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Lexus SC 430



  • jack46jack46 Posts: 8
    Can anything beat silver/saddle??
  • brucerossbruceross Posts: 16
    Hi Sue, I'm so glad you love your car. I knew you would! Again
    by what I read in this log I can tell some authors do not own one of these cars. If they did they would enjoy it as much as we do!As for the leather treatment, I have found that Maguires liguid leather cleaner and conditioner works best on the leather and gives it a deep rich tone. I only treat the leather every other month. It tends to make the leather so supple that I slide on the seats. But I use the Maguire wipes as you do on the dash. Also only take your car thru a hand car wash as the brushes on a regular car wash will leave swirls on the paint finish. All the best...
  • brucerossbruceross Posts: 16
    I have a red with saddle and I love the combo! But I think it comes down to personal preference.
  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    The problem with paste wax is it just doesn't last too long, especially in hot sunny climates. If your SC spends any prolong time in a hot sun the wax just melts away. Also you have to deal with the residue in all the usual places. (door creases, hood etc.)
    I would highly recommend the Zaino line of car care products. Their sealants are the best I have used and I have a garage full of products that I have tried over the years. Also their "leather in a bottle" is just terrific. Smells just like brand new leather and cleans and conditions perfectly.
    Second choice would be Klasse products. They make an "all in one" cleaner and sealant that works quite well. Simple to use wipe on wipe off product.
    Have fun taking care of your new ride.

  • dseltzerdseltzer Posts: 2
    Good remarks on the RF tires.

    I have had my 2002 SC since new. Yes, the RF tires are hard and yes sometimes they are not as grippy but it sure beats what I had to endure last weekend in the rain in a parking lot.
    2 flat tires from nails in my new Benz. I finally called MB Roadside assistance as they needed to be plugged .

    I will keep the RF tires and keep driving with knowing that I will not have to endure that event on the SC.

    BTW- I have 17,000 miles on the original tires and they are doing just fine.

  • dseltzerdseltzer Posts: 2
    I have had the same problem with the battery.

    Here's the scoop- The Lexus SC does not have the alternator that charges the battery just at idle. Lexus replaced my battery and advised that you have to drive the car to charge the battery. I had left it undriven last winter for 30 days with the alarm on in the garage.

    Since then I made a point each weekend to drive it rain or shine.

    Overall Lexus has been great since 2002 and I will look at them again not only for service 99% v MBenz 50% but for the quality of their cars.

  • howsmithhowsmith Posts: 1
    I am considering a new coupe but am thinking it may be a good idea to wait for the 2007 in September. Of particular interest is possible upgrades in the handsfree phone operation. Anyone have any imput?


  • igorxxigorxx Posts: 3
    Buy a Yugo
  • schack1schack1 Posts: 4
    Has anyone experience a rattle where the hinges of the roof are? Possible solutions?
  • rcraftrcraft Posts: 16
    What I hear is that the '07 will be unchanged. Like you, I know that this car is on it's last legs and will soon change (SC460?). For that very reason, I leased my wife's '06. If the new model comes out within 3 years, I avoid the hit in depreciation that always accompanies a significant change. If we like what they do, we'll upgrade, if not we'll convert the lease to a purchase. Maybe not a perfect plan, but it's a plan. Good Luck. ;)
  • joec7joec7 Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 the rattle started about 3 months ago. Dealer was going to replace the hinge. They called a dealer in Portland Or who made an adjustment. So far quiter but not perfect. I will be contacting the dealer to replace the hinge
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    Entering the third driving season with 10K miles on my 2004 (midnight pine/saddle). I just had the runflats replaced today, even though they were still in good shape, because I couldn't take the hard ride. I went with the Kuhmo Ecsta ASX (highly rated on tirerack with a 30K guarantee). Immediate noticeable improvement. The car didn't ride like my LS, but reminded me of some of the Euro sedans I've owned. Still handled well (I'm not an aggressive driver) but much more comfortable and quiet. I'd say half the noise and jarring. My dealer gave me a good price on the tires and installation, only a modest amount more than Tirerack, and offered to store my run flats at the service center (no charge) in case I wanted to put them back on, or if I decided to return the car when it went off lease in two years (he didn't think I would have to do that, but I was a little concerned).

    I've also experienced the dead battery problem. My service tech said to get a trickle charger if I wasn't driving the car for an extended period (month or longer), and to lock it even in the garage if it wasn't going to be driven for a week or more. If it's locked apparently fewer of the computers and other electronic components draw power.
    I was sorry to read the earlier post by the person who was so disappointed with his Lexus. I switched from MB and am on my third Lexus. My wife and I could not be more pleased with the cars or our dealership.
  • palmharborpalmharbor Posts: 26
    I had a dead battery problem 3 times on my 2005 SC430 Pebble Beach model. I only have 3,200 miles in 14 months. I finally bought a trickle charger, also on the advice of my dealer. There is no doubt that the car must be driven regularly or the battery will go dead in as little as 2 weeks.

