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Mazda RX-8



  • this is an extension to post #3422 does this car last would it get hard losing the 50,000mi. warranty?

    Also i previously own a scion tc 2.0 series 06 bought brand new 0 miles now it has 6k is it worth trading it with a Mazda rx-8 with 37k miles but is in mint condition with Grand Touring Package from 04?
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    No. 1994 had problems, being the first year. Stalling, flooding, and other gremlins.

    By 1996, though, they had fixed most of it and most importantly, the automatic transmission was reworked to actually be decent performance-wise.
    (or just get a 2005/2006 one with stickshift)

    Of course, a new one is $25,871 at Cars Direct - manual transmisson, the bigger wheels, and of course, the performance package(stability and traction control, foglights, and a couple of other goodies). For 2-3K more than a used 2006, it's worth it, IMO. This is definately like a sportbike. You want to break it in and take careful care of it from day one as while it's a fantastic car, it's also very easy to abuse. Kind of like a M3 - you KNOW people are going to hammer it 95% of the time, so new vs used takes on this added factor.

    But that Tc - sell it private party. You'll at least only lose a couple of thousand dollars. The deal will ream you(it's very desireable like a Mini almost)
  • alright what im gettin out of the message is that its a bad deal to trade my tc for the rx-8 which the rx-8 has the 6speed manual transmission wit GT package thing is if the tc two years from would to be sold it would def not be the 19,000 dollar car i payed for but the rx-8 that i will trade for was 32k dollars when it was first purchased new so any opinion on this
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Hi folks

    The recall testing and the latest PCM re flashing were done on my 2005 RX-8 AT.

    Few things to say.

    1) The popcorn/rattle can still be heard, but not nearly as loud nor as often.

    2) Gas millage is better as measured by the gross eye balling of the gas needle and actual miles. Maybe 10% better?

    3) Morning cold starts are much quicker firing and smoother.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Does anyone have a recommendation about Mazda Dealer service departments in Northern Virginia - either by dealer or even better by service manager? I am currently using the Red Team for Brown's Mazda (where I bought my car) and every time they have had it they 1. Haven't fixed the problem and 2. Took longer than they said it would (my recall work, scheduled almost 2 weeks in advance, took over 4 days for the flash, wash and gas). I've been in there roughly every 800 miles for my CEL, always with the same solution (reflash - "this time it will work" in their best Bullwinkle voice). I need to go back for the CEL again, plus it seems the colder it gets and the more miles I have on it (currently 3200), the more vibration I get - especially idling in drive with my foot on the brake.

    I live an equal distance to Rosenthal, and I am considering going there for service, so any opinions on them or good service managers I can ask for would be appreciated. Or any information from anyone that got their CEL problem fixed or engine mounts replaced in the NoVA area.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    I'm not from that area, but I know Rosenthal has a good reputation on They sell parts on there, plus their website lists all the recalls and TSBs for the 8. In fact, here is the link:
  • Hey,

    I bought an RX-8 in Aug/03, and was offered the buyback program for the wrongly advertised horsepower when it got launch. I decided to keep the car and love it. Do any of you have the letter of offer for the 4 year service program plus the $500 cheque? I have lost the letter and my dealer in Vancouver and telling me that the service program is only 3 years... anyone know where i can get more info or if they still have their letter?

    Much appreciated.

    RX-8 Canuck
  • robbfrobbf Posts: 4
    I actually bought my 05 RX8 in Feb 06 at Brown's in Alexandria, VA and they have been fine during my two service visits there to-date, including the recalls.

    Were you going to Brown's in Fairfax or Alexandria? Sounds like you should try Rosenthal - I have ordered parts from them.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Thanks mdw and robbf. I ended up taking my car to Rosenthal in Arlington. I heard similar tail of woe from their Tyson's Corner location so I drive a little further. They seem to have fixed my CEL problem. They replaced a sensor and the gas cap. They also replaced my motor mounts which fixed the vibration problem. I asked them to look at an intermitant brake squeal, and they tried to fix it by changing out the rear pads. However, now that it is cold outside, my brakes squeal all of the time worse than any car I have ever owned, so I have to out her back in the shop again. Minus that, the Rosenthal experience went very well, so I am willing to try and work with them on that. They treated me well, and only took one morning to do all of the work.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171

    Yeah, now that it is cold out I've got the squealing brakes again as well. When I first got it they squealed all the time. After the fix they only seem to squeal when its cold out.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Isn't there anyway to stop that? It is driving me nuts - they squeal every time when it is cold out
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    High performance brake pads make noise. There is anti-squeal compound that you can apply to the back of the pads, but it's not 100% effective, and it doesn't last.

    Or you could trade in your RX-8 for a Buick... ;)
  • Yesterday, I had an electrical fire in my 2004 Mazda RX8. Needless to say, the car burned to the ground. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about electrical malfunctions in the RX8? Before anyone jumps on my case (as they did in RX8 forum), I am not a smoker, I didn't leave my car running, and I parked on ice (not a combustible object). I simply drove my car home, and 30 minutes later, the car was on fire! The fire dept said it was most likely caused from an electrical fire, but an investigation is pending. No foul play occurred. I was told that the user pathfinder had good advice! Thanks in advance.
  • I meant Pathstar!
  • I've been fairly closely involved with the RX-8 since 2003, and I have never heard of any kind of electrical fires, in fact the power system seems to be one of the cars strong points.
    Electrical problems would probably be caused by badly installed sound equipment, or poorly repaired wiring.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Sorry to hear about that. OTOH, in new engines, it's usually caused by fuel or oil leaks from failing gaskets or hoses. It could have happened while you were driving, so at least everyone is fine.

