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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    In 1986 our EPA banned asbestos. It was supposed to be totally banned by 1996. However, it was later over-turned by the courts.

    Asbestos is still used today, but has been greatly reuced. No major car manufacturer uses asbestos pads anymore.

    Ironically, the material works very well and cars stop better because of it.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    Anyone know where the dam cabin filter is on a 2003 Saab 9-3? Stealership wants $125 to replace the cabin and engine filter. I sourced the parts myself for $30 (for both of them), but the manual makes no mention of it anywhere.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    Hi, I am considering a new 93 Aero and had two concerns; Is this car noisy on the highway? My Acura is so loud on the hwy, I can't hear my cell phone conv. I was told all Acura's are like that, even my "fancy" RL. So I am thinking of a Saab 93 4 door sedan as a replacement. Since I have always had 4wd, this time I am considering a Saab with front wheel drive. Can you please comment on how the car deals with snow drifts? Can it get itself out? How does it handle in snow conditions?

    Finally, do you think I should step up to the 95 and 6 cyl, 4wd? I would like to get a car that has better mileage than my RL (18/25) and thought the 4 cyl 93 would beat that.
  • OK< so I just bought the 9-3 linear sedan 2005 from CarMax and I think I got a good I said in the other post I love how it looks and drives and It was only just barely $16,000 and has 23,000 miles...and I have 5 days to return it if I don't like it. The only issue so far is the air conditioning doesn't seem very cold at all. But before I go griping to CarMax I'd like to know if this is normal...
  • pknypkny Posts: 4
    the cabin air filter is located on the passenger side firewall under the hood.
    remove the plastic cover at the very bottom of the windshile at right, lift up the plastic piece and you'll see it.
  • pknypkny Posts: 4
    its not normal, Saab and Volvo are known for ice cold a/c..
  • gormerodgormerod Nutley, NJPosts: 19
    I hope this reply isn't too late. I have a 2005 9-3, essentially the same design as the current 9-3. The ride is fairly quiet; I have no problem having a cell phone conversation while driving. The car also handles well in snow here in northern NJ, though I have never had it in a snow drift. I have never felt nervous while drving it through a snow storm.
    The 9-5 is based on an older design than the 9-3, so in my humble opinion, the 9-3 technology is more up to date. However, the 9-5 design is probably the last before the complete GM take over, so it is more of a pure Saab design. You need to weigh which means more to you.

    Good luck!
  • Go right to the MB E350 4matic.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    And while on your way to the 'Benz dealer stop by an ATM machine and withdraw an extra $25k.!!!!! You could currently buy an '08 9-3 Aero-X (cross wheel drive) under the GM Employree for everyone promo (through 9/30) for $35,300. Loaded!
  • Hi everyone. First time poster here. I bought a 2008 black 9-3 4dr sedan last weekend which was being shipped from New England to New York. It arrived today damaged - the dealer claims they don't know if it was damaged while on the other dealer's lot or while en route. They are now trying to contact other dealers to get another car. My question is, if they can't find one, is it within my rights to demand that they obtain one either with options I didn't pay for or a car in a different exterior/interior color? Can I demand that they eat whatever additional costs to get a car with options I didn't want or pay for? I haven't given them the full down payment yet but signed an agreement and put some cash down. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • pknypkny Posts: 4
  • pknypkny Posts: 4
    I'm just consfused with all the xenon replacement bulbs out there, priced from $9 to $200 a piece, which one should i get? why is this a huge differnce, i have a 2003 ARC, can i change the xenon light bulb myself ? or its a straight dealer job. ?

    thanks in advance.
  • waterdrwaterdr Posts: 307
    The only right you have is to not buy the car. Unless you have a signed-contract, you have no legal leverage. I would think, however, that the dealer would work with you to get you something acceptible.
  • I am currently trying to decide between two Saabs, one a 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero automatic, the other a 9-5 2.3T automatic, both with about 25k miles. I had initially been interested in the 9-3 only, but am realizing that they are virtually the same price used, and perhaps I can get "more bang for the buck" from the 9-5.

    From my perspective, here are the pros and cons on the 9-5:

    Pros: 4 cylinder engine = better gas mileage. I like the cooled seats, and it seems to have a bit more room.

    Cons: Is it too old of a design? Is the 9-3 better engineered because it is a newer platform? Which is more reliable? Which is better in snow? The 9-5 seems to have a really dated navigation, and no XM radio due to navigation.

