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Nissan Frontier



  • bmsorybmsory Posts: 17
    I just bought 2001 frontier CC-SE and I wanna
    dress up my new toy can some body give me some
    websites that offers accessories and performance
    parts for frontiers ?
  • azsazs Posts: 3
    I purchased the 2000 King Cab SE 4WD, I didn't get it with cruise control. I want to now get it installed. Does anyone no if I can get it. When I went back to the dealer to see if I could get it they said no. Is that true
  • Good luck with your purchase. I have my crew cab for 1 year now ZERO problems. Nissan does a fair amount of advertising , they assign a value of the
    dollars spent per car on the invoice. We know that nothing in this life is free. Fair is fair, with the tremendous costs involved in running a new car dealership the dealer is entitled to make a profit.
    He has a lot to lose too.
  • daryl_jdaryl_j Posts: 13
    nissancrewcab - i'll have to agree with you on the "fair is fair" issue. with Edmund's advise, i went in hoping to get a fair price and believe i did. i was told that the demand for nissan vehicles in this area is not as much as in other places. this CC was on the lot for about 3 months. i said to the folks at the dealership i wanted them to make money, which i think they did since they said yes to my second price offer. i want them to succeed since they are conveniently located a mile from my house. :-) Anyway, nearing 800 miles on the truck and seems to be getting better by the day. BTW. the heater in this truck is awesome! warms up very quickly.
  • asz,I bought aftermarket cruise from jc whitny for under $100.installed myself.There,s also a co.called Rostra that sells them.Mine is audiovox,works fine.Initially had problems with tech info,but called audiovox tech line.Also,does anyone with xe crew cab have problems with the non-elctric windows rattling when cracked about an inch down.Minor nuisance,still luv my truck!
  • lilly2000lilly2000 Posts: 25
    Has anyone add any stereo's into the cc.
    this past weekend I add a 12 ad changer jvc, behind the back seat. I love it, the ad controller was put right under the 4x4 shift. my cc has 15k an counting, ... NO PROBLEMS AT ALL....
  • donleungdonleung Posts: 22
    I'm interested in buying a 2002 Crew Cab this fall with the long box and apparently different frame (maybe all new) noted from the location of the rear wheels in the pictures on Nissan's web site.

    In Car and Driver's recent long term test of a Frontier Crew Cab there was a picture of the left rear door area of the body (at least that's what I recall) that showed some rust under a painted weld seam of the cab. They surmised it was due to cab and/or frame flex.

    I've seen a similar problem on the old full size Ford Bronco's with the fiberglass back half (think OJ Simpson vehicle). They would all rust at the roof seam right behind the doors.

    Have any of you Frontier owners noted similar rust or any other signs of lack of rigidity in the frame/body assembly?

  • mahimahimahimahi Posts: 497
    I don't know about C & D's truck (that's what you get with car guys playing with trucks :)) but I've had mine for a year exactly on March 6th and at this point have 35k miles on it and have no rust(anywhere, not even on the undercarriage), paint fading, cracks in the paint... no problems at all. But then again I take care of my truck, who knows what the idiots at a CAR magazine do to any of these vehicles that their editors drive when they want. Plus I'm curious if the Nissan CC is as bad as the magazine said it was last year this time why do they still have it?

    My suggestion to you Don, don't worry about it, especially if you take care of your truck (like wipe the door jambs once in a while... wax mine every now and then). I would be very, very surprised if anybody responds to your post saying their new CC is rusting. Have a Good Day.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I'm a new poster to this thread, I'm usually over in the Mercedes areas, not trying to be a snob! LOL
    Anyways, thought you guys might be intereseted in some of our experiences with our 00 SE crewcab. We got ours in June of 99, right when they came out. We've had 21k absolutely trouble free miles! We've installed a matching silver shell and are able to still use our bed extender! I just took a little Makita grinder and took a little metal off of the metal things the extender fits onto. I can't flip from one postion to the other like it's designed, but I can use it in both positions. I just have to lift it up an inch and pull it out and then reverse it and put it back in, less than 1 minute! Everyone told me it couldn't be done, but it can. I even took it to the dealer and showed them the modification and they were very surprised it was so easily done. I like the Nissan over the competition because it's shorter, it fits in our garage while none of the comp. would. I have read that the 01s are 3 or 4 inches longer, probably the big plastic nose. I really prefer the chrome bumpers and fender flairs of the 00s to the 01s, but I like the the tailgate and the grills of the 01s better. That's it for now!
  • equimanequiman Posts: 12
    I also have an 00 SE CrewCab silver with a matching ARE tonneau cover. Thanks for the tip with the bed extender. I have been unable to use my bed-extender because of the problem you mention. I will try your fix. Do you have an ARE cover?

