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Lexus SC 430



  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I am having an XM radio installed in my wife's SC430 on Monday. The installer said that he could install the antenna on the trunk lid or on the dashboard, although the reception isn't quite as good with it on the dashboard. Has anybody out there done a dashboard installation? How well does it work? Incidentally, they are going to install the control unit for the XM Commander in place of the ash tray. That should make for a very neat installation. (It will be hidden behind the ash tray door.)
  • heidifheidif Posts: 1
    I purchased an SC430 a month ago and had an aftermarket XM radio installed shortly thereafter. I purchased the XM Terk Commander and had the Audio Installer install the radio unit in place of the ashtray/lighter area. They did a great job and were able to keep the ashtray fold-down door in-tact so the radio is covered when not in use. For the antenna, the antenna that comes with the Terk Commander looks like a small computer mouse. It's magnetic and it installs nicely on the on the slender strip of frame above the front window. They ran the wiring inside the rubber seal where the top of the convertible pushes into that front frame. The wiring runs inside that rubber stripping along the frame and down the side of the window and it's totally hidden and safe and keeps the water seal problems with the convertible at all. I had it centered above the front window and it looks fine...doesn't distract from the lines of the car. They don't recommend having it installed inside on the dash since at certain angles, that same frame will block the line-of-sight to the satellite(s). Good luck with your install! Hope you and your wife love your sat radio as much as i do!
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    Thanks for the info; I had not thought of that location. We have the Terk Commander in our LX470 and really like it.
  • jorgemjorgem Posts: 3
    Help. After my car sits unoccupied for 4 hours or more, we hear a clicking noise near the front left tire when we occupy the car. Suspension problem of some kind but dealer unable to solve
  • moj1moj1 Posts: 11
    i know people are getting tired of this, but what are few good options for the tires for this car.

    actually, our RF gave us over 40K miles on the original. it's bumpy ride, but coming from riding sports cars, i'm used to it.

    now that the treads are gone, i'm trying to decide b/w dunlop sport DSST for $256 at discount tires or micheline pilot A/S for $250 from costco. some also mentioned pirelli's. i've seen continentals also being mentioned.

    i don't car if it's RF or not.

    also, do have to get it fixed at lexus or is costco, just as good?

  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I have the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires, and I like them a lot. They give a lot smoother, quieter ride that the original run flats.
  • lexgolflexgolf Posts: 2
    Welcome in the club - happened to me in my first week I had the brandnew car.

    Thanks god the painting wasn't damaged. Brought it to the lexus dealer and paid - nothing!

    With a smile he gave me the keys back and said: Enjoy your ride - again my mechainc was unable to 'adjust' this cars antenna without damaging it. Parts and labour are a courtesy of Lexus.

    If you arn't such lucky with your dealer - he explained to me what had to be done. The times I would have been able to do it are gone. WOrk inside the trunk, abouve the right rear wheel (no space!).
  • lexgolflexgolf Posts: 2
    Agree - thats exactly what I did myself. And we have no speedlimit or such crap in our country. In the US I hardly know a situation where you really get your tires at the limit. BTW - the top speed of the car without limiter is 178mls/h - tires become something to think about when you go such fast on a regular base
  • moj1moj1 Posts: 11
    put on the michelin pilot a/s. the car drives noticeably much smoother. costed me $1000 at costco (even though they scratched the rim). i have a feeling it's not necessary to buy expensive tires to get good ride on this car, as long as it's not run flats :shades:
  • zojozojo Posts: 5
    Just wondering what kind of gas people are putting in their 430's. We just purchased ours 2 weeks ago, and so far have used high octane, but I remember reading somewhere that it really is a waste to pay for the high octane and that regular gas can be used.

    Any comments/suggestions?

  • You really need to use high octane gas in you SC430. It has a high compression engine and requires high octane gas. Lexus gets 300 HP from a small 4.3 liter engine by raising the compression. If you do not use high octane gas your engine will ping and over time it may harm some internal engine parts. I don't know about you, but for what I paid for my SC430 I certainly want that smooth flawless exceleration.
  • I live in New England and have a SC 430 with run flats.

    I'm considering using it as my full time car.

    What kind of tires would I need? How much would they cost? Would I need new rims? How well does the car drive in the snow with snow tires?
  • I am planning to buy an SC430 for my wife in the near future. The dealer has one on his lot that he may deal on, but I am interested in finding out what is in store for 2006. Specifically, whether Lexus will have the key-less ignition (which is already available on the Toyota Prius and the new GS430) and satellite radio.

    The dealer has no idea what will be on the new models.

    Anyone got any inside information?


  • They are coming into my dealer next week and it is not keyless and there is no satellite radio...
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    The DVD updates occur in the fall of every year. The MSRP is $250 and installation is extra. ;)
  • I have a 2002 Lexus SC430, and live in Las Vegas. I am interested in finding a source for a dash cover. The dash's current condition is "like new" and I would love to keep it that way. The heat here can destroy the dash unless properly protected. Is there a website for SC430 accessories that I might try?
  • you might want to run a search on google or contact Lexus to find out if they even carry one? ummm you could also do a search on to see if you could find one. I believe there is one out for that car. I mean its a dash cover not a import part to a Maserati :P
  • I just purchased a 2006 SC430 and also want to get satellite radio. I'm not sure I can stomach having the antenna on the window frame or the dash. Do you have any idea if it can be installed on the small deck above the rear seats? Is the trunk out of the question? I love the car and don't want to mess with the exterior lines. How Lexus could omit satellite is beyond me but what can you do. I'm interested in your thoughts and feedback. Thanks for the informative post in response to heidif's inquiry.
  • I just installed a Sirius unit in my 430 - velcroed into the upper console using power from the lower console and the antenna velcro'd onto the small deck above the rear seats.

