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Nissan Frontier



  • fishhooked. I'm sure it was just the web page. I have a 2002 Frontier 4x4 CC S/C Long Bed with the tow package. No soggydog, the 4x4 doesn't automatically come with the tow package. My truck only has 6k miles on it so I'm not sure I would've seen any mechanical problems yet. I did have to have the amp replaced as it went out but nothing else (although I wouldn't expect to have to do that anyway). I've had Nissan trucks for many years without problems but this is my first Frontier.

    For me there was no choice. No other truck compares in the look to me and it was the only truck in its class that had a crew cab and a decent size long bed. Gas mileage sucks out the waazoo but other than that, I love it. On Sunday's it gets decked out with Buccaneers stuff and off to the game we go, Rockford Fosgate blaring all the way. :-)
  • I got an offer for the 2003 King cab std + basic gear package + floormat for $12998 and 2.9% interest rate. My final offer to them was 12250 and the 2.9% interest rate. What do you think?. Whats a fair price for this truck, does anyone know?.
  • How many months...if 60 months, a good deal imo.
  • Nissan says to replace the timing belt on the V-6 models at 105,000 miles. That sounds like a lot of miles to me.My 2000 Desert Runner has almost enough warranty to get there but my '99 4X4 does not have an extended warranty and at 65,000 miles I'm thinking I better get it in the shop.Has anybody out there lost a timing belt before 105,000 miles?
  • bma80bma80 Posts: 2
    I'm looking at buying either a 2002 Nissan 4X4 Crewcab long bed or a 2002 Dodge Dakota 4x4 Crewcab. Please someone tell me what you think so maybe this could help me make a decission? With the end of the year rebates the prices are pretty much the same. Tell me what you guys think. Thanks
  • pittsypittsy Posts: 15
    Traded in a 2000 Dodge Durango on a Nissan Frontier earlier this year and have not looked back since. The Dodge was a gas pig, in the shop at least a half dozen times for little things that cost a couple of hundred dollars each time. Now have 20K Km on the Frontier Crew 4X4 SC and runs like a top, only complaint is that I wish it had a better heater and heated seats as it gets colder than a witches heart up here in Canada in the winter. Takes a bit of time to heat the cab up. Put on an after market Hidden Hitch and tows like a dream. Stay away from the Dodge unless you can afford the nearly double running costs.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926

    Had a '93 Sentra that was the best car I've ever owned. My daughter is now on her third Nissan car and has had excellent service from them all (including a '83 Sentra that went 270,000 miles).

    I would've preferred to buy a Nissan truck since most everyone I've known has had very good service from them and I've developed a lot of confidence in the Nissan product. But not everybody. I have a fellow working for me now that is not pleased with his new Frontier.

    I did purchase a 2003 Dakota Club Cab and I have been surprised with the high level of component and assembly quality. I have not discovered one flaw so far and it has not been back to the dealer for anything. I talked to a couple of dozen Dakota owners before I bought and was equally surprised with the good reports of reliability. If you read the posts here at Edmund's you see a lot of complaints about Dakota brake rotors. I think this was a problem a few years ago, but I know that Chrysler has changed vendors on that part and I haven't heard complaints from newer owners. I also think that Dakota's from 2001 up are much better assembled and more reliable.

    The Dakota, in my opinion, beats the Nissan Frontier in most aspects. Comfort, handling, and especially performance. Please don't get me wrong, I think Nissan builds a good product. Very good. But I also think that Nissan pick-ups are not quite as competitive, especially to the Dakota. I would bet that in 200,000 miles the Nissan would be overall more reliable for the majority of owners. Unfortunately, for my requirements the short bed and very cramped rear seating was an imposing negative.

    Reliability wise you're rolling the dice on any make or model. However, anybody in the know would not be taking as much of a chance on a Nissan. If the Frontier meets your requirements, I'd say you can't find a better truck. You'll hear dissatified Dakota owners on the web, but talk to a few people face-to-face. I think you'll get a different picture. People on the web have a tendency to have strong opinions -- both ways. Test drive both vehicles. It won't cost you anything.

    Best of luck,

  • I need some advice. I decided that the Nissan Frontier is the truck I need and want. Problem is Nissan wont make it. I put the order in with the dealer for a 2003 S/C long bed with everything on it. Nissan told the dealer last week they were not going to make it. The best I can come up with is not enough orders for the S/C in the region is why they are not making it. Calls to Nissan customer service have got no where. Any one ever had this problem? Anyone know what to do?