    I bought mine in December 1999 and have about 13,000 miles without the slightest of problems. I considered the Dodge Dakota Crew Cab but went with Nissan for the following reasons:
    1. Perceived quality of Nissan vs. Dodge
    2. Price. Similar equipped Nissan a couple grand less than Dodge.
    3. Size. I liked the shorter size of Nissan for garage fit.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    No I don't have an ARE cover, I have a cab high shell. It looks really sharp on the truck, gives it more of an SUV look, plus tons of storage back there now. As far as modifying to make the bed extender work, look at the brackets that hold it, and the nylon/plastic pieces on the extender that slide into the brackets. You need to remove only a little bit of metal from the brackets so that the extender can be installed without being stright up. I'd say you only need to remove about 1/8-1/4 of an inch from each side, it took about 15 seconds with the grinder, I tried a file first, it didn't work! Borrow a little grinder if you don't have one, or rent one, don't try the file. If this doesn't make sense let me know, I'll try to explain it again. It's easy and very worth it!
  • equimanequiman Posts: 12
    Thanks for the advice. I thouight about filing down the nylon/plastic piece on the extender but thought that, being plastic, it might be destroyed in the process. I am going to try your fix this weekend.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I tried to file the nylon/plastic piece first and spent a good hour filing/trying it/filing/trying it etc. etc. No good!! Grabbed the Makita and about 30 seconds later I was done! I don't know why I didn't think of it first. I did the grinding right in the back of the truck, it's kind of sharp on the edges now, but it's not an issue with the extender installed. Let me know how it goes and good luck!
  • equimanequiman Posts: 12
    I removed the brackets and used my bench grinder. I don't have a portable grinder. Finished in a few minutes and it works fine now. Thanks for the advice.
  • daryl_jdaryl_j Posts: 13
    Happy to report good gas mileage on a recent journey I took. Drove about 285 miles one way (mostly highway) and got 21 MPG then on the way back got 22.8!!! (maybe less wind or something) . Have about 1900 miles on my 2001 EX CC (auto trans) and still very happy.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    Congrats on the finishing your project! I'm sure yours looks better having taken the time to remove the brackets and do the work on the bench! It was pretty difficult doing it in the back of the truck. I installed the brackets myself, as the extender wasn't available when we bought our truck in June of 99, it's an early CrewCab. We bought the extender about 6 months later. It was sort of difficult with the bedliner being in the way.
  • Hi All,

