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Mazda RX-8



  • tomb10tomb10 Posts: 4
    I would like to add a few comments to darkpath's reply.The 2004 rx8 is probably best with a manual transmission--there seem to be some problems with the 4-speed automatic in the early years. Also the rx8 needs to be monitored more closely than most other cars. The battery provided with the rx8 in 2004 was very weak. If you happen to flood the engine[which probably will happen sometime],then the battery life and starting capability will weaken.The stronger battery is a must.The starter is probably fine.I had a 1986 rx7 for 15 years--went thru many batterys starting a flooded engine but never had to replace the starter in 200,000 miles.Remember this 2004 engine has a warranty period of 7 years.So any major engine problems should be taken care of by Mazda.And yes make sure all the latest computer updates are taken care of. These should be provided free by mazda.
  • Looking at picking up a Blue 05 RX-8 GT 6MT with Nav, Appearance Package, and 19K miles from a private dealership. Have it listed for $14k on the internet. I started at $12K and got them down to $13.3...won't go any lower. KBB says retail value is $19K+ and PP value is as follows:

    Excellent -$17,400
    Good - $16,600
    Fair - $15,550

    Edmunds TMV says:

    Dealer Retail - $17,300
    Private Party - $15,900
    Trade In - $14,344

    Seems like a good deal to me. Thoughts?
  • Can anyone can recommend a mechanic in Austin?
    Some details appreciated. Trying to avoid dealers.
  • ccd1ccd1 Posts: 140
    Did anyone notice the review of the Infiniti G37 Sport 6M? At the end of the review, the so called alternatives to the Infiniti were listed. Edmunds listed the 370Z which should not have been given since it lacks a back seat and omitted the RX-8. What's up with that???
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    The RX8 is not a muscle car. It sort of if you squeeze your eyes a bit looks like the others, but it's really a 4 door sport sedan that should be compared to an A4 or IS350 or similar.

    You wouldn't call an typical extended cab pickup a 2 door vehicle just because the rear doors open backwards would you? No, it's got 4 doors. The RX8 is just using sucide type rear doors as an optical illusion to look like a coupe. A nice trick, if I do say so, but it's not a real coupe.

    And it's not the same as a G37. It's actually about spec of spec equal on the track to a base Cayman/Boxster. But nobody compares the two...
  • ccd1ccd1 Posts: 140
    The RX-8 sits on a desert island, so different from everything else on the market that it gets forgotten. I totally agree that the RX-8 is not a muscle car, but neither is the 370Z. Maybe the Edmunds should have left both off the list of alternatives
  • ccd1ccd1 Posts: 140
    I also agree that the RX-8 is probably most closely matched to the base Cayman or perhaps can be thought of as a Lotus Elise that you could actually live with on a daily commute. Both cars cost FAR more than the RX-8, even in top of the line R3 trim. I'm thinking about the car for myself, but cannot bring myself to purchase it new since first year depreciation is in the $7-8k range. But a year old RX-8 with low miles would be tempting.
  • mauemanmaueman Posts: 1
    HI all
    I have a 13b motor that has been bridge ported, it's HOT, LOUD and does not like city traffic.... Will a RX8 motor (Man Tran) have all the same motor mounts and bolt to the TX?
    I just want to do a simple swap.... Any thoughts???
    Thanks bunches
  • My question is for those rx-8 owners who had their engines replaced under the mazda extended warranty. Did you have to pay for anything out of your pocket? what kind of warranty is provided on the new replaced engines?
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