    It really is the only one that fits my needs. So I am screwed at this point. Nissan wont help in any way shape or form.
  • I owned datsun/nissans for almost 2 decades. I have been a happy loyal nissan owner in the past but found if all but impossible to buy a new frontier crew cab for a decent price.
    The dealers were getting any price and still sell them. They are 'now' about $6000 lower than they had been in this area. Toyotas are very reliable but always much more expensive than the competition.
    I reluctantly bought a Chevy and wondered how long I would enjoy it vs my previous nissans.
    I must add to this discussion that the
    Chevy S-10 has really won me over. I know too many "new" nissan owners who are not happy. The nissan has dropped below Chevy in terms of owner satisfaction for the first time in years..from 4rth to 5th place.
    I, for one, am very pleased that the dealers of nissan have made me a Chevy owner. This Chevy is great in the snow and much more comfortable inside..and although none in this class but the V8 Dodge has power, you don't need to buy a super charged one to get a little bit of horsepower.
    Maybe future nissans will be able to compete with the diesels and hybrids that are just down the road but so far I haven't seen any in the trade magazines.
  • I leased a 2002 Frontier Crew Cab & when I had the air conditioning on & had 3 other guys in my truck along with golf clubs, I tried to pass a vehicle and couldn't, & the dealer ship said they found no error. I have already had to have the horn replaced & both my wipers had to be fixed because they stop working because of the bolt losing up, plus my temperature gauge was off & it was fixed! I also had the recall for the Rear ABS Sensors/Rear Axle Housing fixed. I think I might have a lemon? Has anyone else had the same problems?
  • coas2coas2 Posts: 8
    Anyone who complains of gas milage didn't do their homework before buying. Yes, it isn't great, I get 15 mpg in winter driving with a topper on. Yes, the 170 hp engine is underpowered. Especially with the A/C on. I wish they would put the bigger Pathfinder engine in the trucks. I too have the recall on the Rear ABS Sensors/Rear Axle Housing. I have never owned a car/truck that didn't have a recall of some kind. These things happen. My outdoor temp. gage is off by up to 4 degrees from actual (I attribute this to the location near the radiator)and seem to be further off when the temps are in the 40-60 range. Dealer will look at it when I take it in for the recall repair. Other than this, almost one year after purchase, I have no other problems. If Ford would make a 4 door Ranger and if Toyota would EVER get a price reality check, I would consider buying one. This is my second Nissan Truck ('92 4X2), and I can not say enough about them.
    The ride is good for a truck. The passenger room in the back seat is plenty for my 7 year old and works OK for the few times I have adults. The long bed too is a great asset. Denver to Santa Fe and back I got 21 mpg. The hieght, visually is better than the sedan I got rid of. I have had it in 4X twice and it came through like a champ.
    LOVE IT.
  • I'm considering buying an 03 crew cab V6 with a 5sp. One thing that concerns me is the gas mileage. 80% of my drive is highway mileage and I'm hoping that the truck would give me 20 - 21 mpg. Is this a realistic hope?
  • njron71njron71 Posts: 1
    2/18/03 I purchased this Nissan. A few days later I found that when ever the car is warmed up, it has a 'miss'. The car starts to shake at idle, the engine surges a bit. Its sort of running rich, then lean, then rich then lean. It's been at the dealer 12 days out of the 21 or so that I've owned it. Anyone else had experience with this? Oh, and all this coupled with a dieseling knock from the engine. "This is normal for this engine", says the first dealer I went to. The second dealer (yes I dropped it off elsewhere) ran all the computer diagnostics and nothing coming up. Anyone else having this 'non-issue' with their 3.3? If I wanted my car to shake, I probably should've bought used? Oh, and I'll tell you where NOT to buy a car in NJ if you're interested!
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    I saw the above in a lot. The side badging says SE..but the tailgate sticker says XE. IS this normal for 2002 Frontiers??
  • soggydogsoggydog Posts: 67
    Not normal. I would suspect, for what ever reason, possible wreck damage, something has been replaced. The tailgate or the sticker would be the most likely suspect. You could write down the vin number and take it to a Nissan dealership service department, they should be able to tell you
  • soggydogsoggydog Posts: 67
    My 01 CC with 25K has the 3.3 and although it does not have the miss, It sometimes vibrates at Idle, in drive, after warm up. When do you get the dieseling knock, when you shut the engine off? I have had it in two times for the vibration and a knock at low rpm's undrer load and was told it was normal. I'm going to try a dealership, where the service department only services Nissan's, before the 3/36 warranty runs out.
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    Thats my thinking that either the Tailgate or the whole bed was replaced. I did a Carfax on it and it came up as a Nissan SE/XE Frontier. Now I am starting to wonder..If I go back I'll post what the dealers explanation is..
  • I've owned a 2002 Frontier SE CC LB for almost 12 months, but its been in a dealership for almost two months of that time. Like #687, I have a normal "diesel knock", and after complaining enough-they found my compression was off and debris was in the heads-problem still exists. They replaced my entire front brake system with just 4000 miles. I've had two defective shocks and ABS light comes on when it feels like it, and usually works when it feels like it. I also have this weird humming from the floorboard when I drive of speed bumps. Everythings normal when it comes to Nissan having to fix problems. I guess I have to shoot a piston through my hood or kill someone in a car accident next time my brakes fail before I get their attention. The truck is beautiful and I've never had a problem with Nissan before, my wife has the new Altima and she loves it. Me though, I'll never pay for another Nissan mearly because of their customer service, not just the problems.............
  • When is this supposed to kick in? I realize all vehicles have a speed limiter and trucks sre governed at 100 mph. My kicks in at 85-90 and is so violent that it scares the hell out of you. I damn near caused an accident when it first happened. Nissan says it "normal", as everything else I've complained about. They said it just loses power, nothing more. Mine acts like it dies completely, no power steering and bucks back and forth like you're riding a bronco at the state fair. Nothing in the owners manual even warns you of this feature. Does "EVERYONE" have this problem or only a few. My co-worker has 2001 DR and he gets up to 95 reguraly without any limiter.
  • olie5olie5 Posts: 1
    just bought an '03 Frontier CC, 4x4
    like it fine, except for the roof vibration, at around 25-30 mph, when going over rough city streets