    Looks great. Invisible. Suprisingly excellent reception. Only pain is having to open the console box to change channels...
  • I'm in Montreal and won't even consider the runflats for the winter (imagine - no traction and frozen runflats - I'll lose all my fillings in no time).

    Going to get some Nokians installed when the time comes. Did that with my old BMW330i - great, great winter tires. I suspect the ride will be better and quieter on them than it is now.
  • I am 6'5" and figured nothing in a sports car would fit me. Went and fit fine in the SC430. Loved it. Drove an 05 at the dealer and seemed to ride OK. Don't know what tires, but seemed OK.

    Then went to drive an 02 with 35k and had my fillings jarred on small bumps. After moderate bumps the car would shutter and shake sideways for a second or so with the top down. Like something was seriously wrong and out of allignment. It picked up bumps where I thought there were no bumps. Is this normal with those tires? Then drove my Merc S500 over the same road and absolutely quiet.

    Beautiful car and good price ($38.5K), but totally made me paranoid about buying it. It had Goodyear Eages on it, new 5k before from the dealer 2.5 years before (certified at that point). I think the car rode so bad, the owners only drove it 5k in 2.5 years. He said it shocked him how rough it was, but seemed like the kind that would accept it.

    I know that putting new tires on it help alot (non RF tires). But I am afraid that the car has had so much trauma to its front end and other parts that it is compromised. I was shocked at the ride!! Any advise about this from those of you who waited 30+k to change tires??
  • I think you should be "paranoid".

    If this 3-4 year old car has 35k miles on the odometer and only 5k in the last 2.5 years, something smells very fishy. Worst case scenerio, it was in a serious accident that damaged the chassis and suspension. I assume the dealer has a Car Fax report showing no accidents; but even if they do, don't trust this to show everything. There are many examples of cars that were repaired "underground" so that the damage was never reported. I almost got taken by one of those until I asked to speak to the previous owner.

    Perhaps the car just sat most of the last 2.5 years - but that's not necessarily good either. Cars that sit for extended periods develop a whole other set of problems - with flat spotting of tires and freezing of suspension parts, brakes, etc. being among ones that could be contributing to the conditions you describe.

    If I were you, and you were seriously considering the car, I would ask for an ownership history of the car and the approval to contact the previous owner(s) to figure out what the heck was going on with a car that was driven 30k miles in the first 1-2 years and only 5k miles in the 2.5 since.

    On the other hand, if you were me, you would never refer to the SC430 as a "sports car". My 55 year old brother in law is 6'4" and, after unpleasant experiences with an SL500 and SL55, bought a 2005 911 Cabriolet. That's a "sports car", and he fits perfectly fine. He looked at the SC430 and 645i as well, but if he thought the 645i "wasn't enough ot a sports car", you can imagine what he thought of the SC430. It drives down a straight smooth highway adequately, but that's where any similarity ends.
  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    another 02 to see if there is any similarity in ride. I just bought an 03 with 29k with the Bridgestone RF and my ride experience is nothing like you described. The RF are unforgiving over potholes and rr tracks but not horrible. I would think a set of good non RFs(Pzero,Pilots etc) would change the ride noticeably. My RFs are pretty new, not sure what I'll do when replacement time comes along. Good luck
  • It is the cross-treads that cause the tire noise. Switched original Michelin RF's for Michelin Pilot non-RF's at 18000 miles but stil had much, too much road noise. On suggestion of Lexus sales rep, took off those tires after 20,000 miles (even though still had lots of tread) and put on Dunlop 5000 RF's (w/ straight tread pattern). Now very quiet. I wish I had done this much earlier. Such a great car, but the road noise really was a problem. Why did Lexus just quietly switch mainly to Dunlop 5000's without notifiing its customers??
  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    Is there much of a difference in ride and handling? I wouldn't mind a bit more forgiveness over harsh roads. The Bridgestones aren't particularly loud but they do jar a bit.
  • mross1mross1 Posts: 1
    Was this installed with FM transmission or directly into the amplifier?
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    A champane 03 sc430 is in cosideration. I read that it has a 4.3 v8.whats the gas milage like? With a navigator taking $100 (on average) :cry: to fill it up from E, a little money left over for trips in the sc430 is all i want

    1 last thing.Should lexus have wasted money and leather :cry: on those useless rear seats? A carseat looks hard to even imagine back there
  • teslatesla Posts: 2
    I would love to add a satellite radio to my 2005 sc 430 but don't want to damage the seal around the top or void the warranty because of the antenna wires. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    I just picked up an 03 Sand/Saddle SC 430 3 weeks ago. Averaging 21-25 mpg with combination City/Highway driving 60 miles a day. The back seat is there for insurance reasons. 2+2 seating is less than 2 only from an insurance view. Love the car, mine is a CPO so I have a 3 year 70k mile warranty. After 13 years of Euro cars this is my first Lexus or Japanese car for that matter. I am taken by the fit and finish of the product. It definitely exudes quality. I have been eyeing this car for some time, I fell in love with the styling from its inception.
    Good luck with your decision.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I had a XM Commander installed in my wife's SC430. The antenna is mounted in the right forward corner of the dashboard. The control unit is mounted in place of the ash tray. Works great.
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