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Dodge Sprinter



  • punter1:
    Have you ever seen any other color besides white, silver, and now the blue that the dealer emailed me a photo of? I went to my local Mercedes dealer today to look at the auto colors that might match the Sprinter and had no success. Guess if I order a 2500,Graphite Metallic, 170", high top, gas, fully insulated with all the sunscreen glass and chromed factory aluminum wheels, I'll have the only one like it in the country? Lots of luck stealing it and getting away with it?
  • woodjoewoodjoe Posts: 1
    I see that you installed a backup camera on your sprinter.
    What kind of system did you get?
    Does it work while driving on highways or is it just for backing up vehicle?
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    The dealers have no imagination, so WHITE is the SPEC color if they are just ordering to have some on hand... perhaps MB or DC has a say in such matters?

    You've probably heard the term spec-home... built on specs (specifications) and to the common denominator of sell-ability. In the post-war years, it meant liberal amounts of particle board, cardboard wall panels, minimal insulation, even using manufactured housing parts in a supposedly craft-build home.

    For automobiles, think vanilla... nothing to offend or keep the majority of buyers from considering the vehicle to buy... except, none of the really great options (no rear speakers in by passenger van? puhh-leasssse!). Also a safe bet that the dealer won't be stuck with a high-value product that they can't get sold off the lot. Not alot of call for safety-yellow vans (unless you really need one), so some colors are just not likely, but Arctic White only is pretty bad selection.

    I get the feeling that this great van is an item for which the US market is competing against the rest of the world for availability and production volume... being across the big pond puts us at a disadvantage as well. Our one advantage may have been remaining on the second generation for a few months longer while the european union countries broke in the new version and our supply kept coming (probably from an existing factory line).

    I am lucky to have wanted a white van... unlucky to have wanted rear speakers. Otherwise, the van I got had a good array of options for our climate.

    Did you look at the MB dealer in your area for the colors (they should be MB colors, not Dodge colors).

    KenB :shades:
  • ddaileyddailey Posts: 5
    In April 06 I ordered a Flame Red 2500, took delivery in October 06. Six month delivery time, but I picked the options I wanted instead of the dealer picking for me. Factory red was around $352.00, dealer said they could paint for $2500.00. Now have 16K miles.
  • 2000_valk2000_valk Posts: 67

    I got it on ebay. Just type in backup camera and it should go to it. If not, It is by a company called Intercept Investigations. (1-425-313-1776) The 5 inch color monitor will accept 2 cameras. You only get one. It has sound and what I think can hook up to a DVD. It has night vision also and will light up real nice with your backup lights. I use it every day. The second best thing I got for the van except for GPS. I paid 247.49. Tom
  • ddailey,
    Perhaps you could share a photo and option list since you ordered it? I always order my vehicles too, so this time won't be any different.
  • Actually, more than 90% of these vans are sold for commercial use, and white is the standard color. I looked for 6 months to find a non-white used passenger van with low miles. Ended up buying a '03 140 shc 2500 with 20k for $26k. It wasn't my first color choice, but piedmont red is better than plumber white!

    Ford has a VERY similar product that it sells in Europe called the Transit, and I'm surprised that they aren't testing it on the US market yet. Nissan and VW also have similar products. Look up UK vans and see what's available over there, you'll be shocked when you see that the Sprinter ISN'T the best thing going.
  • Anyone out there ever see a Sprinter with air bags, the kind needed to make a kneel down van. I have a Sprinter with a wheelchair lift and am considering replacing the lift mechanism with a kneel down system, using a ramp rather than the lift. Anyone using such a system yet?
  • altered3altered3 Posts: 59
    FULL air suspension VB certified ISO compliant Mercedes Sprinter can be used .
    The question is are you prepared to commit to approx six thousand dollars fitted.
    Side ramp electronic available from the UK rear is too awkward to arrange for the US sprinters as too a major cut and shut of metal work on the Sprinters due too live axle rear ends, as opposed to Ford and Fiat which have front wheel drive. Rear air suspension involves spring changover as well this is the only unit that will enable you to have full ESP capabilty.
  • Thanks for the information. Who could I contact if I am willing to put the money into such a side lift system? I have resources in Germany, if I know what to ask for. Installing such an air/hydraulic system would eliminate the need for a lift, also costs about $6,000. Using a ramp with the kneel down system would also be safer. Yes, if you have a point of contact for such a system, please provide. Or give me a product name to search in Europe for a source. Thanks again.
  • altered3altered3 Posts: 59
    The company is Euro based Vb air systems Denmark
    they will export world-wide, but you need a certified ,or qualified person to install there are companies in the states that install air ride for local units ! so you need to find one who will take the project on as it needs to be certified for US roads, Installation that is.
    The product has a full ISO rating, this exceeds local safety regulations and or is similar so there is no problem with this, it also is the only unit that Mercedes-Benz endorses.
    You will have to join this link it's a US forum but has the faculty's for email and picture format that will clearly show what you would be purchasing
    My suggestion is to join the forum and ask for Altered Sprinter! or start a separate thread, I would find this inside of 24 Hrs as to myself being in Australia, time frame differences.
    Although there appears to be a link to place a picture in this forum , damed if I can work it out :confuse:
  • ddaileyddailey Posts: 5
    Sorry, I must have skipped school on the day they covered attaching a picture. Dennis">
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    I think I schipped skool those daze two.

