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Saab 9-3 Sedan



  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Well, autoboy, if people want a 9-3 that drives like a CTS or a 335i--why not just buy those cars? In particular, the CTS is not that expensive, and is a GM product, if you care about that... As for making a car as drivable as the 3 series--well, gm's been trying to do that for a looong time now. The CTS is still pretty wide of the mark.

    If saab wants to retain any identity at all they need to produce saabs, not bad copies of other cars. Saab's safe, turbocharged, FWD, eco-friendly, and practical. The challenge is to build a great and competitve car that's still a saab. If we can just get an audi, acura, merc, bmw, caddy, lexus, etc, why buy a knockoff of one of these?
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    I for one hope that Saab do NOT replace the rag top with a hard top. I shopped the market for a 4 seat convertible that could also hold the luggage associated with all four seats filled. Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class, Volvo, etc. None of these cars offered a trunk with as much usable space as the Saab. With the exception of the Mazda MX5, making the roof a hinged steel one usually only reduces trunk space further, especially with the roof stowed. To be honest I have not checked out the Pontiac, but it was not available when I bought my 9-3 plus I wanted a more upscale ride.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Saab can still be saab with these changes. I just tweaked the "Born from jets" theme a little and added "Unique by design" which is also true of saab unless you think that that has also changed.

    I think that my changes were only to help saab stay competitive in the sport sedan markets. I addressed many of the complains about saab. I personally dont care for RWD but only suggested it as thats whats "hot" now. If the weight can stay low with more power added. What about this to keep it saab:

    Saab using a twin turbo 3.0v6 or twin turbo to the current 2.8v6? That should run well with the 335i models and 306hp rivals. At least adding AWD should be an option. See, i'm tweaking my tweaks! Also, i recommend SAAB ad LSD if the twin turbos are used.

  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    True the hard top design takes space but its added secure feelings is worth it IMHO. For the "old schoolers", wouldn't it b like replacing the t-tops with fabric and now going back. Or is that in reverse...

    -Cj ;)
  • hbc75hbc75 Posts: 37
    I drive an '04 9-3 Arc. Of recent I have been experiencing an undercarriage scraping sound when I go over any dips in the roadway. It seems to "bottom" out in the front left wheel well. I have inspected the car from sight, and don't see anything that appears to be out of place. Could this be something wrong with my shock? I am concerned, as I am almost out of warranty 48K here. I don't even know if that would be covered under warranty. Anyone had any similar experience or have insights to what this possibly could be? Thank you, HBC
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Maybe the tire is rubbing on something when the shock compresses?

    It seems unlikely that the car itself is bottoming out.
  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Could be the front bumper scraping the road. We have an '04 Aero Convertible that scrapes the bumper every time we pull out of my driveway. My other cars don't do this, so the bumper must be low and the overhang must be long.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    The 9-3 does have a low overhang, but it still shouldn't scrape on a bumpy road, and the fact that it's on one side also indicates that it's a problem, not the way things are intended to be.
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    I am sure no one from saab reads these postings but I am wondering what the plans for saab in the usa are. The closest dealer to me, saab of south bay, just closed I now have to drive 26 miles to santa monica to get to the next closest dealer for service. In LA traffic that is easily 1.5 hr drive at the wrong time of day and a 1hr drive at best. So Cal is the largest market for "import" cars in the US and they just made sure I never buy another one as long as I live where I do, it is just too inconvenient. I am sure others in the south bay, an affluent market with the Palos Verdes Peninsuler being a very upscale residential area (dealers for most other luxury auto manufacturer being local), will feel the same way.
  • hbc75hbc75 Posts: 37
    Thought I'd let you know what the "scraping" was. Wasn't that at all. They had to replace the sway bar bushings. So mystery solved, the issue has ceased.

