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Mazda RX-8



  • Hey, Is the pro coat the clear coat that protects almost like the car bra? ( drive it a lot on the highway and want to prevent as much chipping as possible without the bra, because i heard that it messes up the paint in the sun) There are not too many people that do that in my area that do this (I am around DC)...but If it is good, i would drive to get it done. I unfortunatly only have off street parking (right on a one way street) and although i cover it, I am always afraid of scratches.

  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Get the front covered by 3M vinyl film. Lots of places do it, including Ming. It comes in a pre-cut kit, and includes the side mirrors. I suspect Pro Coat is like "Ming plating", which is just a silicone based "permanent wax".
  • PRO COAT is more than just a clear coat. When you get it(Pro Coat) they install a electronic box under your hood in the engine compartment that produces a electrical signal that helps prevent rust from the inside out. Also they protect the whole instead of the car. So if I spilled a soda on my leather seats it should NEVER stain and if it happens to then they(my dealership) will replace the seat. I have to say that my dealership has been very helpful and accomendating too. I had to wait to pay for the PRO COAT thing almost 2 weeks later when I had the money but they still made an appt for me. Well anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying their RX8's and/or Shinka's. Oh yeah by the way I just found out that one of the SHINKA around my area was broken into and since they COULD NOT start or move the car they vandalized it really bad. It sucks to hear about things like that but I glad to KNOW that the security on them WORK very well.
  • Just thought you should know that you should feel lucky that you had a selection of Shinkas. When I bought mine in Tampa, Florida in April, there were only a couple left in the area so I knew to scoop one up before they sold out. I have a manual and wouldn't trade it due to the greater power. The handling is great (I test drove the Vette and I thought they were about equivalent). Pay more for the Shinka because it comes loaded anyway and the color combo of Black Cherry interior and the beautiful interior can't be beat. Good luck.
  • Check this out. Looks a lot like a RX-8 to me.

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,133
    That looks like a lot of RX8 styling influence. I wonder if the Ford guys and the Mazda gjuys have been doing more than just sharing Ford's money?
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • the questions is does it have a rotary?

    Nice quote!!!
    "it shows the kind of talents who are operating at Ford design these days, and the kind of freedom they are being given."1
  • How was the trip to the dealer? First 500 miles, there should be no problems. The dealer should be dancing around fixing up every little bit. Really sorry to hear about the problem there.

    I already have 1450 miles on mine. I don't stall anymore (or barely every) and I am relatively confident on small uphill starts. Really steep uphills I still have to resolve to the ebrake trick.

    However, now that it's broken in, revving to 9000 RPM is just so damn awesome :) It was totally worth the break-in period wait (I waited until 1000 miles, keeping it under 4000RPM, occasional 5000-5500RPM before 600 miles, almost no full throttle before that, after that a little full throttle once in a while, kept RPMs genreally under 5000, sometimes up into 5500-6500, until 1000).

    I also relocated the front license plate from the front of the car to the side, and installed Racing Beat oil cooler and AC condenser screens (which are exposed to rocks and bugs, and Mazda won't warranty them if a rock breaks the cooler or the condenser). Some pictures of that work here.

    Oh, also added just shy of 3/4 qts oil (Castrol GTX 5W-20) at 1400 miles.
  • Hi, thanks for the interest in a follow-up! The CEL came on and off for a few days, and the dealer did a diagnostic test and determined it needed an oxygen sensor. Said it was ok to drive unless the light started flashing. What a pain! That part needed to be ordered, so it's going in tomorrow for that and the 6CD Changer finally. Spoiler and paint protection are on, and it looks sooo hot!

    I'll try and post pics here later today (if I can figure it out). Turns out a coworker here also has one in black, so we got some hot pics of our babies yesterday.

    Otherwise, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my car! Red was the best choice for me, so glad I waited for it. I get a big ol' goofy grin whenever I get in it. Everyone who sees it just loves it, and it's quite the attention getter! Goes well with my blonde hair, too. Makes the boys drool! Happy 24th b-day to me! :blush:

    Shifting after two weeks has become very comfortable, and only a few boo-boos here and there (from 4-3 instead of 5, or missing the gear and getting that BAD sound). Minimal stalls now, no major hills yet but I'm doing well on the little ones. I no longer have to turn the music off at lights so I can focus on my starts, haaha.

