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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    CPO is definately the way to go. You will get the biggest bang for the buck this way by a long shot. I think this is the best way to buy a Saab.

    The car will be a lot more grown up then the STI. But don't think that the 03 will drive anything like it. While Saabs do well in the snow, the AWD of the STI will do circles around the Saab.

    The STI is a skateboard too....handles like crazy!

    With all that said, I am not a big fan of the STI. They seems like very expensive econo boxes and I just can't get passed that. So, unless you are actually ralley racing, I just don't understand why anyone would spend $40k for one of these when you consider other options on the market.

    If you are no longer concerned with taking corners at the highest possible speed (perhaps only slower then a Elise), then you may be ready for the Saab. I do like the look of the Aero and you do get more goodies too. The car will hussle well, BUT it is NOT a sports car.

    If I had to guess on the price, I think you are prolly looking at something in the high 20's.....$28 - $30k, but that is just a guess.
  • flick2flick2 Posts: 4
    Yes, I got it once very early on, like at about 500 miles or so. There was nothing wrong with the lights and the message has never appeareed again (4,300 mi. now)
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Ah, the STI. It's part of a small category, along with the evo. Basically, these are very fast economy cars. They can hold their own with some very fancy cars on a track, and take you to the grocery store, but they are still economy cars. Nothing wrong with that, to be sure, but some people i've known with such cars eventually want some of the features that lux or near-lux cars have: comfort, safety, quiet, etc.

    That being said, the 2008 9-3 can be ordered with a sophisticated AWD (moves torque to the rear while accelerating), a very slick limited-slip rear differential, and in this guise makes 280hp and 295lb-ft. It's not going to move quite like an STI, it's making some concessions to comfort, safety, quiet, etc, but it's going to be darn quick, and good in the snow besides.
  • bwbbwb Posts: 12
    Bummer, I keep on learning these valuable lessons as I get older.
    I shouldn't assume anything. I just figured it was covered since it was covered on my Audi and my friends BMW. I'm glad you got your local mechanic to do it. I do like how the ceramic brakes leave less dust.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    To be honest, I have NEVER heard of brakes or pads ever being covered under warranty unless there was a defect.

    I suppose someone could have bought a warranty that covered this or perhaps a rare few manufacturers have done this from time to time, but I was say that this is a rare thing indeed.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Audi used to cover brakes under the "included service"

    BMW still does--all they don't cover is tires.
  • flick2flick2 Posts: 4
    correction to my previous response, here is what my dealer says:

    We recomend every 5,000 miles for the oil change....required every 10,000...
    It's up to you if you'd like to change it at 5K...I would do that because even though it's full synthetic....condensation occurs and dirt builds...
    If its a leased car....its not as important....

    could be $ making scheme, who knows. But I've seen other forum posts of Saab owners complaining of engine sludge too. I think I will do it at 10,000 interval until the free maint is finished and then change it 2x per year which will be 7000-8000 mi.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Looks like I need to start buying different brands.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Hell, I have been running every 15k....just what the book says. Looks like I should start changing at 7500 miles.

    Anyone know if a standard oil change place can do a Saab? Anything goofy with these things? My Saab dealer, while great, is 30 minutes away and I need an apt.
  • bwbbwb Posts: 12
    upon furthe review, it looked like SAAB even covered them on the '04 and '05 for the first 12k miles or 12 months as they covered every thing including "wear items", but changed their policy with the '06. As well as already stated, Audi did until last year and BMW still does for the first 50k miles.
  • flick2flick2 Posts: 4
    Follow up: I checked with different dealer's service manager who said the same: "10,000 is the minimum required to keep good on the warranty, but we recommend 5,000" Over the years Saab seems to have required changes at 15,000mi intervals then 12,000 mi intervals and now 10,000. I've seen forums where people have complained about engine sludge problems even when following the book starting after about 50,000 mi or more. It cost me $58 for a change so I figure I can afford 2 per year for peace of mind. You're probably good at 10,000 mi if it's all highway, but probably 5,000 would be better if a lot city.
  • all manufacturers have had this problem recently. Toyota recalled a huge amount of vehicles due to sludge build up.
    The reason being the manufacturers have spread out the maintenence intervals to be competitive and get the "upperhand" on the competition.
    If you are planning on keeping the car for quite a while, don't fall for it. Cut the intervals in half.
    I've been in the Saab and European car business for 10 years and currently own 2 Saabs. I change mine every 5k miles.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    What i do with my BMW is change my oil twice a year, thinner in winter, thicker in summer. That end up being between 5,000 and 8,000 miles, depending.
  • so, i recently purchased my 2004 Saab 9-3 arc...i absolutely love it so far. i used to have a rodeo and wanted to get back to a car...i never even thought about a saab until i found one online at a dealership near me with 32k miles, fact. warrnty., and all the great features for under $15000...i wanted a jetta or a honda for a while so i finally went to look at it...i sat in it and fell in love. I am 6' 4'' and had more room than my SUV!! i loved the black interior and it felt perfect....then i drove it and i knew it was the i bought it and i now have some questions about it!