  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    Warranty I presume (hope). At least you found it quickly.
  • hbc75hbc75 Posts: 37
    Yes warranty (just under 2K from 50K).... phew! Not comfortable with the long time reliability of this car, have had so many issues in just 2.5 years.
  • Before buying a 2007, check out the spy pictures of the 2008 93, said to be out this summer, in Pretty substantial exterior changes, all for the good. Plus an AWD version is due in September or shortly thereafter.
  • Saab and Volvo are very popular in CT and the North East in general. I think it would be hard for Saab to break into the West coast market. Do you see more Volvos? If yes, than GM and Saab need to do more work selling the product. If no, then they are doing what they need to and work on selling cars in the most lucrative markets like the North East. I see more Saabs than Ponitacs where I live, Saab is a very popular and desirable car. I agree buying a car near where you live for servicing is a big plus. Fortunately where I live there are 2 very good Saab dealerships close by.
  • Hey.. if you can afford it just dump the car. Yes I know it's easy spending other peoples money, but you don't want to go down the path of diminishing returns. My experience has been if the car is problematic at the 1st 50K then it will get worse at the next 50K. Trade it while it's worth something and cut your losses. I had to do that with my 2002 Bonnevile and was glad I did.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    " My experience has been if the car is problematic at the 1st 50K then it will get worse at the next 50K."

    Mirror that. Either extend the warranty through saab, or trade it. Isn't it worth it to not worry?
  • I am just returning my lease and will never get one. My Neighbour has 9-3 and she has the same opnion. Bad service, the dealerships in California are basically and extension of cadillac dealership. Brakes need replacing every $25,000 miles and $500 bucks per axel. Everything falls apart. I had about 4 rcalls and the dealership loans me a Cavaliar from enterprise rental everytime I go there.
    If you buy a BMW you drive a BMW when it is in the shop.
    Use your own judgement before you buy or lease one.
    And the lease return, They give you a book and make you go through every nik and dent plus there the $350 recovery fee. Also they had a check to that asked me if took got all the recalls fixed. Good way to make to leasees fix your car while they are making payments. Love the customer service.

    As I was returing the car, I asked dealership if they are going to buy the car from SAAB. The dealership said they are not interested because they have a very bad resale and SAAB ends up picking them up autioning them off.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    I think it all depends on the dealer. I brought my car to different dealers for service and I noticed I had much better experience with "Saab-only" dealers. I think the Cadallic/Saab dealers are the worse. The service guys are more "GM-mind".

    Now I have ALL my Saabs in a Saab-only dealer. The service guys over there have better skills and knowledge about my Saabs. They are very professional too.
  • saabgirlsaabgirl Posts: 184
    Now I have ALL my Saabs in a Saab-only dealer. The service guys over there have better skills and knowledge about my Saabs.

    Agree. My dealer once had a service writer who, upon hearing the symptoms of an easily fixable problem, would sometimes fix it himself out in the parking lot, charging me only for parts. The mixed brand places tend to make a big deal out of everything. If GM plans to cohabit Saab and Caddy -- as I've sometimes read on the 'Net -- they have some customer relations training to do, I think.
  • skmcesskmces Posts: 6
    I just got back from Saab to have my service and front fly wheel sensor corrected due to the recall. When I got back in the car, I noticed it was beeping after I crossed 55mph. It didn't do that before. I do not want to go back to have them fix this, has anyone had this issue before???

    If so how do you fix it?

  • 530ir1150r530ir1150r Posts: 263
    Check your speed warning. It beeps continuously above the set speed.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Saab could save $85.00 per car by simply removing one of the most totally overlooked and unused pieces of standard equipment that comes with all models......."THE OWNERS MANUAL!!!!!!!"
  • Folks,

    The SCNA & SCUSA have put together a truly excelent 2007 Saab Festival Travel Program for U.S. Residents to get to the Saab Festival.

    Please take a look at this link for more details - /
  • Your speed warning is set to 55mph. This is a feature that you can set to warn you if you start speeding. You can change this through your display by your speedometer using the controls on your steering wheel, also in your manual.
    Select info button and toggle with up arrow until you see speed warning 55* - change by clearing.

