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Nissan Frontier



  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    what is the sticker? and if they will do it and the damage is not to bad buy it! Then call the dent doctor! I Have a SE 4x4 CC and they came off 4000 plus the rebate so go for it!
  • jd070jd070 Posts: 5
    Here are most of the reasons for the trips to the dealer truck has only 13,000 miles on it.

    1.drivers door seal being crushed/4 replacements
    2.third brake light filling with water/replaced 4 times player inoperative 1 month waiting
    4.headlights would not shut off/disconnect batt.
    5.clunk in front end/abs resetting computer
    6.fender seal fell inside fender
    7.rear door rubbing front door
    8.rear main seal went bad/2 months worth of appt.
    before fixing problem, after getting vehicle in for the repair and receiving call saying will not be able to do the job we forgot mechanic is on vacation, then get vehicle in for the second time and receive another call saying will not be able to get the job done until following week they have cars they want to get out. This was an 8hr job, called consumer affairs had truck done in two days. This was only after a week of calls to the dealer, voice messages, personal visits and calling for service director and hearing everyday "he's with a customer" no calls were ever returned.
  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    First your scaring me, lol
    Second you are the perfect canidate for the lemon law! I did that before on a ford, it took a long time but i won and made out ok!
  • bstone3bstone3 Posts: 97
    Pitrott and others: My truck is an 02 King Cab SVE 4X4 = S/C. Bought it used with 35K on it - still had some factory warranty so I had them replace the leaky third brake light - and according to Dealer it is a common problem - more looks than functional - new one is dry. Part of the deal was new tires which are 265-70-16 General Grabbers - seem O.K. so far. Latest gas mileage check using mid level 87 octane was 16.1 mpg - mostly work commute mileage - I have a 01 Trooper 4X4 that gets 15.6 -for same circuit - so no problem with the mileage either - the mid level seems just fine. I am still very impressed with the power this truck has - it flat scoots. Thanks for the post on the Frontier site - will check it out.

    I didn't have a manual when I got the truck and shifting out of 4 wheel low about tested my strength and patience - now I have a manual and know I have to push down on the lever to get back into 2 wheel high. The radio/cd unit is O.K. - not bad sounding but probably not as good as the premium seven speaker unit. The funny thing is the dealer said the vehicle was "Certified" and they had done a 100 point check - well now - they sure didn't check the air filter and remove four pounds of bird feathers that were in there - plus it was the original filter - pure ugly - its new now. The truck is quiet, feels solid and has one of the best controlled rides I have experienced in a pickup of any size.

    About that hail damage - Almost 10,000 Nissan vehicles were severly damaged by hail at the factory in Tennessee - a third of those were totalled - the rest were offered to dealers who scarfed them up at big discounts. The ones I have seen for sale here are terrible - no dent doctor will do much for these - saw a new black Maxima that had just been sold - what a mess but the owner was happy with the deal.
  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    Glad you are happy with the deal you got! Now the Froniter site is good, so see ya over there!
  • jbrotherjbrother Posts: 31
    the sve frontier in question was a 4x4 ext cab 5 spd with a sticker of 22k. i offered 16 and they came back with 17. the hail damage is mainly minor and since the truck is black you can hardly see it. i drove the truck and was surprised by a lack of big power. they might be running only regular gas in it. i may go up to 16.5k but not any more considering a non-damaged one could be had for around 18k including the going rebate. also, the hail damaged car voids the factory paint warranty... thanks for your input ...any other thoughts?
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I must disagree with one statement that you made:"...since the truck is black you can hardly see it..." Black color shows every spec of dirt and every ding, especially if the vehicle is freshly washed and polished. To disguise the dings you would be better off with a light solid color, such as white.

    Anyway, I am somewhat interested in the king cab SVE version of the Frontier myself. For some dumb reason Nissan does not offer a manual transmission in their SVE crew cab models. They also dropped the manual in their SE crew cab model. The king cab SVE is the only choice if you want a manual transmission version. I test drove both a crew cab SVE long bed and a king cab SVE automatic and found the crew cab ride to be less jarring, probably due to its longer wheeelbase. I must agree that the engine power is not overwhelming, but certainly a lot better than in my 95 king cab SE V6 4X4 with 153 hp.

    I have some reservations about the long term durability of the supercharger. What is the cost of replacing the supercharger if it goes bad after the warranty expires? Anybody knows?
  • pitrottpitrott Posts: 37
    Well as for the replacement of the supercharger, first you must ask if it falls under the power train coverage. then with a supercharger I would buy the extended warrenty! I did for my 03 SE just in case! Does any one know why the books sez you can get the VDC on the SE 4X4 and when I ordered mine the Factory would not build it?
  • i have no idea as to the durability. although i did have a friend who had a thunderbird sc and when the sc went out he just undid the pulley belt and it was a regular tbird. but for some reason i doubt that would work in this case! the extdd powertrain warranty sounds like a good idea for the sc though.

    i have also noticed they have cut back what you can get with a manual trans frontier for instance you can no longer get a limited slip diff with a manual trans even on the desert runner or 4x4. that sucks. the manual trans s/c k/c seems like a hard to find set up!
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Why is it that in other countries you can find all kinds of vehicles with manual transmissions, and in the US they are disappearing? When I visited Australia some years ago, they had Nissan SUVs (Nissan Patrol) available with an efficient turbodiesel and manual transmission. I also saw Land Rovers with turbodiesels and manual transmissions. In fact, it was difficult to find any vehicle with an auto tranmsission. Have Americans become so lazy that they cannot shift gears any more? Is this somehow related to the obesity epidemic in this country? It seems that the auto industry in the US caters to these people by making manual transmission a rare option, especially on well equipped vehicles.
  • Yes you are correct in most aspect's, but also most highway's are just to congested for stick driving. So that turns off buyers and the Big companys taylor to what sell at that time and day!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,715
    Took down the last couple of posts that were spinning off into "personal fight land".

