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Dodge Sprinter



  • jerewjerew Posts: 3
    The original Turbo Resonator has a plastic part in that blows under the stressof hilly driving. Another source for the ALL METAL replacement is the Sprinter Store via

  • signetsignet Posts: 7
    i have a '04 hi top 3500 sprinter with the dinky 15" wheels..i have seen and measured the bolt pattern of the '07 sprinter 3500 and they seen to be the same. has anyone tried to install the 16" wheels on a older 3500?? the larger wheels would make a smoother ride and you could use a stronger tire for loads..and it would be cheeper than the 15's.
    80k on my '04 and am tickled to death with it..don't seem to get as good a milage as some i have read about here ( 18/20) though i haul around a complete plumbing service business in it. the fuel savings have made about half the payment on the new truck over the "B" van i used to drive!!
  • kenbob88kenbob88 Posts: 21
    I switched to 16" alloy wheels and LT225/75 R16 Michelins on my 2006 118" 2500 passenger Sprinter, and the only problem was slight rubbing on the front mud flaps when turning. After a few miles the tires and flaps wore to the point of no more rubbing.
    But I don't know if the 2007 wheels are different.
    I believe this topic has been discussed on this forum before--you might try doing a search. And here is the Yahoo forum on this:
    If you click on Photos on the left side of the page I think you'll see a 118" 2500 that was fitted with the larger alloy wheels.
    You'll have to register with Yahoo, and you might do a search there also.
    I really like the 16" wheels on my van--it rides great, cruises quieter, and I get around 26 mpg.
    Good luck,
  • when i started my sprinter this a.m. a new light did not go out and had some effect on the van..the small pic of the rolling tire in the lower right side stays on..the asr is off, the cruse control doesn't work, and i have to stick a screw driver in the base of the gearshift to pull into seems to run fine but i don't know if anythind else is effected. its a pain!! any ideas???..have looked under to see if any wires or plugs are disconnected at the wheels, but see nothing!! HELP!!!
  • I have a 2006 2500 and i have had a problem with the abs the tire symbol and one other light.My brake pedal drops suddenly when it happens.The last trip to the dealer they called Dodge corporate and they had the tech run another wire to the computer? It worked for awhile but it is doing it again.
    The problem seems to be temperture related as this only happens during the summer months.
    I am going back to the dealer soon for another try.It will be the sixth trip for the same problem
  • I have a 2500 2005 , had the same trouble...I use hand controls to drive with and I did not lubricate them and they were making my brake pedal actuate the brake light switch , not all the time... Maybe that brake switch was sending some data to the computer and caused the lights to come on...I lubed and freed up my hand controls i.e freed up the brake pedal and the brake light switch and all is good... I lived with them lights for 6 months... What a relief... By the way, anyone reading this , What is [ limp mode ] people talk about it on some of the forums..Hope this helps...
  • Hey all, my 2005 3500 sprinter's engine control indicator lamp came on. What does it mean? What can I do to get it off?

    I had this issue last year and did some little thing to get it to go off but I can not recall what it was. :cry:
  • found out my "wheel" light was a blown fuse for the brakelights..none of them worked inc. the one on the top. only way i found out was my son was following me and called me and said all my brake lights were out..when i found and replaced the fuse, all the other things started to work ( cruise and braking systems ) the b lights and the "wheel" light must be tied together!! i was just getting ready to take to the dealer!! guess i saved me some $$$$'s :surprise: :D
  • un do the neg. cable of the battery and let it set for a few minutes..reconnect and turn on key, it should go out..if it comes back on later, you have a definate problem and may have to have it checked!! hope that helps.
  • Alsterd3
    Could you be more specific about the performance of the 2007 Gas model. I am in the process of buying one but i still have time to change if it is flawed for towing, mileage, or otherwise. bldgtech
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    The factories in Germany are on a 4 day work week and Sprinter sales have dropped significantly in the USA.

    Is there any chance that we can get these for much better prices? 42K base for 2500 extended cargo seems a bit much.

    They might be willing to deal just to cut their overhead.

    Anybody have an good recent sales data?
  • That's a good one "A price cut"? Not with Sprinters as the factory is flat out on all three factories with normal shifts, sedan sales are down, commercial... no shuttering of production YET :)
  • My 2003 Sprinter has 45,000 miles on it and now needs $6500 cylinder head replacement because glow plug failed and could not be removed without damaging the head. Chrysler says it is not under warranty, though I have the power train warranty. Anyone else have this problem or better dealings with Chrysler?
  • signetsignet Posts: 7
    according to the warrenty book supplied with your sprinter, the diesel componets ( inc. glowplugs) are covered for 5 years/ 100,000 miles..if the anniversary date is over 5 years, then your outa luck..check the date of the sale completed or delivery date if sale was not immediate to check..good hunting. p.s. i would get a 2nd opinion on your problem..someone else maby get the plug out..they have a special tool to get them out. make sure thay are not after your $$$$
  • Yes...and they wouldn't have found it if I hadn't started pulling glow plugs to fix my starting problem. But since I worked on it...they wouldn't cover it completely. I have to come up with 1 thousand...they will pay the needs a new head. They said they would have covered it if I hadn't worked on it. I am not bitter anymore..I'm just going to sell the POS!