    Also, I seem to have an option between Saab Certified through a dealer and GM Protection Plan from a non-Saab GM dealer. Do folks have thoughts on either/both?

    Appreciate any input from the Saab experts in this forum. Thanks in advance!
  • I bought a 2006 9-3 Aero with the Cold Weather and Touring packages last February with only 2,000 miles on it. (not a typo). It's a six speed, and on highway trips I can average 29-30 mpg at 75-80 miles an hour. An entire tank of gas of city/town driving only gives me 17-20 though, depending on how aggressive you drive. I try to be slow and conservative around town, but open it up sometimes on the interstate. The overall performance of the 9-3 Aero is going to be significantly better and more enjoyable than the 9-5, without sacrificing any considerable amount of mpg. The 9-5 is a more out dated design, and will be redesigned in 2010.

    I am 6' 3" and i found that I fit into the 9-3 better than the 9-5 when i was test driving them, due to the better seat adjustments on the 9-3 Aero. Either one is going to be solid in the snow. I live in Vermont and I am an avid skier. Chances are my winters are more brutal than yours. Saabs stick to the roads well, do not rust, and have traction control. Be sure to buy winter tires for the car, and not all seasons. You won't get anywhere with all seasons in a freak snow storm.

    In terms of navigation, the 2006 was the first model to include navigation and it isn't that impressive. It's the only feature i don't have in my ride, thankfully. There's no sense in paying a premium for a feature that doesn't work well, and has been bashed in all the reviews. You'd be better off buying a Garmin or a TomTom. Navigation is overrated, and the Saab's is a DVD based navigation which is already becoming an outdated platform.

    I bought the car with its 50,000 bumper to bumper GM warranty intact, but for the added peace of mind, I had the salesman throw in the Saab Certified Pre Owned (CPO) Factory warranty that covers it until 100,000 miles at no extra cost. This means that Saab mechanics will work on the car and replace any and all parts with Saab factory parts at no cost to the owner. Including labor. I would definitely reccomend going with the Saab certified warranty. Saabs are great cars, but they have their quirks. The newer models seem to have minor electrical and premature rear brake wear, but nothing serious. Electrical issues (for instance, my headlamps needed to be adjusted twice; free of charge) are covered by the warranty. Saabs have rock solid engines, chassis, safety features, and transmissions.

    Remember this: the economy has slowed, credit standards are tightening up and lenders are being more skimpy. This indirectly means that people are going to be buying less cars, and dealers are scared so they're cutting prices. They have much less leverage than they did 3 years ago when the economy was hot. It's a buyers' market in non-hybrid vehicles. Dealers are desperate. Buy the 9-3 Aero and get it with the extended Saab Certified Pre Owned FACTORY warranty. It should cost around $1500, so get the salesman to throw it in for free, or no deal. I wouldn't have it any other way. I also got an extra set of Saab wheels with Gislavad studded snow tires thrown in too. Saab has a promotion deal with Gislavad tires. See if they keep those around the shop and get a set of four with Saab wheels.