    Let's stick to the topics and avoid shooting at each other please... thanks!

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  • I just traded in a 01 Accord Coupe on a XEV6 Crew Cab. I have to say that so far I'm impressed with the build quality, even better than the Honda when I picked that up new a couple of years ago. I'm curious because I've seen a lot of negative posts on other boards about Nissan quality going down. I've owned Jeep, Chevy, and Ford 4x4s and am curious how this truck stacks up. Also would like to know the MPG other folks are getting.
  • I swear - this is the deadest site on the web - I own a Trooper which they don't even make any more and we chat our heads off.

    But to answer your question my 02 4X4 KC/SC with auto gets 16.4 mpg for my usual weekly driving - should do 18 or so on highway - comparable to almost any V6 4X4 I have driven/owned. Quality compared to various Tahoes, Toyotas, Jeeps is certainly at the top end. First Tahoe the radiator failed at 70K. Second Tahoe the tranmnission went south at 40K. The Jeep Wrangler had various electrical problems. The Toyotas Truck, Camry, Celica were error free. This vehicle has 36k miles on it and so far the only issue I had was the leaky rear cab mounted break/backup light - which was replaced. No rattles - very tight structure - my only concern is the super charger -but so far its fine. Enjoy your new ride.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Try VW Eurovan under VW topics.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    On second thought Bstone 3 is right - this is the deadest site on the web, considering the number of Nissan trucks on the road. And why is this forum only on crew cab trucks? What about king cab trucks? And regular cab trucks?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I have a suggestion. Ask the host to rename this forum to something that accomodates all discussions on Nissan Frontier trucks.

  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    There is a new site called Nissan pickup owners hangout. So far there is one post by the host. I assume that this site is for all Nissan truck owners, not just Frontiers. I have a 95 king cab SE V6 4X4 hardbody truck.
  • I agree - kill the Crew Cab title and just call it Nissan Frontier Trucks - might invite some new and needed members.
  • Greetings:
    I have a 2000 Frontier Crew Cab. Yesterday, the AC / Heater Fan stopped working in all settings...except the highest. As you all know, the settings are 0,1,2,3,4 with 0 being off. Only position 4 (high) works now. Has anyone had a similar problem, or have any insight into this?
    I'd like to try to get some feedback before I take it in to have it looked at. Thanks.
  • Heard of this happening before in all sorts of different cars. Usually it mean the switch has gone south and needs replacement. Friends Ranger just did it and it cost him $300 because of the labor involved - removing the dash - to get to the $5 switch - maybe Frontier is easier. Good Luck
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    The symptoms are exactly those of a failed blower motor resistor. You need to replace the resistor in my opinion. I have seen this failure mode on other vehicles. The switch is most likely not defective because you have the highest speed.
  • If this should happen to me someday just where is that motor resistor at?
  • "p100":
    Thanks. I have a Haynes manual on my truck, so I will do a little reading on the resistor. I doubt myself that it is the switch as all would not work in most instances. Interestingly, when you move from 0 to 1,2, can here a faint
    click (or similar noise) then the blower kicks in on 4 at full speed.

    I will post my findings once I figure it out (and can find some time to address it!). Thanks.
  • The problem did end up being a failed blower motor resistor. Thanks again to "p100" for making the call. $29 part and relatively painless to put in.
  • rjhn00rjhn00 Posts: 1
    i am considering buying 2000 cc 4x4 106000miles looks and drives great. I will purchase 48 mth unlimited mileage used car warranty.
    any comments?
    will they run on reg unleaded 87 octane?
  • Well I've finally gotten fed up with the repairs on my Jeep Gr. Cher - replacing the second radiator in 2 years! Total of 3000 in repairs in 2 years! Monday I meet with the Nissan dealer to negotiate on a 03 Crew. I hope I will be happy with this purchase!
  • bstone3bstone3 Posts: 97
    Nice to hear that there is a SC 4X4 out there with over 100k miles and running great. I have been running mine with mid-level octane = 89 and felt it was running O.K. However, last week a new gas station opened up with 5 different octanes available starting at 1.31 gallon for regular - good price for Alabama - the 91 octane is 1.41 and 92 octane is available but thought I would just try the 91 -there was a very noticeable improvement and nice smooth power delivery - also idles much smoother - so I guess I will stick with the 91.
  • bstone3bstone3 Posts: 97
    Actually, I had to fill up with gas today and noticed that the octane I am using is 92 - not 91. They also have a 93 octane which uses a separate hose
  • I am trying to locate any information from other 2002 Frontier S/C V6 owners regarding any alignment problems. My truck has barely 10,000 km (I'm Canadian) and earlier this year developed a serious pull/wander issue. I have no dealer in town, but an authorized warranty service centre. They did all they could and I have had 8 alignments done. Nissan Canada said I had to ship the truck to a dealer. The nearest dealer is in fact where I bought it and it is over 500 km away.

    The delaer has now informed me that this is only an alignment problem and that they have fixed it by performing two alignments. Remember, I had 8 done before I shipped it to them. The dealer has informed me that this is no longer a warranty issue and that I have to pay the bill for everything.

    One of the local alignment shops is pretty upset. They did 7 of the 8 alignments, reviewed the alignmetns numbers from the dealer and have said that they did the same adjustment and that the problem was still there. As well, they have indicated that the alignment numbers change by simply having one person sit in the vehicle and that they have never seen a problem like this before.

    I will be picking the truck up later this week (after I take the bus all night to get it) and I am not confident that this problem has is resolved. However, it is the dealer's position that it is.

    Has anyone else experienced any front end alignmnet problems?
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