    anyone else experience same?

    it really drives me nuts- last two PU's were '80 Toyota and '87 Toyota, and I never had so much noise

    I took the service manager of the dealership for a ride, and couldn't quite get the roof to vibrate (of course as soon as I got home, there it was again)
    the service manager suggested it might be the bedliner making the noise, but I don't think so

    i can actually feel the vibration if I hold my hand to the roof liner
  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    What is the problem at Nissan, I went to order a 03 SE Crewcab 4x4 with the DSC package and Bed extender and Nissan won't build it. Does any one know why?
    Support our Troops
  • tykane01tykane01 Posts: 1
    I have had my frontier for 18 days, and my overall satisfaction is excellent. yea the gas mileage sucks, but what do you expect. I feel the vibration that some people have talked about. I'll get used to it. And at 95 the truck flipped out. I only had 800 miles on it, and I thought the whole thing was going to fall apart from being so new. But I guess there is some type of speed limiter. Also the heater is kind of weak. And the car does go from rich to lean in the first few miles. Yea my overall satisfaction with nissan is poor. When I bought the truck the salesman took off some fees to make my payment low, then tried to add them back on later. Also I went in to a dealership today, and they just kept going around the issues. Bad customer service.
  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    What model do you have and i must say you are scaring me lol i ordered a 4x4 se model yikes.. you say your happy but unhappy with nissan? what do ya mean i have to nissans a pathfinder and quest and all has bee super... let me know!
  • whitewa327whitewa327 Posts: 2
    I'm starting to hear some noise when downshifting (manual) from 3rd to second gear. Not really a grinding noise but it really catches my attention. It doesn't always happen. Kind of random. It is a 2000 Frontier Crew with 56K miles. Anyone else experience this?

    Thanks, Beck
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I own a '95 SE V6 4X4 King Cab Nissan truck with a 5 speed manual transmission. This was top of the line truck available in '95. I have had pretty good luck with the truck and not too many problems. The gas mileage is not good because this is a heavy truck (about 4000 lbs) and is underpowered. My V6 engine only puts out 153 Hp and 180 ft-lbs of torque. To get any power out of this engine, the manufacturer used really low gears in this truck. Moreover, I replaced the monstrous 31X10.5 Firestone Wilderness tires that the truck came with originally, with smaller P235 R75-15 tires, which make it ride much smoother, but increase the RPM by 10% in all gears. Actually these tires were standard equipment on the SE 4X4 truck but mine came with the optional sport package and huge tires. Nissan used the same rear axle ratio for the truck with either tires. Smaller tires make the truck a better tow vehicle though (10% more torque at the rear wheels). It pulls a 4000 lb boat/trailer without much difficulty. I only get about 17 MPG combined with A/C on most of the time. When towing the boat, the mileage drops to 12 MPG.

