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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • mcook1mcook1 Posts: 4
    hi jeff,

    "Good luck on your purchase. Look at the paperwork twice. They made some errors that I caught; some in my favor, some in theirs. But they did not do a perfect job with that aspect of the sale."

    thanks for the heads up and for all of your advice! :)

    I will be sure to let you know when I purchase my 9-3. needless to say I am very excited!

    thanks again,
    molly :)
  • mcook1mcook1 Posts: 4
    hi again,

    I do agree with the w9cw's statement "As with anything, take care of it, and it will take care of you." but I also agree with your take. it is always best to maintain and take care of anything you own but things happen. my brother owns a fairly new bmw 3 series and the motor for the rear passenger side window stopped working. the replacement price was not cheap. they also had a few other issues with the car that were on the expensive side and not something that would have been under the preventative maintenance header.

    I may pay a little more for a used certified 93 but if there are repair issues out of the normal preventative maintenance then I would rather pay for the peace of mind in knowing that the repairs will be covered.

    molly :)
  • Rich
    I will get all of my figures out tonight and post them to make it easier for any others who want to go that route.

  • Rich
    I can't tell you for what that package will be, but I will give you my numbers. I just leased last week, Jan 25th.

    2006 9-3 Aero
    6 spd manual transmission
    Touring package
    Cold weather package
    Metallic paint
    Sticker: $34,915
    Military pricing: $29,749

    I got them to waive the $398 document fee. During the signing, I also noticed that they forgot to add in the tags and license fee. I noticed it, brought it to their attention, and did not put it back in.

    Saab now does not do the leasing. This just changed last week. All leases are through GMAC. No money factor, they now talk normal interest rate.

    Residual: $22,793.05
    Interest Rate: 3.94%
    Downpayment: $2070.34 (incl 1st month payment, fees, etc.)
    Term: 24 Mos
    Mileage: 18k / year
    Payment: $361.57 / mo (incl the 3% NC tax)

    I hope this helps you.

  • I have an '06 9-3 Aero. I understand the airbag light (showing nobody in the seat) is on all of the time. Recently, it began to blink from bright to dim over and over again continuously. I have had the car 2 weeks and it just began to do this.

    Can anyone help? I may have no choice but to drive up to Raleigh and take it to the dealership.


  • We have owned this car for 3 months. Has 37k miles in very nice condition and is a fun car to drive. We have an intermittent no crank problem that has occurred 4 times in the time we have owned it. Turn the key and nothing. Almost like the car is in gear when we try to start. It could be the neutral safety switch?? who knows. When the problem occurs, in about 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour it will crank and start ok. It is not the positive cable to the starter being corroded, that has been checked. This is one of those problem that is going to be tough to find. Has anyone else had this type problem? Thanks
  • I bought a 2005 9-3 Linear (auto trans) in June 2005. Paid $24.5k before TTL. I am pleased with it. My only real complaint is the stereo. It is extremely weak. However, other than that, I have been enjoying the car. No problems at all. It is plenty fast enough for me. The heated seats are great. I have the light colored leather interior, and I have gotten many compliments on it. (I think the knocks on the Saab interior are overstated.) All things safety, a bit of euro prestige, price, interior, power, reg. service costs included, etc, I have to say I am a happy owner.
  • We leased our faultless '02 9-3 for 4 years, purchasing it at lease end. One month after the warranty expired I experienced the dreaded "check engine" light, and did not relish a potentially expensive visit to the dealer. However, a quick review of these posts convinced me to fill up the tank and make sure the gas cap was well and truly tight. Voila, the "check engine" light went out.

    So thank you to contributors who have brought this phenomenon to our attention.
  • My wife has a 2004 9-3 Arc, automatic, with less than 20K miles on it. We live in the pacific northwest where we have been experiencing considerable weather below freezing. On several occasions, when the weather has been cold, we have experienced the same thing you describe. The car will not turn over. Everything lights up, but it acts like the car is in gear as you desribe. We have been experiencing many more issues the last couple weeks when the temperature is very cold, say below 20 degrees. We have a warning that there is a gearbox malfunction, limited performance, see the dealer. The first time this happened, the dealer found nothing. The latest issues have been part of the dash lights, the climate control and cd player staying on overnight with the car off and the key removed??? The car started the next morning. Now the high beams will not stay on. They light if you hold the turn signal stalk back, but will not remain on when you let it go.
    She drove the Volvo S40, Audi A4, Acura TSX, and liked the Saab over them all. Now I am beginning to question the reliability of this car. Thank god its a lease and has a great warranty. Still, that doesn't make it less frustrating when its time to take the kids to school and the car won't start!
  • I don't think it was the cold, but my 9-3 with only 1300 miles on it refused to start on Friday night; right after the dealership (80 miles away) closed.

    I just drove the car 2 hours previously. It has gas. Temps in the 50's. All lights, radio, electrical items work with no issue. We even tried to jump it just to make sure but to no avail.