    1. does the factory warranty cover a new key (i only have one and it works but is in terrible shape) also, drying out of one spot of rubber on the window!
    2. turning the car on, it sputters a tiny bit then runs fine, is that just the turbo kicking in, spark plug issues or what?
    3. it is still cold here in alabama, and on a few bumps and dips, my suspension squeaks. is it just the cold, or should i have it checked?

    Thanks so much!! my saab is amazing great so far!!! i read this forum for hours and you guys really influenced me to get it!! thanks!!!
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    If the car is still under the factory warranty or a CPO warranty, they cover EVERYTHING. My experience has been great with warranty stuff thus far. They don't question anything. If it is under CPO (certified pre-owned) they won't cover the radio, but that is it.

    Keys? That is sort of a wierd thing. Not sure about them. A squeaky suspension? It really should not make any noise. Dude, I live in the twin cities and when it is 25 below zero, mine does no squeak. Sure,it gets stiff as hell, but it does not squeak.

    All you need to do is take it in and ask.

    Congrats on a nice car.
  • swinkswink Posts: 4
    I bought my 2005 Saab Linear 9-3 (19k miles) a couple weeks ago from Carmax. Had no problems until I noticed a "squeaking" noise coming from either the front or the back while sitting in traffic. I noticed it only did it after the car had been running on the highway for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, no noise. I took the car back to Carmax, of course the car didn't make the noise, they checked the front end--couldn't find anything. Took the car home, noticed it again. Took it back to Carmax, but this time, had the service manager ride with me until the noise started again. It didn't do it at first, but finally did after the engine was warm. The service manager wasn't sure what the problem was (no dash alarms, no problems otherwise with the car). He assured me they would take care of it or take it to Saab to fix. 3 days later (they gave me a free loaner to drive) I got the call--REAR BRAKES. They explained to me what happened--for some reason, when the right, rear brake ran hot, it expanded and caused the noise. They are currently replacing the rear brake (no cost, during their 30 day warranty coverage).
    After reading the posts about the cost, I am very glad I took the car in when I did.
    Carmax did a great job taking care of the problem and providing me with complimentary transportation. Their service department reminded me of BMW (service, service, service). Never once did I need to call my service representative for an update.
  • I have an '07 Aero 'combi...6-speed. After I turn the car on, I hear a "clunk" sound just after I shift it into 1st and begin to move forward. This only happens the first time I shift into 1st gear and begin moving forward, even if I've previously moved in reverse. Does anyone with a manual tranny have this? It's not really a problem, but I've never felt/heard this before on any other car I've ever driven, so I'm a little concerned that it could indicate some sort of problem.

    As a side note, I just had a chance to compare my car with my dad's '06 bmw 330i. The Bimmer (which cost him at least 10 grand more than my car) clearly has superior fit and finish, but other than that, I thought my Saab drove just as well, if not better. I was pleasantly surprised!
  • nbondnbond Posts: 6
    I have the same issue. I have an 07 9-3 2.0t with the 6-speed manual and the first shifts in the morning when the car is cold are difficult. There is a clunk sound as you described when you shift into first. Second can be a little stiff as well. It was suggested to me to try a different transmission fluid, but it isn't quite annoying enough to schudule an appointment at the dealer. If anyone else has found a solution, I'd like to hear about it. NB
  • Thanks for the input, much appreciated. I love the performance of the STi, but it is lacking the refinements I am now looking for, it's expensive to insure, and it's a gas hog. I test drove an '06 9-3 Aero and it is nice, but the gearbox feels like you're pulling on loose ropes. Overall, I really liked it and the CPO extended warranty is only an additional $1500. I thought that was a good deal. The salesman told me that the extended warranty covers bumper to bumper until 100k, not just limited to powertrain only. Is that really true? That seems too generous, even from desperate GM right now. The dealer just got another '06 9-3 Aero with only 2,000 miles on it and in perfect condition. He's asking $26,950. Any thoughts on that price?
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    I agree with you on the STI. Might be a fun car to drive on a track a few times a month, but not something to take to work every day.