    Hope that helps, let me know how it goes.
  • I had front and rear pads changed by dealer at 28,400 miles. 45,000 inspection found need for rear rotors and pads at 47,500 miles. (only 19,000 miles more) Service mngr gives me run-around, saying maybe Saab changed pad composition, blah, blah blah. Why 28,500 for first set pad alone, only 19,000 for rears and need pads and rotors. Black brake dust on wheels a problem from less than 1,000 miles. Majority of mileage is on limited access toll roads and highways, less than half city.
  • andyv1andyv1 Posts: 9
    I have a 2007 Saab 93 with 30,000 miles. I was just told that my rear brakes are completely out and need replaced. After speaking with the service manager I was told that this is normal for a Saab. Most of my miles are highway miles., and I do not "ride " my brakes. I was told that I also need the rotors replaced.The total cost is over $500.00. Does anyone know of a re-call., or if this is normal?
  • Hi everyone. First time poster. I am considering buying a new 2008 Saab 9-3. About the only thing that's holding me back is the awful things I've read about a Saab's future reliability. Consumer reports and JD Powers aren't too generous of their ratings for past Saabs in this area either. Should I buy this car, my intention would be to keep it for 8 to 10 years, so reliability is a huge factor for me. I come from a history of driving Hondas and my reliability with the Honda's I&#146;ve owned has been fantastic, save for my current one, which is actually an Acura and has had some issues. I thought the best place to get the true facts on reliability of Saabs would be from a bunch of people who actually own the vehicle, so your opinions on this matter would be much appreciated. Thanks a ton!
  • andyv1andyv1 Posts: 9
    Buy a Honda.
    I have a 2007 Saab 9-3. Before that I had a 1998 Saab 93. I had an issue later in the car life of my 98 and brought it to saab to get serviced. The Dealership made a big mistake and after months of dealing with General motors I was given $7500.00 off a Gm car, along with other discounts.. I was planing on purchasing a Saturn, but was told I could only buy a new Saab with the discounts.. So reluctantly I did. I thought with a 100,000 mile warranty it would be a good buy. It was not. So far I have purchased three new tires (perelli's). I was told the tires were under warranty, but because the (nail) hole was in the side of the tire it was not.. Not real sure, but because I had three issues with different tires I thought the problem was with the treads pulling the nail to the side.,(expensive). Also at about 25,000 miles my back brakes went out (I drive most highway, and never ride my breaks). Saab said this was "normal". When the breaks go out in the car, you also will need rotors as they go out simultaneously. It was over $500.00. (breaks are not under warranty). I know GM is having great sales right now on the Saab, but it is not worth it.. My father only drives hondas , his last one had over 100,000 miles.. Never had a problem..
    Hope this helps..
  • andyv1andyv1 Posts: 9
    Hi again..
    Also had to take it in to get new speaker (went out) and my passenger side window came off the track (still a bit off when it rains).. If you do decide to go ahead and purchase, do not get the Grey interior, the interior doors are impossible to clean.. even a water drip shows...
  • nbondnbond Posts: 6
    I have an 07 9-3 2.0t with 25k on it in my first year and mechanically, it is flawless. I have had some minor cosmetic issues, a squeaky window, a bad radio button, and I had to have one of my keys replaced, but other than that I am very satified. (all were fixed at no charge by the dealer) The gas mileage is better than what is stated on the sticker, I get 26 city 34 highway with premium and I still really enjoy driving the car. I have spoken to a few other people who own th same car and all have said that reliability is good. One person had an 03 and the other had an 05. I plan to keep it for the long haul, just bought a second set of wheels for snow tires and the factory roof rack for my skis this winter.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Wow ...what well thought out advice! And from someone who has a clear disdain for using the spell check function! Your recommendation to buy a Honda is based on replacing three Pirelli tires that had sidewall damage due to running over nails or other road hazards? No radial tire to my knowledge can be properly repaired if there is sidewall damage and NO basic tire warranty(all of which are from the tire manufacturer...not the vehicle manufacturer)covers damage inflicted to the tire from things such as potholes or nails.Having a Honda would make no difference in this case.In regard to your brakes ..once again,with the exception of BMW no manufacturer warranties brakes.My advice to you is YOU should be driving a "transportation appliance" such as a Camry or Accord.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Apparently the E.P.A. opted to test all the Saab models with the sport mode engaged on the Automatic Transmissions.Net result was city and highway averages well below what the average driver can expect to acheive. My 2008 2.8L. V-6 Aero is rated at 15 m.p.g. city and 24 hwy.I never do worse than 20 on my morning commute (avg. 35 m.p.h.)and my last trip of over 100 miles was 31.3 at an avg.speed of 71 m.p.h.
  • andyv1andyv1 Posts: 9
    I was replying to someone who wondered if he should buy a SAAB.. I understand my tire issue., I found it odd that this would happen on three separate occasions.. three different tires.. Also, the brakes going out so early.
    I have been driving for over 25 years, (new cars). Never had problems like this. I also have many friends who drive SAABS, and everyone of them has complaints. Personally, I would buy a Honda before I ever bought a SAAB again..
    Just giving my opinion... Thats all it is.
    Was asked for advice and gave it.
    Try not to take it personally...relax
    It's not like you built it..cranky.
  • My honest opinion: Get the car because you enjoy driving it - not because you're looking for a cheap car to own. Look, reliability has gotten dramatically better for Saabs. Sure, you'll hear the occasional nightmare story about some catastrophic failure that nobody can seem to fix, or at least can seem to fix for less than several thousand dollars. But that's not the issue here. Saabs are very, very expensive to own - just in terms of maintaining them. Case in point. I, like other posters here, had to have my rear brakes repaired at 10,000 miles. Yup - you got that right. Rear brakes were spewing brake dust ever since I bought the car. I spent $600 to replace just the rear brakes - why? Because Saab has stringent requirements on rotor wear as well - necessitating that both usually be replaced simultaneously. Now, you could probably go to a place other than your local stealership to get them fixed for less - but it will still cost you. When I complained to GM customer service that the brakes should have been covered because of abnormally rapid wear, GM said "tough" - that's the price you pay for owning a Saab. So, I say to you - Caveat emptor.

