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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • jimmyfjimmyf Posts: 7
    Hi, I'm new here but have been reading about Saab cars both here and elsewhere. I'm in the market in the next 6-12 months for a new car and I generally like what I've read about Saab. Any suggestions for a new buyer as to what questions and considerations should be kept in mind about Saabs? I've been driving a Pontiac Bonneville SSEi (1995) and Olds Bravada (1999). The Pontiac's been a great car -- relatively low maintenance and very reliable; the Bravada's been high maintenance but good in bad winter winter (I'm in New Hampshire).

    Regarding Saab, I'm wondering, for example, about its maintenance record, reliability, cost to drive. We have a terrific garage close by whereas the closest Saab dealership is about 45 miles away. I'm assuming that most maintenance on a Saab would want to be done by Saab mechanics. So I'm not sure on the maintenance/maintainability side if Saab is such a good idea.

    Any thoughts/ideas/comments most welcome. Thanks!
  • gbvgbv Posts: 8
    I have ordered a 2007 93 SportCombi Anniversary Edition - 6 Speed Manual...but due to dealer ineptitude, the order was delayed. I am told now the "build date" for my car is the end of June. This seems awefully close to end of model year. Does anyone know when the '08 model will ship? (I am in Canada). Should I cancel and reorder for the new model year? Other than frontal appearance, is there anything of note that would cause me to choose an 08 over the 07?
  • ogr81ogr81 Posts: 3
    I think the body style is being updated quite a bit--you can type in 2008 saab 9-3 in an internet search to find some pictures. It may be a few months before the new model comes out, but it will probably be worth it for the upgrades and the superior resale value it would bring. Just my $.02...
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    I suggest you press your dealer for more details and a clear explanation as to what's taking place.You are correct in being skeptical as to the cars"build date",As a 13 year vet of Saabs end of year procedures I can assure you they are not still building '07 models in late June.'08 Models will be shipping by early August and The Trollhatten plant shuts down for an entire month in the summer.I think you need to press on ...that explanation is very suspect!
  • gormerodgormerod Posts: 18
    I have a 2005 Arc with the 2T turbo engine that I bought new. Saab dropped the Arc name in 2006, but I think you can still get the Arc features and options today. To date, the car has not given me any problems with the exception of the battery dying at 1.5 years, but Saab doesn't make the battery. It looks like Saab worked out the reliability issues they had in 2003.

    The cost to drive is fairly cheap with the four cylinder engine getting around 28 mpg. The insurance rates are good, too (for NJ!) Maintenance is low with scheduled trips to the dealership once every 15,000 miles (approximately - the car measures the oil quality and gives you a message when the oil needs to be changed.) Therefore, a 45-mile trip to the dealership at that frequency won't be too bad.

    Another positive point about this car for someone in NH - it does well in snow. Maybe you could unload the Bravada, too!

    As they were just talking about in this forum - you need to decide between the 2007 and redesigned 2008. The 2007 has all of the bugs worked out. The 2008 has improvements, but it is also a new model. If you decide on the 2007, then you will need to move soon.

    Good luck!
  • jblaze13jblaze13 Posts: 152
    The 2008 9-3 was unveiled today. I can't tell if this is a new vehicle from the ground up. The interior looks the same, the front has a nice facelift, the tailights are slightly different, and there are a few more engine/drivetrain choices. Is this really a "new" vehicle. Is it worth passing deals on the 07?
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    It's not a new vehicle from the ground up.

    However, if you're interested in the AWD v6, it's up to 280hp, and the new AWD system sounds very spiffy ( limited slip rear diff, up to 100% of torque to the rear ).

