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Dodge Sprinter



  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    sorry for the delay... been in the big fat middle of my job being "out-sourced" probably to Argentina.

    2005 is a good year... mainly you need to see all of the maint. records so far.

    Regular oil, filter, and such excluded, I (personally) would not expect ANY maintnenance for the next three (3) years of normal useage.

    Your oil change (10K miles) would be about $90 including 10 qts. of good synthetic oil. At a dealership it might be double that.

    Your fuel filter change due at 36K miles is the cost of the filter $40-$70, about three clamps, and a TORX driver if you don't already have a set... A dealership quoted me about 4 times that ($180)... (I am using $45 filter cost)... (I got my filter for less than $40 and it is totally OEM).

    You'll need an air filter or two (in three years) at about $34 each (autozone in OK does carry them, and in the high-dust version at that).

    If you hit 80K miles you'll need the tranny service... fully synthetic ATF (several sources are OK per the Dodge info) and the filter/seal set ($85 +/-). At a dealership this is VERY expensive... do it yourself and you MUST keep track of ALL fluid drained/lost to get the level back correctly... (no dipstick for tranny)... Expect the dealership to be 3 times your cost in parts/fluids OR MORE... Also consider that most enthusiasts and maint. specialists are expecting the tranny service at 60K miles for the life of the vehicle (not the once at 80K miles that was advertised).

    If the A/C and or heater/cooling options have all been exercised regularly they should continue to be OK through 3 more years of service. But you might need a cabin air filter (depending on dust levels you encountered) I would change this at 40K miles ($40 or so, install yourself).

    The worst of the little nagging problems were gone from 2004-2006 US models, but a few things pop up now and then... that is why you want all of the old records possible.

    Passenger or cargo?

    Good Luck,

    now I owe VALK a better answer on his ESPAR questions... :surprise: :blush:
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    Mercedes is unveiling the 4x4 Sprinter in June!
    Hopefully Dodge gets them for 2009.
  • ksmith7ksmith7 Posts: 1
    i keep having this issue where the engine light comes on, i lose power and pull over. i turn off the motor and wait. turn it back on and the van starts and drives fine. sometimes the light stays on, sometimes it goes off until it happens again.
    two weeks ago this happened in Asheville and i got it to the dealer and they said- bad alternator. we replaced that and two weeks later the same problem.
    Since the van still runs, i can't be the alternator.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    :confuse: :confuse:
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    What year is your Sprinter? It happened to my 2006 when it had only 3000 miles on it (about a year ago). I don't know whether it would happen on and off, because I took it right to the dealer. It's the infamous turbo resonator. They put in a new one, and now my Sprinter has 20000 miles, and it hasn't happened again (knock on wood!!!).
  • van loses power when shifting from 4th to over drive you hold the pedel to the floor and nothing happens. let your foot up off the pedel and then back on and the van stars to go again. cant seems to find out what is going on! please let me know if any one knows what is going on. im am useing a modis to find the problem but its not all the time once a day to 5 times a day you never know when it will happen
    thanks james
  • I have a customer attempting to change his fixed sunroof to a manual sunroof on his 2005 sprinter. I have brought in for him the sunroof handle and am probably need to bring in the plate to mount it.

    I am wondering if anybody has attempted this yet and if so, I am on the right path to make this work?
  • gemrozgemroz Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where i can find a used or rebuilt sprinter engine? Or a site i could look on the internet? Thanks everyone
  • kurt6kurt6 Posts: 22
    ebay has many
  • santomansantoman Posts: 7
    i bought all the torx tools so i could work on my 2005 sprinter and replace the fan belt--my t30 is too small and the t40 is too big--is there a special tool for the belt tensioner?? if so where do i get one --its bad enough i have to scrap my hand just to get to the tensioner but then i can't get the belt off

    thanks for the help

  • santomansantoman Posts: 7
    i've looked at ebay and even bought my torx on ebay--can you give me a link or part #--is it under the sprinter parts section??--i'm sorry but i have looked