    In 8 years I had to replace the electronic speedometer at 55 K miles, fan clutch at 72K miles, light/turn signal switch at 75K miles, and the driveshaft center bearing at 76K miles. The cost of all parts was about $ 500 and I diagnosed all the problems correctly and installed the parts by myself (the driveshaft bearing required a hydraulic press to remove and install.) The only warranty work on the truck was replacement of the rear axle differential, which made strange whining noise when under load.

    The truck has held up very well over the years, the original paint is still in showroom condition after 8 years in the Florida sun. I had good luck with Michelin LTX M/S tires on this truck - I have 72K miles on them now and they still have tread left. I know several people who have these trucks with almost 300K miles on them, still running strong on the original engine. Mine has only 76K miles so I am thinking about keeping this vehicle for a long time. The truck has never left me stranded, never had any engine problem, except for the fan clutch that needed replacement. I believe that older Nissan trucks were actually built better than the Frontiers. I would say that the A/C system in this truck is phenomenal - in eight years I have not done anything to it and it still blows air as cold as on the day I bought the truck new in '95. And I use the A/C year round in Florida, even in January due to humidity.
  • kd7oqckd7oqc Posts: 8
    On our 2000 Crew Cab XE with V6 Auto and a canopy we average 16.5 mixed driving when it is loaded with 4 people, 2 Jerry cans of extra gas and our junk. With just 2 people and less junk, we averaged 18 for over a year. The best we've ever gotten was 20.5 on the highway. I did put a K&N air filter in it while it was relatively new. I don't know if that has helped the mileage, but I am sure it hasn't hurt.

    We're up to 56k miles now, and the truck has held up better than I thought it would. I am sorry to hear the reports of other owners that have lemons. I bought a Nissan because I didn't have the time or money to be constantly making trips to the dealer for repairs, even if they are under warranty. So far, I haven't had to make many. The vehicle is still tight after moderate 4x4ing and a lot of around town driving. We hope to keep it for 10 years / 200k miles. If this vehicle holds up as well as my '89 Nissan Pickup with 197k on it, we'll probably buy another Nissan. If not, we'll look at Toyota.
  • january116january116 Posts: 1
    We own a '01 Crew Cab and the air conditioning is horrible? Has anyone else had this problem? We have had so many problems with the dealership and the truck (brake issues, Crack in the fuel pump with less than 1000 mi.) just to name a few. I don't know if I should try a new dealership since I have told them since the day I bought the car and they keep telling me it works fine.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I just looked at a supercharged SVE crew cab 4X4 model Nissan truck and its sticker price was 25K and some change. This is only a few hundred dollars more than a crew cab XE 4X4 with power package and a sport package. The SVE already comes with power package as standard equipment. You get a lot better more powerful truck for your money with the SVE. The only disadvantage is that it requires premium fuel. But extra power is certainly worth it. The only thing that annoys me is that SVE crew cab is not available with a manual transmission. The only SVE version available with a manual is a King cab version.

    Are there any major issues with the supercharged Nissan trucks? From my perspective, if one wants a fully loaded Nissan truck, not buying an SVE is a mistake, as SE will cost you the same or more and will not have the same power.

    after reading some of these posts I have an impression that quality of Nissan products is decreasing. As with all vehicles you can always get a lemon, but with Japanese vehicles, the probability of getting a lemon was much lower than for American cars, for example. Now I am not so sure. The fact that Renault now partly owns Nissan does not make me feel too good. If you ever owned a Renault, you would know what I mean at once. This is the company that had to shut down its US auto manufacturing plant because of horrible quality of its vehicles (Renault Alliance). One of the ways to make a good car unreliable and impossible to live with is procurement of cheap parts from questionable suppliers (e.g. defective window regulators). Other manufacturers are also guilty of this; read about the ignition coil recall on Audi and VW vehicles.
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