    Good luck.
  • hbc75hbc75 Posts: 37
    I finally traded my '04 9-3 Arc Sedan. I have to say, I am relieved. The car did have quarky things go wrong, and all were replaced under warranty in my 2.5 years of owning it. Great gas mileage, by far the best out there, but the depreciation of this vehicle, disgusts me. :P I paid 27, it stickered at 32k, and in 2.5 years with 51k miles, i was offered on trades from 10k to 12k. :sick: I just traded it tonight, and got 13k for the trade, which I was EXTREMELY pleased with. I couldn't have off loaded it faster, since I got a great price for my new vehicle and the numbers worked for me. At any rate, best of luck to all with your Saab's.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Your post tells me a lot between the lines. Seems to me that you paid way too much for the car on day one. Sure, ostensibly Saabs depreciate like a rock thrown into a millpond IFF measured against MSRP. But, since Saabs sell (or more commonly, lease) for way under MSRP the re-sale isn't too bad. Getting 10K off on a loaded 9-3 is neither unheard of nor hard to do. Seems to me also that you enjoyed your Saab, it got good gas mileage and the warranty protected you. Is there a problem here?
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    $10,000 Off on a new loaded 9-3!Really?...Where and when might I ask?A 9-3 2.0T,AT.,SR.Cold Pkg.,Premium 16Pkg.and Audio upgrade lists out at $33,335,and has app.$1,300 mark up over dealer invoice.On a purchase using conventional finance rates you currently have a $3,000 rebate.So lets assume you drive a hard bargain and buy something out of stock and get the car for $500 under're looking at savings of $4,800.00.IF you are General Motors employee program eligible and also a current Saab owner that could max out at $6,500.Thats along way from $10k!
    Regarding depreciation,first off when a manufacturer only sells 40,000 cars a year,all models incl., you are not even accounting for 1/2 of 1% of the sales per yr. in the U.S.This low demand in the new car market leads to a concomitant low demand in the pre-owned market and is a large reason for Saabs low re-sale values.It also is one of the reasons the smart shopper leases the car ...unless they plan on driving the car until the wheels fall off.I rarely appraise a Saab 9-5 with less than 70,000 miles on it and regularly look at 9000's in the 150k.range.Your biggest mistake was purchasing a car you apparently only planned on keeping for 3 years. Leasing is a very simple way to take the fact that ALL cars lose the most value in their first 3 years of ownership and turn it around in your favor.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    see my post are also conveniently overlooking that normal mileage on a 2 1/2 yr.old car is app.28-30,000 miles.Your cars mileage is equal to that of a 4+ yr.old car and your trade-in was relective of that.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Your post and its logic baffles me. Let me start with my claim that 10K off list is not unheard of. A new Saab 9-3 Aero with some optional equipment has a Moroney of close to 40K. Find one with low demo miles (if the dealer principal is a car guy this is his personal car) and you are into this thing for 8K to 10K off list. A 23 year old kid in my neighborhood bought one just like this from a Boston Saab dealer for 10K off list last week.

    Secondly, low new unit sales when has nothing to do with resale. Nothing at all. New Porsche 911 sales are very low yet the car has perhaps the highest resale value in North America. Saabs low resale value is caused by many things (e.g., sales are localized in the Northeast, poor reputation, marginal dealer body, etc. etc.) but not low sales. Saab supposedly has a low resale value but I think this is because it is measured incorrectly. Saab historically has huge factory discounts/lease deals. Much more than the competition. If you compute Saab resale as a percentage of actual transaction price, not MSRP it may not be all that bad.

    Finally, I've made many mistakes in life, but certainly one of them was not "... was purchasing a car you apparently only planned on keeping for 3 years." I've never purchased/leased/borrowed a Saab. Period.
  • gholstgholst Posts: 2
    I couldn't agree more with the feeling of relief after unloading an '04 9-3 Aero Sedan. The pain of steep depreciation was worth it to get out of a constant nightmare cycle of going to the dealer with endless problems. And a warranty is small comfort when it becomes a game of who will give up trying to fix all of the problems first, you or the dealer. I think the reason for low resale is obvious enough.
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