  • Well lessons learnt, doing your own repairs voids warranty.
    It doesn't help though when the dealerships still have not worked out how to extract a frozen plug, It can be done, as to genuine qualified Mechanics able to do this at a reasonable cost stateside.
  • thanks. my warranty book says 7yrs./70,000mi. and lists "core plugs" as part of the power train. I'm not a mechanic- is that the same as a glow plug? cause if it is, I can't see how they can deny my claim. Dealer mechanics at Freightliner could not get the plugs out. I've loved this truck-no stooping over in back, great turning radius, excellent mileage, excellent handling, excellent storage, but maintenance has been a nightmare both for time wasted and huge cost. I don't miss my old Dodge B250- put 4 rear ends in it, but I don't think I'll get another Sprinter at this point.
  • Thanks for your reply- Chrysler wouldn't even talk to me, they just said-"not under warranty because the head wasn't broken before the plug had to come out." Did you go through the sprinter dealer or directly through Chrysler?

  • I brought my truck into a sprinter dealer. I believe my stuck glow plug was cross threaded and not just 'stuck'. They still haven't repaired it yet and I don't believe they can fix it properly anyway.. I am selling the POS.
  • Ugh. Plug in my van is "melted". Still not fixed- in the shop since Dec. 24. I was going to buy a second one for the business, but now I'm thinking selling this one might be the only way to avoid buying a second one without getting a second one.
  • A vehicle this rare, with parts and expertise expensive, rare or both, would behoove the owner to get the 7 year 100K mile factory warranty.
  • Mercedes mechanic would probably do a better job than either a dodge or freightliner mechanic.
  • according to my warranty book, I have a 7 yr, 70,000mi. warranty. Chrysler says the plugs aren't part of it. At this point, I'm guessing the owners of Chrysler-Cerberus- and isn't that an apt name- aren't planning to pay out any warranty money.

    I got the truck back on the 20th of Jan. Anybody want to guess what it cost?

    I agree about the mechanic. My thought had been that the work would have to be done by the dealer to be under warranty. I have a local mechanic who has worked on it and been fair and timely. I run a plumbing business, and not having the van for nearly a month was a real killer.
  • GP's are $12 each at my local dealer, and take about 5 minutes each to replace with common tools. Would you pay someone to change your oil or replace a bulb? I had #1 and 4 burn out, which also blew the GP relay. Dealer blamed it on water in fuel. I actually had two burned out GP's when I still had a warranty, and the dealer replaced them under warranty. I bought the van used in another State, and that didn't matter. I can highly recommend Victory Auto World in Petaluma CA.
  • suggest you inquire a little deeper as to glow plug warranty, it's two way Bosch Warranty is applicable as to the original warranty separate to Chrysler.
    Glow plug have a use by limit 100 thousand miles or five years which ever comes first. therefore a seven year warranty on drive trains by Chrysler warranty is void as Glow Plugs and injectors are not to be included with the actual drive-train warranty.
    Warranty replacement is dependent on the actual cause of failure but it's a Grey area as to who is responsible towards warranty replacements.
    It's contentious. :confuse:
  • punter1punter1 Posts: 50
    2010 sprinter tested at 25mpg by fleetnews. It says 31mpg in article but American gallon is .83 of British gallon. 12

    This is with the new 4 cylinder. Whether Dodge is going to carry the 2010 or include the 4 cylinder , who knows.

  • I am buying (maybe) a 2010 Winnebago 170XL from a dealer in Denton Texas. The price is great. These are my questions:
    Any Ideas on reliability?
    I am a Canadian and am concerned about the warranty but since this will be my vacation vehicle I will put more miles on in the US than in Canada. I figure the chances of needing warranty will be highest where I put on the most miles and therefore buying in the US makes sense to me. Besides Canadian prices are about45% higher than US prices. Is the network of Dodge Sprinter dealers good and how do they take to a traveler dropping in for warranty work?
    The MH weighs 8550 with a 170" wheelbase I believe that allows for another 5,000lbs before it is maxed out to its total GVCW of 13550. Is this a concern?
  • Changes have taken place within the Sprinter world,please see the attached link.

    It seems that Chrysler might not sell or service? the new units.
    I own an 06 unit long and tall,I have 89,000 miles with no problems at all,since new.
    I hope your Sprinter serves you as well.
    Best regards
    Guy from Manitoba.
  • Forget Dodge ....

    As of January 1, 2010 , Mercedes will SELL and SERVICE the Sprinter. It will have the 3 point star on the front. There will be about 150 mercedes dealers authorized for Sprinter. They know how to maintain a Mercedes. I would not go anywhere else.

  • Punter1 Does that mean Mercedes dealers would honor the dodge warranty on a 2010 Dodge Sprinter (Winnebago Motor home)
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