    I'll hit 1,000 miles this weekend so then I'll really open it up. It's been gorgeous weather here, so I just keep on driving! (Almost 900 miles in two weeks!) Yikes. Darn gas prices won't keep me at home! :D

    No oil added here yet, but the dealer checked it twice already (in for the CEL diagnosis and then for the spoiler/paint) and will again tomorrow. Part of their usual routine, so if they added any I don't know.

    Happy weekend driving! Fall is in the air, great time for a drive! :shades:
  • Glad to hear the dealer is taking care of your issue!

    I'm gonna hit 1500 this weekend. I'm looking for excuses to drive my car. I carpool w/ my roommate to work and I've been insisting on driving every day (so much for the gas/miles savings on MY side), but today I took hold of myself and said: ok, you can drive now :).

    Here are some daytime pics of my 8. It's beautiful! This is before I relocated the front plate. This Mazda photo used to be my wallpaper at home at work before I bought my car. Now, I have my own:


    This fall I'm going to drive to Dixville Notch in NH. I love driving in NH, there's so much breathtaking scenery. :shades:

    I really like how the wind buffets less in this car w/ the windows down. I find myself driving much more often with windows down, as my hair doesn't get blow all around. That, plus I like to hear the sound of the engine. This car is almost a little too quiet ;)

    Post the pics when you get them. Glad to hear you have another owner at work!
  • Ok, I'll take Astral's lead and post my personal album on here... just don't snoop around into the pics of my home, dog, etc ok? ;) Just kidding, we're all friends here.

    (You'll have to create an account to see them, takes 2 seconds)

    That's the album of Roxy, my hot red RX8. There are some great ones of my coworkers' black one and mine together in there as well. I'll post more closeups soon, too.

    Roxy's in the shop one last time today, for the CD changer and O2 sensor... then I hope to not see the service guys again for a good while!

    Thanks for the interest, and enjoy! Have a great weekend!

    Astral... love the pics! :shades:
  • Great pics, llbeanjeep, the red definitely is a great color on the RX-8! I like it better than black, for sure :)

    I love the stock spoiler. I didn't get that on my car, but I want to add it in the near future. How much rear view does it block for you? (How intrusive is it?) My last car has a low-profile spoiler, so it didn't really obstruct any view, but this one looks like it arches up a little higher.

    Have a great weekend too and here's to the quarter-life crisis! (those who say that are simply jealous)
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    my purchase. it obstructs your view very little. it comes up a small amount into the bottom portion of the back window. i traded an 01 eclipse spyder that had the most obnoxious, view-blocking spoiler every made in a factory - couple that with the tiny back window that comes in a convertible and rear-view visibility was nil with the top up. So, it's possible that my 8 spoiler bothers me very little in comparison to the last one. Maybe you should hit the mazda lot and sit on one with a spoiler before you buy? this is one car that I like with or without the spoiler.
  • Hey astral... glad ya like the pictures! Thanks for the interest.

    The spoiler is great, minimal obstruction. I had my car for about a week before they added the spoiler (had to be ordered) and I prefer it WITH the spoiler on. You can still see above and below it, it seems to hit just right so you can see it at it's most narrow point, but still see AROUND it.

    I especially like that I can see the hot color of my car in my own rear view mirror, haaha. ;)

    Definitely worth it, if ya like the look. :shades:
  • trispectrispec Posts: 305
    Hey, saw you Mass plate was red like mine. But I just asked the dealer to leave the front plate off and the did. I see lots of cars with red plates in Mass with no front plate. What's the big deal with the front plate?
  • Ok, I LOVE my RX8... been three weeks, can't beat it! :blush:

    However, one tiny thing is driving me crazy. Almost EVERY time I turn the car off, I accidentally hit the trunk open button on the key. Anyone else do this, or is just me? Yesterday I didn't realize it and parked for a few hours with the trunk unpopped. Luckily it doesn't open all the way, but still. Everytime I get out of the car I have to close the trunk cuz I keep popping it!