    After much reading here on the boards, I went to the local Dealer this past Saturday, and picked up my 01 CC SE 4x2. I am very impressed with the truck so far. Comfy, holds a few forends, and my trips to Home Depot just got a LOT easier. Made what I thought was a fair deal with the dealer. I went in loaded for bear, had my Palm downloaded with all the Invoice prices. Told my sales person, to not even bother coming back at me with MSRP, or I would walk. They immediately came back with invoice in everything, no fuss, no muss. There was a strange fee of 267 for the infamous administrative charges, but since everything had gone so well to that point, I just let it go. This is my 2nd Nissan truck, the first was a 1984 King Cab, which I sold after 10 years of trouble free service. I can only imaging this will be as good or better.
  • mrheemrhee Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Frontier Crew Cab EX that blows hot air through the vent. I measured the outside air while driving and the difference between the air outside and vented air is around 21 beg. F.
    The service guy at the dealership says it's normal, but I never had a vehicle with that much of difference before and was wondering if all Crew Cab EX's have the same problem. I would like to hear from other owners to see if their Frontier is behaving the same way. Thanks.
  • I have a 2000 Crew Cab and have the same thing. There are many of us noticing the same thing. I turn off the fan as the warm air gets very annoying as the weather gets warmer.
    I also have a 1999 Quest and a 2000 Maxima they don't do it.
  • rcar1rcar1 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 crew cab and I noticed the same thing about the hot air. There seems to be no way to stop it and I have never owned another vehicle that has done this. Also this is the first automatic transmission vehicle that I have owned that will not hold on a hill. If you don't keep your foot on the brake pedal or gas the vehicle will roll backwards and keep building up speed. The dealer said that this is normal.
  • lilly2000lilly2000 Posts: 25
    <<hot air>>
    I have a 2000 cc, with no problem, yes.. the hot air is a problem,, but what i do, is move the air controller all the way to the right, so it would blow to the windshield. that works for me.
    TOO ALL 00, and 01 owner. Have you guys notice in the air intake, there is a block hose about 1 inch thick. has anyone notice this? Can that plug be remove to let more air in. with no problem?
  • daryl_jdaryl_j Posts: 13
    We have a 2001 CC too. My wife first noticed this on the passenger's side... heat coming from the floor. Well the vent happened to be set to the floor position. Only happens when the engine is hot (obviously). This may not be correct but I found that if I turn ON the "re circulate" button on the AC the air stops flowing through the vents. When the the re circulate button is OFF it allows fresh air to enter the vehicle but seems to pick up heat from the engine on the way in. I've read on a board somewhere else that a dealer acknowledged that there is a known problem with this.
  • steve262steve262 Posts: 2
    I also have a 00 crew cab 4x4 SE Auto with this annoying hot vent air problem. I have taken it to the dealer twice to have it checked on and the answer has always been -" we can't reproduce the problem" and/or they told me "You will only get cold air if you have the AC on!" I am an automotive engineer by profession and I know the difference between ambient vent air and heated vent air. I also know if I turn on the AC that air colder than ambient air should be the result. I have even volunteered to come down and demonstrate the problem but they were not interested. My passengers have repeatedly asked why I have the heat on at the times when this occurs. It also seems to be heat soak related as the temperature of the vent air becomes very hot after driving for a while then stopping for 10 to 20 minutes and then driving again. This is a drive cycle that happens when you go to a store or stop for a bite to eat on a long trip. Upon driving the vehicle after this pause, it takes up to 30 minutes to cool down to merely annoyingly warm temperatures. If the fan is left on from the beginning of the drive it seems to keep the mass of the HVAC system from heating up too much, but the vent air is still hot enough to be annoying. I am curious whether this is a design defect on all Frontier trucks or is it a problem that occurs randomly during assembly. During the winter it isn't much of a problem as the cold ambient air is able to cool the HVAC system to the point that it isn't noticeable and the heater is being used anyway. On hot summer days the AC is on and can overpower this effect, but it certainly isn't helping the efficiency of the HVAC system to have to fight air heated above ambient temperature to provide an adequate level of cooling. This does impact fuel efficiency by increasing the duty cycle of the AC compressor. I am interested in how many others have experienced this problem or had any success with a solution from the dealers or Nissan.
    p.s. I still like the truck very much - I would just like this annoyance fixed....
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I had the same problem with my '89! Still, it was one of the best vehicles I've ever owned, and I just didn't let it bother me.
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    I live where it gets up to 125F and when I use the a/c,I let it run until it starts to cool and then I switch it to recirculate.It works great in cooling the vehicle down.
  • lilly2000lilly2000 Posts: 25
    long time don't here from you!!
  • goobagooba Posts: 391
    I have been hanging around.I just did not see alot of topics to engage in.I jumped into this one because of the a/c problem.It makes me wonder why people have to qualify themselves as an engineer.They seem to think it matters and makes their statements carry more weight.It just puts them down a few rungs on the common sense ladder,as is shown by steve262.Why he chose not to read the manual that says to turn the a/c on and run it then put it to recirculate,I do not understand.Especially with his explanation of ambient temp,etc.
    Maybe this topic will light up once again.
  • it has happened twice now on my '00 se 4x4 crew cab loose change from my pockets fall out and find their way into the slidding track of my seats and it causes the seats to get stuck in the way back position and will not slide forward unless the change is physically removed with a pair of pliers or twizzers I took the truck to the dealer and made an appointment to get it fixed but after finding the coins and removing them the appointment was not necessary the second time it happened I was in an accident and the truck was a total loss if anyone else has had this problem please contact me
  • I found out today the Khaki color for the XE crew cab has been discontinued and won't be back next year, according to a local dealer. I really wanted an XE CC 4WD auto in Khaki. If you have one congratulations as there were very few produced.
  • croy2croy2 Posts: 45
    Due to a growing family and new company car, I need to sell my beloved truck. It's a 2000 SE 2wd AT, power package, snuglid custom tonneau cover, bedliner, extender. All options except the roof rack and sunroof. The truck is in mint condition. $18,300. If anyone in So. California is interested, e-mail me at
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