  • sarrerabsarrerab Posts: 1
    I cannot get our dealer to figure out this issue because it doesn't consistently repeat itself. When I turn on the car and the A/C is off and I flip the switch, it makes a horrible awful groaning noise with vibration right below the center console. A/C kicks on fine. Any ideas so that I can tell the dealer what to fix because it does not come up in diagnostics.
  • pdacpdac Posts: 7
    sarrerab, can you try to isolate the problem? See if the blower fan is causing this. Without the A/C on, try different fan speeds to see if the blower fan is causing it. My blower fan failed, and vibrated the center floor area on speeds 3 and 4. 1 and 2 would work ok. Is your Sprinter equipped with rear A/C? When you flip the switch, is this for the front or rear A/C. If it's rear AC, most likely the belt is slipping - it has its own belt. Another great site for help is the Sprinter forum at
  • russ457russ457 Posts: 3
    I am thinking of purchasing a 2006 Sprinter Van that has been modified to act as a mobile office. It has the MB diesel engine with 27K miles. From this site it appears as though I should RUN from this van. It appears the mileage is not what they say (25 mpg) and the maintenance is very steep. I do like the van but if it is not going to be cost effective, then I shall just pass. Looking for others input. I have a chevy van with 75K miles on it and it has never had a problem..(knock on wood). Seem like I should just modify the van I have now...just want to hear from others who own Sprinters and their input. Thanks in advance

  • I traded in a 2003 Ford E250 van for an 06 Sprinter back in Jan. 06. This is the best decision I have ever made for several reasons. (1) I knew that the Dodge dealers claim of 660 miles/tank is pure horse hockey, however I am currently getting 450- 500 miles/tank, with a fully stocked van for Electrical construction. Most of my traveling is around town, and the 03 Ford, with the same load and driving habits maxxed out at 300-- not 301, 300 miles/tank. (2) I can basically fit anything in the Sprinter, including a 28' extension ladder. I can also stand up (hunched over) in the back. Believe me-- the wear and tear on your knees from being in a normal van is alone worth the cost of a Sprinter. (3) Ok --diesel costs more-- my last fill-up cost about $120 (23 gal @ $5.19). The time previous to that was about two weeks. The Ford used to take between $85 & $100 every FOUR days!!!! (This is when you could get gas @ 2.99- 3.19 / gallon, in 2005). (4) I have had the truck long enough that it brought me business-- as a novelty with customers, or through other contractors who would ask me about the truck. (5) 10K oil change intervals... my last cost $120 with full synthetic oil. My Ford would have had three $60 changes in the same period.
    I have not had any problems mechanically with the Sprinter, knock wood, and just hit 22,000 miles. If I did however, I would not go to Dodge. I am not comfortable with their service people---but I also have a Toyota and wouldn't go to Toyota service either.
    I would not hesitate to buy these trucks--- they are trucks, not vans. The ride isn't as comfortable as the Ford was-- but the benefits I have received are definitely worth it.
  • russ457russ457 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the input.......anyone else? This site is just filled with so many problems that I am very nervous.

    Bob, I thank yopu for taking the time and giving me your input.
  • Hello Russ.Most people that post are people with issues/problems.Don't forget there are thousands of Sprinters out there and groups such as this one are mechanisms
    to help us solve problems mostly.
    I purchased an 06 long and tall for my electrical construction Co. now with 55 K on same with not even a whisper of a problem.I do have a bit of a whine noise in the tranny at 2000 RPM but that is common for the 5 cylinder automatic Sprinter.
    I travell across the Western Canadian prairie provinces for my work ,so needless
    to say the average 25 MPG that I get is quite nice.I carry a stocked warehouse so to speak with me,approx 2500 lbs,and it performs very well,uphill,etc. and at speeds of
    65 to 70 mph.I did get 28 mpg at one time and if I am careful with my driving ,I know I can achieve it again.
    This beats my Ford 1 Ton hands down.
    I did install a set of overloads ,because of the constant weight.
    I also have the deluxe seats and I find it comfortable,more so than my old Ford.
    My suggestion would be to get a history of service if possible on this unit you are looking at.
    They are fantastic machines as far as I am concerned.