    I also think the car looks better now, but that's subjective, of course.
  • gbvgbv Posts: 8
    Well, the games with my dealer continue. Still no car and they are not making any reasonable concessions for delayed delivery. Now I am very focused on the 08. I like what I see. Can anyone tell me what the pricing has done compared to the 07's? Any idea when one could take delivery of an 08?
  • gbvgbv Posts: 8
    In a couple of posts I mentioned a poor experience I was having with trying to get a new SportCombi. I thought I would outline the experience here and ask for any suggestions....I am hoping that my experience is an anomaly and not the norm.
    First of all, I live in Toronto Canada. My local dealer is owned by a larger corporation who owns multiple dealerships including the other closest Saab dealer.
    On March 31, 2006, I entered in a contract to lease a 2007 Ice Blue, standard, SportCombi (anniversary edition). At the time, I was told it would be 4-6 weeks before delivery.
    On May 22, I visited the dealership (as I had heard nothing to date) and asked for the ETA. I was then told it was coming, no date yet but it is usually 8-10 weeks. I called Saab Canada (and am routed neatly to GM Canada call centre). I asked for normal delivery timelines and asked if they could tell me what the ETA was. They told me "normal" was 8-12 weeks....but they needed my order number to track anything. They followed up with the dealer.
    After 1 week of them getting the run-around with the dealer, an order number was obtained and they looked into my situation. I was informed by the GM rep, that Saab Sweden had picked up my order May 23 and it was scheduled for build June 25. Shipping times (estimated) would have the car here the first week of August. I have since learned from the GM rep, that manufacturing of the 07's is scheduled to finish June 17th...but sometimes they extend the run if there are enough orders.
    It has taken some effort, but the dealership is admitting some error in process. They have to date not been able to provide me with the date the order was actually placed. They have told me that there was some mixup on the colour and that they thought I wanted a black one (which was part of their standing obviously if I wanted it, I would have taken immediate delivery).
    I am looking to be made "whole". The car was for my wife to replace her old car prior to summer (she has no A/C now). The dealer has never offerred any "compensation" and in fact I was once greeted with a shrug of shoulders saying they could and would do nothing for me. I have made suggestions of what they could do.
    1) Give me a comperable demonstrator to drive until my car arrives - they offerred me a used Saturn Ion.
    2) Reduce the price, resid values, finances etc. on the car to better reflect the kind of deal I would negotiate for an 07 when the 08 is a month away. Add a bunch of "dealer installed options" to the car. - today I was offerred $1200 reduction (if you account for tax and interest rates, that is in the order of $950 value.)
    3) Cancel the 07, give me an equivalently optioned 08 at the same price as I had negotiated for the 07 - they claim they cannot do that since they don't have 08 pricing (not my issue, since I stated my price is fixed)
    I have stopped making suggestions - I thought they should make some of their own. I am fascinated that they have not tried to put me into an Aero (they have many on the lot).
    I have dealt with the salesperson, and as of today, 3 General Sales Managers. Each time, I start again and I still not getting nowhere.
    Everywhere we speak of customer satisfaction and customer far as I see, I am the only one suffering as a result of their ineptitude.
    Am I being reasonable? Is this normal? Should I do something else?
    :mad: :cry:
  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    Obviously the dealer misplaced your order. They also have lied to you about everything since. They probably have lied about other things also. Find another dealer or find another car. Do you really want to take a car to this dealer for servicing, repairs or warranty work?
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    I think I am inclined to agree with you.....gbv should pull the plug on this one and move on.I know Saab dealers are few and far between in Canada and I hope he has access to a more reputable,ethical and competent one.Pricing for the 2008 model year has not been announced but I do not expect any large increases.Leasing residuals will be higher as well potentially offsetting any price increases.Find a different dealer and give him a focused,on topic summation of how bad you have been jerked around by the previous Saab dealer and give him a chance to be a hero!!!
  • trickydicktrickydick Posts: 37
    Does the 2.0t require premium (93 or higher) octane fuel or is 89 octane OK? I assume 87 octane is not recommended, but let me know if I'm incorrect. Thanks.
  • autoeduautoedu Posts: 47
    Something about driving a Saab that generates passion, excitement the world over, and the most loyal group of owners and enthusiasts unseen for any other car or brand...

    Below is an article that speaks of the Saab Family.

    "...Meanwhile, Chip Lamb had gotten the word out, and over the next several hours I received several phone calls from Saab enthusiasts in England who wanted to know how they could help. This was amazingly gratifying. Here we were, two Americans half a world away from home, driving a 34 year-old Swedish car across England to compete in the world's toughest old car rally. Yet, when trouble struck, we suddenly had several options open to us from people whose only common bond was their affection for the charismatic little cars. For a time several years ago, it seemed Saab wanted to distance itself from its history and its heritage. But we were seeing a kind of loyalty and enthusiasm that no amount of advertising or brand management could bring about. By driving my old Saab on this event, we had joined a family, one whose members have a kind of pure, triple-distilled enthusiasm for the cars from Trollhattan..."

    Full Story
  • autoeduautoedu Posts: 47
    Own a Saab, want to meet fellow enthusiasts?

    Detroit - ...Saab owners and enthusiasts from all over North America and beyond will gather in Michigan this year, celebrating the passion for their cars and the Saab brand. The Saab Club of North America has announced August 23-26, 2007 as the dates for the event, and registration is now open.