    The extended warranty, at least when i had a saab, was pretty good, but not quite as good as the original 4/50 warranty. I think a few items that will be fixed under the 4/50 were considered wear items under the 6/100. But it will cover most of the car-stopping problems.

    27K for a '06 with low miles may be ok or may not depending on the options. I'm not up to date with options, but checking what the prices on ebay are may be a good hint. On ebay i see a 2007 aero with 9,000 miles buy-it-now priced at 23,988
  • It's got everything except navigation and On Star, which i could care less about anyway because I've read the nav system in the '06's isn't that special. If I want nav I can buy a TomTom. It does have the Cold Weather Package which I am more pleased about because those features are more practical to VT winter driving. I am test driving it today. Edmunds prices it at about 24,375 so I will meet him somewhere in the middle.
  • Wife has a 2007 9-3 2.0 (manual) as well with 7,500 miles. She also hears clunking sound also, Last week the clutch went on her (she drives manual just fine and does not ride clutch) there was something wrong with the transmission on the vehicle. Saab dealer in North Jersey on route 17 replaced clutch under warranty.
    This is her 2nd SAAB, maybe her last, plus we were not happy with professionalism at service dept. No loaner, rude over phone and waited 4 days for car.
  • Picking up the '06 Aero with 2,000 miles on it this Monday. I expect that I will be running into some minor electrical issues down the road with this vehicle. Can anyone tell me what issues they have had with their 9-3 late models? Also, I am going with some Gislavad Nord Frost 5 winter tires. I have read that they're almost as good as the Nokian Hakka's but a better bang for your buck. Any input on the tires or quirks to expect? Thanks.
  • I have a 2005 9-3 Arc, and had oil leaks. Something in the head had to be replaced. Warning, it would have been outrageous if not under warranty. Otherwise things are fine.
  • gardog1gardog1 Posts: 1
    I just bought a creampuff today. A 2005 2.0T Linear with only 10k miles on it. Immaculate condition. CPO. $18,000.

    I am a very high mileage driver and wanted good fuel economy. Finding a low miles car already depreciated fits me well. Edmunds had dealer retail around 18 and CPO a little over 20. Basically I have 90,000 miles of warranty left.
  • ggs2ggs2 Posts: 18
    I am considering purchasing either the saab 9-3, possibly the aero or the audi a4 2.0 liter turbo quattro.I've recently driven a 9-3 with the 2.0 turbo and was impressed with the car. I have yet to drive the audi.The saab seems to have a little more interior room and i found the seats to be very comfortable.I've never owned a car made by either of these car makers but i have done enough reading on edmunds and other web sites to know that reliability isn't always foremost with these vehicles.I do plan on purchasing the car and would like to keep it for several years.I would appreciate any input. Thanks
  • swinkswink Posts: 4
    You have two great cars to choose from. I considered both before picking my car, a 2005 Saab 2.0 Linear. I ended up buying it from Carmax for price versus the dealer. Apparently, my local Saab dealer doesn't mind keeping overpriced, used cars on their lot (I was even willing to pay $500 over the Edmunds TMV's price, they refused).
    I test drove the Aero and was told the only difference was an upgraded interior (the 2005 Linear has lots of plastic and kinda looks cheap). I put lots of miles on my car (the gas mileage is awesome), and have very simple tastes.. I just deal with the plastic.
    Safety features are awesome (airbags everywhere, standard traction control, etc) and make the car a real value. No complaints!

    Hope this helps.
  • shihanbshihanb Posts: 17
    before you purchase, look at the resale value. the Audi holds its resale much better than the SAAB for some reason.

    Both good cars, but if you are not going to hold the car for many years you might be better off with the audi.
  • If you choose the Saab, get one with the fold down back seats. You can't miss!
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Ahem!.......they ALL have fold down rear seats with the exception of post '04 convertibles.
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