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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    i saw something in the 04 brochure that suggested a factory installed mp3 input was available soon.
  • rsdrrsdr Posts: 12
    A couple of days back me and my wife were at one of the wawa gas stations, At the same time two more 9-3s came and parked there.One might feel the exclusivity of saab 9-3 is going away, but just cannot imagine how beautiful they all looked. Absolutely beautiful, in a time of bloated looking Altima , accord , camry and even fat and obese bmws, 9-3 is a bold and a fresh design. Love the design sometimes my wife complains I look at my car more lovingly than I look ar her.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    i know the 9-3 is hot, but still the ladies have the edge over the cars in beauty! LOL!

    maybe some others can chime in here.....ever since the late 80's I have been fixed on needing a car with a 'european' 'monochrome' color scheme.

    that being, bumbers, doorhandles, rub strips, all body pieces and parts should be of one color.

    The 9-3 gives the choice.....base car has black rub trim, door handles, lower pieces. You can get the body color kit if you want (door handles remain black?)

    Which d y'all prefer? I think the 9-3 looks good either way. Cars like the Focus look better with body color trim.

    You prefer your 9-3's with body color parts trim or black trim?
  • rsdrrsdr Posts: 12
    black trim is good with few colors but not with all for example the other day i saw a red 9-3 with black trim, now that certainly did not look that nice. I have a dolphin gray with that the black trim looks good.
     Yupp dude ladies will always have the upper hand but it is surprising that cars can sometimes keep our minds of the ladies.
     In our society where mistresses and whores are unacceptable , our car is almost like our mistress and rental cars our whores ;-).
  • I have a Neuros, and the transmitter works OK, but the volume is lacking. On another Saab board, which I am not allowed to mention, someone figured out how to wire the aux port, and it doesn't involve a whole lot. I can't give details becqause I will just be following instructions, but it's out there...
  • I like it on my steel grey. I prefer it to the body colored trim
  • glutz1glutz1 Posts: 20
    Ted, can I assume that your Aura 402's are the same dimension as their new 4000's ?

    I'm probably being dense, but I wasn't clear as to what you were saying w/the following comment in response to my question on whether or the 3.5 and 4" speakers were 2 ways "Yes, the Infinity's and JBL's are 2 way speakers. This is why you can disconnect the stock tweeters (just splice the speaker wire before it splits off to the 3.5 or 4" speaker and the tweeter." What I was trying to ask is whether or not the existing speakers in the car were 2-ways, making their replacement plug and play. I guess that your mesg is that they aren't and some re wiring is required as a result ? Thx
  • rsdrrsdr Posts: 12
    does nayone know where the Onstar hardware is in the 9-3 ss
  • Is mounted under the rear shelf. You can see it from the trunk
  • On a lark took a test drive of a 9-3 Aero and was absolutely amazed at the amount of car for the price. My car is on order and will arrive in April. Ordered the built in telephone panel (ES2-7) (live in Russia and the specs differ from USA). Can anyone tell me how the GSM telephone works? Concerned that the car will arrive without the prerequisite trunk mounted box where SIM CARD is inserted. Does this gatchet come standard with the ES2-7 or do I need to order some extra equipment? The GM SAAB dealer is clueless! Thoughts?
  • I absolutely loved my 9-3 aero. could not say enough about it for the three weeks i had it. then one night, the engine light came on. I was stopped at a light, and when i tried to accelerate, the car would move VERY slowly until it hit 40km/h at which point it flew again. After changing many parts on the car including the computer system, the dealership (three weeks of having the car in the shop) has given up and is replacing the car.
    Now, has anyone else experienced the loss of power?
  • My husband and I just test drove a left-over 2003 9-3 vector and we loved it except we're a little nervous of the following: 1) check engine light came on, 2) passenger side mirror wasn't functioning properly, and 3) driver's side windshield washer nozzle wasn't functioning.

    We do live in NY and we test drove it in pretty bad (cold & snowy) weather, but are wondering if these problems are minor or major. Have been reading/researching on the internet all afternoon....any suggestions or advice are appreciated! Also, is the vector being made as a 2004 model?
  • I'll answer the questions I've heard answers to by Those Who Know.