    Plus, your insurance will throw in a chunk of money and NOT increase your rates as it's covered under comprehensive. Maybe get a used 2006 as a replacement? ;)
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I'm not sure what I can add, other than it may not have been electrical. Did your car have all the recalls done? Some of them were to prevent fires and involved heat shields. I haven't seen any recalls related to electrical fires, but the ones for heat shields were fire related.

    When driving the air rushing by the underside keeps an overheated part cooled enough the part of it that has started burning can't spread. When you stop the smoldering part can build up heat in the surrounding parts, eventually "bursting" into flame. The flame will then spread the fire.
  • I'm sorry to hear about your car. I was just researching the RX-8 and happened upon a TSB for cars built prior to 6/2005. It states that after the car is driven at "high rpm" and parked, the engine/ transmission/ exhaust can become hot enough to start a fire. Might want to check it out. Hope no one was hurt.
  • deaundeaun Posts: 6
    Amen, brother!

  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    under the tsb? My car has been really slow to turn over since the weather turned cold and this morning, the battery pooped out - just dismal clicks when you turn the key.

    I've known for a while it was destined for a new battery, but since I don't have to rely on it everyday, thought I would see how long it would last. About 15 degrees here today and I hadn't started it in over a week.

    Anyway, anyone got the new battery? Can you tell a difference?
  • I have only had one incident with the battery not cranking on the first try, but it was 6 degs outside. Once it fired (second try) it was OK, otherwise no problems.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    well, mine has been dying a slow death. Last week it was fairly cold and I decided to start it up and take a spin around the block just to warm him up and all, and it barely turned over. the cold weather paired with my short trips when I do start it, have probably done it in.

    I'm gonna call my dealer to see if they'll replace it. Heaven only knows when I'll get it there - Rex doesn't have snow shoes and we've got lots of snow with more coming down. It's really not crucial other than I don't like not being able to start it once in a while.
  • hey there,
    try these on REX: Cooper Zeon sports A/S. Just bought a set 2 wks ago and had 2-3" of snow come down tonight. Not a bad ride home after an all day snow, up and down hills in Rural Missouri. Was reluctant to buy Cooper tires, but these were a good deal, about $149 each, balanced and mounted. It was a HUGE difference from the summer tires. I hated to unload those, but wife was upset I kept taking her SUV when the snows hit. Will remount the summers later one (maybe, since these tires have been decent so far).
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I've debated about getting some winter tires but my situation is ... I can walk to work (it's next door) and we have a jeep for work that if the weather is bad, just sits. It's dirty and it smells bad, but it's a ride!! Thanks for the info on the tires. Even if I was ready to buy, I would have no idea where to start.

    New problem with Rex. Got him jump started today (wouldn't start the first time), drove him around left him running for a little over an hour, shut it down, dead again. Isn't recharging.

    ALSO, the DSC is not working (or it's off) and I couldn't get it to turn back on?? I guess we're off to the dealer when the weather looks better - snow and ice forecasted for tomorrow!!
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Sound like a possible problem in the alternator or wiring harness if it's dead so soon.
  • Driver's side sun visor just broke last night, Is there a way to fix or will Mazda warranty ? Also notice a new vibration and loud engine noise when stoped . Almost sounds like idle too low.( 750 rpm ) at idle. 2004 w/ auto and 25k.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    I think it is something Mazda will fix under warranty (the sunvisor). From what I understand it is pretty common. I don't have any info on your other problem.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    So this winter is a bit different. Boston's normal snow fall average is around 50" by now, but this year we're banging at 4".

    But winter rain and ice are still with us. Boston's horrible cow path road beds, all chipped and broken by the constant freeze/thaw weather, results in invisible ice patches. Constantly watching out for these frozen road hazards use to cause me stress headaches. This winter, I've finally trained myself to trust the built-in intelligence of the RX-8 AT's stability control to handle it. So I can just enjoy the ride.
  • A Recent car magazine (Car and Driver or Road and Track?) have mentioned there may be a redesign of the Rx8 in the next couple of years, possibly '09 or '10.

    I would consider another one despite the few quirks. Most owners would probably agree the handling is phenomenal and the car is fun to drive, but I would love to see a bit more low end torque + horsepower. Oh well, some guys can't have it all. My 2005 rx8 has ran almost perfect for a year and a half. Despite the annoying brake squeals and a few dashboard rattles, the car remains a pleasure to drive at 24,000 miles. The air conditioner has handled 104 degree heat in the summer and the heater has worked well in -9 degree cold, though it does take a lot longer to warm up in this extremely cold winter. The Blizzak snow tires are a must for me for the recent 8 inches of snow that covered our streets earlier this week. I have not gotten stuck. The Rx8 Stability control is awesome, but I had to shut it off a few times when I needed to accelerate and push through some deep snow drifts. I like the fact that we can turn the rx8's DSTC on and off. Some automakers, like my wife's '06 Lexus IS350, make it nearly impossible to shut the stability system off. It can bog down her car at times when you need full power.
    Bring on the spring.
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    I sure hope they don't screw with the RX-8's current four doors. The body design is classic as well. Some of the car show concept cars are just wacko super modern stuff that's about as practical as stiletto heels.

    Can't imagine how a rotary engine can get more low end torque without a turbo. But from all of PathStar's experience in turbo enhanced rotary engine disasters, I hope Mazda avoids that temptation.

    I don't mind the low-end torque issue though. It's just as much fun to let engine's wind up till the punch hits. My RX-8 AT tops out at 7000 with just 4 intake ports, but don't the RX-8 MTs have a really fantastic punch at 7000 to 8500 with all 6 intake ports sucking air?

    Besides, here in new england, wet slick roads are normal most of the years so huge low end torque just serves to get me in trouble.
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