    Go for it !
    Best regards
  • russ457russ457 Posts: 3
    What a great site. This is what I initially thought...then in my research, I was getting all bad stuff. Nice to hear good stories. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to help me. Nice to know good people still exist!

  • fhr57fhr57 Posts: 4
    I also have a 06 with 16,000 miles. I checked this site often before I bought. Looked at them for 2+ years. I thought the same thing. I test drove many times over that time at the local dealer. I replaced a 95 Ford 250. We use it for a passenger/travel van. Always get at least 20 mpg, sometimes a little more on long trips. Thats almost 2x more then my Ford. I live in ne Ohio and had no problems with snow, ice, etc. I was going to change out the stock tires, but ended up running them through the winter. I've been to the dealer 2x for oxygen sensor, and thats it. I was holding out for a 07, but thought I should wait till I see more feedback on them, so decided to go with the 06. I bought it new from a dealer that advertises on the internet. This site is great if you have an issue.
  • fhr57fhr57 Posts: 4
    I have a 06, and every time I turn on the rear air the same thing happens. It sounds like the engine is going to fall out. I figure it is the compressor kicking on, because once the groan stops the air works fine.
  • santomansantoman Posts: 7
    has anyone replaced the fan belt --if so what did you use and how do i get one
  • yoyodineyoyodine Posts: 2
    My husband and I bought this beautiful big black 2006 Freightliner Sprinter in Aug 2007.We love the space but unfortunately it has a problem . This particular truck, I don't know about the rest , has a problem with the immobilizer - part # 5135344 AA - , so what happens is the engine doesn't recognize the key .
    It's the second time it happens in seven months and we bought it brand new here in South Florida. It's a real shame because it's a beautiful truck and I love it.
    My question is : Has anybody ever heard of this problem happening this often? :
    First the computer went ,now it's something else related to the key.Please if anybody had similar problem ,please let me know .Thank you. :confuse: :( :sick:
  • sz92sz92 Posts: 1
    Hey Russ. You should definetely get this truck. My dad has had an F-150, Chevy Express 2500 and this van is by far better than all of them. The ford we had would break down almost every month and the chevy was a gas guzzler. We use this van for construction and it withstands all the abuse. It gets great gas mileage and does not suffer pulling heavy loads with its small engine (3.0 vg diesel). We had the van completely full of drywall almost to the roof and it barely dropped and it drove like there was nothing in the back. Trust me this van is a good investment and outperforms anything out there. This van is also very easy to drive but its a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] backing up if you have no windows.
  • kenbob88kenbob88 Posts: 21
    I have a 2006 passenger model, short. Does anyone know if I can reverse the bench seats to face rearward? The seats won't fit into the brackets facing backwards, but I notice that the floor brackets have removable plastic covers at one end, indicating an option of some sort. Can the brackets be reversed? Inquiring "minds" want to know!
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    Where is the button to display the oil level on the 2007 - 2008 Sprinter?
  • kurt6kurt6 Posts: 22
    read,all info in your manual
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    I would not have asked if I had a manual in front of me. Our company has two 3500's and I will be driving one next week and wanted to know where to look.
  • malexandmalexand Posts: 3
    If I scroll through the display after the total mileage i get to the oil level. I have the upgraded steering wheel tho.
  • Right now we have the handle and plate but there is nothing for the handle to grab onto. Im wondering if anybody has a sunroof on an 04-06 if they could IM me and possibly send some pictures.

  • jerewjerew Posts: 3
    Bosch replacement bulbs were not lasting long on rough roads. Found dealer of original PHILIPS H7 Bulbs that contain a ceramic filiament holder and have greater range.

    Philips Vision Plus Replacement Bulbs H7 Item: "H7VPCD" $19.99 a pair
    from: WWW.

    Philips bulb site listed a lot of dealers but only these guys had the Headlight Bulbs.

    (you should also get an all metal Turbo Resonator from they are also the Sprinter Store. The factory unit has a plastic part in it that blows then you go into Limp_Home_Mode. Jere
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