    And to think, I got rid of my RX-8 because of the flooding issue with the rotary engine. :-) Oh well. We will see what the dealer says on Monday.
  • goodstargoodstar Posts: 27
    What was the problem? Would the car turn over and just not start? I posted a problem a couple of weeks ago with our 2001 9 3 not turning over from time to time. I have detected it is the neutral position switch.
  • eaholmaeaholma Posts: 2
    I have been leasing my 2003 9-3 for almost 3 years now. I love this car - I have always driven GMs - but why are there so few dealerships for SAABS? I leased this car when I was in college and went "home" to see my parents in Southern Missouri, so the trip to Springfield was easy. Since then, I've moved to Little Rock to take a job and have had to drive 2-hours to the closest dealer (Memphis) for every service. Making things worse, the past year I haven't gone one month without something going wrong with my SAAB - parking break sticking on, window malfunctioning...everything to the car just not starting! And when something disables my car, I have to have it towed to Memphis, which my warranty pays for, but then I have to somehow retrieve my's a huge pain. I still tell everyone SAABs are the best - my brother even bought one - but driving 400 miles to the dealer every couple of months is sure hindering my lease miles...

    I sure do love this car, but I've been considering ending my lease early because of all the problems that have to be taken care of at the dealer. It's also going to keep me from getting a new one at the end of my lease, which I had planned to do until now. Am I the only one with what seems to be somewhat of a lemon?? My complaint letter to customer service hasn't been responded too, and that is also frustrating! :cry:
  • eaholmaeaholma Posts: 2
    I have had multiple problems with my 2003 9-3 within the last year. I thought I had a lemon - maybe it's just the year model. Everytime I take my car in they say "we have seen this a lot"

    My complaint letter to Saab hasn't been answered...maybe they have too many to fix! :lemon:
  • Goodstar,
    The car wouldn't do a thing. I heard a click when I turned the key but that was it. Like I said, all electrical items still worked perfectly.
    Neutral switch? What is that? I even stood on the clutch just to make sure I was pushing down hard enough on the clutch when I turned the key.
    When the dealership is done with it, I will post what it was. Of course, I hope they fix the airbag light (blinking) as well.

  • I am in the same boat (pun intended) as many of you. I leased my Saab 9-3 linear in feb 2003 and my lease is coming to an end. In fact, I'm returning my car today - I'm leaving for the dealership within the hour. I really liked this car, it is immensely comfortable, it's great for road trip, performance is quite good especially the handling, and it has a magnificent upscale look and feel to it. Interior is OK, although the dash is a little bland, but it's still a very driver oriented cockpit.
    The reason I'm returning it and not leasing another one or buying it is because of its unreliablity, including quite often trips to the dealerships, and also the dreaded car doen't start because the clutch is disengaged syndrome (but it always starts after a few tries of releasing and reapplying the clutch).
    I will be missing this car and returning it will mixed emotions - if only the sound system was better, interior had more aluminum and other luxury touches, and most of all if it was reliable and not so expensive to maintain, I would have kept it for a long long time. Oh well
  • cgs1238cgs1238 Posts: 11
    You guys are starting to scare me off. I have been debating between the 2006 9-3 Aero Convertible and the 2006 BMW 530. I know they are very different cars but I like both of them.
    It sounds like the 03 Saabs have had some reliability issues. I would be interested in knowing if these problems have been resolved with the newer models.
    Last week I was leaning toward the SAAB now I'm leaning toward the BMW...
  • fordexp1fordexp1 Posts: 14
    The 2003 and 2004 Saab 9-3's had tons of problems, so the dealership told me.

    I purchased an 06 9-3 2.0T have close to 2000 miles on it with no problems at all. This car is amazing and so fun to drive. Realiabilty isn't an issue so far.
  • goodstargoodstar Posts: 27

    Sorry, I did not realize your car was a standard shift. The neutral position switch is on automatics and basically ensures the car is in park or neutral before it starts. Our car has been acting just like yours but I do not think you have one, may be a switch that requires the clutch to be depressed before it will start. That could be bad?
    I just purchased the neutral position switch for our 2001 and will install this weekend. Hope this resolves the problems. My daughter is driving the car and it has not started a couple of time when she was out.

  • stlcarguystlcarguy Posts: 30
    Has anyone heard any buzz as to what's coming for '07? I'm seriously considering an 06, but would hate to see any major changes in 07 leaving my car looking outdated after just a matter of months.