    I'm told the 04s don't have the new funky key thing, just the 05s?... on my old jeep the trunk button wasn't as easily hit.

    I know, whining about the tiny things... but just wondering if anyone else is as goofy as me and keeps hitting the trunk? DOH! :P
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I accidentally hit the trunk open button on the key. Anyone else do this, or is just me? Yesterday I didn't realize it and parked for a few hours with the trunk unpopped.

    I've done the samething.....and so has our entire sales staff. The new key is a little tricky to get used to. Try to get in the habit of turning the skinny side of the key/remote...This works for us.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You are not crazy :D

    There is a service bulletin sort-of about this - a copy is here.

    Basically on cars made after 4/1/2005 you have to hold the trunk button down for 7/10 of a seconds to pop the trunk, earlier cars it would pop with just a 5/100 second push.

    The question is what did they change (the key fob, the computer in the car) and how can you get this updated.

    I would print this bulletin out and ask your dealer and/or call Mazda USA and see if they can update your car.

  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    I would be one of the ones going crazy over the key/trunk opening thing. I once had a grand prix (the dark years) and it was really easy to hit the trunk release on it as well. Left it parked in our driveway on a snowy day and came home to a trunk full of snow. Must have hit the release, it was real windy with the snowstorm, blew the lid open, snow, snow, snow. We took it to the car wash and used the shop vac to just suck it out.

    I didn't realize the 05 keys were different. Since I wanted a yellow one, I didn't even look at the 05's while shopping. good thing for the tsb and that sounds as though it would fix things. llbeanjeep - don't you feel better knowing it's not just you?
  • Awww, thanks everyone! It's driving me mad and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. Thanks for the responses!

    Just gotta be more conscious about it, or ask the dealer if they can reprogram I guess. I'm going there today to get my real license plates (no more temp tags!) so I'll ask about it. Thanks, Dennis!

    Too funny... have a great weekend driving, everyone! :shades:

    PS: Three weeks in and 1,300 miles... definitely in mad car lust and in love. :blush:
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    and I love it as much today as when I drove it home the first night! Could this be true love? My soul mate??
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    My BMWs had a feature to quick cool off the car on a hot day - you hold down the unlock button on the key and it rolls down all the windows and opens the moonroof.

    Real handy - unless you are sitting in your window office with your BMW keys in your jeans pocket and go out to find your car has been standing opened up all day. Thank goodness it didn't rain, but it cured me from keeping the keys in my pocket while at work :D

    I do the same now with the RX-8 key, or I too would be driving around with an open trunk.

  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    like that. Some friends have a Z4 and she was telling me that the windows roll down just slightly when you open the door so you get a nice, solid shut when you shut the door, then roll up. Sweet!!

    Yes, I can imagine the horror of coming out of work and seeing your Bimmer "exposed."

    So, how are you liking the 8 so far and how does it stack with the S2K and the bimmer you traded? Any disappointments? And, what brand of oil are you using?

    I have to say, I'm very happy with mine. the only issues are: the 2 recalls of course. Got my letters and have just been putting off the process as long as possible, but I'm not fretting about them and expect nothing big from them. My brakes are squeaking when you slow down from faster speeds. And, as I posted earlier, my battery just about goes DOA if it sets without a start for a couple of days. Had that happen to me twice (I think he just wants to be driven).

    Happy & Safe Driving!!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I love the car, but I am still getting terrible mileage (13.5mpg on the last tank at about 1,300 miles). I have been topping it up with Castrol GTX (I think) - the local parts place didn't have a lot of choices in 5w20 oil.

    After the remains of Katrina came through we have over 2 weeks of no rain so I have been driving the new S every day. The last two we had rain so back in the RX-8. I have to say the 8 is "richer" in looks inside and out, but I love the S more overall. I get 22-24mpg commuting to work VS 13-15mpg in the 8. No real complaints I guess other than the mileage.

    I just have the tank recall, the other recall seems not to apply to 05 cars. Like you, I am in no hurry to take it in so I think I will wait until it is time for an oil change and try to get both at the same time.