    KenB :P
  • ddaileyddailey Posts: 5
    I've got pictures of my Sprinter on my computer, just don't know how to attach here, so I can share. Guess I need to ask my grandkids.
  • ddailey,
    Perhaps you could start by going into your My CarSpace account and uploading your photos there first and then we can go thru the other steps? It took me a few tries the first time too.
  • Found that my fresh/recycled air is inop. The light comes on but nothing. So to dealer I go. The linkage is broken. Repair will cost 525.00 dollars. The mechanic says he has seen this before. Has anybody else had this problem! Thank goodness it is on fresh air. Thanks Tom :cry:
  • mlk2mlk2 Posts: 3
    I'm trying to figure out the yellow. I thought they used to have two yellows. I'm not sure if the Calcite Yellow is safety yellow or a softer yellow. I just saw a banana-colored Sprinter on the road and thought that's the color I want. I also saw a picture of a Sprinter in that banana yellow on a Mercedes site but can't find it again, and the picture wasn't a true photo anyway. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  • Calcite Yellow is a softer Lemony/banana Yellow than Safety Yellow (slightly orangy-brown/darker).

    KenB :shades:
  • mlk2mlk2 Posts: 3
    Thanks Ken. So the Calcite isn't DHL delivery van yellow or Toyota FJ Cruiser yellow? It's softer than those?

    I think that's the one I saw the other day, hopefully.

    Thanks again.
  • correct, In my estimation it is softer, but remember, that is a Lot of Yellow (a Sprinter covered in it)... LOL

    They did have a darker yellow, but appear to have dropped it or relegated it to Fleet sales (some road-work and construction companies (and state road crews, for example) require safety Yellow in order to qualify for government jobs/contracts).

    My wife's car was a Yellow Mazda 808 when we got married... not exactly banana yellow, but close.

    KenB :lemon: :shades:
  • mlk2mlk2 Posts: 3
    Heh! I was thinking of a red one for my business before I saw the yellow one. My boyfriend told me... remember it will look like a very fat woman in a red dress!

    Thanks for the info Ken.

  • I have ordered an 08 and it is built and expected to arrive at Indian dealer the end of Oct. Started building 08's in Aug, 4 months delivery according to dealer. Incidently I will not be able to take delivery of this van, so if interested it is a 2008 Cargo Sprinter, 170 wb, 3500, Silver metallic, loaded many options,07 cost approx. $43,000.00, if interested contact / cfpirate
  • pdacpdac Posts: 7
    Does anyone know of a US company that converts Sprinters to four wheel drive? Oberainger offers a conversion in Germany, but not for the US. Any ideas? Thanks
  • It was slated to become a factory option at one point. The old model had the option in Europe. That is one of the reasons I wanted to see official 2008 specs.....
  • Has anybody out there had any luck finding a block heater for the 07? They wont be available from Mercedes for another 7 months. There is supposedly some aftermarket supplier out there but I cant find any info on it.
  • kurt6kurt6 Posts: 22
  • If you can read German, you can see the options
    for the Sprinter in its home country. What seems odd, besides the higher prices, is that the colors are not displayed the same even though they have the same name. Aquagreen in the USA is bluegreen. Aquagreen in Gremany is evergreen. They should have actual photographs of each color instead of just changing pixels so that you can tell what the real color actually is. ( If they want to actually sell them that is ). 1308&country=de&lang=de&stid=GEW&evid=model&js=off&isf_INI=Gewerblich%253DJa%252- CAT_INI%253Dm&sequence=%2FINI

  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    here is a link to a 4x4 tested in africa,
    of course, the USA market probably will not get it because
    we are not given much priority and the way exchange rates are going even if we did get it it would be 50-60K.

    But it is VERY cool - a 3500 extra long 4x4 would be fun.

  • extra long 4x4 is not available but you would be looking at US $80 grand plus no discounts on these the waiting list extends over 12 months if you can be bothered waiting as to Government having priority on orders
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