    3. The 2003 headlight washers were/are problematic and have been changed for 2004.

    The Vector name is still copywrited by Gerald Wiegart of the late Vector W2 hyperexotic. The licensure fee for Saab was astronomical so the Vector line has been dropped. It's too bad because that's the trim level I liked...sports chassis, metallic trim, standard body. The comparable model is now the Aero and it has a few more doo-dads IIRC.

    Others here will generously let you know more.

    Daryl J.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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    If anyone has any questions, check the link on the left side of the page or drop me an email.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  • Just purchased 2004 Saab 9-3 Linear and have been quite happy with it for the first week. After 179 miles I've noticed that the brakes (after driving for a while) squeal like crazy! I'm talking loud to the point that the girl at the drive through covered her ears when I pulled up. Called the dealer and was told that was a problem on the 2003s and my 2004 should be fine since new brake pads were used. I am going to bring in my car this week to have them check it out. I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience? I hope this is not a sign of things to come and I don't regret not buying the A4.
  • I have 2003 Saab Linear and the noise too. But only happen sometime. I heard that's computer system in the car cause it. But I didn't prove it from dealer or SaabUSA. But it did reduce the time to happen after they upgraded the computer program. You might write your comments to SaabUSA for answer.
  • richn2richn2 Posts: 44
    I had purchased a 03 ARC 9-3 in July and since nobody knew I was getting it that the day I picked up I had driven to the Jersey shore to show it off. Ha Ha when I put on the brakes as I pulled up to my parents house everybody could hear me since the brakes made so much noise. After a few weeks of being embarassed every time I put on the brakes I finally took it back to the dealer. With out a single question they immediatly took it in the shop and installed new brakes with a havier brake pad. No more noise.

    The car is fantatastic in fact in roughly 3 years when it's time to get a new car I am going to do something I normally don't do... Buy the same, maybe a different model but the same maufacture.
  • It sounds like most of you actually enjoy your 9-3's immensely and that most problems are minor and easily rectified.

    Would you then agree that the 9-3 is a good purchase?


    We're still considering the S-60/V-70, Acura TL, and the 9-3. I really liked the way the Saab drove, how easy it was to see out of, and the way it fit my, not-untall body.
  • Yes, I love the car and still glad I bought it. Just brought it in to the dealer to check the brakes. He said that the rotors might need to be cut, strange since it is brand new. He claimed the surface might be to slick. Doesn't make sense to me but whatever works. As far as the TL, great car. My parents have last years version and it has been wonderful. Not one problem and they got a good deal on it. I still feel the Saab has a bit sportier feel and a little more pizazz. The Acura comes loaded with everything and is probably a better value. It depends on what you are looking for. The Saab dealer gave me a crazy amount for my trade in which no dealer even came close. It was about $2000 more then anyone else. This made the payments quite low. I would stay away from the S60. We have 2 friend that have them and have had 4 major electrical problems. I also feel the Saab rides much better, The volvo is a little mushy and doesn't handle as well. I would also consider an Audi A4... Value wise I still think the Saab (discounted) is a much better value. Just an aside, the loaner that Saab gave me has the 215/55/16 on it and the ride is not as good a my standard 15 inch rims. I really thought there was going to be a major difference for the better especially in handeling.
  • 3and143and14 Posts: 36
    I too have had problems with brake squeal, on my 2004 Arc. It started after 3 weeks and 600 miles. Last week I had it in for the 30 day inspection and the service person told me that he has seen this phenomenon by people who brake lightly (?) in the last few feet before stopping. He blamed brake dust (the occurrence did coincide with the car getting dirty for the first time) and the pads vibrating against the rotors or something like that and said that a few hard stops should eliminate it for a while. (what a quality fix!)

    This isn't real confidence inspiring but I am going to see how it goes for now before pursuing with the dealer further.

    BTW, the new Car & Driver has a comparison test of 35K sedans with manual transmissions and the 9-3 (Arc w/sport tires) came in 6th out of 7. Although they make a few valid points they are clearly down on Saab and its GM connection. I also have to say their latest evaluation methodology is rather sloppy in that it is quite subjective. Given the company the car was tested in and the writers' sensibilities, I'd say not selecting an Aero model was rather inexplicable.
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