    My car is pretty slow to turn over if it has been sitting for a while, but will start after sitting longer than yours. When hot (just stopped) it can be hard to restart - but I have found if you turn the key on and wait about 10-15 seconds before turning it to on the start position it starts a lot easier. I think I will ask about the beefier battery when I have the car in.

  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    with the mpg's for about the same hp's, I'd have to favor the S over the 8 right now as well. My 8 mileage is a little better than yours. Most tanks get me 15 to 17 mpg's and if I do a highway trip, I have gotten as high as 21. Either way, sharp rides!!
  • I might agree with you except you're comparing apples to oranges. First, it's a convertible. Second you don't get a back seat in the Honda. Finally, while initially (first 3000 miles or so) I was only getting about 17-18 mpg, I am now getting about 20-21 mpg and this is city/highway.
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    he bought at essentially the same time. I was merely asking him his opinion on the 2 cars at this point. I'm aware that the honda is a roadster, but performance-wise, they are pretty comparable. I traded a convertible for my 8 and I miss it - especially on these great fall days.

    I take it you have a Shinka? Auto or mt? How many miles on the car? you are definitely getting good mpg's. I've got a little over 4500 on mine.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    So I finally got myself down to the Mazda dealership. I live in Los Angeles, home of the automobile, but there are a half dozen makers that are actually hard to find nearby. Subaru and Mazda are actually a bit hard to get to.

    I came in looking at the 3 series as a possible Matrix competitor. BLEGH. Moral: Leave the econoboxes to the guys who do it best. Mazda should just drop the 3 series, actually. Nobody would miss it.

    Then I saw the RX8 in the corner. Nice lines. So I poked around and drove it.
    -Interior/etc - very nice. Leather is unnecessarry, as is the sunroof(too far back to actually be used as anything other than extra airflow, esp when watching the road and tach so often). Recommendation - Sport package only. Trunk was small but useable. Get the spare tire "kit" as well, since those aren't run-flats like in the Mini. Bose is overpriced junk - again, get the Sport package and install a $500 Alpine system. Way better and a lot less expensive.

    Overall, a nice car. Love the cupholders. Digital speedometer is lame, though, and the interior door panels flex ominously when I press the power buttons. Still, a puny Civic can cost you $20K these days, so it's understandable that it's not an IS300 in fit and finish for this price. :)

    -Mileage. Stop whining. Rotary engines consume about three times the fuel of IC engines. You also get three times the power, so don't think "1.3l" - think "1.3L on steroids that is equal to a 3.9l engine." Look at the 350Zs fuel "economy" for comparison.

    -Engine/gearbox Take the plastic cover off. All of them, in fact. Store for when you finally resell the car. You need to access things regularly. It's just like a motorcycle in that way. 5-10 minutes maintainence every week. Plastic just gets in the way.

    Nice manual gearbox, but 5 speed is all you need - it's just not legal to drive it in 6th gear at anything approaching more than an idle. I suppose if you were racing it on the weekends or were in Germany, it would be useful, but a 6-speed and "USA" is overkill, especially with this engine. 4 would be better, in fact, but the 6 speed is a holdover to IC engines which have tight powerbands and need all those gears.

    - I tested both transmission options and my conclusion:
    Manual was nice, but the gearing ratios are off, due to the 6 speed and the fact that in the U.S., the 5th and 6th gears are more like Overdrive 2 and Overdrive 3. Great shifter, though. As good as my old Volvos - a solid, precise gearbox made for driving and not as an economy measure(with typical rubbery feel we all know and hate).

    Automatic was dreadful and lacked torque when in normal modes. It kept wanting to shift into 4th gear at 25mph!!!. Automatic, in manual mode, using the paddles on the wheel - this is how they must get the posted times. Manual performance, with automatic shifting speeds, while putting 100% of your attention on the tach. This was much faster and more precise than the up/down use of the gearknob as well. The IS300 has this feature as well, and it also does wonders in actual driving. NOTE: it still would like to(but doesn't) shift up when you come to a stop/let off the gas and won't drop to 1st until you are at about 5mph!, so don't forget to drop it down to first gear, as it'll happily lope along and bog down trying to rev up again as it's still in 2nd gear at 10mph.

