. made by Maserati is totally uninformed through ignorance.
  • 2006 Kia Spectra was terrible with the transmission problem. My Kia did not want to call it a lemon until BBB asked them to fix it. I got a new car, there was not a fix.
  • number 1 the aztek? horrible to drive? no way. I owned one...and i remember driving in bad snow weather...and it was driving like there was no snow...while everyone else was super cautious and going slow...i was driving as normal. and i converted a lot of haters once they sat inside the car. so your list is moot!
  • The Mustang II production was 385,993 units the first year. The big 1973 Mustang total reached 134,867, but the 1974 version was within "10 percent of the original Mustang's 12-month production record of 418,812." Over five years the Mustang II recorded four of the ten top model year Mustang sales. A 2009 report confirmed Iacocca's vision for the 1974–1978 Mustang, saying it "was the right car at the right time, selling more than 1 million units in four years."

    There are more rack and pinion sets from Mustang IIs in other cars like Chevy, GM, Dodge and what have you because they are so great. Look at most restored 30s, 40s and 50s vehicles and they have Mustang II parts in them. Sorry, but the Mustang II can soak up all the hate you can throw at it, the numbers don't lie.
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