    We love the car, although it is not perfect. The liquid crystal gauges disappear when wearing Polaroid sunglasses. The cruise control is not as convenient to operate as the Mercedes cruise control. The Navigation should permit entries to be made when in motion. The run flats do make for a harsher ride, but is a reasonable trade off for the security, especially for my wife.

    The fit and finish is superb, and the transmission much, much smoother than my 2006 Mercedes ML500.
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    I agree about the cruise control. It's about the least convenient I've ever had. All the others had a way to keep it on (powered not engaged) at all times, and you could hit resume after reaching 25mph coming out of a toll booth and the car would accelerate back to the set speed. I guess they have opted for safety as a prime concern, which is the same thinking behind the Nav disallowing entries in motion. Maybe they could tie that function into the passenger seat sensor.
  • gokadengokaden Posts: 28

    I'm looking at buying a 2002 or 2003 CPO sc 430, and the KBB trade-in and retail values for this vehicle differs about $10K.

    Therefore, should I expect to pay toward the high or low end of this range for this particular vehicle? I think this is heavily based on the popularity of the vehicle.

    Any thoughts would help
  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    Go to "real world trade in values" forum. Ask there, and Terry (rroyce10) will answer. He owns several dealerships in FL and goes all over buying cars at auction. He always gives straight info on trade values and reasonable prices for used cars. Everyone comes back that he was right on the money.
  • gokadengokaden Posts: 28
    Thanks for the info. I've reposted on that forum and hope I'll get an answer.
  • jack46jack46 Posts: 8
    02 lexus SC430 silver/saddle 56,000miles garage kept. Lexus dealer in Sarasota offered $33k for trade-in. I want to sell it, what can I get for it???

  • stevesteinstevestein Posts: 263
    see #1090
  • jack46jack46 Posts: 8
    How much did the Dunlop's cost??
  • jerry06jerry06 Posts: 1
    Any Pros / Cons on installing clear vinyl (sheet) protector
    to all front leading surfaces of SC 430 to save paint from stone dings and "love" bugs?? Anyone have good / bad experiences??
  • fred430fred430 Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2002 SC 430 and wondering if changing the oil myself is an easy job. Getting to the filter and drain plug.. Thanks
  • gbodiengbodien Posts: 1
    I purchased a used 2002 Lexus SC430 in March and in the last 2 weeks have experienced battery failure. Car seems to run fine and then the next morning the battery is dead (lights are off , doors closed and everything seems off during this time). The car has a trickle charger which was installed by a Lexus dealer and it also included a 84 month battery. Anyone have any suggestions of what to do, besides plugging in the car every night.

  • brucerossbruceross Posts: 16
    Get a new battery,they don't last forever! I don't use my Sc430 for 2 weeks and it starts up fine with no trickle charging system!
  • scsc430scsc430 Posts: 3
    Hey everyone,

    I took the plunge today, and put down a deposit for an '06 SC 430 blue/saddle. I'm from South Carolina, but the car is coming from Florida by truck within the next 7-10 days. (I'm probably not going to sleep a bit until I get the call form the dealer.) I've been reading all of these postings carefully, as well as doing a lot of Internet research, and it seems that, in spite of some problems, most people are very satisfied with their cars. This will be my first Lexus, and I'm eager to see how their service after the sale stacks up.

    A few questions...

    1. Is it wise to purchase an extended warranty for this vehicle?
    2. Are the run flats not worth replacing once they've worn out?
    3. Are Zaino car care products the best ones on the market?

    Thanks for y'alls input everyone! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts...

  • brucerossbruceross Posts: 16
    1. No, I have a 2002 SC430 and nothing has broken in 68,000 miles!
    2. No, Get rid of the run flats once they have worn out and get yourself some Michelin Pilot P2 or similar. Your will feel the difference!
    3. Yes
    4. Enjoy your new car as I have. Put the top down and go for a long cruise. There is no equal! It's cheaper than a psychologist and a lot more fun.
  • scsc430scsc430 Posts: 3
    Hey bruceross,

    Thanks for your advice. I think I'm going to pass on the extended warranty, and a lot of what I've read says to get rid of those run flat tires. Zaino it is, and I definitely plan to put that top down as soon as I get the car and take a nice long ride in the country!

  • fred430fred430 Posts: 2
    Used Zaino products for a year and by far the best. Shine is slightly better than regular waxes but last much much longer. Z-2, leather in a bottle and tire dressing are the top ones.
  • sosksosk Posts: 42
    to scsc430, CONGRATS! I bought an '02 in February (partially due to bruceross' great words!) and every day I love it more!

    Question: vandalism on our street put my 20-yr-old son's Mercury Sable in the shop for too many days, and he's driving my SC - YIKES!!! He committed a sin & smoked a cigarette in it. When we get the Sable back on Monday, what cleaner/conditioner do you recommend for the interior to get that disgusting smell out???

    Thanks everyone..........Sue in Dallas
  • jtmavjtmav Posts: 18
    Zaino "Leather in a bottle" product will have your SC smelling like new leather in a few minutes. Also great for conditioning the leather. Give the kid a bus schedule and get back the keys :)
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