  • I've been looking at an '06 9-3 Sportcombi and after seeing the seemingly infinite amount of negative feedback, I am also thinking twice! I am familiar with the ride and handling of SAAB and from that perspective, there are no issues. What bothers me is what happens in a year or two. Will the car literally fall apart? I may have to pass on SAAB until they have proven they have cleaned up their act in terms of reliability. Sorry, I like the car but that many people can't be wrong....
  • Today, when I was returning my leased 2003 Saab 9-3 Linear, I had a chance to test drive the new 2006 9-3 Aero, which comes with a 250 hp turbocharged V6. OMG !!!!!! This car is wonderful, it has enormous amount of power, the seats are even better than in my linear (if that's at all possible), and it has a lot of small things which were missing on my 03 linear like auto-climate, xenon light, dual power seats, chrome and aluminum accents, rear lip spoiler, 17" wheels, 6 speed manual transmission and upgraded audio (although the sound still wasn't that great). It got it all. Interior was more quiet too. I really want to believe that reliability has improved because I'm now considering getting this car. Especially for Saab enthusiasts this car is a dream come true.
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    I think you should remember that '03 was the first year of the sports sedan from the old hatchback for Saab. If you really scan the board I think that particular model year had more problems than usual. I think it has improved for '04 and '05. I bought a '05 9-3 Aero leftover at the beginning of this year's fully loaded and I have had no problems in my first 4K miles. Having worked in the auto industry as an engineer I wouldn't buy any car GM, BMW, Audi, any manufacturer the first year of a major redesign. Things are often coming together at the last minute right before production starts and problems are inevitable. The stories I could tell about last minute fixes, redesigns, and production shut down on new model redesigns.
  • gormerodgormerod Posts: 18
    I agree with schoup. I purchased an '05 Arc in June, which just reached the 10,000 mile point this week. Absolutely no problems to date. The car is less than one year old, but so far so good. It also handled great in snow this year!
  • Yeah, even consumer reports reliability ratings for the 05 9-3 have improved, but of course that's still early. I think that Saab probably did address many of the issues with the 03 and 04 models, in fact I'm sure of it after driving the 06 aero which basically fixes all the issues I had with my 03 linear: not enough power (aero has more than enough), no visible exhaust (dual chrome exhaust on 06 aero), lacking sound (much better 300W 13 speaker in the 06 aero), interior a bit too understated (nice aluminum/wood touches in the new 06 aero). Also the new aero has xenons and 17" wheels, so as far as specs and equipment it is way up there with the best sport sedans (IS350, G35, A4 V6, 330i).

    But don't get me wrong, during my years with the Saab I did like a lot of things about it, mostly the handling, look, and comfort. That's why I'm considering the new aero. And the current lease rates seem pretty good - 27 month/10K year with residual of 70% and APR of less 4% - is that good or what ?

    I would buy this car (instead of leasing) if not for the lingering question about reliability, and the unknown new V6 from GM global engine platform.
  • I spoke with the dealership today and they were, ironically, driving my car at the same time.

    I am waiting on an email with the final results, but from what they say, I had a bad cell in my battery. This, then, did not allow the car to get enough power to start the engine but did have enough to operate the electronics.

    The blinking airbag light was the code that meant it was not receiving enough power. I hope that meant that they airbag would still inflate!

    Now, why couldn't I jump the car after attempting that? I still don't know. Once the dealership calls or emails me back, I should have the final diagnosis.

  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    I agree, Saab has made alot of improvements in the '06 styling compared to previous years. My two complaints are that, 1)the hands free phone hook up should be ready to use and better integrated like it is in european models. 2)I would like alittle more brushed alumnum styling with the dash...I think there is too much plain black. Actually, I think brushed aluminum accents around the vents and some in the dash would would look nice as a redesign in future years. I am looking into buying a brushed aluminum dash kit. Has anyone done this? I have ordered samples from 4 dash kit companies.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    In regard to your Manual transmission Aero not starting...
    The clutch has to be depressed to it's FULLEST limit for the car to start.Starting the car will be impossible even if the carpeted floormat has ridden up under the clutch pedal.Don't know for certain that this is the cause of your problem...but it is a very common occurence with new Saab owners.
  • thejickthejick Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 9-3 Linear. I also have Sirius radio and use the FM transmitter to listen in the car. I really want to hook it up direct but this stereo does not have an AV input. Everyone keeps telling me they can not upgrade my car with a new head unit. Of course Saab can but they only have XM. Any else have this problem?
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    "I have a 2004 9-3 Linear. I also have Sirius radio and use the FM transmitter to listen in the car. I really want to hook it up direct but this stereo does not have an AV input. Everyone keeps telling me they can not upgrade my car with a new head unit. Of course Saab can but they only have XM. Any else have this problem? "

    Get the aux input. Try here:
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    I originally posted this on the buying experiences site but thought I would give it a go here since I would appreciate some commments on the deal I am being offered on the following vehicle:
    2004 Silver 9-3 Aero Convertible (black top)
    Auto Tans'n
    18000 miles
    Two tone gray leather int
    Multi Player in-dash CD
    Condition appears to be excellent all round with the exception of some scuffing of the passenger side A pillar and the expected wear of the seats.
    Carfax comes back clean.
    Asking price is non negotiable $30K.
    I am not getting a great price for my RX8 but perhaps it is offset by the price of the Saab.
    Whatcha think?
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