    Click here for More Info

    Welcome to the Saab family indeed!
  • gormerodgormerod Posts: 18
    Using 89 octane fuel in the 2.0T works fine - that's what I use with no problems. The dealer told me you can also use 87 octane, but the engine will emit knocks and pings. The dealer said the knocks and pings are harmless, but I would rather avoid it.
  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    Knocks and pings are not harmless over periods of time. One tank will not ruin your engine, continuous use of low octane gas will. Ours pings on 89, but convertibles are heavier. Use 93 octane, the additional cost is cheaper than depreciation and maintenance.
  • trickydicktrickydick Posts: 37
    But for a lease I really don't care too much about depreciation and maintenance. I'm much more concerned about day-to-day costs and how well the vehicle performs.
  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    What I meant was the cost is next to nothing compared to the other costs of ownership. Also, if it pings at all the engine computer is retarding timing which affects performance.
  • gbvgbv Posts: 8
    Done -
    I gave up trying to help the dealer help me. I drove a couple hundred kilometers away and picked up a 2007 Aero SportCombi (6sp M) from a different dealer. It was a demonstrator with 4600 km. Got it for less than the anniversary edition was going to cost me. :)
  • jimmyfjimmyf Posts: 7
    What are your early impressions of the 2007 Aero SpoertCombi? Any surprises, positive or negative? Does it meet, exceed your expectations? Thanks!
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Early impressions of the '07..which has been on sale since last Sept.? Did you mean the'08 which will be released for sale stateside in Aug.?
  • jimmyfjimmyf Posts: 7
    sorry, I was asking gbv concerning the 2007 Aero SportCombi (6sp M) he mentioned, but please --sure, your impressions of the '08 to be released in August? My own impression is that it's a good step forward (in terms of overall quality) and for Saab, experiencing declining sales, it must succeed in the market. I'm wondering what one would comparison shop it against? I'm considering the new Pontiac G8 because I'm looking for style, performance,comfort, reliability. My '95 Bonneville SSEi has been an outstanding car in relability and performance, though it's not so comfortable anymore. Saab seems to have a good reputation for comfort and safety, I'm not sure sure about long-term reliability, however. Still, I'm very interested in the (XWD) Saab soon to be released.
  • autoeduautoedu Posts: 47
    The 08 looks nice. There is also rumor that Saab is developing a super high performance 93 V6, 320+hp, XWD called Black Turbo to directly competes with BMW M-series and Mercedes AMG. With all their marketing effort that Saab are born from Jets, a Black Turbo (Viggen) project is a strong step toward that direction.

  • autoeduautoedu Posts: 47
    "When Jay’s high school buddy Fred first introduced him to the unusual sensation of freewheeling in a two-stroke Saab - like riding a bicycle down a hill with your feet off the pedals - Jay was hooked. Forty years later, he woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go in search of his own freewheeler, this 1958 93B..."
  • I have a 2006 2.0LT with a 5sp manual transmision and the only time the egine knocks is when I make a mistake and shift into a higher gear when I should not have.
    I live in CT and have the 10% ethanol gas.

    If you want to run on 87 then you need to stick wth 87 don't switch grades let the engine computer adjust.

    The 2.0L engine in these cars has a 6 QT crank case; they are built to run! If your engine knocks then either your gas is bad; or your are driving the car like a V6 and you need to adjust your driving to "rev it" and drive it like a turbo 4.
  • jimmyfjimmyf Posts: 7
    Yea, pics of the '08 look very good. I've read about the Black Turbo but hadn't seen the latest at Trollhattansaab, so thanks. Sounds like might appear in the US market sometime in 2008?

    The updated 9-3 is slated to be released later this year, I think?
  • I have a 2006 2.0LT with a 5sp manual transmision and the only time the egine knocks is when I make a mistake and shift into a higher gear when I should not have.
    I live in CT and have the 10% ethanol gas.

    If you want to run on 87 then you need to stick wth 87 don't switch grades let the engine computer adjust.

    The 2.0L engine in these cars has a 6 QT crank case; they are built to run! If your engine knocks then either your gas is bad; or your are driving the car like a V6 and you need to adjust your driving to "rev it" and drive it like a turbo 4.
  • I got my Saab 9-3 last October as my first car. I had been in love with its sharp, updated looks and sporty stance ever since it hit dealer lots in 2002 for the 2003 model year. I think it is a beautiful car, and it was one of very few cars on my list when I went looking to buy. It wasn't until I got into the "cockpit" on that overcast October day that I truly knew how much I loved it though. It's a smart and powerful little car (I have the 2.0T) with a lot of luxury features for a car in its pricing range. Problems have been very limited. It was a used car when I got it, but all I've had to do was get the headlamps replaced. Two days ago, I got in an accident (my first), and thanks to the powerful braking, I ended up with only a dented license plate. I'm glad that Saab put the front license plate frame so far forward. My car has been dependable, a very valuable trait for a used car. I think that I will continue to buy Saabs in the future, and am currently talking my parents into getting the new 9-5. I just felt like giving my 2 cents, so there you go. :)
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    Another SAAB NETwork website said the XWD 9-3 will not come to US until 2008 Spring (280hp). The system can send 100% power to the front or rear as needed.

    With XWD, the 9-3 Black seems to be a good idea (like the MB Black). Hopefully, Saab can get more sales.

    I am surprised Saab didn't put the new V6 into the 9-5. I think the 9-5 really needs a V6...
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