    Saabs also have another annoyances. Compared to other "luxury sport sedans," the Saab I've owned has a lot of rattles and hums from cheap plastic parts. It also has a lot of road noise because it is not as well insulated as other luxury cars (try a Lexus, for example).

    That said - Saabs are fun to drive, and from a cost standpoint, are cheaper than other cars in their class - AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. So - if you want to drive a very fun car that costs less, UP FRONT, than an Audi or BMW, this is a great choice. But if you do so, be prepared for outrageous repair costs on routine items - items that seem to wear a lot more quickly than in other cars - especially the damn brakes. The 3 year maintenance plan is supposed to deal with many of these issues, but in reality - does little to mitigate your costs. So be prepared.
  • I just had rear brake pads replaced on my 2007 9-3 Aero at 16,416 miles. $257.00 dollars later..but it is a fun car to drive...I still like it :-)
  • I agree with you, fun to drive but other than the front seats a cheap interior with rattles. I have the 2.0T with the 5sp now over 35K still lots left on my brakes. The turbo 4 is the reason to buy this car; great little motor quick up to 90 mph with amazing gas mileage. Now if I could only get that "click" out of my suspension under warranty. I posted a message to the community? Does anyone know the fix?
  • I have a 2003 9-3 Arc with the 6-speed. I only have 49k on the car and have found my car to be trouble-free. Other than some factory recalls and having to replace the battery and tires (at about 40k) the car has been a low cost to maintain. I also want to add that I still have the original brake pads on both the front and rear. My dealer says that they show very little wear but I largely attribute that to how I drive the car. Also, I get about 27 mpg around town and 30-31 on a trip. So far my SAAB 9-3 has been one of the best cars that I have owned and I plan on keeping it for another 5 years if I can.
  • Thanks for this, and to all others who also contributed to answering my post. I did buy it! So far, I am very pleased. CHEERS!
  • We bought a 2006 9-3 Sportcombi Aero with all options except the roof rails. It is the fastest best performing car my wife and I have ever owned. She wanted a wagon and it had the 5 star IIHS crash test ratings. Consumer reports said run away based on availability but many people, here in fact, said not to put too much stock in CR. I now think these people were mistaken. It was late November/Early December 2006 so we got a fantastic deal. Negotiated via email. Previously we owned a 2000 Honda Accord EX-L that had no issues but regular maintenance and tires. My Mazda protege lasted 12+ years. My wife had 2 Nissans and the engine on both seized at 7 years.

    I love driving the SAAB. No question. Great heated seats, powerful turbo, no turbo lag. Very tight stiff ride on the aero trim with those wheels and low profile. I feel every seem in the road and some of them feel painful to me but my wife simply thinks that's 'European'. Fuel economy with the turbo 6 cylinder is pretty poor, at least the way I drive it. The computer says we get around 18 mpg with mostly city driving.

    Reliability. I know people hate to hear this but lots of little issues in 2 years. 3-5 months in a sensor failed (Or so they said) and the AC would not turn on. Then the Traction Control kept disengaging. This happened twice. It seems to be fixed now. The passenger front side window motor failed leaving the window half open at 20 months and had to be replaced. The hinge with a star shaped screw was loose on the passenger front door and made this load popping sound when opened and close. We could see it was loose. They fixed that. 2 months later it is not happening on the driver side front door.

    I think the 9-5 has better visibility which is more important the older I get. Not sure I would buy one new as it has not been redesigned in many years and I think it is about to be refreshed.

    Would I buy the SAAB again? I am not sure. I can not say definitely yes. I just read CR latest reviews a few weeks ago and I thought they had recommended the 9-3 at this time, either the 08 or 09 model. The CR review and predicted result on my 2006 was spot on. Maybe SAAB has resolved the issues I have had. Also I have had no major failures and everything has been under warranty. I guess I am not looking forward to being out of warranty on this car.
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