    Now, I hear people complaining about lack of low-end torque. I found that it exploded off the line if you ran it exactly like you drive/ride a motorcycle. If you drive it like a car, you wonder what the reviewers are getting excited about.
    #1: Pre-rev the engine a little bit at the light. Go on, it needs it. The engine is essentially one big turbocharger in how it works, so low-rpms="HUH?" performance. 4-5000rpm is normal, just like a Ninja 500 or S2000.

    #2: 0-60 times are best done in 1st and second gear. Save third gear for the highway, and 4th for overdrive. Drive this like a sportbike and ignore the 5th and 6th gears. 8000rpm in 2nd gear will get you a ticket, just like a typical sportbike, btw. (grin)

    #3: To get the best gas mileage, accelerate hard, then upshift 2-4 gears at once. It'll gladly run in 4th or 5th gear at 40mph if you let it. Then drop it back down into 2nd to accelerate. This is very unlike typical cars in that the engine won't bog down and die simply from dropping rpms - say, a 5th gear upshift at 30mph in a V6. There is no valve-train or timing gear or reciprocating movement... the engine spins around and dropping the revs suddenly just slows it down as there's really nothing to get in the way or bind against. zoom...coast...zoom...coast.(for gas mileage, mind you - performance is the opposite - just hold it in 2nd and 3rd all day long)

    I'm buying one when the 2006s come out. Very fun to drive.(just with they'd fix the speedo with an analog one - my only real pet peeve)
  • lhesslhess Posts: 379
    huh? I don't gripe about the mileage - knew it wasn't great before I bought it - or the low-end torque - knew about that too. And, I just drive mine - sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes i shift at high rpms', sometimes low, and I even use 6th gear, sometimes. I don't worry about the 0-60 times, I don't race it. I intend to keep my plastic engine cover right where it is. Rev it to 4-5000 rpms for takeoff? Not likely, a little over 2 gives me a nice, smooth take-off. And, I happen to like the digital speedo. It makes it easier to see speed and rpm's at the same time.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Um - I meant rev to 2K. Heh. 4-5K, though, is where it's happy is what I meant. It's like owning a motorcycle for the first time. You have to retrain your ears to think of "OMG my engine's about to explode" to "happy engine" :) I find the low-end torque to be great, actually. There's no initial "jerk" like in a typical car, but that's all in your head - the car is seriously fast compared to anything else in for the same money. I love how it shifts and there's no hole in power. My current car, it gets to 2nd and then drops half its rpms going into 3rd. So it's either a slower windup and no lag worth mentioning(revs like a V8 racecar engine with all the mods 3-6K happens within moments) or a good takeoff followed by bogging down every time you shift. I really like how rotarys feel. Reminds me of my bike - small high-revving engine with tight gears. Other than the 0-20mph lag, the thing always has a gear and plenty of power, especially in the twisties.

    My gripe with the plastic covers is that they are hard to remove, especially when you are constantly checking oil. It also makes seeing most problems as they are developing - well, Audi is a fan of this "hidden engine" approach. I prefer to see it in all its warts - so I can spot a gasket or hose or belt that's needing fixing. That I can't pop it off in 5 seconds to get at the battery if I need a jump is a sign of over-engineering. I'd rather they'd put a hinge on the pass-through instead of it popping out when you open it. Also, a DVD player option is a must for the rear seated munchkins, as well as a power outlet back there.

    The speedometer is okay, but it gets washed out where a needle doesn't. OTOH, most speedometers are set at the factoy 2-3% slow, then calibrated for the biggest tire you can fit. The net result is that my car, like every other one with an analog gauge, is reading ~70pmh when you are really going 65mph on the standard tires. Blame the lawyers on this one. Perhaps they need to just switch the display to a real digital display(LED and not backlit LCD).

    All that is minor, really. The car reminds me of my old Volvo 240 Turbo after I put a better swaybar/suspension on it. Small back seat, full of quirks, but gosh it handled well and was fast. For about the same price, figuring in inflation. No wonder they're selling so well. :)
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